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[Manga Dub] The most popular waitress at a café quit because of me, but things worked out [RomCom]


Me you please you gotta help me ch chiaki what happened are you okay i'm chiaki akaba there's a reason for why i'm acting so desperate and begging my friend her name is miyu ayasaki she's known as the cool it girl of our class if this goes on i like.

His hair there what's wrong as you can see she's also very caring she's known as a cool girl but she actually just sucks at talking to people just like me i'm here for you chiaki you can tell me anything okay.

It started when it all started about a week ago i wanted to overcome my fear of talking to people so i started working at a cafe nearby i'm shocking nice to meet you he can't even talk properly i don't.

Think he's qualified to work here sir the waitresses there started picking on me from day one oh come on don't say that we all need to cooperate with each other to make this work huh corporation my ass you know what most of the customers come.

Here to see me it's not about corporation it's all thanks to me um who's that girl sir she's our customer's favorite employee but as you can see she has a terrible personality her service is perfect it's just she can't seem to work well with other employees.

She did seem very difficult anyways i apologize sir i'm to blame for what happened no chiaki you didn't do anything wrong sir don't worry i'll be here to help if anything else happens the store manager was very kind and reliable.

He kind of reminded me of my father however a week later i'm sorry chiaki we might have to close the cafe soon what so that's what happened um why does the cafe have to be shut down so suddenly well i think i'm responsible for that.

What do you mean i told miu about the girl who dissed me as the manager had said she was very good at her job but she firmly stuck to leaving me out of everything since she wouldn't teach me anything the manager helped me out for three days but mr manager can't you give us a break.

Here you keep following that chiaki guy around to help him out you're putting all the workload on me wait she's talking about me i'm only doing what should be done someone needs to teach him but that's causing all the food to come out really late the customers are always.

Waiting for so long i mean obviously they don't get angry thanks to me but still he's new here i'm sure he'll become helpful once he learns everything he needs to learn oh really okay then i quit i didn't see that one coming this place is falling apart with him.

Here i don't want to get sucked into all the trouble he's causing i see if you really feel that way you're free to go so when will my last baby you can leave now you don't have to come starting tomorrow okey dokey i guess i'll get going then.

Wait sir are you just gonna let her leave were you listening jackie don't worry the cafe is not going to close down just because one employee quit the store manager was very kind and reliable he kind of reminded me of my father.

A few days later boy we're closing down i should have begged her to stay what it turns out the number of customers dropped down majorly because the cute girl wasn't working at the cafe anymore and it's totally my fault.

Why is any of that your fault well if i hadn't started working at the cafe that girl would still be working there it's all because of me cheeky that's not true mew none of this is your fault it's her fault for being so irresponsible and.

Selfish i don't know what to do the manager is so depressed i feel so bad for him chiaki what do you think would solve this problem what do i think what should i think if the cafe's drawing card is gone all.

You have to do is get a new one but where would we find a girl willing to do that for the cafe i think i can do it huh you can but are you really sure of course it's no problem i'll attract customers and we can all work together.

To get the cafe back on track but i have a feeling that she might meet you his first day at work oh my gosh i knew this was going to happen she was a nervous wreck.

Ah are you sure she's gonna be okay working here chiaki i mean she's really cute but is she gonna be able to smile and serve people i think so having said that it had only been a week since i started working and we were both.

Bad at talking to people having the both of us screw everything up must have been a lot for the manager to handle nothing went as planned that day and then you put these plates on the tray oh okay sir mia was trying her best to help us.

It's time for me to step up i had no time to worry about my awkward communication skills i ran around desperately trying to keep the place together on the other hand miyu was here's your iced coffee that's her first time serving a customer she's holding the tray wrong is she.

Gonna be okay that's cold i'm so sorry hey you should be more careful she had spilled the iced coffee all over the customer just as i had feared however she started to cry as she apologized to the customer i am so sorry for the trouble i caused you.

Oh yeah um is there something you wanted to say it's not your fault it's my fault for sitting here no it's not your fault at all wow i feel so refreshed.

I feel like i'll be able to concentrate on my work now why is he smiling so much so anyways can you bring me another iced coffee please yes sir i'll bring it right away how did that happen i don't know how she did it but she had solved the problem on her own.

Later on she mistook a customer's order here is your spaghetti hey i ordered an omelet on rice huh oh i'm so sorry i must have made a mistake miu started apologizing tearing up at the same time i am so so sorry sir.

Oh uh well i'll be right back with a new one um is there something you want to say hold on a second we can fix the situation oh no what are you doing sir we can just pour some ketchup on the.

Noodles see look now it's basically an omelet on rice oh yeah it really is no it's not let's just catch up on spaghetti but he seems satisfied every time miu messed up the customer would comfort her.

They would even help her out of the problem themselves i have no idea why but the more miu screwed up the more customers seems to be satisfied on top of that more customers came to see her she had become famous as the charming clumsy waitress.

Of course all of them were male customers about a month later leo's unbelievable our earnings have increased five-fold in the brief period of time that she's worked here are you serious miu was a natural attractor the cafe kept getting more popular by the minute.

