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[Manga Dub] The most popular waitress at a café quit because of me, but things worked out [RomCom]


Me please you gotta help me hockey what happened are you okay I'm chiaki akaba there's a reason for why I'm acting so desperate and begging my friend her name is Miu ayasaki she's known as the cool it girl of our class if this goes on I I blah.

His hair is there what's wrong as you can see she's also very caring she's known as a cool girl but she actually just sucks at talking to people just like me I'm here for you tiaki you can tell me anything okay it started when it all started about a week ago.

I wanted to overcome my fear of talking to people so I started working at a cafe nearby nice to meet you he can't even talk properly I don't think he's qualified to work here sir The Waitresses there started picking on me from day one all right come on don't say that we all.

Need to cooperate with each other to make this work collaboration my ass you know what most of the customers come here to see me it's not about Corporation it's all thanks to me um who is that girl sir she's our customer's favorite employee but as you can see she has a terrible.

Personality her service is perfect it's just she can't seem to work well with other employees she did seem very difficult anyways I apologize sir I'm to blame for what happened no it's Yaki you didn't do anything wrong sir don't worry I'll be here to help if.

Anything else happens the store manager was very kind and reliable he kind of reminded me of my father however a week later I'm sorry chiaki we might have to close the cafe soon what so that's what happened um why does the cafe have to be shut.

Down so suddenly well I think I'm responsible for that what do you mean I told Miu about the girl who dissed me as the manager had said she was very good at her job but she firmly stuck to leaving me out of everything since she wouldn't teach me anything the manager helped me out for three days but Mr manager can't you give us a break here.

You keep following that chiaki guy around to help him out you're putting all the workload on me wait she's talking about me I'm only doing what should be done someone needs to teach him but that's causing all the food to come out really late the customers are always waiting for so long I mean obviously they don't get angry.

Things to me but still he's new here I'm sure he'll become helpful once he learns everything he needs to learn oh really okay then I quit I didn't see that one coming this place is falling apart with him here I don't want to get sucked into all the trouble he's causing C.

If you really feel that way you're free to go so when will my last day be you can leave now you don't have to come starting tomorrow okey dokey I guess I'll get going then wait sir are you just gonna let her leave will you listen to chiaki don't worry the coffee is not gonna close down.

Just because one employee quit the store manager was very kind and reliable he kind of reminded me of my father a few days later oh we're closing down after the picture to stay what it turns out the number of customers.

Dropped down majorly because the cute girl wasn't working at the cafe anymore and it's totally my fault ah why is any of that your fault well if I hadn't started working at the cafe that girl would still be working there it's all because of me she hooky that's not true you none of.

This is your fault it's her fault for being so irresponsible and selfish I don't know what to do the manager is so depressed I feel so bad for him chiaki what do you think would solve this problem what do I think what should I think if the Cafe's drawing card is gone all you have to do is get a new one.

But where would we find a girl willing to do that for the cafe I think I can do it huh you can but are you really sure of course it's no problem I'll attract customers and we can all work together to get the cafe back on track but I have a feeling that she might miu's first day at work.

Josh I knew this was going to happen she was a nervous wreck are you sure she's gonna be okay working here chiaki I mean she's really cute but is she gonna be able to smile and starve people.

I think so having said that it had only been a week since I started working and we were both bad at talking to people having the both of us screw everything up must have been a lot for the manager to handle nothing when it's planned that day and then you put these plates on the.

Tree oh okay sir me was trying her best to help us it's time for me to step up I had no time to worry about my awkward communication skills I ran around desperately trying to keep the place together on the other hand Mio was here's your iced coffee that's her first time serving a customer.

She's holding the tray wrong is she gonna be okay that's cold please hey you should be more careful she had spilled the iced coffee all over the customer just as I had feared however she started to cry as she apologized to the customer I am so sorry.

For the trouble like oh um is there something you wanted to say it's not your fault it's my fault for sitting here no it's not your fault at all wow I feel so refreshed I feel like I'll be able to concentrate on my work now.

Why is he smiling so much so anyways can you bring me another iced coffee please yes sir I'll bring it right away how did that happen I don't know how she did it but she had solved the problem on her own later on she mistook a customer's order here is your spaghetti.

Hey I ordered an omelet on rice huh oh I'm so sorry I must have made a mistake to me you started apologizing tearing up at the same time I am so so sorry sir oh uh well I'll be right back with a new one um is there something you want to say hold on a second we can fix the.

Situation oh no what are you doing sir we can just pour some ketchup on the noodles see look now it's basically an omelet on rice uh it really is no it's not that's just ketchup on.

Spaghetti but he seems satisfied every time Mio messed up the customer would comfort her they would even help her out of the problem themselves I have no idea why but the more Mew screwed up the more customers seems to be satisfied on top of that more customers came to see her she had become famous as the Charming clumsy waitress.

Of course all of them were male customers about a month later he was unbelievable our earnings have increased five-fold in the brief period of time that she's worked here are you serious Mia was a natural attractor the cafe kept getting more popular by the minute.

However Mia wasn't feeling so great why do I keep messing up oh I'm serving is trouble it's okay the manager and I will always be on your side you're doing a great job you should have more confidence in yourself Miu Oki thanks I feel a lot better now chiaki.

Great but me you why are we linking arms I think I'm a little tired can you help me out oh okay a few days later it's been over a month since I've been gone day after.

After I tell myself but to come take a peek has the cafe been shut down yet wait what they heard people lining up as if it's a popular Ramen Shop oh what's going on how can the cafe still be so popular when their most valuable waitress is gone wow Mew spilled iced coffee on your head.

I'm so jealous of you man it was amazing I'm thinking of trying the hot coffee today I see both your heart and your body will be on fire today then you is she a new waitress wait your conversation is so weird oh no Mew are you okay we need to punish the stupid floor for making a trip oh no I'm okay I'm so sorry for making a.

Mess so she's a new waitress she looks cute but not as cute as me is she acting clumsy how convincing all these men have fallen for her tricks huh I see she's decorated the quality of the customers how can I help you you're here um what are you doing here.

