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[Manga Dub] The girl who came to buy bread crumbs came back to repay me 10 years later [RomCom]


Okay I should start closing now my name is Sugar Yuki kamiya I'm currently helping my father run his Bakery I used to go to university and I worked here part-time however my father fell ill about a year ago I'm taking some time off to focus on keeping the bakery running there are some leftovers tonight so I have a long way to go to reach.

Dad's level oh no there's something out there a customer told me there have been reports of suspicious beings around here it's creeping me out I don't handle fear very well uh hello is someone out there huh Red Cross she looks pretty young and her clothes are dirty I wonder where her parents are why is she out here alone it's the middle of the night.

I heard someone say that I could buy breakfast from bakeries yeah and how about we talk inside huh is that okay everything about her got me worried I invited her to feed her the leftover bread and some soup you can take your time there's still plenty if you want seconds but.

I need to help with the leftover bread anyways don't worry about it you're doing me a favor she must have been starving she wolfed down the bread I gave her she didn't speak a world while eating her meal is your uh father or a mother somewhere nearby she doesn't want to answer me there must.

Be something going on with her I shouldn't bombard her with questions oh I know you know no I'm always having trouble dealing with leftover bread after closing time it would help if you could come by after the bakery is closed to help me get rid of them are you sure that's okay I wouldn't ask if I wasn't sure and I.

Want you to know I'm here if you ever need to talk about anything okay the little girl continued to visit me after closing time it was nice of the company the only information she disclosed to me was that her name was suzuna she was eight years old she never told me anything about her family no matter how hard I try to find out but I.

Wanted to help her so I made sure I had a meal prepared for her every night I didn't want to have to turn her back hungry so sooner John what bridge you like the most the seashell one I love the chocolate cream inside I see well that wine is called a chocolate cornet I'll make sure I keep some for you from now on huh but doesn't that mean you'll.

Have more leftover bread that doesn't sound too good for you oh well chocolate Cornett sell out pretty fast it won't be a problem zunuchan is a sweet and clever girl I wish there was something I could do to change her situation I can't let her live like this I didn't know what else I could do so I called child services to ask him for help I asked him.

To protect suzuna Chown from the harsh world she lived in one of the staff members agreed to come to the bakery to meet her after closing time the day of the appointment this may be the last time I ever see suzuna Channel why isn't she here she should have arrived by now now I have a feeling she won't be coming.

Tonight I wonder where she is from that day on to Zuna Chan stopped coming by the bakery I'm gonna continue to wait for her even prepared her meal every night just in case she appeared however she never appeared again all I could do was hope she was happy somewhere living the life she deserved Ten Years After suzuna Chan stopped coming by the bakery.

Her father's condition kept getting worse I had no choice but to drop out of school to take over the bakery I'm getting fewer customers these days recently a big Shopping Mall opened nearby most of my customers stopped coming by every business on the street was struggling to get by the bakery was no exception I tried everything I could.

Including new products and renewing the menu but nothing was working the profits have decreased to one-third compared to before now the bakery won't last for another six months oh welcome whoa I've never seen anybody so pretty excuse me would it be okay stay here with you huh stay here oh do you mean you want to work here I'm so.

Sorry I'm not searching for any employees at the moment no I I don't need you to pay me all I ask is for you to give me some leftover bread a chocolate coordinate will be perfect if that's possible I can't ask you to work for free leftover bread isn't the proper way to pay somebody wait you're the girl the one who came by after closing hours.

10 years ago yep yep I'm Susanna I'm glad you remember me that means I am here and I hope you'll accept my request but I'm happy to see you again but I'm not sure I can accept your request oh I know it's too sudden I should have asked if you had a girlfriend or her family I just got so.

Excited to see you uh no I'm not in a relationship right now really I was hoping you'd say that's please I'll do anything to stay here okay one I want to talk for a bit first huh 10 years ago suzuna Chum was living the darkest days of her life appearance that just passed away and all of her relatives treated her like trash the day we met she had.

