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[Manga Dub] The moment they found out that I was single… [RomCom]


My name is kawakami junichi I'm 26 just a normal employee this hamburger steak is delicious I'm glad you like it I'm relieved to see Mio eating well Neo is a seven-year-old girl who lives with me Emilio isn't my child she's actually my brother's daughter after my brother and his wife went into debt due to a business failure.

They fled leaving Mio behind none of the relatives wanted to look after her because they saw her as a nuisance so I made the decision to take custody of Mio she isn't my biological child but I treat her as if she were my own you got sauce on your face after a late dinner I help her take a bath and get her ready for bed.

Once she's sound asleep I finished the chores like dishwashing and before I know it it's midnight I admit doing everything on my own can be difficult at times maybe it's because of my situation I've been making a lot of careless errors at work lately Senpai there is a mistake in the.

Document again I'm terribly sorry I'm sure I've pointed this out to you before I'm truly sorry I'll be more careful next time this is kenzaki utaka she's three years my junior she's a cool Beauty but she gives off a.

Cold Aura and to be really honest I don't like her that much there are rumors that she hates men so I think that may be why she's unfriendly no I really hope that's the reason you always say that I'm getting sick of hearing the same old lines get off my back but I am in the wrong.

Please get it together Miss kenzaki sighed deeply and walked away I went to the sales department with the materials I received from the senior staff oh isn't that Miss shigaki walking from the other side was shigaki Koka who worked in the sales department.

Miss shigaki was a bright and Lively woman who was well liked not only by male but also by female employees furthermore her sales results are said to be consistently high due to her friendly and sociable personality perfect timing I'll just hand over these documents to miss shigaki Miss shikaki.

Kawakami how long have you been standing there why are you so surprised by me can't believe she didn't notice me until now um I'd like you to give this envelope to Mr sakuragi in the sales department loves me ah wait There She Goes the world would end in seconds of.

Holding an envelope caused a meteor shower my desk was piled high with papers by the afternoon not sure how to put it but I'm not very good at working efficiently that's why in the end I'm unable to complete everything on time sorry to interrupt your work but do you have a moment.

Miss jinguji this is jingujifuka she's a soft and fluffy Beauty known for her gentle demeanor and affability you always react as if you're seeing a monster whenever you see me my apologies I didn't mean to offend you I promise that's not how I see you hahaha.

I'm only joking more importantly you know why I'm here don't you uh about the data right were you able to complete it actually I'm only halfway through I do but I had other things to do I promise I'll have it ready by tomorrow no need please send me the data so that I can finish the rest of it huh but.

Otherwise I won't be able to move forward on my end I'm very sorry I understand you have a child and that things at home are difficult but please try to do better there are many people in a similar situation to you who are maintaining their work performance I'm truly ashamed ugh it's golden again.

That night I washed the dishes as I reflected on the events of the day for some reason I'm despised by the three blossoms of Alice I'm sure my incompetence plays a part in it kenzaki utaka shigaki Koka and jingujifuka are collectively known as the three blossoms of Alice.

The three were of the same age and had been a Hot Topic since their first year at the company due to their looks and appearance rumor has it that they each have their own fan clubs within the company in any case no more screw-ups I need to be on their good side it appears that upper management also.

Favors the three blossoms of Alice so displeasing the trio may result in termination in order to provide for Mio Chan I must prevent that from ever happening this me I can do it if I put my mind to it is what I'd like to believe one day miyochan and I were picking up trash on the beach on my day off.

My company has recently begun volunteering on holidays to give back to the community participation was voluntary but there were rumors that it was related to performance evaluation so there was a surprising number of participants because my work evaluation was low I.

Decided to participate in order to gain a few more points as well oh but call me senpai you 'd be too preoccupied with caring for your child to participate you poor child be being forced by Daddy to volunteer picking up trash is boring right not really I enjoy it because I'm with.

Junichi why don't you let your dad call you by your name janichi isn't my daddy he is my uncle Neo is my older brother's daughter she's currently in my character to circumstances what what.

What in other words you mean you aren't married uh yes although I am in a single father kind of situation oh Tommy Senpai is available right so companies employees so he should be available.

I thought he was married to think he was single then that means once in a lifetime chance Mr kawakami would you like to pick up trash with me I was thinking we could get some food afterwards too of course with Mio Chad uh um I was perplexed by the sudden offer.

