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[Manga Dub] The girl that I saved on the train turned out to be a YANDERE…!? [RomCom]


Ah I seriously hate packed trains my name is toru Kobayashi I'm a high school student who takes the train to school every day when I go home is exactly at rush hour and every single day I get stuffed like a sardine can to be honest it's a miserable time no matter how many times I experience it.

I don't feel like I'll ever get used to a packed train only they could figure out a better way to make it less packed wait girl I feel like she looks uncomfortable oh and there's a weird old salary man stuck behind her.

And he's making some weird movements I could pretend like I didn't see anything but that would be unacceptable as a guy in that case there's only one thing to do hey you what do you think you're doing what are you doing I should be the one asking you if you think nobody's.

Watching because it's crowded you've made a big mistake you're a grown adult cut it out I I didn't do anything oh really well we can listen to your excuses later so would you mind getting off at the next station uh um thank you very much I'm glad if I was able to help these days the police have.

Apps that you can use to report crime so you should download it well then I'm gonna go now later that night you're the best big brother hey what don't scare me like that I heard that you saved Yuko today Yuko this morning you helped a beautiful Sunday high school girl on a train right that girl that's you go oh the girl from this morning.

That's Yuko she's my best friend what do you mean that Yuko that was a little bit chubby she looks completely different I know right because the Yuko you know is from elementary school when we got into Middle School she became really pretty oh I didn't know that Yukon Nakamura was my little sister haruka's best friend back in elementary.

School she used to come over to our house a lot back then I remember her not exactly a slender but more fluffy and cute I guess people can really change right you know she got so cute that it's become a problem problem things like this morning or other people hitting on her all the time she's always being bothered so I actually have a favor to.

Ask you toru what do you want do you mind going home with Yuko for a little while why don't you go home with her I have after school practice so I leave late and I can't make you go wait when she's on the going home Club I see anyway that's the situation so thanks tardu am I allowed to say no nope didn't think so but I would feel bad for Yuko.

To be caught by some other bad guy again I guess I should help if I can the next day after school but does Yuka really want someone like me I'm sure there are plenty of other guys that would be happy to protect her um what oh Yuko you came all the way here yes I heard from Haruka that's starting.

Today you would go home with me for a while yeah I can but are you sure you're okay with me if you would prefer someone in your own grade I can tell Haruka no it has to be you toru oh uh I see um is this an inconvenience to you to go home with me no that's not what I'm saying I'm glad well then thank you Hugo.

You really outgrew your Elementary School self didn't you I'm sorry I didn't realize that day oh please don't worry about that if I think about it as a result of my hard work that I'm happy about that what do you think compared to before back then you were fluffy and round and cute but you're also still really cute now you've become so pretty.

I was shocked do you really think that I'm pretty and that I'm cute of course I do you're very pretty and very cute well then have I been able to become your type when you put it like that it gives me some butterflies I want you to have butterflies what um you go I really like you toru I have.

Always liked you over all these years excuse me like me as in you like like me that's right I like you actually I love you 100 love you really I had no idea oh um please keep this a secret from Haruka I'm embarrassed about it uh sure I got it but I I know to be told so suddenly is confusing but that's why I want you to know that's starting today I'm going.

To really chase after you and try to get you to like me back seriously the day after such a declaration good morning toru what are you doing here Yuko what did you not hear from Haruka that I asked you to go to school with me in the morning too oh now that I think about it I feel like she was saying something about that last night I think she said.

That she has a match coming up soon so she would have practice in the morning before school so I hope you don't mind taking me to school in the mornings for a while too I really don't mind going to school with you you cope but what's the matter tardio don't you think you're walking a little close to me I think you're overthinking it I think that's.

Normal when you grabbed onto my arm like that do you not like it it's not that I don't like it but I just wonder if this closeness is normal I'm doing this because I want you to have butterflies I told you didn't I that I was going to come after you ah so I guess you were serious that you liked me you're so warm did you think I.

Wasn't that's not what I'm saying but uh I guess it didn't really feel like reality well then if I squeeze you even tighter then well you understand how I feel I will understand but I think my heart might explode explode well that's not good oh but if it does explode and you stop breathing then I guess you would need some CPR I.

Can do that for you so why don't you make your heart beat faster by the way how do you feel about me being your first kiss please stop trying to make my heart stop for a first kiss but also what makes you think it's my first kiss is it not no you're right it would be my first I've never kissed anyone before so please don't be so mad it's scary when.

You're scary you're very scary well then good you cause a lot more intense than I expected she kept coming for me daily and one day during recess what's the matter here I wanted to give you a present is this a cookie I made it during the home economics class and I wanted you to eat it thank you I can't.

