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[Manga Dub] The girl who was standing in the rain was a famous actress…!? [RomCom]


Let's close shop for today yeah it's raining hard so we probably won't get any customers okay I'll close the catch register then alrighty then I'll get ready to close too my name is tatsuro kizaki and I run a soba restaurant with my family my parents are semi-retired so my sister and I run the store when it's not busy.

Man even the norin is soaked I'll have to hang it out afterwards hmm what's that girl doing without an umbrella excuse me why aren't you holding an umbrella oh no I I was just lost in thoughts in any case please come in I'll lend you a towel and provide you with a vinyl umbrella don't want to be a bother.

It's all right we have nothing to do anyway since there are no customers I can't just leave you there drenched then thank you and sorry for troubling you alright just a moment while I bring you a towel what are you doing and bringing a girl into the shop don't be mean I was just worried because she didn't have an umbrella in this rain.

Still I'm right yeah but I couldn't just leave her there to get soaked I guess you're right do a look never mind please feel free to use our shower oh no I couldn't do that it's fine we wouldn't want you to catch a cold plus we live right next door so you can share it right away I'm sorry thank you very much yeah it's.

Good to help one another then I'll lead her to the bathroom oh okay I couldn't see much because she was drenched but she was cute my sister led the young lady to our home 30 minutes later um thank you for everything please don't worry about it could it be.

Are you Aqua son the actress yeah I am oh even you who hardly watches TV know about her huh of course I do she's considered the most beautiful girl to appear once every thousand years right um it's kind of embarrassing so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say it too much oh sorry um would you like some soba noodles we.

Have some leftover ingredients since the shop is empty no thank you I couldn't I'm not hungry it sounds like you are though um then ah thank you for the kind offer she's so cute okay I'll get right to it I hurriedly made the Starbucks noodles it's very delicious right he may not be much but he's.

Skilled when it comes to this hey that's too much yes yes um are you two siblings he may not be cute but yep that's nice I'm an only child so I envy you if I had an older sister I could have consulted her and maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much about my role roll could that be why you were out in the.

Rain without an umbrella yes in the next film I meant to portray a college student who is Lively has a lot of friends and has a lot of romances on top of that the character has an older sister she's the exact opposite of me so I'm at a loss at how to play the role I see there's nothing you could do about being.

An only child but you could ask your friends or your boyfriend to get insight right um I don't have any friends or a boyfriend huh why I also wonder hey sis don't be rude think about it it doesn't make any sense that such a cute girl like her doesn't have any friends or boyfriend.

That's true I've been on TV since I was a child and I hardly went to school I managed to graduate high school but ended up continuing acting while most people went to college I have no friends who are the same age to me there are people I get along with at work but I don't know if I could call them my friends.

Sorry how old are you again I'm still 20 years old huh really yeah it looks like we're the same age Ah that's what you mean by just right aquason if you don't mind would you like to be friends huh I've been training here since high school and I took over the restaurant right after graduating from high school.

So I don't have any close friends either I suppose I understand how you feel of course the difficulties faced by a soba noodle shop owner and an actress are vastly different yeah I would like that very much huh are you sure I'm not a university student yes I'm happy that I can make a friend who is the same age as me.

Then I hope we can get along yes thank you very much you guys are so stiff you look like you're going on a blind date don't be so formal y'all should start by exchanging limes oh right I haven't even introduced myself yet I'm Aqua hashimura pleased to meet you ah I'm tatsuro kizaki and this is my.

Older sister Nako kisaki I see so that's your real name not your stage name that's right my initial name already sounds like a stage name so I use it for work as well Aqua Chan you can call me knuckle yes thank you nakosan all right why not try and calling tatsuro by his first name too huh that way you guys will get along faster right right.

Um if it's okay with you kizaki-san I'm fine with either okay okay hashimura-san somehow this feels a little embarrassing um you called me aquason earlier so why did you change to my last name because your stage name turned out to be your real name plus I didn't know your.

Last name till now I will call you by your first name so please address me like you did before also we're the same age so you don't need to add Sun at the end uh then is aqua fine uh-huh since you guys are the same age you should stop using autorifics too well I guess you're right are you okay.

With that Aqua yep you two act as though your high school classmates meeting for the first time shut up sis alrighty then I'll be heading home soon well if you want more insight on what it's like to have a little sister then feel free to stop by you're like a sister now so you don't.

Need to use honorifics with me either okay uh-huh thank you Nako Chan my sister finished the rest of the closing and went home she's such a good big sister she's overly comfortable with others but aside from that I believe she's a decent big sister she has great communication skills and physical strength so she's.

Capable of doing the work of three people that's amazing are you two running the shop yeah when we're busy during the day my parents and part-timers pitch in but when we're not it's just the two of us wow Tatsu rokuan is a store manager even though he's the same age as me I just succeeded my father so I'm not great at all.

