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[Manga Dub] The girl that used to make fun of me becomes my fiancee…!? [RomCom]


When I was a senior there was this one girl in my class that I never liked are you free this Saturday why do you ask an omotosana her name was Arie enomoto she had gorgeous black hair was called a sophisticated gyro you're free right let's go see the fireworks together.

Hey let go of me I've invited the others as well come on say yes she was overly friendly she always made me feel uneasy hey you're here namissa over here I'm sorry I'm late that's okay you're right on time animoto's son is wearing a yucata.

He's nice to look at oh is that the guy you invited who is he he's a classmate this is all too much huh nah he's not my type I thought you'd bring you to code didn't he ask you out hey we're gonna head this way let's meet up when the fireworks begin okay hey.

Let's go look over here oh uh okay it was barely keeping up with her energy I wonder why animoto-san invited me what's going on in her head teasing me for fun hello why are you looking into my face huh oh no I wasn't looking.

Oh I know you think I look pretty in my Yukata don't you I was thinking why did you invite me to see the fireworks with you oh did you not want me to that's not what I meant I was just curious since I had no idea why.

Hmm You Wanna Know well I have no idea my heart jumped when she smiled at me I had never seen her smile like that could it be that she has feelings for me no way she wouldn't fall for a guy like me still could it be.

You know you're too nice don't I say you should just say no if you didn't feel like coming uh no I swear I wanted to come I was happy that you invited me are you sure about that you're not lying no I'm not lying the least bit hmm well then I might as well tell you not a sir I.

The fireworks started at that moment the booming sound was louder than her voice and I couldn't make out what she said however in that moment O's son's cheeks looked bright red for some reason I don't know if it was just me maybe it was the light from the.

Fireworks hey I couldn't hear what you said it's nothing what why won't you tell me I said I didn't say much I just told you that I'm glad you're my friend we both became swamped with work after the Summer Festival.

We needed to get ready for college entrance exams luckily we had each other animoto's son and I often stayed in our classroom after school to study together hush I'm sick of this don't say it out loud it only makes it harder hey it's gay huh.

Just playing I wanted to try saying your first name stop fooling around oh come on loosen up itsuki you should call me Eddie too okay then Airy Sun uh-huh do it again why do you make it sound so far mama what you'll never get a girlfriend if.

You can't even call a girl by your name fine okay then Airy oh oh wait a second what is it more time say it 10 more times I.

We would chat about all sorts of things and then we would go back to studying she was pretty I know I said I didn't like her but to be honest her teasing didn't bother me so much starting to have feelings for her I hope that she felt the same towards me but I never found out since I was too.

Chicken to ask her myself graduation day came along and nothing had changed between enomoto-san and me she called me over on my way home and we talked for the last time I can't believe we've graduated I know this last year went by so fast I got into my first choice because of you Nana said.

Hey you got it because you worked hard for it I didn't do anything you don't have to be so humble you'll never get a girlfriend like that are you serious but I've lived like this my whole life well I mean I don't have a problem with you being humble but you should have more confidence that way girls can feel.

Like they can rely on you I see I understand but still even if you have no confidence I'll always like you huh it took a few seconds for the information she just handed over to sink in.

I finally figured out why animoto-san kept choosing me to pick on she liked me oh no but I'm going to a college in Tokyo what do I do uh we won't be able to see each other often and so dummy wanted to see how you'd react.

Oh I see you had me for a second there I couldn't waste my last opportunity to have some fun with you yeah cause we're graduating I know let's take a picture I want something to remember you bye okay ready wait I'm not ready yet anamoto's son was kind enough to send me.

The picture she took on her phone I looked unready and she looked perfect when I look back on it my high school days are filled with memories of enomotosan Ten Years Later present day I'm currently working at a major trading company whoa you're an employee at Conan.

Corporation he's the best out of all his colleagues stop it you're just flattering me you're handsome and good at your job how impressive you are so cruel I'm just a guy with an ordinary job I'm not handsome at all I was at a Machi con that my friends invited me to he was a colleague of mine.

He felt sorry for me for being single and unmarried I know I should be more appreciative oh not another failure I'm sorry after all the trouble you went through your standards are too high remember when we had a gocom with the girls from the pharmaceutical company.

I don't know I just didn't feel like bonding with them my colleague introduced me to girls but I was never in the mood I would rather work all day and go home to spend time alone however things changed drastically when my manager called me into his office one day what and oh me I.

Consider it a sign of appreciation for all you have done for the company you'll be meeting the daughter of one of our clients huh but I don't hey you can call it off if you don't like her my client strongly requests it can you meet up with her just once I didn't know what to expect from this Omi eye but I was meeting the daughter.

Of a CEO I had no idea what she looked like and they wanted to keep her name a secret until the day of the omiai I was sitting in my seat uncomfortably when daddy why didn't you tell me this is an omiai you said it was just a dinner meeting shush you're too loud they'll hear you.

I wanted to leave the place after hearing their voices my Omi partner didn't want to meet me plus I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the Omi jeez I don't know why this Omi I think was such a big hit back in the day I'm not the one who tricked her into.

Coming here somehow I feel guilty but hold on I think I've heard her voice somewhere before thank you for waiting it's fine please come in what I couldn't believe it animoto-san was.

Standing at the doorway ah do you guys know each other um yes well uh oh wait a second huh what's wrong animal please excuses for a second what why are you taking me 30 seconds after reuniting with my first love I was heading towards the restroom.

With her I said why are you here it's been so long a long time no see my manager asked me to come oh my gosh why didn't Daddy tell me you were my oh my partner I don't know I had no clue you were coming until you.