Been kicked out of the house after getting scolded she appeared before me because she was hungry and desperate for food I can't imagine how hard it must have been for her she stopped coming by because her relatives suddenly decided to move they put her in a children's home and that's where she grew up she came by as soon as she left the.

Children's home I always thought myself I'd come back here after I graduate from high school your bread and kindness give me this trade to push forward I never gave up because of you I have nowhere else to go he left the Children's Home and came straight here so that means you have no place to live if you want to stay here you'll have to put up with.

Living with me are you sure you're okay with that oh I can I can live with you thank you okay but can I ask one question how old are you now oh a full-grown adult I see I'm not sure this is a good idea might be okay will I be able to control myself and so this is how an 18 year old girl and a 30 year.

Old OG son ended up living together Under One Roof soon a chance started helping out of the bakery the next day she lightened up the room by just being there and felt nice ever there thank you for your purchase you're doing great I don't think you'll have a problem learning everything so much so much sharing your placement.

Gives me more motivation than anything else wait suzunichan is calling me by my first name all of a sudden I know when the last time a female called me but my first name was I mean I haven't been in a relationship since my last girlfriend at University this is not good why are these thoughts running through my head she's 15 years younger than me 15. and.

Basically your guardian is something wrong you've been staring at me for a while is there something on my face or something uh no it's nothing I say Fred you sell here as a little different than 10 years ago all the names out needed none of them fall off the tongue.

They are like tongue twisters and where do the chocolate cornettes go I know everything is different now I wanted to keep the chocolate cornettes but things just got too difficult I used to have normal products you would find in any Bakery melon bread and sweet cream buns however I thought I needed to change the menu to attract a wider variety of.

Customers I decided a more unique selection of bread was necessary and so I changed the whole menu I've been struggling since the shopping mall nearby opened but this is a result of trial and error I'm here now I will I will hardships life throw at you thank you I've been protecting this.

Place alone since my father got sick it's relieved to know somebody's got my back and pull through somehow it's been most of our time together at the bakery and back home before I knew it a month had passed so bad you're always eating leftovers.

Don't It's A Feast for me it brings back old times I still remember eating here when I was a kid I will never forget how safe I felt here being here with you and listening to you talk was the only time I ever felt peace do you have a hard life after we parted ways well well life was never rainbows and unicorns for me.

Every time I felt like giving up I thought about the chocolate corn nuts you made for me they gave me the strength to keep going I thought about the bread I made you when you were going through rough times wow thank you I mean it wasn't just the bread I thought about you too and I always longed to see you there was never a.

Moment I forgot about you I see but I bet you're a shocked to see me I've become such an ogisan not at all nothing about you has changed it felt so good to be back I felt like I was finally home she hasn't changed a bit she's still the sweet girl she was 10 years ago I have to make sure she gets alive she's always deserved the bakery seemed cheerful and.

Welcoming with suzunichan standing at the cashier I could tell her beautiful smile Drew people in and the bakery was bustling with customers before I knew it thank you again there was one thing I was concerned about suzuna Chan looked exhausted she wasn't as energetic compared to when she first arrived here are you okay you can take a break if you.

Need it fine I'm strong that wasn't all I was worried about what she was doing she would come home late on her days off and I saw her looking at part-time job postings on top of that the bakery started receiving calls asking for her since she didn't have a cell phone zunichan I wonder what's.

Going on I decided to go out for a drink I needed to take a break from feeling so uneasy I was out in the city when I saw hey isn't that suzuna John is that her boyfriend next to her she's still 18. I wouldn't be surprised if you're in a relationship the next day I was up early to prepare for the day.

Look so good take the day off you need some rest ciao you're burning up suzuna Chan we have a fever I'm fully fine I have to pay you back please it's on abandoned me I won't I'll never do that come on you should get some rest I'm so sorry it's all taking care of me after all these years I put.

Zazuna Chan asleep and returns to Bakery but I couldn't keep my mind off her she's sleeping I can't stop thinking about her how am I supposed to work like this I've never felt so worried about anybody before something has changed inside me I can't believe I fell asleep oh the bakery don't worry about it your fever.

