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[Manga Dub] The manager of the soccer team wants me all for herself, but a rival appears [RomCom]


I first met megaro Ino when I joined a youth soccer league in elementary school back then it was just like she was another one of the boys raro teach me how to shoot a ball like you you have to learn the basics first a but I will learn how to shoot hey meoo why'd you join the soccer team in the first place because I want.

To play soccer duh I know that I mean why do you want to play soccer oh that I was watching TV and I saw a soccer match and it was so cool I wanted to be cool like that too me too hey it wasn't the big magic in Spain was it yeah it was I want to be able to shoot the ball just like they did someday I know what you mean it was so cool but you have to.

Learn to dribble first maybe if you can get by me then you can shoot a I want to learn how to shoot now come on rentaro if you don't understand how important dribbling is I don't think a kid like you is ready I'm not a kid you're a kid just because I'm a year younger than you it doesn't mean that you could treat me like a baby I didn't mean it like that.

Stop pretending to be a grownup I'm not fine you want to learn how to shoot let's practice shooting really yes let's go okay but only if you promise to do your other drills too I will I'm a girl you know I know I almost forgot though what are you laughing about I'm just happy because of what my dad said he told me I'd get to play soccer like.

This with everyone when I was in elementary school when I grow older I can either join a girls team or become a manager of a school team do you know what you're going to choose I think watching boys play is cooler so I don't want to just play with other girls that's why I want to shoot as much as I can while I'm still in elementary school.

Cool let's practice then yeah when we're in a match you want to press forward as much as you can I'll keep passing to you okay yay then I'll get really good I kept my promise in the next match and the match after that I always pass the ball to meu as much as possible meu run I got it you're too slow sorry come on one more that day in all of the passes I.

Made megaro got the ball for one Miracle shot right before the final whistle blew the timing was perfect and the ball stopped Like Glue right at her feet it was the best pass I'd ever made in my life go Meo okay take the shot staring down the goalie megao made the perfect kick it looked even cooler than the one she saw on TV that inspired her to play.

In the first place that was awesome woohoo you did it oh we did it yeah maybe that one moment was enough for her because she started holding back more in every match after that eventually As Time passed we both ended up at the same high school but no matter how much the two of us changed we were always together rento here oh.

Thanks are you feeling pumped for the next match yeah definitely what about you don't you miss playing nah I'm done with that I'm happy to just watch you were the one that let me retire you know what do you mean once you gave me that perfect shot I felt like that that was my Peak and I could quit with no regrets oh back in.

Elementary school yep I'm happy to manage you now and make sure that you take us all the way to Nationals I'm sure we'll figure out a way I'm counting on you Ace I'll do what I can hey meu isn't it the manager's job to treat the entire team equally you scared me huh I am you sure about that because it looks like all.

You're doing is spoiling rentaro sorry I can't help it hi rento's number one teammate why do you sound so proud of yourself why shouldn't I be fento is the best man you're so lucky I wish I had a cute girl like her by my side stop whining I'm not whining I'm just thinking out loud sure sure let's just get back to.

Practice okay we got this every day we'd walk home next to each other it'd been the same since elementary school I feel like we've got a really good team this year definitely but we've still got plenty to work on too really you think so yeah like remember the miracle shot you took in elementary school I've never been able to make a pass like that again.

Again and you never will huh why not cuz you'll never find another person you're more in tune with than me I can't argue with that it's too bad though if you were a guy we could still be on the field together then we'd make Nationals for sure no we'd win Nationals we' totally would just then excuse me a girl I'd never seen.

Before came running up to us you're inaro urashima right uhhuh and you are I'm kaid SAA a freshman I was watching your last match and I thought you were so cool oh thanks hey raro why are you blushing like that I wasn't you totally were I saw you anyway um kid right kid what did you want with rentaro for almost 10 years nothing had changed the.

Relationship between me and megaro until that day we were just friends basically siblings but I just wanted to tell him what a big fan I am the moment we met kaay SAA everything between us became different the next day megaro approached kaid in the hall hey kaid oh hi megaro how's it going pretty good thanks cool it was nice to meet you yesterday I'm.

