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[Manga Dub] The girl who always saves a seat for the boy with a broken leg asks him out… [RomCom]


It's pretty normal to get injured in sports especially any contact sport like soccer but I didn't expect to actually end up with a broken leg the timing sucks too vancun over here oh good morning good morning here early as usual I don't want to thank my broken leg but.

After I broke my leg I've gotten to get closer to a beautiful woman her name was suzumura I think she's in college save your seat as usual go ahead thank you as always we always sit on the train around the same time after I started walking around in.

Crutches she started talking to me asked me to sit in her seat he must really love soccer going early in the morning even when you're injured I gotta do what I can you know great job anyway after I injured myself she'd always let me sit in her seat I didn't know why she did that but I was.

Just going to accept her kindness it was easier to go to school if I sat there that was the excuse at least the real reason was that I wanted to talk to her you all right you seem tired today I mean yeah I mean it makes sense I guess an injured athlete is probably going to be pretty.

Upset I gotta start up your happiness for when you recover she was always positive under positivity knew no end she really saved me while I was being upset because I was injured she would always listen to me when I wanted to complain.

I've been injured before but this time around I'm not sure if I can get over it what happened well I'm a senior and this season is ah the Nationals yeah the games are starting this winter we were supposed to practice.

And play to determine who was going to be starting but I injured myself and I'm not going to be better until two weeks before the tournament worried that you might not be the first string yeah I'm pretty out of shape after my injury and all of my other teammates have been improving it must be pretty tough just watching.

Everyone else practice huh it's not tough it just makes me anxious even if I get better I've only got two weeks to get better are you going to give up your last tournament no I'm not going to give up but then you should go on a date with me.

Huh a date yeah it's going to be a date to make you feel better are you free next Sunday I mean I don't have anything to do but all right I'll take that as a yes let me see your phone let's trade contact info oh uh sure I see your icon is also a soccer ball you really love soccer.

Your icon is it's me playing ping pong when I was young huh that's cute right oh I'm cuter now or in that picture picture hands down look you're supposed to say you're cute in both yes I was an adorable little angel when I was young and all they're going to.

Absolved me but I don't really know your history oh well just make sure you keep your Sunday free I'll let you know where to meet she just decided on a Time I don't think any stores are open this early is she really taking me out on a date while we just spoke on the train.

For a little she thinking and we're meeting up at eight in the morning hey everyone sorry to keep you waiting oh Susan murasan good morning you look different hottest and say I look cute you don't have a girlfriend do you.

You don't know that I can tell you're just a sports jock right before your final tournament there's no way that you've gotten any time for Romance but you do like someone oh I don't have anyone totally a yes I just said no.

Lizzy what does she look like is it your manager totally a stereotype it's not the manager ah it's not the manager but it is someone I guess I wouldn't even know even if you told me huh why are you being so quiet is it something I know is it me it's me isn't it.

Um suzumurasan sorry I was just teasing you it's a way you'd like me when we just spoke on the train a little bit right oh yeah are you sure you're okay with coming out this early on the weekend there's no problem but where are we going all the stores are still closed who cares you should be happy to be able.

To walk next to an older woman anyway right um I'm joking you've only got two weeks before the tournament after you get better right I mean yes you might be a little anxious but you gotta do what you can right and the two weeks that you've got I think that's the.

Kind of player you are am I right I mean yes I think I keep pushing and trying till the very end I'm so glad to hear that that you just need to keep pushing forward huh yes I was a little confused why she called me up did she really just want to cheer me up so confused.

Sorry can you hang on a sec I have a bag in my locker over there why did you put it in a locker oh it's kind of a surprise huh remember how you said that no stores were opened this early I think the gymnasium would be open on a day of the tournament tournament you're going to be in the.

Tournament I didn't realize that you haven't figured it out huh I'm a ping pong player I only told you my last name but my full name is Hikari susumura huh what the athletes for Japan are Hikari suzumura and how did I not notice till now mysteriously my icon is literally just.

Giving it away wait this this is that time you were known as The Genius ping pong girl yeah they use that photo for its talk shows that they invited me on now that you say it I feel like I have seen you on TV if you're so slow to figure it out it's kind of upsetting really.

Sorry I'm slow it's fine I'm just messing with you because you seem surprised you were just messing with me come on I see the gymnasium let's split up okay huh you didn't invite me out to cheer me up of course I did but everyone knows what I look like and there are cameras.

And media it's going to be pretty annoying to be involved with me see yeah so I'm gonna head out okay yeah also just one more thing I'm also a sports jog so I don't have a boyfriend what are you trying to say if you want you can have me did you say that there's no way I would.

Make time for Romance and say that if you fall in love and that makes you perform better it's fine I mean if you say that then maybe what kind of person are you do you try harder when you're in love I don't know oh well I I'm trying to cheer you up anyway.

