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[Manga Dub] The introvert is always secretly drawing the pretty girl in the class [RomCom]


Hate that what's this drawing of well let's just say this painting made my dreams come true it's a special and magical drawing wow dad you drew this right so does that mean that you can use Magic no not exactly but this drawing isn't just any drawing I can tell you that for sure.

Such a pretty picture I don't know some reason gosh dad you know amazing ever be good enough to draw something like this of course as long as you hold on to the passion.

It'll give you motivation no matter what life throws at you oh I almost forgot there's one other important thing you need to know an important thing what is it my name is yuichi akaiwa I'm a junior high school student at Alice Academy I like to draw my notebook while.

Pretending to listen during class I only draw one person nanaka Moria the girl sitting diagonally right of me nanaka Moria is a gorgeous girl she ranks first on the list of girls guys want to make their girlfriends she gets good grades and she's friendly she has a cheerful attitude and is.

Always at the center of everyone's attention I'm sure most of you have realized this but I have a secret crush on her she's obviously out of my league I know that I could never get a girl like her I know it my brain knows it but my heart won't try to understand what am I doing.

I'm just a loser introvert there's no way she would ever consider going out with me I can't help but sigh every time I think about her one day after school I was sitting in the corner of the courtyard drawing as usual I enjoy drawing scenery after I finish it I like.

To draw an imaginary more yesan in the picture that's my usual style of art I just know more yassan would look great standing in front of gingo trees I wonder what pose would make her look the best imagination is infinite I've studied maurya-san more than enough to know what.

She looks like in every pose oh please don't think I'm creepy caught me off guard I threw the Sketchbook behind me before I realized what I was doing more you son I always see you drawing here so I.

Curious and oh that was when I realized my Sketchbook was still lying on the ground and it was right by her feet that wasn't all the picture of her was lying faced up at her I can't let her see her that I scrambled over to collect a Sketchbook.

But she picked it up before I could do anything no don't look at that my desperate cry didn't reach her she was already staring at the page of this and this they're all drawings of me have you been drawing pictures of me this whole time.

No freaking way please God what did I do to deserve this and my life will still be over there's only one thing I can do please forgive me I'm so sorry I call this a royal dogisa it's the ultimate dogiza where I rub my forehead on the ground as I bow down ah please don't do that hey there's so.

Many to apologize to me I'm actually impressed you're really good at kaiwakun nah I'm not that so can I ask you something of course name it anything for you moria-san I'll do anything whatever it takes to make it up to her would you like to draw me for real like I could be your model.

Uh wait that means I don't have to keep sneaking Peaks I can stare at her and draw her seriously no did I hear that wrong please I hope not are you sure you really want me to draw you ah I wouldn't be suggesting it if I didn't so what do you think I would love.

To draw you more yesan gosh this is a dream come true I can't believe this I get to look at the real moryathan and draw a picture of her great let's pick a date soon uh sure looking forward to it Moria son and I started meeting up on our days off we went to beaches mountains Botanical Gardens and zoos it felt amazing having.

A real model to draw on the scenery one day we picked a big Park as our location Moria San stood near the fountain and struck a pose for me to draw I had no trouble focusing my pencil glided all over the paper completing the picture was my priority I had nothing else in mind.

There it's done show me here go ahead oh it's beautiful akaiwakun I don't know how side it's an amazing feeling thanks I'm glad you like it maurya-san.

Nobody had ever said that to me before it made me feel good can I have this one too take it thank you I'll take good care of it more yassan looked genuinely happy her smile tickled my heart and my feelings got harder to contain I still can't believe I'm spending my.

Weekends with her I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me but this isn't a dream she's right there I felt a rush of joy every time I reconfirmed that it was all real there's something I feel every time I look at you akaiwakun I feel your love for pictures.

Feel your passion too I know I'm not good with words but I could see how into it you are how serious you are about all of it uh really honestly I'd never thought about that I mean she wasn't wrong I like drawing or I like drawing her yeah I'm to tell you the truth I'm a little jealous I don't have a passion.

For anything I see no idea she thought that way I always thought perfect people had perfect lives I guess I was wrong hey why don't we take a walk before we go home sure I'm up for anything let's go suddenly more yassan's hand was holding mine.