Seems to be gone now thank God you have to tell me when you feel sick next time okay promise me okay I promise and there's something I need to talk to you about can I have a few minutes here it's not much but this money is for all the hard work you put in for the bakery huh I know you've been busy with something recently you're away most of your time.

Off is there something else you want to pursue by any chance you're still young you should prioritize your future you've done enough for me and now I want you to do what you long to do I know it you don't want me to pee here I'm sorry it was selfish of me to convince you to let me stay here I apologize for everything no that's not what I meant you have no.

Idea how bad I am gonna have you here but I saw you walking with a young man the other day wouldn't you rather be with him I'm sure you don't enjoy living in the same house as a middle-aged man a young man started working here I've been frustrated with myself and not being able to help with anything huh suzuna.

Chan told me she'd been working several part-time jobs learning about hospitality and customer service she had worked at an Izakaya recently to study about it so that's why you always come home so late the man you saw is probably an employee at the Izakaya I accompanied him to go shopping for groceries I see now I understand wait why am I feeling.

Relieved crap I'm not hiding it very well uh what's so funny well you were concerned because you saw me with a young man obviously finding out about that would make me happy by the way I would never cheat on somebody that's not what I was concerned about anyways don't.

Push yourself too hard okay you can have other jobs but I want you to come to me first can you do that of course how embarrassing I can't believe she spent all of her time trying to help the bakery I gotta step up I can't let her down I need to remember where I started and stop fixating on short-term profits I can start with the bread suzunichan.

Tell me it wasn't favorite the next day I I'm feeling better and I am ready so I haven't for a while here have one I want you to be the first one to eat it brings back memories reminds me of you good I'm glad at least my baking skills haven't gone bad.

Thank you sugar Yuki son hey is something wrong I'm sorry it's just all these memories keep rushing back to me I'm the one who has to thank you suzuna Chan I remembered what is important because of you you brought back the meaning of what I do I'm gonna work harder to spread joy to my business after that suzuna Chad helped me change.

The interior we aim to bring a homey warm feeling back to the bakery I quit baking fancy bread and brought back my original products the purpose of this Choice was to serve customers to Brad my father has been his life creating okay let's do this Asuna Chan with the face of this Bakery I'm counting on you Roselle just you wait I'll get this.

Place busy in no time chocolate corn nuts are here they're our best selling products oh yeah can I buy one sure here you go eventually my customers came back to the bakery the shopping center entertain them for a while but people started to talk about my products soon the bakery returned to how it was previously to my.

Surprise people are lined up before opening time now the bakery has become famous and people from all over the country travel far to eat the bread I bake eat yeah we're sold out again I'm not complaining but I kind of missed eating leftover bread with you after closing time I get you but I'm glad the customers recognize the value of your.

Products now I saw some children laughing and eating the bread they bought here it filled me with joy it's all thanks to you suzuna Channel I didn't realize I lost my way you brought me back and made me see the truth in front of me I owe you a present is there anything you want at the moment well there is one thing I really really.

Really want great what is it you name it you'll get it just tell me what you wish for I don't think I can hold it in anymore we live together we sleep in the same house you're always right in front of me but I can't touch you I was always afraid that my being here was causing you trouble but I can't hold back my.

Feelings anymore I want you only you are you sure I'm the one you want I'm just an ogisan who bakes bread if there is anything you lack I'll be here to support you through please I hope you accept my feelings thank you suzuna I like you too so Junior and I started dating that day we went from roommates to Partners in life.

Which cost azuna's Behavior toward me to change she has become sweeter and more affectionate I feel like I'm on cloud nine it has always been my dream to do this cleaning my ears you're welcome to do it anytime actually I have one more thing I want to ask of you I want to hear those words.

Those words which ones I can't stop thinking about you you said when you stood by my bed while I was sleeping with a fever I would do anything to hear you say it once more ah wait I can't believe you're awake please I'm waiting oh I think it's time to ferment the bread though no I'm not letting you go shigayuki's son.

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