Don't miss a thing buddy okay see ya Cancun is going to be watching me today I think I can do really well this time I don't know if he's noticed but I've always been interested in him the first time was when I was about 16. we were in the same train early in the morning at the moment I saw him I knew.

He was going to practice in the morning the short hair the bulky body the nice posture and the big duffel bag his uniform was clean so he was probably one year under me a new high schooler every day I would get early on the train and he would be there not just the mornings after I finished my late night practice he would be on the same train.

We both finished practice at the same time so we both got on the same train the media started treating me like a genius from when I was young I didn't lose to any of my other competitors around my age and I was starting to beat the adult players I was even invited onto a TV show and was sort of an idol but that actually.

Pressured me and I was feeling constricted it was hell on Earth when I was 17. win or lose the media talked about me but I was injured they even wrote the details of my medical exam on the newspaper but even then the reason I've had this tournament is thanks to rancune we share the same effort the same Blood Sweat and.

Tears we went to practice early in the morning and practiced till late at night we got on the same trains to and from practice he didn't know about me but that really let me push this time I want to support him I was able to get over my big injury thanks to him I want to see him get over his injury and fight Horizon.

She had beat the tournament and came out on top in the championship with ease it said something on the news once that she may have been on the brink of retiring because of her injury but you couldn't tell that was the case at all she was clearly on a level above everyone else she really should be giving the peace.

Sign to the cameras and not me she overcame her injury and made it there I have to do it too I can just wait this injury out and I'll get better after the contest we walked to the station together hey how'd you like the games today it was incredible I mean I didn't know.

Who you were but wow that's insane thank you but I want to know how you feel how I feel I actually looked some stuff up between games but you had a really big injury right I did then I can't run away I can get better if I just wait and.

Recover that's exactly right young man your season starts now that's right I'm only just starting you got this buddy I'm going to be rooting for you I'm going to get better and win just like you a month later my final summer of high.

School began she showed me the way so I was able to get into first string after my leg was healed we made it to the finals and everything seemed great however she's not here again I wanted to report back about the.

Tournament but I haven't seen her for a week she's not on the train in the mornings or nighttime she's a sports jock there's no way she would skip her practice what happened I have a bad feeling about this what is this article the news article I stumbled into.

Detailed her injury and everything about her recovery a surgery the rehab how long it would take for a full recovery however they said that even if she made a full recovery she may very well not be able to perform like before can I do for her now the next morning.

You're finally here wait what about your practice that's what I want to ask you you haven't been showing up recently I don't want to see you skipping practice how is your team doing vancune you winning yes we're doing great and you should.

Stay away from me you're only going to lose morale skip is going to make me lose morale I'm not skipping I just feel like I'm done with ping pong you're telling me you're gonna quit you can make it back I know it you say keep going like it's easy you should realize how difficult that is as.

A sports player sorry you're right that was careless there is a lot I want to tell you but I just want you to have this for now take it huh it's the details of the soccer state championship I made it back to first string so I'm going to be playing.

They're going to be a lot of great players but I'm going to win and take it to the Nationals I'm not as incredible as you I'm sure that a state championship is nothing compared to International tournaments but this is the best I can do so please come watch us play Maine that's all I wanted to say.

I'm gonna go to school now the day of the championship Ren is that chick you were talking about here I don't know I don't care if she's here or not I'm going to go give it my best true she may not know but I had known about her before I injured myself it was right.

After I started High School every day when I went to school I noticed a girl that would be on the same train as me I didn't know what grade she was in or what school she went to she was carrying a duffel bag so I knew she played some kind of sport surprisingly we both went home on the.

Same train too every day early in the morning till late at night I didn't know her name but I felt close to her I wanted to run from my practice time and time again but I kept pushing because I didn't want to practice less than her after I injured myself and she let me have her seat I finally knew her name I've just been getting supported by her.

All the time from letting me have her seat after I broke my leg to letting me watch her play in the tourneys she supported me by riding that same train every morning so now I want to support her it's about time yeah let's go one year later.

Should be home any second now I quit soccer and started studying for my college exams I was accepted and wanted to support athletes so I started studying Sports Medicine all right it looks good and the nutrition is perfect too I'm home.

Son welcome to me yeah it sounds tough I gotta keep waking you up to make sure you don't skip out on your morning drills you're tough on me too it looks so good I'm good how much you've improved a lot your.

Food intake directly affects your game performance saving me with your delicious meals you're very welcome you think you'll win the Olympic trials oh it should be no problem I've got a great partner so don't let your guard down I know the important part is what comes after the trials.

She had always wanted to get a gold medal in the Olympics her dream is now my dream and we're both working towards achieving it yeah thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.