Well what do you mean what am I doing here I'm a customer get me an iced coffee now I had a very bad feeling so I went to tell the manager that she was here he went straight to her table to talk to her what do you want from us you see I'm here as a custom.

Accusted about your Cafe you know oh we're doing fine you may go now what that's not how you should treat a customer I don't consider you a customer so um who are you again so you think you can act all Mighty because that new girl Mio is bringing in.

A lot of customers hi we've made five times more money than when you were here she works so hard and has a great character I'm so thankful that you quit and left that day actually this is all thanks to chiaki huh that loser he's not the one attracting other customers right this place would get shut down the.

Moment that Mew girl quits you know you think look closely please accept my sincere apology sir hey don't worry about it you seem sincere and responsible coming all the way over here to apologize for something you didn't do I'm grateful for your kind words sir gee hockey are you okay I must be making you.

So tired I'm doing great just don't forget to smile me you okay come over here and talk to us okay I'm coming let's take a picture together Mia isn't the only reason why the cafe has become so popular now she shines.

Because shiaki is there to support her no matter what they work together well everything in this place is going well because of him and a lot of the customers know that too he's becoming popular among those customers oh what the heck this sucks.

So tell me why are you still here go home fine I'm out of here I don't want to spend another second here anyways I hope this place gets shut down Jackie brings soon to cleanse the table before the evil spreads after the Cafe's opening hours ended are you sure everything's okay sir.

She seemed really angry when she left I know but I would like to focus on more positive things like the two of ye I was feeling hopeless when our most popular waitress suddenly quit but the cafe is back on track thanks to the two of you I don't know how it is to see this guys there are no words that can fully.

Express me gratitude I'm looking forward to continue working with the two of you you guys are like my family now um sir we will have to talk to you about that ah there's something wrong well what you're quitting why this is kind of.

Embarrassing but since we spent so much time here our grades have gone down quite a bit we had no choice but to quit and focus on our studies the manager looked shocked and he fell to the floor a few days later me you and I were discussing the whole Cafe incident.

Hey Miu it really meant a lot that you helped us out at the cafe I really owe you one no I'm not sure I was even helpful at all I kept making stupid mistakes and you had to clean up each mess that wasn't a problem thanks to you the cafe is more popular than ever but to be honest I really didn't know.

What to do when you spilled that iced coffee on your first customer that day hey don't remind me of that incident well I mean I don't think anybody expected that to happen I feel so bad about it I feel sorry for each and every customer I spilled drinks on I can't seem to forget the manager's face when we told them we had to quit.

I'm thinking he'll be okay you introduced two very good employees through I hope they're helping the manager out the two employees that we're talking about are the two girls who always make fun of me at school they were both looking for a part-time job so the timing was perfect.

They don't have the clumsy charm that Mio has but many of the customers go to the cafe to see them because they're so cheerful and happy all the time yay I bet it would be so much fun to work together again let's focus on raising our grades first we really need to focus on that oh yeah.

What is it shiyaki let's do a study session together yeah sounds great you want to go to the library I was thinking more like your house sure but my place is really messy how about I help you clean up your place too thanks.

So by the way why are we linking arms again are you that tired I'm so tired from studying let me just do this for a little bit um okay hey let's head over to your house now huh right now is it a bad time well no it's not that.

Mew and I have a long way before we can have a job again as for the X most popular waitress she'd started working again we've been seeing girl if if here's your vanilla ice cream oh no perhaps I'm so silly hey what do you think you're doing you stupid klutz.

Shouldn't be allowed to be pictured in a story like this look at his face he's absolutely frightening oh no what should we do sir your head looks like some kids screwed up making a Snowman you know you will have to take responsibility for humiliating me in such a public place right.

a Yakuza Snowman Let's upload it so everyone can see how cute you look I heard she messed up big time and was about to face a lot of trouble me you I'm gonna pull in Pewaukee this is just a game don't worry oh.

Well hurt I don't know this is my first time as well but went with the class Madonna how did it get to this in the first place it All Began on a sunny afternoon.

Ah what a nice day I chiyaki yakaba went out for a walk one day hey chiaki what a coincidence huh Mew I ran into Miu ayasaki a class Madonna I knew something was up as she came running toward me I know it's really sudden but I need you chiaki please.

What me yes you're the only one out of the blue Mew asked me out which was obviously not the case it was just a misunderstanding resulting from the lack of words a symptom of being socially awkward so what do you need me for let's cut to the Chase come here.

Zero subject conversation this is a skill I developed with Miu over time Advanced context interpretation techniques that are exercised between socially inept people although there are misunderstandings once every three tries it seems to be going well today the good weather may have something to.

Do with it me you who has top-notch looks and a calm personality is regarded highly by her classmates but in reality she's socially awkward and clumsy she just wears a facade we're here you sure it was a building that looked as if.

There had been a criminal case that took place in the past what would me you have anything to do with this place as we reach to the third floor there was a crowd of shady looking people this is the venue are you sure we're in the right place me you why are we here.

Would you look at that well if it doesn't misses me you we have been expecting you who's this Shady guy does Miu know him hello Mr electrician electrician is that a code name for something would that be your partner huh I'm miu's partner what's he talking.

Yes his name is chiaki akipa I see white the handsome gentleman seems like they're out of time a sudden scream filled the room above the door was a timer which had reached zero looks like dark pair couldn't make it how unlucky.

What's going on if you fail to escape in time that happens what happens it looks like Mr chiaki is afraid if you would like to retire now is the time all right I don't think this is for me so no we'll do it but me you we can't go back now.

Mrs Miu seems to know the drill now if I may collect your tickets can anybody tell me what we're doing here for crying out loud real life Escape game yep it's an interactive mystery game that guy works as an electrician in the shopping district and he's the leader of the Youth Organization.

All right at least they're not a part of some weird cult apparently they decided to hold this real life Escape game as part of a local community development program from what I hear the Youth Organization borrowed this vacant building and reformed it gift certificates that can be used in.