Fun thing oh why don't the three of us go to a cafe together Mr kawakani the shop has delicious parfaits so I'm sure Mio Chan will enjoy it foca how dare you take advantage of the moment if you're going to be like that.

Then I hey not fair guys me too you can't win with size alone what really matters is the shape and balance my birthday is later than these two which means I'm youthful hey what are you guys fighting over you are so popular is this what they call a harem.

Don't say something weird please you three let go of me already I have something to do after this so please excuse us what's gotten into them all of a sudden they used to be on my case every day I don't understand what's going on when I arrived at work the next day the three blossoms were waiting for me.

Good morning Mr kawakami how are you doing today I made you a cup of coffee since I figured you'd be starting work soon if you ever get stuck please feel free to ask me for help um did I do something you guys have been acting weird since yesterday no you've done nothing wrong right.

Yes you've done nothing wrong Mr kawakami yeah we've always been this way anyways Mr kawakami Senpai is struggling as a new dad right I'd like you to consider choosing me to be Mio's mother mother too I know I don't think a meal chance mother too why is everyone competing to be Mio's.

Mother figure their gaze is making me uncomfortable oh no I I have to take this document to the seniors I grabbed the papers on my desk and ran something's definitely not right could it be that they want to marry me for the insurance money if that's the case they're terrifying.

Few days later I got a cold and had to stay in bed how could I to catch a cold at a time like this I was stiff and couldn't move freely I somehow managed to cook something for Mio but that was the extent of my abilities I made instant soap so drink it here you.

Go um Mio I'm so sorry you promised not to be like this where do you learn that kind of line at that moment the doorbell rang a guest I'll get it.

When I opened the door I was shocked why are you guys here what happened to work well he got paid leave so we could help nurse you you fell over so work is the least of our worries everything is okay now that we are here just leave the rest to us yes yes Mr kawakami should get a good vest with that being said coming through.

Wait a second after the three of them guided me back to the futon they proceeded to do the chores around the house I made porridge so please try it thank you I'm happy but this is so embarrassing oh my your face is red are you okay maybe your fever has gotten worse.

Miss jinguji closed in towards my face fuka what are you doing don't tell me you guys are good cookies curse oh heavens no it's way too early for that yet implies that you intend to do it in the near future that's not true what I mean was eventually us we get closer I I mean.

I just wanted to check Mr kawakami's temperature is all hmm is that so that you won't mind if I do as well oh my heart raced faster indeed his temperature is high it just spiked.

Hey not fair you two let me try too sure coca go ahead I think I'm good I don't think my heart can handle anymore listen to Why my heart started to break dance I was in total survival mode now really hot and I think he's getting.

Hotter For Better or For Worse thanks to me sweating profusely my fever had dropped by Nightfall and I was in a better state but Trio tried to stay the night over because they were worried about me but I politely declined after all that in itself wouldn't be good for my health all right.

I'm gonna do my best starting tomorrow as I was walking down the hallway at work I noticed the blossoms of Alice the three of them went into the conference room with a serious look on their faces I creeped up against the door shortly after the three entered the room I gathered you two here because I had a.

Question for you too what a coincidence I've been meaning to ask you guys something too I too as well I believe we are all thinking the same thing you're all curious about why we all like Mr kawakami Right as expected fuka you are curious too right Coca yeah I've been wondering for a long time.

Now I feel the same as Miss coca so who will go first since I called the meeting allow me I used to despise men because they would approach me solely because of my appearance it was the same in this company then one day I was approached by the head of the.

Personnel Department he threatened to make things difficult for me if I did not agree to become his woman karakami Senpai stepped in and saved me at that precise moment Miss kenzaki closed her eyes while putting both hands on her chest kawakami Senpai told him with a Resolute.

Attitude that he won't allow that to happen even after he helped me he never acted entitled he just treated me like normal that was when I fell in love with kawakami senpai I vaguely remember something like that Ah that's right after that the head of the Personnel Department lowered my evaluation out of resentment.

By the way he was forced to retire after being accused by Miss utaka so my evaluation was set back to its original state next is my turn when I first joined the company time when I took on all the jobs that were asked of me because I wanted to help everyone as much as I can but there was a time when I was overworked due to.

Me taking on jobs that I couldn't handle Miss shigaki's eyes twinkled as she recalled those days he even stayed past midnight I think that's when I fell for him did that happen ah I remember now I helped the new girl out because she looked like she was having a hard time I.

