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[Manga Dub] The girl that traumatized me in high school… [RomCom]


My name is junichi morikawa the novel I wrote in high school won a huge award I write stories and articles for work although I'm still 18. my father owns a small company one day he started begging me to go to an omiai and that's where I am now please I told my client about you and he.

Asked me to set you up for an omia please will you give her a chance okay okay just let me go already I'm gonna go home now I don't even want to get married I want to stay single some people might get excited going to an Omi but that was not the case for me I'll tell you why I hate women it's just.

For today it's just a simple dinner hello hi oh I've heard her voice before huh morikoa oh why are you here why ah I want to ask you the same thing why is Kyoko izumiya standing in front of me she be my my father told me to come here he set me.

Up with an omiyai ah no way out of all the girls in the world he's the reason why I hate women and I met a year ago gosh I'm so thirsty I'm feeling like a Frappuccino from a coffee shop I'll go I'll get it you you can keep the change.

She's at it again either me as a daughter of a famous CEO or something she always uses money to get people to do things for her not that it matters to me however hmm you're eating plain rice how pathetic here you can have this they'll buy a sandwich from the kiosk.

What she's looking down on me because her family is Rich has she no appreciation for how good white rice is I am such a kind person I'll give you more money since you look poor no thank you it yourself you better not get used to moving people around with your money.

You I don't give a crap about you since I'm not your friend but you will end up alone if you keep doing things like that you should treat others with more respect how dare you talk badly about my rice you're free to go now goodbye uh I can't believe that guy.

First impression is the most important thing she'll leave me alone if I push her away this hard that's what I hoped but I forgot my textbook give me yours I need it too your sweater is so filthy shut up give it back to me morikaba this is why none of the girls.

Like you I don't need girls to like me izumia started following me and nagging at me over the most insignificant things give me back my peaceful life ah this is my safe space reading this special edition in my favorite secondhand bookstore ew are you reading again.

You again hey why won't you look at me yo let's go oh no my book uh look at what you did so what you're such a loser for being such a bookworm you shouldn't get so upset over a stupid book you know I'll.

Buy you a new one since you're so upset you dropped my book and you don't even have the decency to apologize you're not worth my time don't ever talk to me again oh Mia never talk to me again but it didn't change the fact that I hated her guts and I hated women.

Geez why does my Omi partner have to be her um what what do you want the tone of your voice knew it oops I think I've said too much this isn't a dream right huh a Dream It's You morikawa are you real yes you are real you're alive and well I missed you so much.

What the hey get a hold of yourself wait did I make her cry what's happening no I'm not why are you crying I thought you hated my guts what no way huh I I liked you morikawa I always did what I know you didn't know this but I picked.

On you because I wanted your attention now that I think back on it I must have been annoying I'm sorry marakawa you're the first person who ever scolded me like you did I wanted to get to know you better but I didn't know how I should approach you there's no way that's true truce I swear oh wait a second hmm.

Here I wanted to give this book to you this is the book from she handed me a book it was the same as the one she dropped into the pond after you left I went to pick it up but it was soaked and ruined I went to several bookstores and finally found the same book you were reading but I was scared of talking to you and we ended up.

Parting ways before I could give it to you I was afraid I would lash out and say something that would make you angry again this is special edition it's hard to find you searched for it for me.

I held on to it at all times so I could give it to you if I ever saw you oh gosh I never thought today would be the day I see so you're not as bad as I thought but this doesn't change anything I don't know how much more I can handle I'm not used to being around people I should get out of here.

Thank you I'll take good care of it so I guess we can both go home now no wait huh um well I read the book and I really enjoyed the story and I want to fall in love with somebody just like the protagonist and his partner in the book I I want that somebody to be you morikawa.

I've been talking about having feelings for me and wanting to fall in love you can't actually be serious though right I am I don't want to waste the chance this Omi I gave me we can start off as friends please oh man what am I supposed to say to her easy meal likes me and an omia's.

Ultimate goal is marriage so that means she wants to get married to me I mean she apologized to me and I've forgiven her for what she did in the past but oh my gosh uh okay um friends then are you sure.

Yeah thank you hey you can't hug me like that that's not what friends do and so my first oh me I ended up becoming an unforgettable one izumia would come to see me whenever she didn't have class or had days off morikawa we need to hurry the movie is going to start.

okay I'm not used to having girls around and it's your fault I was actually looking forward to watching the movie since it was based on one of my favorite novels we made it thank God we got here on time.

I can't believe we're here for the movie premiere wait what is Mia I thought you didn't like movies like this huh I want to watch anything you want to as long as I'm with you I heard they're using famous actors and actresses I'm excited to watch it plus it's nothing uh okay if you say so.