Actually really glad you're here there's something I want wanted to ask you huh so you and rentaro are like really good friends right duh but it's more than that I'm rento's number one teammate oh so you're like a sister to him then no of course not I'm just his favorite and don't think you'll ever change that as long as I'm around that's how it's going.

To be always okay of course I would never dare to get in the way of your friendship oh yeah you mentioned that you were his fan right yeah I'm sure it was love at first sight I want to go out with him so bad go out with him You' be like as his girlfriend obviously oh hey you're not jealous of me are you nah the two of us aren't like.

That so what do you like about him so you know how I was watching the last match I was never really a big fan of soccer but the way he dodged and weaved around all those people was so cool it's called trampling and he's really good at it isn't he you get it don't you won't you help me out with what you know with making him like me you guys are such.

Good friends I know with someone like you in my corner he'll go out with me for sure H you don't need my help you're so beautiful I'm sure he'll fall for you in no time you're so sweet but I'm sure there's so many other people out there buying for rento's attention so if you could give me any tips to give me a l up on the competition I'd be forever.

Grateful uh sure I'll try and do what I can really yes thank you megao didn't really know what she had just gotten herself into that day she and I were walking home as usual what are you doing you've been staring at me for a while now do I have something on my face yeah your eyes and nose and mouth very funny there's something I was thinking about.

Though what's up are you like actually a chick magnet oh you're thinking about the girl from yesterday Kinda Yeah uh I don't think I'm that popular but it's just like you said I guess I'm pretty good at soccer right maybe a lot of girls are just in love with the idea of a star athlete oh really huh it you're not.

Jealous are you you really are cute sometimes I'm not jealous but that girl yesterday was pretty cute too so that's your type huh did you say something just now anyway we finally have the day off from practice tomorrow right let's get something to eat where'd that come from you're so bad at changing the subject shut.

Up you little Scamp but sure let's go I know you just wanted to go to that all you can eat place again right no that's not it all right where then well that kid girl was saying she wanted to talk to you again so I thought maybe we could all go somewhere quiet you don't want to no that's fine really well if she's out there.

Supporting me I shouldn't let her down great megaro had a smile on her face but deep down she was anything but happy what she really wanted was for me to turn her down but she wouldn't say it out loud who knows maybe you two might even start dating why are girls so obsessed with that stuff right away what don't tell me you're not interested.

Either I don't know after all I've always got such a cute girl around me I don't really need a girlfriend a is that what you think of me just like that all of the pain and worry that was filling meu's heart disappeared the next day wow you're reading that novel too rentaro yeah my mom's a big fan of the author I've read through all of their series.

Now too me too which one is your favorite I have to say oh I like that one too megaro didn't really know what they were talking about so all she could do was watch and loudly slurp her juice it's not like their conversation was really something she could join either so I bet you prefer the liveaction version huh I guess it wasn't bad what.

About you well I got into the series through the movie so I'm biased they're definitely a good starting point though they do a great job of respecting exp in the source material hey there's a new one coming out next week right maybe you want to go see it together can we I'd love to no one else I know is interested oh you.

Want to come too megadoo I don't think you'd enjoy it you were falling asleep during our conversation just now oh yeah I saw that yeah rento's right you guys will probably have much more fun without me anyway around that moment mear started to wonder why she was really there at all she initially was planning to help steer kaid's conversation in the.

Right direction but kaid seemed to be holding her own just fine I think I'm going to go to the bathroom oh I need to go too oh while you're gone should I order us some dessert what do you want kaid I think I'll have the seasonal fruit tart and you want your usual melee crepe right meu uhhuh got it oh my God raro is just.

So amazing isn't he he's such a good conversationalist and you could tell how much he cares about other people yeah you two look like you really hitting it off I'm glad yeah thanks for all your help setting this up megadoo no I didn't do anything I think I've really fallen for him you mean you're going to ask him out exactly.

Maybe you shouldn't why not when Tyra told me that he was fine not having a girlfriend in his life really yeah yes yday but that doesn't really matter what do you mean it's the perfect chance right if he's still single I could show him how good it is to date me and maybe he'll realize what he was missing all along by the way he didn't say anything.