The local shopping district are also given to participants by the way only married couples can participate in this game how come it's an event to check the bonds between married couples huh wait a second why are we participating in an event exclusive to.

Husband and wife my dad and mom couldn't go because of work but but families are allowed to enter too I'm not your family member though it's fine we talk a lot at school so we're basically family hey don't just add me to your family like that.

See them once they're your friends see them every day they're your sibling I've heard that in a song but talk to them a lot at school their family anyhow I don't have the qualifications to participate but look at this chiaki huh a flyer for this event.

Future families are allowed proposing after a hard fluttering game could be effective future family is that what you're implying no no it doesn't have to mean it's definitive don't overthink it what's the point then what happened to checking the bond.

So anyway please join me I beg you chiaki well I'm already here and I feel bad for me if I go home now and so I reluctantly decided to play that doesn't mean I agree to be her future family and so Miu gave me an explanation to win you must complete the three missions while escaping within the time.

Limit it's a competition to see who's the fastest ah failed again you sure about this game um apparently they try to make it as realistic as possible by the way no one has beaten it yet is.

This really just a game filled with uncertainty our turn came up all right you two hell awaits past the store this guy needs to calm down with the acting and shall the games begin I led the way as we walked in the Interiors made it feel like some.

Prison the details was this place in actual prison before I'm it's gonna be fine stick close sure watch out as I caught me with my arms.

An arrow came flying luckily the arrow missed me as I was holding her away this is no joke thanks Jackie that was scary yeah it's all right now please let go as we continue to dodge the traps we arrived at the room with the first mission.

Mission one in the room were five creepy statues of women with a treasure box in the middle inside there was a letter um let's see kiss the blind water remove what's behind otherwise the path shall not open what kiss the blind remove what who knows.

Suddenly the door closed we're trapped there's water rising from the ground too ah what is this water they spent too much time on this oh no my clothes are getting wet Mew calm down it's just a game wait what as I tripped I landed face first on one of the statues this stopped the water.

From rising and the door to the Next Room appeared ouch what missing cleared kiss the blind water remove oh ah I see kiss the blind water what happens when you remove the behind kiss the blind water behind.

Kiss the blind there's only one statue that can't see that means your first kiss was a statue that doesn't count and stop assuming it's my first I mean she's right I'm one of my first kiss to be a human being and not a statue at least as we continued we arrived on the next mission.

In the room was another treasure box with a letter inside what was the second mission um upwards as the wind blows there lay the next door way does that mean the door's on the ground there's no window for wind to blow how what is this wind where is it coming.

From as the strong wind blew I lost my footing and fell yet again as I looked up there it was oh found it it read search the treasure box I searched for the bottom of the treasure box and found a switch the wind stopped and the next door appeared it said lay so I thought.

Something would be on the ground I see it makes sense here we go again upwards as the wind blows meaning to look up lame meaning it's at the bottom the switch lay at the bottom of the treasure box um Miu can you figure that out earlier don't solve it after it's over.

And so with good luck we were able to go on the next mission is the last one how much time do we have left 10 minutes okay let's hurry something's off what's wrong chiaki there hasn't been a single trap in the last stretch what do you mean.

Feels like a checkpoint before a boss fight you're saying the last mission will be the hardest yeah I have a bad feeling about this water then wind what challenge awaits us at the final stage we got to the last room with ease what is this.

That can't be possible we were both speechless to what lay in front of our eyes because inside the room was a line marked with tape and in front were a pair of slippers just ahead there was a shopping basket the final letter read one each partner wears a single slipper two stand behind the line and shoot the slipper into the shopping.

Cart and three to beat the game make at least one go in that's the final mission they skimped out looks like they spent all of the budget in the first half is this what you call grown-up business well I guess this is what we're dealt with.

Shiaki look at the last rule 4. you must wear the electric jacket while playing if you miss you will be electrocuted that guy's mad chiaki we don't have much time if we clear this game we're done Victory is right ahead we put on the electric jackets wore one.

Slipper each and stood in front of the line one minute left mew I'm gonna put it in ducky it's just a game don't worry will it hurt I don't know this is my first time as well.

Mew took the first turn that means we're getting electrocuted me and I held our breaths wait a second it doesn't hurt at all shoulders feel lighter I was expecting a painful punishment.

Like they do on TV but it felt kind of good electric massage jacket now on sale that guy just wanted to promote his product he's not a bad guy after all oh my gosh chiaki five seconds left.

Ah whatever I shot the slipper in a hurry the slipper flew up to the ceiling and bounced off the wall it went in the timer stopped with one second left that means we congratulations the winners are the.

Chiaki Miu pair yay we had won the game apparently no one else was able to complete the game there was actually a special reason for the three challenges I gave you a husband and wife must not separate whether in fire water wind or even in the midst of flying arrows and for the last slipper game I was just.

Out of ideas sorry my budgets were running low so I knew it oh I will also give you coupons for the electric massage jacket at least make that a free prize there were many things to be said about this whole thing but at least we were able to win.

On the way back home in the elevator I'm so glad you were my partner thanks chiaki huh um yeah me too to be honest we got through most of the game with luck it wasn't like I did anything special regardless it feels good to be.

Complimented and if she's satisfied that's all that matters the elevator past the first floor and kept going down huh Mew did you press something by mistake what I'm pretty sure I pressed the first floor that must mean.

Second basement floor let the second stages begin huh you're kidding me let us out of here and so the game was about to continue it was as if we were stuck in a thriller movie oh you want to do it with you chiaki please Sana I can't you're moving too fast I.

Chiakyakaba a sophomore in high school have the class Madonna all over me do you want to meet chiaki yeah but taking a video of it is seen right it's fine I already got the okay from my parents so let's and so we'll be starting a live stream.

Together from now on oh God exposed again hooky will be announcing the channel name uh uh the channel name will be come on chiaki your expressions are so dull we take hey Sana it's too early for us high.