Didn't know that was Miss shigaki if I remember correctly after that I got scolded severely by the section manager for not being able to finish my own work in time I guess I'm lost the first time I met Mr kawakami was at a small flower bed on the company site Mr kawakami was the one who revived the neglected flower bed the fact that there are flowers.

Blooming there is all things to him you know Miss jinguji placed her hands together by her chin and smiled slightly kawakami had such a kind expression when he saw the flowers he had been nurturing for a long time finally Bloom seeing his expression made me realize this person has a kind heart since then I became curious about him and before I knew it I.

Was in love with him Miss jinguji knew about that I was secretly caring for the flowers because I didn't want to be judged for liking it as a guy I remember one time I got so carried away that I forgot an important meeting I got an hour-long scolding by the chief I see thanks to you two I can reaffirm.

The goodness of kawakami senpai although his work performance is still terrible working is a little uh their compliments don't sound like compliments at all I'm glad Mr coming a single when I first heard Mr kawakami had a child child he was so shocked I started.

Avoiding him I also spoke harshly to him because I thought he was married I understand what you mean I also ended up teasing him from time to time turns out they were all cold towards me because they thought I was married it seems like it's not a joke these girls really actually like me but then that means I'll eventually have to.

Choose one of them right there's no way I could do that one day on my day off Mio Chan and I were invited by the three blossoms to the amusement park hey everyone let's ride that one next be careful don't run too fast it's dangerous neoshon looks like she's having a lot of.

Fun I'm glad we came we all tried many attractions we rode on roller coasters merry-go-rounds and even spun around in the teacups the main purpose was to make sure Mio was having fun but I ended up having a good time as well after having a small lunch we headed.

Towards the stage filled with people looks like they're having some kind of event hey Mio Town come here for a moment what is it Coke assist you see okay leave it to meow Mio rushed over to me after finishing her discussion with Miss shigeki.

They heard they are having a problem that's why please can you enter the contest really then I guess it won't hurt to try yay yay meal is waiting for you I finished applying on the side of the stage and was guided to the stage by the staff.

Let's begin the kick d couple point of Love Story will unfold Hima will be your host what I didn't hear anything about this some reason even the three blossoms are here you can do it no no don't tell me I've been tricked.

That must mean they want me to choose right it's not that simple what should I do number five has made his way to itomiki itomiki seems to be the most popular at the moment let us see who number six will be choosing oh no it's my turn what do I do Ah that's it maybe this will work.

I started walking with the one rose that was handed to me uh please accept this I handed the roast Miss Ito who I was meeting for the first time if I give it to her I'm sure I'd lose since the other candidates are all better looking than me then I should be able to escape the.

Situation I was too naive D it right there and a record-breaking hold it right there call from the ladies moreover three ladies at the same time I feel something Brewing what are you playing at how dare you choose someone other than the three of us.

I can understand you choosing Miss coca or Miss Fuca but to choose some random woman what what a gang I refuse to accept you choosing someone other than one of us besides you need to choose Me Senpai right Miss uraka I will not stand to hear that he is choosing me Mr kawakami wants me.

Can't breathe please give me a break the unexpected development caused a commotion in the audience ladies and Gentlemen please settle down please remain calm and settle down we will be taking a short break after a while the situation calms down and my earlier confession was deemed invalid.

I was made to start over and was required to choose one out of the three girls ladies and gentlemen thank you for your patience now without further Ado let us restart the confession time ah I like all three of you that's why I want to go out with all three of you the crowd roared as this to match my.

Screams the answer is so like you but this is fine for now I'm fine with it too I started thinking it wasn't so bad after all I'm totally okay with it too I'm just glad to know that you don't hate me I'm sorry I could only give you such a sloppy answer please I don't apologize we all know.

That your feelings for us is true it says coca says you said it yourself so please have more confidence it's all right others may not understand but all that matters is that we do an unexpected turn of events to think that the three goddesses was such a big heart would have descended into this world please give a big round of applause for.

The future happiness of these goddesses thunderous Applause erupted at the same time as the announcement before I knew it the event ended with a great success after that incident my living situation changed drastically here you go say uh next it's my turn here uh next is my turn come on hurry and say ah.

My stomach but they made it just for me I can't possibly refuse when I started dating the three my worries increased but now I feel a greater sense of fulfillment not many people are fond of this kind of relationship but I try not to let it bother me because my feelings for all three of.

Them are genuine afterwards Mio Chon suggested we do something that blew my mind but that's a story for another time thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.