About me did he I guess he did mention that you were cute really oh then I can't give up now it was definitely true that I'd only been talking to kaid the whole time we were at the cafe ever since that three-way date kaid also started joining me and megaro in our walk home the two of us would finish practice and meet her at the library the.

Three of us together quickly became as normal as anything else hey Monaro hi megadoo oh hey Kai were you about to head back too yep I saw you from behind so I thought I'd join you at some point I started calling her by a nickname too the two of us would go to see movies together and text each other until late at night it's almost time for your next.

Match right yeah I guess so can I come and cheer you on of course yay I can't wait pantaro bye megadoo see you tomorrow have a good night later then I was alone with megaro you've been kind of quiet lately is everything okay why would you want to talk to me anyway when you can have a cute girl.

Like kidi around what are you sulking about I'm not sulking I could never tell with you but whatever ever it is I don't like seeing you so sad cheer up okay maybe if you buy me some ice cream I'll feel better you were just hangry huh fine let's stop by the convenience store really of course I can't just leave a cute girl like you alone when you make.

That face I was relieved that megaro seemed to gain a bit more of her usual energy back after that yesterday's match was really close huh yeah but it's all about the end results and we lost yesterday my team had a big soccer match it came down to the wire but we just barely didn't clinch the win I guess you're right but.

I think this might be the best chance I want Monro to focus on soccer before I made any moves but now there might be a bit of a lull what I'm going to do it after school I'm going to ask him out when megaro heard that her face became as white as a sheet that day kaid called me out out after our classes were over what's up Kai hey vento I just wanted to.

Tell you I thought you were really cool out there yesterday oh thanks sorry you couldn't see me win though I don't care about that you were still amazing maybe but we lost that's the bottom line megadoo said the exact same thing earlier today she did oh never mind anyway um the two of you really aren't going out right no why.

Then will you go out with me huh I feel like you and Taro kaid looked at me with eager eyes full of ambition and when I looked back at them behind us hiding in the shadows was megaro trying to listen over her own pounding heart then will you go out with me huh I really like you inaro why do I have these butter flies at my stomach I feel like I'm about to.

Overflow with tears I thought I was always going to be monaro's number one teammate I used to be happy with that but not anymore the truth is I really like rentaro too I can't believe it took me this long to realize I didn't even wait to hear rento's answer I had to leave on my way home that day I saw a familiar figure in the distance I had.

Tried texting her over and over again but I didn't get a respon response so that's where she'd been hey megaro when I called her name my cute teammate slowly turned towards me she looked like she'd just been balling her eyes out what do you want what happened your eyes are completely red who made you cry like that I'm not crying it's just allergies.

Don't lie to me you know you can always talk to me right now what happened stop I mean it what do you care anyways shouldn't you be hanging out with your new girlfriend girlfriend what are you talking about kid obviously she asked you out earlier didn't she you heard about that yes so get out of here you don't need a third wheel like me getting.

In the way you've got it all wrong I turned her down huh why because I never wanted to go out with her in the first place but you said she was cute didn't you I guess and you both have so much in common that's true then why why I don't get it both of those things are the same for you too what what we get along don't we and I call you cute like every day.

Well yeah but you know I wouldn't choose someone just for checking the right boxes right and even if I did nobody would be a better fit than you that's what I told kaid too you're such a Jee maybe that's true you're going to regret it not in a million years how are you so sure well we've been together our whole lives and I haven't had a single regret.

Yet I don't see why I'd start having them now the only thing that would ever make me worry is if I didn't have you by my side for even a single moment that's so cheesy since when did you become such a hopeless romantic hey that's too tight of you what was that I said I really love you not as your teammate or your f but as a person are you okay with that.

It's fine I already knew that huh I was just giving you the space until you realized it for yourself but you really went right for the shot huh I wanted to be the one to say it first well what are you waiting for then say it what do you want me to say I want to hear it from your lips that you like me too I love you oh I love you megaro should we tell.

The rest of the team let's hold off for a bit if the guys here I got a girlfriend after such a devastating loss they'll probably kill me you're probably right besides it's not like anything's changed we're always together anyway oh that's a true though no at that moment megaro gave the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen I've never.

Felt these butterflies in my stomach before she'd always been just like a sister to me but at that moment I was sure without question that my girlfriend was the cutest girl in the world thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.