Schoolers to be making a couple Channel that's right Sana and I are starting a couple Channel we're not even dating you know it's fine most of them are just business partners anyway come on now how did it even come to this it all started when I talked to Nana say sana a girl at the top of the school ranks and.

How I could improve my social skills I know one way to fix it it is a big and rough treatment method but I'm letting you know just in case but I'm not dating you okay but if we date your social skills will automatically improve where do you get that from.

I'm kidding I'll just pretend to be a couple what pretend to be a couple who'll just become a YouTube couple did I hear that right did you just say a YouTube couple that's right we'll just make videos as a couple and put it on YouTube does that mean we'll be showing the.

Whole world that we're a couple it's fine even if you quit No One's Gonna remember that's kind of sad well that's not the problem here let's give it a shot I'll think of a few ideas I don't think I could do this I did it a high school girl and a pure.

Boy this is our first video yay isn't the editing pretty good isn't it amazing we got 1 000 views on our first day you're the star of the show in actuality it's sana's Visual and talk skills I'm just kind of there looking stupid so this is the idea for the next video.

Um a date in the city a date yep so let's go right now and so I went along with sana's ideas and after a week of starting the channel Chucky look look we passed 10 000 subscribers what the last video we uploaded of our dates past 100 000 views wait I don't understand is that a lot it was.

As expected more than half of the viewers were males her ideas were a part of the success but most of the viewers came for sana's looks we only upload every three days and yet we were growing at an unbelievable pace but there was one thing that bothered me once we get more famous we can do so many new things work with other famous.

YouTubers or even an anime collab no we don't have to do all that can you please just focus on helping me improve my social skills it feels like the main purpose of this whole idea was being replaced worrying about it didn't help and as time went on and more videos were uploaded we passed 30 000 subscribers in no time.

Gotta think of a new video idea let's try um Sana can we talk for a second yeah you have an idea no it's just that my social skills aren't really getting better oh that's a good idea no that wasn't an idea for a video it's a serious concern of mine.

Title will be shy introvert tries to improve social skills results were horrifying something like that what do you think no way what's the point if it ends in a horrifying way what I thought it would be pretty funny don't mix humor into this I'm being serious over here.

We both tried to think of a good way I could change from my introverted and shy nature meanwhile I iasaki Miu was worried I haven't been talking to chiaki at all recently even at school he's busy with doing something with Nana sassan he doesn't give me any attention could they be dating.

It's chiaki of all people there's no way he did say they were just friends hey check this out what isn't that pure again Sana wait what is this a couple Channel on YouTube you serious taken that's a shock couple YouTuber what's everyone talking about.

I came back to the classroom after a meeting with Sana our next video will be a date in the city part two to improve my social skills I was to think of a date plan and escort sauna a date with Sana this weekend no no this is not a date it's a video shoot buggy can I talk to you huh what's wrong Miu you look angry are.

You hiding something from me huh hiding something from you is she talking about the couple Channel um no nothing in particular are you sure I swear all right never mind then what's up with her attitude she seems different from usual.

I went to the video shoot feeling uneasy after what happened with Miu let's start our city date part two yay okay that's a cut is something wrong chiaki um no not really then put more energy into it this is.

Your video idea you're right you're acting weird today huh well yeah if you have something on your mind talk to me no well this doesn't have anything to do with you so although we're just a business couple we're still Partners so you have to talk.

To your partners about what's bothering you Partners sana's right I'm causing trouble for her sign up look I that day I went to the city alone for some shopping I couldn't even have a proper conversation with chiyaki yesterday.

Why is he keeping that YouTube channel a secret from me he should just tell me about it if she's just a friend wait is that shiaki and Nana sassan so we're going to have pure Aki pick out a date spot today hey don't call me that I'm so excited.

She hockey what are you doing he's even grabbing arms with her okay let's go to the first date spot I'm the one that's escorting you today the first spot chiaki took sauna was a dress shop where couples could enjoy cosplaying together how do I look looks great Sana you can pull off.

Anything you too Chucky pear looks are pretty nice no compared to you I look hey no negative comments allowed that's a mark off what if you're on a date with a girl you need to show confidence let me start over I look pretty good with this cosplay am I right.

No one likes narcissists either so be careful what do you want me to say then none of this song looks so cute and shiaki looks like he's having fun the next spot was a fancy dessert shop look at this party this is so cute how do you know all these places.

Um well one of my friends introduced me this is the place I was telling chiaki about a long way watching those two made me feel uneasy but I didn't know what to do and the final spot they visited was the top floor of a high-rise building don't let go you all right.

My heart's fluttering is it because I'm up so high or is it because you're grabbing my hand it's probably because it's so high up I think hey sign up let's wrap it up so she's grabbing onto him chiaki what me you huh Mia why are you here oh well I just wanted to see a nice view.

What are you doing here with none of his son uh um bye hey you too uh actually is it okay if I talk to you ayasaki-san can you leave us alone for a second ah um sure as I left those two alone I felt my.

Heart getting heavier have those two ever talked before hope nothing goes wrong um I asked not as his son about their relationship between her and chiaki and so it's not like we're actually dating I guess you can call it a business couple chiaki and I are just friends.

Is that so but why did you two start a YouTube channel in the first place tiaki wanted to get better at socializing with people so through these videos I was hoping he would gain more confidence and improve that I see chiaki was just trying to change himself well that's where you're wrong there is.

Something I heard from him just before we started shooting chiaki was talking about how he wanted to improve his social skills for a certain friend a certain friend he didn't tell me who it was but that person is similar to chiyaki with a shy and introverted personality but they're.

Working really hard to change he said he wanted to learn from them and try to change as well because that person right how sweet huh seems like they're a really important person to chiaki even today's plan he was just going around places he wanted to go with that special person.

But it's isn't that kind of awkward for you no no don't worry chiaki was pretty shy about it but I told him it's just practice rehearsal for the real deal I see Nana says son I admire your strength not really not as strong as you ayasaki-san I can't really be alone I.