I'm sorry I shouldn't have held your hand no I I was just taken by surprise I shook my head so hard I started to get dizzy okay good her smile sparkled at me a goddess was standing beside me I could feel my heart jumping around all over the place her hand felt perfect in mine I had.

Never felt more content with my life a few days later come over to your place that's right my parents won't be home till late that day so I figured we could use my place to draw pictures uh okay.

Thank you for the invitation Sunday I was at Moria son's house just like she had suggested hey hey uh hi there I was extremely nervous this was my first time inside a girl's room so this is Moria son's room what is this.

Amazing smell do all girls rooms smell like this can't get enough of this smell you what am I saying I tried pushing all the inappropriate ideas out of my head cleanse my soul cleanse my soul okay then we should get started more yassan reached for the buttons on.

Her shirt wait a second what I freaked out I wasn't expecting that does this mean we will be doing what girls and boys do together will we take the next step into adulthood today gosh no stop thinking such ridiculous thoughts you are an idiot uet Tada hi bought this bathing suit just.

For today uh a bathing suit so how do I look you you look perfect so good my heart started racing moria's son in a bathing suit oh God thank you I didn't know all of this was hiding under her clothes look at those I know.

Cut it out don't look at her that way I think I know the perfect sexy pose to turn you on a kaiwakun oh no elevating blood pressure how do I get it down I had no idea more yassan could be such a seductive little devil look at that grin on her face okay I I think I'm ready Moria song gave me my cue.

I picked up my Sketchbook to start drawing I don't usually have trouble focusing on drawing but this wonderfully bizarre situation was blocking my concentration Focus clear your head cleanse your mind I desperately fought off the perverted thoughts of viciously invading my brain finally I somehow managed to finish the.

Drawing one day during break time more yassan came over to me with a brochure kaiwakun this her face looked serious as she handed me the brochure uh it was an application guideline for a competition for pictures about marriage it wasn't something I wanted to see.

I'm sorry I can't do this well memories of my past came back to me as I told her why I used to be in many competitions I won first place many times I know I sound full of myself but back then I thought winning a competition was a piece of cake.

The adults around me adored and cherished me some of them even started calling me God's child however the people in charge of the competitions began to make ridiculous requests they wanted to attract more of an audience they stopped letting me draw whatever I wanted to.

Eventually I started detesting art I didn't enjoy it anymore they pushed me over the edge I decided never to join a competition ever again Stark memories it's not your fault I didn't tell you any of it so how would you have known.

I'm sorry too I wish I could have helped you out the school bells rang and break time was over to my seats Maury Assange swiftly walked away she looked so sad I felt sort of guilty but all I could do was watch her until she disappeared.

A week later something shocking happened moria-san was hospitalized I was worried so I went to the hospital to visit her during the weekend the nurse took me to her hospital room I walked in to see more yassan lying on a bed a woman I had never seen before was sitting beside her.

Oh kaiwakun oh so he is the guy you were talking about the woman walked towards me it's nice to finally meet you I assuming her I've heard about you akaiwaku oh hello my name is yuichi akaiwa I go to school with moria-san well I'm sure you both have a lot to.

Talk about I'll let you get to it bye more yassan's mother left the room she gave me a little wink before walking out I'm sorry were you worried hey it's okay so how are you feeling are you okay it's a big deal I fainted okay I'm relieved to hear that kaiwakuna.

Cancun Ah that's the only thing I can't do I'm willing to do anything else though Moria son's expression had a hint of Sorrow which immediately caught my attention I wonder why Moria son is insistent about me joining the competition.

I know I could ask her why but what's the point of doing that I'm not drawing the picture so hearing her reasons would be meaningless I didn't want to ask her since it could give her false hope so I decided to let it be things got a bit awkward between us after that conversation.

So we had a bit of small talk and I left the room I walked over to find more yassan's mother standing in the hallway A co-worker do you have some time right now I need to tell you something about nanaka uh sure I have time more yassan's mother and I walked down to the hospital Lobby and sat down at.

The table apologize for bothering you so she has it what is it well nakana has a heart disease she's been living with it since she was a child what more yassan's mother explained her daughter's condition with a somber.