She's so straightforward with me now jeez but I can't let her sense that my heart is beating fast I've always wanted to come to the movies with the person I liked my dream just came true she's such a tease no Focus.

Focus on the movie however by the time I got over her comment the movie had ended that was a good story I never expected it to end like that I guess I don't remember anything from the movie hey I'd like to read the original story.

Can you tell me what it's called oh I'm glad you see how wonderful the story is this is the original story the first one is this one but my favorite is the third book wow I talk too much when I get excited sorry.

I why are you apologizing seeing you so excited about the things you love makes me happy oh well I'm glad then what the heck is happening to my heart quiet down izumia continued inviting me to hang out with her and we visited many places everything looked brighter when she was.

Around whenever izumia smiled it was like seeing flowers bloom in the spring I could feel myself feeling drawn to her as she continued to openly Express her feelings for me I just realized I'm always thinking about izumiya does that mean I like her do I.

I see you're in a great place with izumiasan's beautiful daughter gosh what a relief her father invited me to a party so you should come with me you should introduce me to your future wife now I don't have to worry about my business shutting down it's all thanks to you how can you be okay with making your son go through all this trouble.

I just want to punch that smile yeah yeah um but I wonder why izumiya's father started doing business with my father to begin with is it a coincidence or I kept these thoughts to myself and the day of the party arrived my father.

Thought it would be best that I attend whoa so this is the lifestyle of the rich not that it has anything to do with me you are more Mariela I'm glad you're here I looked all over for you oh hey just or am I hallucinating.

All the lights and Glimmer from the room must be making her look pretty would you like to join us over here no Johnny air I apologize I'm a little bit busy right now maybe later what are you doing oh thank God you're here I feel so much better now.

No stop that you're the host of this party you should talk to the others I already talked to them once I don't need to talk to them anymore hey morikawa you're the one who told me to take good care of those around me and you are the one who means the most to me out of all these people.

Plus those people want to get to know me to get close to my father don't need to get friendly with people who want to use me I have the right to spend the night with you that's what I want to do why can't we just enjoy the party together of course we can.

Gosh even the toilets here look like they belong in a museum you are junichi morikawa right yes who's he I've heard many stories about you from my daughter Mia's father it's an honor to meet you I've heard a lot from my father.

Hey relax just take it easy I appreciate you going through the Omi with Kyoko thank you the omiyai why did you suggest it in the first place my father's company is small I don't see any connection between the two businesses well actually apparently izamia thought she got into the same University as me.

She was depressed when she found out I wasn't there I I should have been more honest with how I felt about him this mean I'll never get to see him again that was when he met my father and they immediately hit it off for some reason.

You realized his son was the one his daughter was looking for because my father kept bragging about me they decided to trick us both into going to an Omi eye so we could reunite so he knew that's why he was so excited about it you know I never thought you two would end up hitting it off like this though.

Oh uh we're not together or anything yet yeah right I saw how you looked at my daughter when you met her in that pretty dress oh her father seems easy going despite his looks I would love for you to accept this please wait this envelope is it filled with.

Bills oh no I can't take this sir they're pictures of Kyoko I promise they're all adorable oh I see Daddy morikawa what are you oh so that's why you were my friend morikawa did you get close to me just so you could get money too huh you didn't enjoy spending time with me did you I'm sorry for making you go.

Through all that trouble wait this isn't what you think I don't want any excuses I hate you Daddy and I hate you too morikawa choco hey izumia a swipe why does he always cause so much trouble for me now I gotta tell her how I really feel about her.

And what's inside this envelope I said hold on let me go you don't have to lie about it anymore I bet you're feeling relieved you don't have to be around the person you hate anymore you know I had so much fun hanging out with you oh my gosh what would you just let me talk.

This isn't money these are pictures of you inside this envelope huh I wouldn't hang out with you if I didn't want to even if your father paid me to do so what really so that means I was wrong then why did you uh that's because.

I enjoy hanging out with you I don't hate you like like I used to what did you just say does that mean you like me too does it shut up I'll admit it I like you okay okay I like you too I like you janichi hey that's the first time you've called.

Me by my first name yep you're my boyfriend now I should be allowed to do that oh wait I meant my fiancee four years later I continued writing novels and articles I was making a good living out of it Kyoko and I got married and we live together now just a little bit more I'm almost finished yes.

It's done work I finished making dinner do you want to join us thanks Kyoko oh but I have to check my writing come on you should rest a little see sumika thinks so too ah sumika I love you so much what about me.

Of course I love you too Kyoko I love you too what a turn of events I never expected to fall in love with a girl I hated so much maybe I thought I hated her but I was attracted to her to start with Kyoko is and will be the only woman who ever makes my heart move like this.

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