Wish it could be cooler like you uh I I'm just really shy I wonder who that person is chiaki talks about me you you're pretty close to him aren't you do you know um I'm not that I thought for a second that special person would be me but that can't be possible I'm pretty jealous but we're a business.

Couple so I can't hog him all to myself for now so do you actually like chiaki yeah I do he's done a lot for me even though he has no interest in me but there's no time to be sad I'm going to become that special someone he's talking about Nana Sasson what a strong-minded person.

If it were me I would have already gave up oh yeah ayasaki-san you can call me by my first name just call me Mio yep oh kamisana nice to meet you Miu Sana nice meeting you hey Mew want to join us for the video from now on huh me.

You're really pretty Mew views will Skyrocket um I'll refrain myself from media exposure all right we need to shoot the ending so let's get chiaki back out here I need to apologize to chiaki for misunderstanding him hey sana me you.

Chiaki wait what's going on I don't know but I mean chased help you're okay we got him hey hey look over here Rocky you're so much cuter in person aren't you so pure oh wait is it true that you've never kissed a girl before do you want to try with me.

Please have mercy help me sign up me you why are you flirting with other girls you cheater yeah you cheater what are you guys talking about hurry up and help me here apparently I had fans but it felt like I lost something important in exchange later that day this scene went public on.

YouTube during the date with sana a group of girls came in and barged into the scene causing an interruption after that I was jostled by a group of fan girls this got a million views but blew up in the worst way all over the platform our channel was banned hey pure Aki let's make a YouTube.

Channel we start as a Playboy YouTuber it's me you sauna please help me ah two pretty girls were angry at me for whatever reason truly follows the shy introvert tries to improve social skills results were horrifying storyline.

oh yeah and just write a lovely Love by the person I like had a great idea after reading a particular manga his name was chiaki akaba handsome and manly yet quite reserved when it comes to girls his Purity gave him the nickname piraki I wanted him to be my.

Boyfriend although he is quite cold to me this ought to work out for a guy as purest chiaki I thought so because the main character in the romantic comedy I was reading was also pure I put my trust in this kind of thing it's all right I gotta make this a reality let's start writing.

And so I began writing the love letter but no I can't hand him this as I began to express my feelings for chiaki in the letter the words that were being written were so embarrassing I couldn't even say them out loud yeah I can't do this but it's a waste to throw it away I'll just put it away.

Later inviting down my true feelings like that is too much I have to be more nonchalant yeah even just inviting him out is good enough inviting him out with the letter that'll work just fine for someone like piraki and then I'll express my feelings in person.

And so I began writing a letter in my style very casual just as I finished sauna give me a hand for a second it was as if my mom waited for me to finish writing so she could call me be right there I carefully folded the letters and head over to help my mom out.

Finally finished the errands all right I'll finally ask chiaki out tomorrow and make him mine with great enthusiasm I put one letter in my bag in the other away in a drawer imagine chiaki's face when he finds that letter in his bag I'm sure he'll be in a panic oh but in chiaki's case he might not even notice the letter.

That's how clueless he is well I guess I'll just tell him if that happens I'm so excited tomorrow I wonder what his reaction would be I fell asleep thinking about it chiaki Sana what is it he just wanted to call your name uh okay hey chiaki let's hang out after school.

Sure but where hmm where do you want to go why are you asking me come on take me where you want to go uh even if you ask me all of a sudden think about it how about a game center oh sounds good let's get going then high energy as usual all right then huh.

What's wrong nothing there's just a letter of some kind in my bag what could that be a love letter what what wait that's not possible take a look at what it says uh um there's no way right I say that but I opened the letter with anticipation and then.

This is a love letter to a guy like me oh wow really what does it say uh I don't think I should share that oh come on I'm curious about this homewrecker homewrecker well look it doesn't even say their name then it's fine.

Um I was torn between what to do but I knew Sana wouldn't back down at this point I had no choice but to read in a whisper so only she could hear well um it says I really like you okay and then let's see to show how much I like you I'll start by listing 10 of my favorite things about you.

I see oh wait what I'm just reading it straight from the letter okay I'm not making this up her reaction was if she thought I'd been making this up so I had to explain in a hurry so to continue chiaki you are very manly and handsome your eyes are sharp and a little scary sometimes but you have a kind heart.

Oh wait a second what as I was reading the letter out loud Sana pounced on me and snatched the love letter right out of my hand what are you doing no this isn't the one what do you mean this is a letter given to me it doesn't have anything to do.

With you that's not what I mean this is just give it back no I can't I don't care what you say taking someone else's letter is just wrong this isn't the one what's not the one.

I can't hey don't run away sauna ah where'd she go how did I lose her why on Earth would she take my letter written by someone else then Sana told me she likes me in the past I can understand why she doesn't want to see other girls love letters.

However Sana isn't the kind of person who would hide other people's love letters plus she was the one trying to get me to look at it earlier which is why it puzzles me as to why she took it Sana come on out he that they're usually angry I'm not.

Coming out but wait how come this one was in his bag in the first place did I seriously put in the box one by mistake I can't believe I gave him the embarrassing letter that I thought I put away Sana are you there yeah oh so I was right.

Oh would hide here I can tell by now since we hang out so often Now give me back my letter I won't get Angry Anymore no Anna how come you're not that kind of person.

Are you because this is this is because I wrote this letter what I said this is a letter I wrote top wait what once you put this in just a little while ago when you were thinking of a place for us to go secretly are you serious wait but that's.

Can't you recognize the handwriting this is exactly how a gal would write no I mean you're right but no these letters doesn't it look like my handwriting if you say so why are you in doubt well all gals have the same handwriting.

So I can't really tell but then why did you have to take it from me all of a sudden oh well it's because I gave you the wrong one you gave me the wrong one wait that means this letter was meant for someone else why would you say that you're doing it.

On purpose aren't you I mean you said you handed out the wrong letter can you please listen to me I handed out the wrong letter but not to the wrong person it even says your name on it you're right yucky you're so oblivious uh how can you give me the wrong one.

Anyways that's because after I revote it I guess I brought the older one I don't know how that's even possible but I guess Sonic has a clumsy side as well well I find that pretty cute to be honest.

