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[Manga Dub] The girl who saved me after losing my belongings turned out to be a coworker…[RomCom]


This is the end I'm Coya yodaka I was experiencing true despair on this day I have no idea what I should do from now on that's how desperate I was excuse me what is it I'm sorry to disturb you all of a sudden you look like it might be the end of the world so I was there something sir shoot I couldn't help but my hearing.

Her the lady in front of me was the most beautiful person I had ever seen so my eyes were glued to her there is such a beauty like her in this world actually my wallet got stolen by a pig pocket your wallet that is an emergency my smartphone was stolen too your smartphone too my bag and the things inside them were thrown away out.

On the street while I was chasing the thief so I could get them back did you go to the police I did file a report with them they helped me to stop the credit cards and so on if you don't have any money or smartphone you can't live I also don't have a place to sleep tonight a place to sleep do you lose.

Your house as well no I came here on business but since I can't pay for the hotel I canel the reservation for Al because of my circumstances the hotel didn't charge me for the cancellation fee but it would still be a problem if you don't have a place to stay yes oh why don't you come to my.

House to your place yes I live alone so you don't need to worry no way this is a problem it means that a woman is living alone right and you're thinking about inviting a complete stranger into your house what are you thinking what do you think well I couldn't possibly inconvenience you like that it's all right we should help each other when in.

Need uh don't you feel that it might be dangerous it's all right you seem like a sincere person she might be deceived by a bad guy sometime in the future you really don't need to do so much for me but it would be cheaper than lending you money oh since I didn't have a place to stay and.

I wanted to avoid sleeping Outdoors the only thing I could have done was to ask her to lend me some money but because she made me the offer first I could no longer ask her to lend me some money that's why the only thing I could do was to accept her suggestion well as long as I don't do anything to her it's fine this is where I live she really took me.

To her place I learned that her name was Momi G kanzaki I just want to make sure one last time but is it really all right yes it's fine let's buy the things you need in order to spend the night here at the convenience store nearby she's really a good person thank you very much after that I bought some clothes and she let.

Me use her shower now I was waiting for her to finish preparing a meal she's doing everything for me she's too good of a person here you are good appetite this is an amazing meal it's been a long time since I've had anyone eat what I've cooked so I got a little excited are you good at cooking rather I enjoy cooking I hope.

You like it this is sure to taste good H this is really good I'm glad I was a little worried this is like a a meal from an expensive restaurant it's so delicious you are too flattering she's cute it really is that delicious please eat a lot I took her at her word and ate more after that after we enjoyed the meal I will bring out a.

Mattress in the living room and sleep here so please use my bed to sleep no I can't let you do such a thing I'll sleep in the living room I think that sleeping on the bed would be more comfortable I I don't mind sleeping in the living room at all rather I would not be able to sleep in a bed in which I.

Could smell her body well then I guess I shouldn't put too much pressure or rather I guess my bed probably has my smell so I will sleep in my own bed after all then I will get you your mattress she hurriedly left the room with those words rather I hope she doesn't come in into my mattress she seems too sleepy to think straight such.

A thing did not happen well this is the reality I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep at all good morning did you sleep well oh yes thank you so much for letting me stay here do you still have time if you'd like I can make you some breakfast oh well as long as I can leave here by 9:00 a.m. I can go to the company on foot so that would be.

Wonderful yes I'll make it right away after I had her wonderful breakfast we are headed in the same direction what a coincidence her company was also close by and we were walking in the same direction if we were at the same company that would be so great oh it's the same building yes if it's all right could you tell me which company you work for well.

It's Canon Yuki Kanan Yuki judging from your reaction does it mean yes I also working at Kanan Yuki I did not think that there would be such a coincidence what should I say this is like Destiny I guess that in her case she doesn't mean anything on any serious level when she says Destiny people would.

Likely misunderstand her but miss kanzaki doesn't seem to notice that kind of thing so I think she didn't mean anything romantic by what she said just now but that said I am from another department and I was sent here to just help out oh is that right I'm scheduled to take part in the project here from next month so today I'm to see how.

Things are going with the project and to meet the project manager are you a system engineer yes that's right wow what a coincidence I'm I'm also a system engineer oh well since this section is for the system Engineers this is not so surprising oh kanzaki did you finally get a.

Boyfriend oh Mr itakura good morning he's not my boyfriend H who are you oh it's you yodaka I was waiting for you to come oh long time no see Mr Ura do you twoo know it other yes I got to know him when I was working at the okama branch office he's a good worker I think he's about 2 years.

Younger than you but he's known for being a top worker for this big project we are doing today we didn't have enough people so I asked them directly to send yodaka to us okama from chugoku region that's right that is so far away we're in Tokyo here well well it's not so rare for a system engineer to travel around my boss.

Was complaining that you put pressure on him it's fine it's fine as long as you are here that's all that matters so you can start today right no today was just for meeting with the project manager and to see how the project is doing why can't you start from today that's difficult I'll get scolded from my boss and others in charge of my.

Section you are a serious worker this isn't really related to being a serious worker though well it's fine kanzaki yodaka will be in the same project as you so please show him around oh it is like Destiny when did you two get to know each.