However mia wasn't feeling so great why do i keep messing up all i'm serving is trouble it's okay the manager and i will always be on your side you're doing a great job you should have more confidence in yourself miyu chiaki.

Thanks i feel a lot better now chiaki great but miyu why are we linking arms i think i'm a little tired can you help me out oh okay a few days later it's been over a month since i've been gone i wonder what happened to that cafe.

After i quit i couldn't help myself but to come take a peek has the cafe been shut down yet wait what there are people lining up as if it's a popular ramen shop oh what's going on how could the cafe still be so popular when their most valuable waitress is gone.

Wow me you spilled iced coffee on your head i'm so jealous of you man it was amazing i'm thinking of trying the hot coffee today i see both your heart and your body will be on fire today then neil is she a new waitress wait their conversation is so weird.

Oh no miu are you okay we need to punish the stupid floor for making the trip oh no i'm okay i'm so sorry for making a mess so she's a new waitress she looks cute but not as cute as me is she acting clumsy how convincing all these men have fallen for her tricks.

Huh i see she's degraded the quality of the customers how can i help you you're here um what are you doing here what do you mean what am i doing here i'm a customer get me an iced coffee now i had a very bad feeling so i went to tell the manager that she was here he went straight to her table to talk to.

Her what do you want from us can't you see i'm here as a customer i was worried about your cafe you know oh we're doing fine let me go now what that's not how you should treat a customer i don't consider you a customer so um.

Who are you again so you think you can act almighty because that new girl mew is bringing in a lot of customers i we've made five times more money than when you were here five she works so hard and has a great character.

I'm so thankful that you quit and left that day actually this is old thanks to chieki huh that loser he's not the one attracting all the customers right this place would get shut down the moment that mew girl quits you know.

Ha you think look closely please accept my sincere apology sir hey don't worry about it you seem sincere and responsible coming all the way over here to apologize for something you didn't do i'm grateful for your kind words sir jihadi are you okay i must be making you.

So tired i'm doing great just don't forget to smile me you okay yucky come over here and talk to us okay i'm coming hey paroki let's take a picture together mia isn't the only reason why the cafe.

Has become so popular now she shines because chiaki is there to support her no matter what they work together well everything in this place is going well because of him and a lot of the customers know that too he's becoming popular among those customers.

What the heck this sucks so tell me why are you still here go home fine i'm out of here i don't want to spend another second here anyways i hope this place gets shut down chiaki bring salt to cleanse the table before the evil spreads.

After the cafe's opening hours ended are you sure everything's okay sir she seemed really angry when she left i know but i would like to focus on more positive things like the two of ye i was feeling hopeless when our most popular waitress suddenly quit but the cafe is back on track thanks to the two of you i don't know how else to say this.

Guys there are no words that can fully express my gratitude mr manager i'm looking forward to continue working with the two of you you guys are like me family now um sir we want to talk to you about that.

Ah is something wrong well what you're quitting why this is kind of embarrassing but since we spent so much time here our grades have gone down quite a bit we had no choice but to quit and focus on our studies the manager looked.

Shocked and he fell to the floor a few days later miu and i were discussing the whole cafe incident hey miyu it really meant a lot that you helped us out at the cafe i really owe you one no i'm not sure i was even helpful at all.

I kept making stupid mistakes and you had to clean up each mess that wasn't a problem thanks to you the cafe is more popular than ever but to be honest i really didn't know what to do when you spilled that iced coffee on your first customer that day hey don't remind me of that incident.

Well i mean i don't think anybody expected that to happen i feel so bad about it i feel sorry for each and every customer i spilled drinks on i can't seem to forget the manager's face when we told them we had to quit i'm thinking he'll be okay you introduced two very good employees.

It's true i hope they're helping the manager out the two employees that we're talking about are the two girls who always make fun of me at school they were both looking for a part-time job so the timing was perfect they don't have the clumsy charm that miu has but many of the customers go to.

The cafe to see them because they're so cheerful and happy all the time yay i bet it would be so much fun to work together again let's focus on raising our grades first we really need to focus on that oh yeah what is it.

Chiaki let's do a study session together yeah sounds great you want to go to the library i was thinking more like your house sure but my place is really messy how about i help you clean up your place too thanks so by the way why are we linking arms.

Again are you that tired so tired from studying let me just do this for a little bit um okay hey let's head over to your house now huh right now is it a bad time.

Well no it's not that me you and i have a long way before we can have a job again as for the ex most popular waitress she'd started working again that convincing girl if she can do it so can i just watch me where's your vanilla ice cream oh no i tripped i'm so silly.

Hey what do you think you're doing you stupid klutz he shouldn't be allowed to be pictured in a story like this look at his face he's absolutely frightening oh no what should we do sir your head looks like some kid screwed up making a snowman you know you will have to take.

Responsibility for humiliating me in such a public place right forgive me please forgive me i'm sorry a yakuza snowman let's upload it so everyone can see how cute you look i heard she messed up big time and was about to face a lot of trouble thank you for watching how's today's.

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