So what made you rewrite it uh it's yucky you're laughing you're making fun of me no I'm not you're just making me smile that's called to making fun of me no it's not don't sulk about it Sana you're doing that on purpose to try and change the subject aren't you huh I knew it you really don't want to talk.

About it huh there cause it's so embarrassing you always tell me your feelings in person why act like this all of a sudden everybody makes mistakes you know it's not like that huh what a vote in the letter was embarrassing uh huge she's usually pretty aggressive when it comes to showing her feelings.

Coming off shy and reserved like this makes her seem so cute was it that embarrassing yeah she always tells me she likes me and stuff how come she's so embarrassed this time around I guess she's a pure girl after all well if you wrote it might as well give it to me no.

Isn't that such a waste I'll bring a different one tomorrow ah you usually come on strong I guess they're weak when it comes to things like this like you don't like it I guess there's nothing I can do fine if I give you this with me huh no way.

Wrong with you oh you make me angry hey what are you you embarrassed me it's your fault what oh what what are you doing how do you like that how it goes and it's embarrassing so can you stop nope never.

Mind hey hey calm down stop me if you can that's enough ah the moment I tried shaking her off we both lost balance and I ended up lying right on top of Sana how bold of you.

No this isn't oh is piraki going after Sana yeah right they're such a pure guy that's a job well done I have to get off of her as soon as possible I thought but it was too late by then um this isn't what you think it is oh what is it then you were going for.

Summer weren't you I swear we just fell sign up tell those two nope oh no I have a bad feeling about this right that was such a bold move Sana what are you we were just talking and he suddenly tried to go for it what a surprise huh.

What on Earth are you saying my mind was in such a frenzy that I unintentionally called her son a son I'm just speaking the truth no you're not you're exaggerating it so it was pure Aki's move like a tiger and those two who believed sana's words instead of mine seemed quite amused and started teasing me.

Hey chiaki did you get aggressive because I bit your ear no I'm telling you that's not what happened they kept teasing me after all the next day Sana handed me another love letter but I didn't want to deal with them for a while after what had happened the day before so I ran away and then.

Oh if I bite him in the ear again Oh no you're not I immediately rejected sana's conclusion that I might accept it if she bit my ear chiaki isn't it about time we started dating I can't do that Sana this is Sana Nana say the pretty girl from the class next to mine she asks me out I tell her no it's starting to.

Become a daily routine for the both of us but something was a little different today are you sure you want to dump me Donna you know there's better better people for you out there right you need more confidence chiaki you'll never get a girlfriend or a wife like that.

Yeah you know I'm the only girl who likes you anyways that's not true I can get a girlfriend if I really put my mind to it I see then let's see you put your mind on it see I put myself in a tight spot five minutes later is not looking good I was regretting my.

Rash comment I suck at talking to people I doubt any girl would want to be my girlfriend no matter how hard I try my name is chiaki akaba a Junior I've never been good with girls and they don't like me with the exception of one girl I had said it just as a retort it was too late for me to turn back so I walked into my classroom.

you came at the right time the right time what do you like it we worked really hard on it I think it looks great the girls had drawn a picture of our names sharing an umbrella a Japanese sign of people in love.

What are you guys drawing what do you mean it's a love umbrella a love and a love umbrella oh my gosh it sounds so stupid when you say it out loud what the heck is a love and love umbrella it just just call it a double love umbrella or something that sounds so different anyways why would you draw such a thing.

We wanted to see how you would react how does it feel being a couple with both of us we're not couples it's just a drawing erase it now no way we gotta take a picture first hey pure key your ears are bright red what really were you imagining what it would really be like if you dated one of us.

Yeah I hate both of you it's quite obvious the girls don't actually like me they're making fun of me because of the lack of experience I have with girls however oh yeah it's yucky I forgot to tell you earlier uh huh Sana.

Um Chucky what's this Sana they're just making fun of me I love you I love you so much oh I see you're so spitting by them who wouldn't be being pampered like that no I'm not smitten yeah I see that's totally believable please stop being so scary so hey it's Yoki which do you want to.

Date is the two of us are close we wouldn't mind the three of us dating at the same time you know that sounds like a grave idea is getting too uncomfortable for me guys okay okay so you're keeping both of them I told you they're messing with me oh yeah I totally believe every word.

Bring me right now hey chiaki you want to try me out hey that's unfair I think I'm a better fit for you hi you can have a taste of both it's way too much for me to handle I take back what I said before I'm happy for you you have two girls who want to be your girlfriend good for you.

No seriously you gotta hear me out don't go Sana how's it our conversation isn't finished yet and don't try to run away from us chiaki I lost my balance when they grabbed my clothes and suddenly I was Falling Towards sauna Anna what are you doing.

I had to surround her with a comment down to prevent myself from falling on her my bad I lost my balance um it's okay I got her trapped I'll just push through with Force so about earlier they're really just messing with me oh okay I get it just let me go.

The thing is I can't let go right this moment because oh what please don't tell me you yes I'm afraid so Sana just listen to me um okay my pants are about to fall off if I move it all right now when the two girls pulled at me they had grabbed my pants and the zipper had.

Broken so I needed to focus hard to keep my pants on day after the incident what happened yesterday was hilarious I totally took a picture you are so courageous pure key doing a comment on on sauna when your pants were about to fall off I really hate you guys.

Why are you looking so gloomy what's up oh Mew this is Miu ayasaki she came over because she was worried her mature demeanor and beautiful looks are popular among my classmates she's known as the cool it girl she's also one of my very few female friends.

well that's gross you got it wrong I explained to Mia what had actually happened and she believed me but Sana still thinks you have a thing with those girls right yeah she's been acting all awkward well Chucky what do you want to happen.

Between you and Sana well there really isn't a problem with how things are between the two of us right now she won't tell me she likes me she won't ask me out anymore that means I can start living a peaceful life I guess.