Wait to have it I put a lot of my love power in it so I hope you fall in love with me after eating it don't tell me you put anything strange in there right uh uh Yuko why did you just suddenly go quiet um what hey can you not look away like that you really didn't put anything in there did you no I really did not put.

Anything in there then why are you saying it like that I haven't put anything in there besides my love let's just leave it at that what do you mean let's just leave it at that that's not helping at all well well that are you not going to eat it I'll eat it but it's so nice Todo I love you damn it.

And then on another day after school I like you I love you it's almost annoying how used to this I am now in that case do I need to come up with a different strategy soon I need to make sure they're still butterflies I didn't know you wanted a more radical approach Todo oh I haven't said anything though you don't have to be embarrassed please.

Just calm down oh it's raining coming down super super hard let's just try to get some cover somewhere oh we're gonna run over there yes what you go are you okay I'm a little clumsy can you stand looks like I might have twisted my ankle all right well sorry.

Let me do this huh I'll take you to your house like this yeah I'll give you my shirt for now let's then you'll get really wet I'm already wet it's all the same I don't want your ankle injury to get worse so just hold on tight for a bit yeah it is normal all right.

Hang on to me okay the day after I got Yuko safely home I caught a really bad cold as expected I didn't think I would catch a cold just from getting wet in the rain and of course today's the one day nobody's home mom and dad are at work and Haruka has practice but I think Haruka said something about asking.

Someone to take care of me but who I'm pretty sure none of our relatives live close enough to ask are you okay Yuko what are you doing here Erica told me that you were sick with a cold and to come look after you I can't believe you were the one that she asked I'm sorry I don't want to pass the call.

To you so you should go home there's no way I could let this opportunity go by I get to see you weekend in bed by a cold not only that but I get to take care of you as much as I want this is the best I want you to fully give in to me here don't worry I won't do anything to you a little bit just a little bit so you don't need to worry I don't know.

What you're telling me I don't need to worry about I'm drilling please can you put away your ulterior motives anyway I'll be taking care of you today Toto first in order to give you some energy you need to eat it's done that looks so good well then without further Ado say ah I knew it come on open your mouth please open.

It nice and big so I can see the back of your throat don't say it like that I can't open my mouth now don't say that here is it good it's delicious I need to eat a lot so that you can get better faster you go continue to take care of me not only on the weekend but also after school on the weekday.

Her kindness and thoughtfulness and carefully taking care of me really hit me as I lay there sick not only that but every day she was showering me with her love constantly and little by little I felt my heart being moved by her she had a tendency to run with it but I knew that all of that was coming from a place of love and all of her craziness started.

To look really cute and then a few days later thanks to Yuko taking care of me I fully recovered thank you thanks to you Yuko I'm completely healed but you're cute even when you're sick Turtle can you not be so disappointed that I'm better I'm only kidding anyway I want to thank you for taking care of me so I was.

Thinking we could go to the movies together what do you think movies I got a date of course I would love to go with you then that's good all right then should we go this weekend it's fine that we're at the movie theater together but why are there so many love scenes in western movies this.

Is super awkward and embarrassing I wonder if yuko's okay she made eye contact uh I can't do this I don't know what's going movie anymore good movie wasn't it why I I mean yeah it was good nope after that I could only think about Yuko and I couldn't watch the movie what do you want to do next.

Maybe we should go get a bite to eat somewhere I'm gonna go use the restroom before that I'll be waiting for you right here they were selling a stuffed animal of the bunny that was in that movie I couldn't help but buy it I hope Yuko likes it um please stop that you go oh come on.

Come hang out with me I don't want to I'm here with a good friend you can just leave them let's go I said I don't want to hey you what do you think you're doing who the hell is this she's clearly uncomfortable stop trying to force her to come with you shut up you're not even her boyfriend who do you think you are.

If you're just a friend then stand back I am her boyfriend what I'm that girl's boyfriend now if you heard me hurry up and get lost huh she's the one that said she was waiting for a friend but whatever I don't get it forget you did you just say boyfriend yeah I did of course I'm gonna fall for you after you.

Keep chasing me like that always always liked you ever since elementary school since elementary school never laughed at me even though I was chubby more than that you actually treated me like a girl and you were the only guy to do that you never judged me by the way I looked and I fell for you.

You go tarou I love you and so you go and I became a couple just like that after that Yuko and I revealed our relationship to my sister Haruka but then she said that if we were happy then she was happy and she happily celebrated us as for me and Yuko we've completely become a lovey-dovey.

Couple taru I love you I love you so much love okay I get it but don't come into my room and just knock me down like that don't worry I won't do anything to you I won't do anything here I just gotta breathe you in a little bit toward him you just smelled so good why are you.

Sniffing me oh I just love you so much I love you too even though we became a couple she doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon so I'll just accept it now as her boyfriend thank you thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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