Walked through the door I heard you before you came in you don't want to be here right why don't we ask your father and my boss to let us go home oh well it's not like I don't want to be here it was reluctant because my father told me I had to get married soon then let's go back in there and tell.

Them we're not ready wait wait I'll do it let's do this oh my I'm so ready for it huh are you sure and this is how my Omi with my former High School classmate started how about we start over and introduce each other.

Hold on do you guys know each other you left the room together no way oh okay you guys don't have to deny it so desperately and omotosan suggested we pretend not to know each other tonight her father had told her tonight was a business meeting and he tricked her into coming to the.

Omiai and she said she wanted to get revenge for it it's just a little prank but I was feeling uneasy about it to be honest I'm not a very good liar your manager has told me so many great stories about you thank you for your kind words but I.

Don't consider myself special you're just like he said I'm glad to see that you're a modest and humble man but you have many accomplishments you're allowed to be proud of yourself uh thank you I agree Nana said has always been so humble I kept telling him he needed to build.

His confidence but I see he hasn't hey wait a second animal son or that's what I heard from him outside the restrooms can't shake off the feeling that you two know each other there's no way we know each other why do you keep denying it I almost forgot that animoto-san was the.

Type to speak her mind before thinking it through so what do you like doing during your free time well I like bouldering and going camping but I don't get the chance to go very often I see that sounds interesting what else uh I don't spend much time outdoors.

I usually like to read at home me too I started reading in college once I start reading I can't stop until the end I know once I find the right book it's like I don't need anything else totally oh I've been into Conan rom-com mangas recently hey I read those too the protagonist is.

Such a brave girl you guys know each other I'm sure of it are you sure but you know you guys seem like you've known each other for a long time and so the Omi continued on like this I'm curious about your past Nana sekun can you tell me what you were like back.

In high school in high school yes did you have any girlfriends back when you were a student huh well I was a late bloomer I had my first crush when I was a senior I see and uh the girl I had a crush on she was in my class and she always teased me.

I went to a Summer Festival with her to see some fireworks and we started studying together after that oh really well I didn't have the courage to tell her how I felt back then I regret letting her go I think I can tell her if I meet her now.

wait what so that means he liked me back then what why are you laughing I'm so sorry Mr animal I don't think I can keep a straight face any longer gosh I feel awful for having to put you.

Through this ridiculous situation huh daddy what's going on to tell you the truth I already knew you went to high school together what so you asked Nana said to be my oh my partner on purpose yes that's exactly what I did you kept bringing him up over and over again at home I heard you mumbling about.

How you wondered how he was doing these days as it turns out Mr Animoto and my manager set this up to bring Arie and me together Mr Animoto suggested an omiai to my manager where he found my name from the list of single employees he had some research done and found out we went to the same High School.

That's when he realized who I was so that means they knew we were former classmates the whole time just FYI your plan to trick me I saw right through it I apologize for taking up your time for my daughter it's okay we're trying to trick you.

Well we'll leave you two alone to enjoy the rest of dinner we should go for some drinks Mr Animoto and my manager were grinning ear to ear as they left the room animal Hassan and I were left behind feeling uncomfortable and awkward I guess there's only one way to get rid of the awkwardness.

Um I like you will you be my girlfriend of course if you still want me and I I like you too the Omi was a success an and I finally admitted our feelings for each other we took the next step of our relationship forward.

Three months later Arie and I were still together it was easy to be around Aries since we already knew each other well she became more open about her feelings with me after we started dating the animal models invited me to their house a few times and Aries father.

Treats me like a real son I would have told you back then if I knew this was gonna happen I feel the same way but I had no confidence back then why didn't you tell me I didn't know if you felt the same way really but you were so forward about everything.

Well once I started considering asking you out I got scared when I thought about you rejecting me I thought it would be better if I kept my feelings to myself as long as I could stay by your side I don't know I guess I was a coward it's silly huh nah I feel you I was terrified I didn't even consider telling you how I felt I.

Think I owe you an apology on the day of graduation I wasn't trying to mess with you that day I just felt like since you were moving away I didn't want to push myself onto you too hard I get it that's what brought us here that's true can I make a confession you.

Make me so happy itski I love you I love you too thank you Arie another three months passed we were on the sixth month of our relationship when what you're transferring me to the U.S office yeah I feel awful the boss wants you there because you are the best option.

I know you have a good thing going on with Mr enomoto's daughter and I tried my best to get you out of it but I found out I was going to get sent overseas and so basically I'll be leaving for the states soon oh I see for how long two years they promised me a promotion when I come back if I do well over there.

Oh wow I see but you know I want to be with you no way you can't stay here Airy why I can't wait for two years I mean I'll miss you but you have to give this a shot.

No I don't want to leave you ever again what do you mean by that mean a lot and my job means a lot neither of those replaceable which do I pick if I had to answer that I would say I want to pick both huh but what will happen to us if you go to the states.

Well I was thinking what do you think about coming with me I need to do this for my career but I want to get married to you Arie am I being too greedy no I want to have everything you want in the world I know it's a lot to take in but I want you by my side forever.

I'm not I'm glad you feel the same way I do after that I met Aries father to convince him to let me take Arie with me to the states a year later Arie and I are is she your fiancee what a cat yeah.

She's not just any beauty thanks to her I spend every day with a smile on my face I lacked confidence for most of my life but now I have something to be proud of Arie and I are planning to get married once we get back to Japan for now we are enjoying falling deeper in love with each other.

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