Other actually my things were stolen by a pickpocket yesterday my wallet and my smartphone got stolen and Miss kanzaki helped me out a pig pocket you're just as clumsy as kanzaki oh that is terrible I have never been a victim of a pig pocketer well but you are quite a clumsy one you know one of the reasons why I.

Asked yodaka to come here was so that he could make sure that you're doing all right to have a junior work support my work Mr idaa I think that might be saying a little too much well she mistook the present server for the new one and got rid of the improved application she forgot the server information on the configured.

File and mistook the developing environment with a real one you know oh it's fine anyone can make mistakes hey you're sweating you don't need to back her up that's a kind of mistake that people would normally not make if she isn't fired for it and she's quite lucky this is painful it's fine we can avoid making.

Such a mistake if we make sure to double check so I'm counting on you if you can teach her how to not mess up the system with a virus as well oh it seems that the reason I was asked to come here was also partly to look after her but that's oh I'm sorry Mr yodaka no I'm happy to be able to help this way I think I might be able to.

Repay your kindness what you really helped me out that's why I hope to be able to help you out in return through this project you don't need to worry about it it usually doesn't happen that someone lets a strange man stay at one's place so if there's any problem I'll make sure to help Mr.

Yodaka after I made this promise with her I met with the project manager and checked the progress of the project and left the office the early that I could start helping hers from next month also I have to take care of things because of my stolen wallet and smartphone as for the money I needed to get back home Mr itakura lent me the money so it was.

Taken care of then a month went by and I joined Miss kanzaki's team and as Mr iura told me I not only helped out with the system development but also looked after miss kanzaki it seems that she has the knowledge and the technique but tends to be MSY at times we were able to avoid all the mistakes as I made sure to do.

The final check for everything but then a problem occurred when I was not there I just returned how are things going now a few months after I joined the project I was back in okama on business for about 3 days I got a call from the project manager and came back as soon as I could to Tokyo kanzaki how could you make such a.

Mistake I am so sorry we are almost about to release this product but you caused this malfunction to occur please calm down I'll fix the problem I immediately started up the computer I was using and checked the system it seems that the new system created to match the new server suddenly stopped working I heard that there was a.

Malfunction with the application Miss kanzaki made but I did the final check and there wasn't any problem then how's the connection between the main server and Ours I checked all parts of the new application it seems that the part that's causing the problem is not the one miss kanzaki created I told the guy after I found out where the problem was.

No way what is going on it seems that the function that's running in the back starts to malfunction after a while so when you try to start up the application that Miss konaki created it stops working I don't know what function is causing the problem but did you add a new function at the last minute oh 3 days ago our client requested it so we.

Added that in I see the cause of the problem was not enough background check but why did you blame Miss kanzaki without conducting a thorough check as to what was causing the problem that's because it's usually kanzaki who causes problems and she was also involved in this part of the development so you are her boss but you didn't check to see.

What she had been doing I don't know how she's been up until now but in the recent months she's been working hard and there have been no malfunctions but you targeted her and blamed her for the mistake isn't that quite crude uh but people are evaluated based on their past performance so then it's all right to blame her just like that maybe you.

Couldn't help suspecting her but as for getting angry with her you need to provide evidence for that in any case she's not to be blamed for this who are you the talk okay stop stop could you two calm down section manager it is true that you blamed kanzaki who had not made any mistake on this matter as a project manager you need to reflect.

On this and apologize to her yes and yodaka the project manager didn't do this on purpose so don't get so heated up about it yes sorry so I hope it's all right but could you fix this mistake yodaka since this happened I want to make sure that other parts are working all right as well I understand I'll take care of.

It right away thanks to Mr iagua the project manager apologized to miss kanzaki properly I just hope that he'll not blame her for any future mistakes just because she appears clumsy and as for me I fixed the mistake and did some test runs to make sure everything was all right that was a busy day I'm sorry.

Sorry it's my fault it's not your fault it's easy for things to go wrong When developing a new system anyway so adding in a new function at sudden notice is bound to cause problems yet the project manager didn't think about that and blamed you for the mistake he's the one making the mistake for thinking in that way and in any case the system that you.

Implemented has nothing to do with it and I conducted the final check on the system that you had implemented even if there had been a malfunction it would have been my fault Mr yotaka but I'll make sure to have Mr iura and my boss say something to that project manager so that he doesn't do that kind of thing again make sure that they go easy on him.

Also thank you so very much I was so happy that you said those things on my behalf I got a little angry and said too much I think my boss will lecture me too on that matter why why although it's the same company the Departments are different if I cause trouble with a different department I'd be scolded for that well I will ask Mr.

Itura to make sure that you are not reprimanded for that well I think it would be all right Mr Ur is good at those kinds of things as long as he's the mediator things probably won't go wrong well I'll be going this way please wait how would you like to eat dinner at my place today I would like to cook for you as my way of showing thanks no you.

Don't need to thank me for it you can't come to my place a she's cute then I'll take you up on your offer oh yes I will do my best with my cooking after that day miss kanzaki and I became even closer than before and then after we became close we started to go out with each other and I filed a transfer request to the Tokyo.

Branch office and Momi G as well as Mr etura were very happy about it also Mr iura made sure that things would go smoothly for me and momii but that's supposed to be kept a secret thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.