There are people our age who go off to start their own businesses besides you're an actress which is even more amazing no I was just following the path that my parents paved for me I've been acting since I was a kid but only because my mother applied for it is that so but even if that's the case I believe.

You became a famous actress because you worked hard huh thank you the reason you were so worried about the role is because you really want to do your best right thanks hearing you say that gives me some courage and your soba noodles were really delicious I could tell that you worked really hard to hone your skills.

Thank you I've been prayed for the taste of my noodles the first time I've been praised for my effort come to think of it even if we're friends we can't really go out what should we do oh right you're busy running the restaurant so you probably don't have time to hang out huh no I'm not talking about that if an.

Actress hangs out with a guy the paparazzi will catch wind for sure right ah right I've never had to worry about that before honestly how could she be this cute and still be single then can I visit the shop around closing time I'd like to properly pay for the sofa next time thank you if that's okay with you stop.

By any day my sister and I are usually here except Wednesdays which is our regular closing day well my sister might be out with her boyfriend from time to time though okay since then Aqua would come visit us on days she didn't have any filming a month later Papa John I'm here welcome back have you eaten yet nope not.

Yet eating katsuokun soba is what I look forward to okay I'll make it right away thank you I heard filming the drama has started how is the role practice going thanks to you guys I've gotten much better but there are some things that aren't going so well nakochana can I have a moment with you.

Sure you can tell me anything the truth is I devoted myself to making soba order up eat it while it's hot uh yeah thanks as always it's delicious thanks so what were you two talking about earlier when was your first love what's with you all of a sudden let's answer the question it's important.

Anyone so I don't really remember but maybe I liked a kindergarten teacher or something oh useless I don't really understand but I know for a fact that you're making fun of me I'm not Uncle John said that she's having trouble acting as a girl in love so I thought asking you would help.

Naco John why did you have to tell him that it's not like it's something you need to hide right you told us yourself that you don't have a boyfriend that's true but Aqua there's nothing to be ashamed of I'm sorry I can't help you though since I don't have any romantic experience either that's all right I'm happy to.

Hear that you've never dated anyone you're happy I mean forget I said anything maybe she's relieved to know that she's not alone and having never dated if it's about love wouldn't it be better for you to give advice sis you're so popular that you've never been without a boyfriend right yeah but my story is likely to have a negative.

Influence on aquachan can't deny that you agreeing with me pisses me off thumb down Naco Chad uh I guess it can't be held all right then what type of girl do you like I've never been in love with a girl so I think girls who try their best look attractive Maybe it's what he says.

Yeah then I will continue to do my best no no I think you're already doing more than enough wait I could do better besides now I sort of understand how the girls feel is that so that's good but did I do something yeah it's all thanks to you Tatsu Roku oh you two are so close.

Aren't you closer to Aqua than me ah this is why you could never get a girlfriend what why are you suddenly coming at me it's because you're so dense what do you mean after that aqua's acting improved and her popularity increased then in no time I received a call that.

The shooting of the drama had ended smoothly good job on cranking up I've been watching the drama and it's interesting it's also very popular huh yeah thank you it went well thanks to you too come to think of it nakochan isn't here today yeah she said she's going out with her boyfriend but I have a message from her.

To you huh message yep she said good job and that she wishes you the best of luck it's weird you finished recording but she's still wishing you good luck yeah she told me that you'll know what I'm talking about are you just as confused.

As I am oh I understand I received her support huh is that so I don't get it then I will fill you in you see I was able to perform the role well because of nakotan but most importantly because of you tatsurokoon huh I don't remember doing anything it would be more accurate to say you made.

Me realize something everything became clear thanks to you Oh you mean you figured out what friendship is supposed to be like thanks to me stupid I also understand that feeling of frustration now huh what do you mean I say it once so listen carefully.

Oh okay I understand what it feels like to fall in love with someone huh I should head home for today wait wait wait buy that do you mean who's to say anyway I see you still consider me a friend so I'll stop by again oh and I think I figured out one more thing huh why I'd rather be confessed too than confess.

Myself five minutes later Aqua just went home after that but my heart is still pounding huh a call at a time like this who hey so how did it go oh sis I wonder I don't even know anymore huh what's with that I think I was indirectly told to confess to her oh that's great so did you no I was too.

Shocked to do anything what I went through all the trouble of leaving you two alone what aren't you out with your boyfriend not today I thought I'd give you to some privacy so I'm at a nearby cafe right now for real yes and yet you.

Oh I'm so pathetic I don't even have an excuse don't you like aquatron of course I do I just couldn't confess because I was so surprised huh huh I thought I heard aqua's voice just now I didn't say I was alone at the cafe hey don't tell me she heard ah she hung up looks like I got some work to do the next day Aqua arrived at my place her.

Face visibly read however that's a story for another time thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well