Wait no chiaki Sana is cheerful dedicated and she stands out but it's not like she's easy she does make fun of me from time to time but I know her feelings are sincere I'm lucky that she's nice enough to spend time with a Loser Like Me to be honest Sana is so pretty and she always makes me feel better about myself.

To lose her would be I want to make up with her then there's only one thing for you to do then you should go talk to Sana so you could sweat out the misunderstandings yeah you're right.

Thanks Miu no prob she's another person that gives me a sense of confidence I feel so stupid worrying about unnecessary things I headed towards sana's classroom right after school ended oh she just left the classroom to go home you might be able to catch her if you hurry okay thanks man.

An evening shower was starting as I arrived at the school entrance Sana was just about to open up her umbrella Sana tiaki oh what do you want um I need to um there was so much I wanted to say but as.

Always I couldn't get myself to explain properly the words just won't come out when the person is right in front of me I'm leaving if you don't need anything from me wait wait for me but there is something I really need to tell her she needs to hear this.

Hey please hear me out chiaki you're soaking wet where's your umbrella oh well I forgot wait that's not important right now I I have something I just really need to tell you well what is it about yesterday those girls were really just trying to make fun of me.

I'm not good with girls I'm not immune to interactions with girls so they think it's funny to joke about it so I didn't want you to think that they actually have feelings for me or anything so um what I want to say is as I struggled with my words she moved.

The umbrella over my head huh sorry chiaki Sana I didn't really mean to have such an attitude towards you but the way we parted yesterday was kind of weird and I couldn't make myself to talk to you I was scared that I said things that hurt you and made you hate me.

Wait I don't hate you at all Sana not a bit really but I was so mean to you yesterday no I'm really okay with what happened yesterday so Sana what I really want to say is if you're okay with it can you stay friends with me like we were until yesterday huh uh well you don't have to if you don't.

Want to oh why are you laughing well for a second there I thought you were gonna ask me out uh no I wasn't thinking that far too bad for me but it means a lot I know it was hard for you to tell me how you.

Were feeling so so yes will you go out with me huh no I mean staying together as friends I didn't mean well date I meant you'll go out to the cafe with me oh I see what you mean now or do you want to date me be my boyfriend.

Um do you want to kiss no then how about a makeup hug well there are other people around blue oops then let's just head towards the cafe together and so it seemed like we were starting to get back to normal so Sana I'm sorry you got wet from the.

Rain because of me don't worry about it I wear extra layers underneath well I still feel bad do you feel bad because people might see through my shirt uh no you really are pure key you get all worried when we talk about this kind of stuff don't make fun of me.

Oh wait I just realized we're sharing an umbrella no we must look like a couple well then can you hand me the umbrella chiaki the guy's supposed to hold the umbrella right well yeah technically but now we really do look like a couple it's unfair that I'm the only one blushing.

You're getting wet it's not that much I'm fine I would rather get wet than get you sick oh well then hey why are we linking arms this is what a girl is supposed to do right but you're too close it's too much if we stay close to each other we won't have to get so wet right.

Eventually we arrived at the cafe I was relieved that the makeup hug didn't actually happen because that would be too much for me my heart wouldn't last if we did anything more intimate burst however tiaki come here sit over here.

Huh you mean next to you it'll be easier for us to look at the menu if we're next to each other let's pick together just me I think I see two sets of menus on the table one on each side so we sat next to each other and opened the menu but to be honest I couldn't.

Focus on it because my heart was racing so fast what should I get this parfait is a limited edition I wonder did the other customers think that we're dating and so the teacher said what the heck I was relieved that we started talking.

Seems as if we had mended our relationship back to where we were originally it reminded me that sana's smile really relaxes me we spent about an hour talking at the cafe and it had stopped raining when we stepped out wow look at that rainbow.

glad that the Sun too okay give me a hug chiaki huh I thought you forgot about that you mean right here he would never forget don't you think this is the perfect timing for a hug but just as I was leaning in for a hug.

Hey it's perky she's trying to attack Sana again unfortunately we were caught by the two girls in my class suddenly Sana stepped in front of me and gave them a sweet smile hey can you guys stop messing with chiaki he really means a lot to me I don't want.

Him to get hurt in any way pretty please okay hmm the two girls looked at each other for a while and then okay we're sorry chiaki we went too far huh I feel bad um well okay don't worry about it don't worry.

Don't pick from my phone bye have a happy life there I guess they weren't as bad as I thought they were but I feel like they've misconstrued the relationship Sana and I have they said happy life with me how about a chiaki you want a happy life with me.

Well you know I'm satisfied with having a friend like you that's really enough for me please don't ruin the mood purkey so I get it now it's not that the girls don't like you you just don't want the girls to like you um no well maybe I guess so wait this hug is a hug of friendship.

Right we're back to being good friends right but I couldn't help but feel a little worried hey chiaki all right you ready to see me you that's there she was the class Madonna arrived at my school with no notice Miu ayasaki the beautiful girl who.

Usually keeps her cool stood by the door with blushing cheeks please I beg you I honestly can't I can't with you you're the only one for me fine if you insist my mom's gone on a trip today that means it's just the two of us putting it like that.

I didn't mean anything by it finally me you and I alright I'm gonna press play starting to me we decided to watch a horror film Miu rented out so why did you want to watch this.

Everyone was talking about it at school see you didn't want to be left out hearing things like this makes me glad I don't have a lot of friends but I couldn't watch it by myself talking about how scary it was dragged me into this but you were the only person I could ask chiaki that made my heart flutter for a second.

But she only means it as a friend to give some background Miu is the cool-headed beauty at school she's admired as a solitary figure who doesn't like to be a part of a herd but in reality she's actually just a very shy girl who is introverted.

Because of her beauty and style people are often scared of talking to her cool Beauty on the outside but a shy introvert on the inside she even has a clumsy side as well one day I was able to find out who she really was and this is how we became friends here we go.

It's scary from the jump I'm not a fan of clowns two they look so scary oh yes oh my God look at that woman I'm not looking I thought this was supposed to be a horror movie um me you.