Expression moria-san was born with a heart disease she'd been going to the hospital for checkups her entire life she needed to get surgery to get better but there was just one problem holding her back there was a 50 possibility that the surgery would end unsuccessfully the surgery failing automatically means.

Moriassan would die that's why moria-san had been avoiding the surgery the risks were too high is she refusing to get surgery because she's afraid she might die that's part of her reason but I don't think that's the main one I think she feels rather than failing and dying during surgery she wants to live her.

Life to the fullest at least as much as she can I see luckily there was no urgency to more yassan's heart disease she could continue living the way she did as long as her seizures stayed away however the disease would progress every time moria-san had a seizure her heart.

Condition would worsen and it would eventually become lethal on top of that every seizure she had would increase the risk of having another one they were unpredictable and not even the doctors could control them I'm too respect to the Divine.

Any mother would feel that way if her child was in the same situation broke my heart since I wanted more yassan to live too I almost forgot I wanted to tell you how wonderful your drawings are nanaka shows me every time you give her a new one it brings her so much joy it's nice seeing her smile so much I don't think I've.

Seen her like that in a very long time is so lucky to have a friend like you I hope you two stay close no matter what may happen in the future of course I'll never leave her that night I sat in my room thinking about moria-san the ideal ending would be moria-san getting surgery and coming.

Out of it alive but in reality there are multiple obstacles to consider I wish I could help but I'm just a schoolmate it's not my place to tell her what to do or not to do moria-san was so insistent about the marriage picture competition she showed me isn't that a sign that she's hoping.

For a future that she wants to live to experience it it's just my speculation it's not as if she said it herself but there's no proof that it's wrong if so still even if it was true would we be able to do it would I be able to pull it off somehow.

My mind was in a conflict and it stayed that way for the next few months three months passed after moria-san was hospitalized I was visiting a museum with her that day I'm sorry I know the invitation was sudden it's okay I was free anyways but I.

Didn't expect you to ask me since I was always the one to ask you is there a specific piece of art you want to see well yeah something like that we walked into the museum together and I led morius onto a painting it was the one I specifically brought her to see.

Her eyes locked onto it she stood there open mouth the painting was of a man and a woman at their wedding next to it was a label with the words first prize written on it this is a painting I made just for you more yasan I I wanted to bring you here to see it I.

Realized everything would be worth it if I could see you smile wow I've never seen such a beautiful painting that makes me feel so why I don't know how to express this feeling somebody is embracing my heart I could feel you through this piece.

Tears fell endlessly from her eyes beautiful and pure wonderful tears I'm going thank you I feel the same way as you more yesan our hands naturally found each other I gently wrapped mine around hers and she slid her fingers through mine we stood there for a while standing next.

To each other and staring at the painting after the museum to find that the sun was starting to set in the west hey if I'm heading in the wedding painting yes well I guess we should start by dating each other first I.

Can never get married if we aren't in a relationship yeah you're right everything Moria San said was true still it was a bit embarrassing hearing it all in words a tingly feeling spread through my body suddenly more yassan stopped walking and turned towards me I really like you I've liked you since I.

First saw you drawing in your Sketchbook so I wanted to ask you if you'd like to be my boyfriend I feel the same way I've had feelings for you for a long time now I would love to be your boyfriend I promise I'll be good to you more yassan tilted her head slightly.

Upwards and closed her eyes I instantly knew what she was waiting for me to do my usual cowardly self was gone I stepped in to kiss her huh I felt my body burning as I tasted her sweet lips.

Man that I planned on marrying they say that you never end up marrying your first love but FYI my first kiss means we are for life don't worry I know I want the same thing as you you're stuck with me forever.

We wrapped our arms around each other and soaked in the sunset a few years later nanakondai stood at the altar inside a church for our wedding nanaka's surgery was a success our future is not in danger anymore as for me I'm a professional artist now my work has become well known throughout.

The whole world then we we miss all things to you I should be the one thanking you nanaka you made me everything I am today we looked into each other's eyes and smiled I love you I love you too nanaka.

We vowed to love each other forever and sealed it with a kiss nanakondai got the happy ending we promised just like in the painting however this isn't the end it's just the beginning the past creates the present which guides us to the future I plan to continue painting.

I'll never stop painting our future visions thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well