And the film was approaching the second half hey me you you don't want to watch till the end no I've enjoyed enough oh okay I can't keep up with what everyone is talking about unless you watch till the.

End hey Miu it's fine now so open your eyes really yes let's continue was that a baby I'm sorry I spilled on your bed it's fine let me wipe you up get the bed first ah my bad.

Oh no it's all wet inside it's sticky too that's very unfortunate um why are you kneeling down like that because I also wasn't quite the predicament I'll do something about the uniform so just go take a shower no I can't go in by myself I'm scared.

So what do you want me to do side with me what and so I waited right outside while Miu took a shower don't you dare come in I know I can hear the sound of her clothes rustling will this stain come off it's my.

Favorite yourself contain yourself chiaki you're still here right don't go anywhere okay I got you I'm going to protect you with my all how come I'm listening to me you take a shower in the first place even just hearing the sound is too.

Stimulating for a virgin I thought hard about an escape plan ah this was a brilliant idea it solves all of our problems me you finally got out of the shower I'm done Chia what's wrong Miu your head's missing.

please stop crying that was my bad I didn't mean to scare you like that you were trying to scare me chiaki that's not true it was an emergency measure emergency measure for what well you know anyway it's getting late let me take you.

Home no one's home today I'll be all alone if I go back but if you really wants me to go home but I can't wear my uniform because it's still wet ah but if you insist all right all right stop crying.

So what's the plan you're gonna stay here until your uniform dries up no no let's go home please hockey let's stay here for the night what wait a second she wouldn't budge so I let her stay all right I'll be in the living room leave me alone even if you say that it's not like I can.

Sleep next to you well if you really want me to no no way have you lost your damn mind you're looks like there would be ghost hiding that's not a very nice thing to say I haven't met one yet so don't worry about it well I mean it's just unacceptable for a man and a woman of.

Our age to sleep in the same room I had no choice but to redecorate the room for me you my mom bought these for me to ward off evil spirits think your mom would be into this kind of stuff yeah here's a candle it should help calm you down and so we put different items.

All over the room um what kind of prank is this I didn't mean the ward items for all throughout the return it into a cheap haunted house that's so scary like I keep here fine fine I'll clean it up.

Things done with good intentions don't always come out as promised eventually I let her take the bed and I decided to sleep on the floor yucky as long as there's a floor beneath me so Miu looks like she's finally calmed down but if a ghost comes out I wonder if they actually exist.

You're still going on about that there's no way they could be real what if they are you wouldn't even be able to see them that's why it's scary oh by the way this is something I heard but what to ward off ghosts never mind what now I'm curious.

This huh you want me to look yeah read it a little bit all right I'm willing to do anything it takes uh this is not something I we can do huh all right wanna try it no we're just you know friends well I.

Don't want it to get awkward between us yeah you're right this is different from how she usually teases me by the way we have a really strange relationship with each other don't you think what well I guess it's only because I know your usual cool standoffish character is.

Just a facade yeah I guess it's comfortable being with you because I can be myself it's also pretty fun I see make sure you make other friends too I can tell you're putting in effort isn't that the same for you well yeah a little bit what do you think about me am I fun to be with do I bother you if I didn't.

Enjoy spending time with you we wouldn't be sleeping in the same room I I don't feel like sleeping anymore I thought to myself as I stared at the ceiling I haven't thought too much about it but there have been times when I had fun times when I felt happy and even times I've been thrilled when I with me you.

She's been by my side there's a part of me that likes the way we are now I'm glad I got to meet a girl like her I also appreciate how we were able to get closer I wanted to tell her all of these feelings hey Miu she's knocked out weren't you the one.

That was saying you can't fall asleep anymore guess I'll try to sleep too although it felt like I was at her mercy I was able to fall asleep and I would later find out what was happening in fact right after I fell asleep at midnight.

What wait since when was I asleep oh I was talking to chiaki and then I got sleepy I need to go to the bathroom shiaki looks so cute when he's sleeping I want to take a photo but I know he'll get mad I feel bad if I wake him up so I'll just let him be while I was asleep Miu went to use the bathroom.

Meanwhile it's so late already must be sleeping oh I'll play a prank on him for the first time in a while oh is this a mask I bought as a souvenir I can't wait to see his face when he wakes up huh did I wake him up.

Wait the bathroom was at the first floor right I hate borrowing other people's bathrooms huh ghost what was that scream Mew Mia what happened Chucky Chucky Chucky.

What what what I saw it saw what the ghost face is the only one that can Ward it off okay leave it to me wait what's that supposed to mean chiaki mom's home Mio did you run into her.

Oh he just a ghost come out of your room a ghost huh who are you wait is that you Mom you bought another mask worry about the black-haired ghost not me that was probably the ghost of a lonely girl who couldn't make any sense in her past life.

Right On Target and Off the Mark who knows maybe it was just an illusion you think so yeah wait why are you still wearing that thing oh well this is because I'm shy stop joking around and close the door huh chiucky your sheets are awfully high up.

What not really it's nothing are you doing what I think you're doing no oh stop you don't have to be embarrassed I was worried about you this whole trip it looks like you're hiding something come on get out of the sheets and Show Mommy what you've been hiding.

No stop trespassing in your son's room it's fun come on why are you trying to hide something from me what are you talking about and right when my mom grabbed the sheets good evening there's an evil ghost on my son's bed ow wait mom stop pulling just come on we to get you purified otherwise you're gonna.

Be cursed for the rest of your life no way oh that was just your mom back there so there's no ghost after all what a relief afterwards Mia went to the bathroom by herself as my mother performed a purification ceremony for her son the next morning.

My mom's asleep right now so please go home right now yep thanks chiaki I need to forget about what happened yesterday I can't tell anyone that my mom put me through a purification ceremony we decided never to speak about this to anyone but home is the best place to be isn't it.

Hey Mom how long are you gonna wear that thing on your face what is it Anyway the local people there told me to never wear it but once I put it on it won't come off and that's how one member of our family turned into a ghost thank you for watching that was today's.

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