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[Manga Dub] The new girl claims to be my ex girlfriend, but I have no clue what she’s talking about


my name is Kota huki I'm in my fifth year of work and I'm a system engineer today is the first day of work for the new hires the office is surrounded by a happy welcoming mood I have the pleasure of working with you all starting from today my name is Sri yukimori I'm going to work very hard so that I can become a.

Proud employee and useful to this company I look forward to working with you all wa she's so beautiful ah I want to be in charge of training that girl um oh there you are Mr haki long time no see what how do you know my name hey huki you know Miss Yuki Mori already no I'm pretty sure this is our first time.

Meeting you don't need to be so shy there's no way that you would forget your ex-girlfriend's face now is there ex-girlfriend what is that true no no I I really have no recollection of this did you really forget about me how dare you make Miss yukimori cry what I really have no idea what she's talking about what is this girl even.

Saying if you know each other already then this is perfect it's been decided that you'll be in charge of training Miss yukimori haki what Mr haki I look forward to working with you starting today uh yes me too and so while being showered by looks of jealousy from the other male employees I.

Was put in charge of training my self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend new hire for the first half of the day I had her learn the easy part of the work during that time everything went smoothly and she was taking her training very seriously she seemed like a fast learner and she had the foundations of programming down as well the thing that.

Bothered me the most was her Declaration of being my ex-girlfriend it's finally lunch break great work haki looks like a tough job being in charge of training her name was honami inou ever since we joined the company at the same time she's been a colleague I get along well with and to this day we sometimes go out to eat together that's.

How friendly we are there's no problem with her work ethic and it's good to see that she's passionate about her work but oh that declaration about being your ex-girlfriend yeah I seriously have no memory but it also didn't look like Miss Yuki Mori was lying though that's the thing maybe you just forgot about the existence of your.

Ex-girlfriend how awful obviously there's no way I know you've always been honest and serious about everything well then I wonder why she said such a thing she even knew your name didn't she that reminds me wait a minute maybe it's not our first time meeting Mr haki would you like to have.

Lunch together I would like to become closer with you Mr haki oh my well then perhaps I should disappear so that I'm not in the way ah hey who was that very cute person H in we started at the same time interesting it seems you two are quite close uh is it just me or are your eyes quite scary well we can set missyou aside for now how about lunch sure we.

Can eat together really thank you so much I really want to go and see the cafeteria sure I'll show you where it is because I also wanted to know where her Declaration of being my ex-girlfriend came from and so we moved locations to the employee cafeteria wow these udon noodles look delicious I'm hungry hey Miss yukimori.

There's there's something I need to talk to you about this morning you said that you were my ex-girlfriend right I really don't have any memory of this what even though you were the one that hit on me first I was the one that asked you out you don't remember I'm sorry uh about what year were we dating back when I was a high school student that would mean.

Around the time I was in college how long did we date for about 5 minutes 5 minutes that's so short why are you so shocked you're the one that dumped me so you're telling me that 5 minutes after I asked you out I was the one that dumped you if that's the truth then that makes me the worst kind of guy no you are a wonderful.

Person Mr huki because you saved me after all I saved you yes it all happened on that day when I had gone to the beach with my friend I was on the beach when I got separated from my friends when I was looking for my friends alone these two guys that were really big and muscular started to hit on me and I was.

So scared that I couldn't raise my voice at that moment you appeared Mr haki and you called out to me what do you want from my girlfriend you said after that the two guys started apologizing and then they disappeared now I remember so you're the girl from that day I remember she seemed really scared and I couldn't just walk by so I think I called out to.

Her if I called her my girlfriend I thought the guys would give up too so that must be why I said such a lie so you finally remember now you asking me out what ask you out calling a girl that you met for the first time my girlfriend that meant because you're already my girlfriend now right you made my heart race it such a forward way of asking.

That without thinking I was nodding my head yes and by the time I realized I I had already fallen in love uh stop right there what kind of interpretation is that turning into me asking you out that was just a lie to get rid of those guys that were hitting on you again with the good jokes but your face was so serious if I didn't make a serious face then it.

Wouldn't have worked on those guys no way well then was it all just an act I thought it was strange because immediately after I was reunited with my friends at the beach house said all right then why don't we part ways around here and you dumped me straight away that part ways was not in a relationship sense it was more of a simple goodbye I.

See I felt like I understood miss yukimori a little better normally she's put together but when it comes to relationships she's the type of girl that gets way too carried away you'll take responsibility for it won't you responsibility when you helped me that day when I was in trouble I saw how kind you are and I really fell in love with.

You when I was job searching I Saw You by coincidence at a job fair to introduce your company so I had decided that I would join this company and tell you how I feel but at this rate it's too much I see so that's why you knew my name already miss yukimori I'm sorry for causing any misunderstanding I didn't mean any harm.

But the fact is that I messed around with your heart and that was a terrible thing to do but we don't know anything about each other at all so I can't date you but why can't we start dating and then get to know each other but that's not right if after all I wasn't able to fall for you then it would mean I hurt you again and I don't want to do.

Something like that Mr hazuki you really are so kind I understand I think your opinion is correct pH I'm glad you understand understand so what you mean is that you want to start dating once we get to know each other better so you want to take time to develop our love that's what you're saying right I feel like that's not quite right when you say.

It like that it almost sounds like it's already decided that we're going to date well then I look forward to getting to know you even better from now on if you'll excuse me wait your misunderstanding again she's already gone this isn't good Miss yukimori had gotten way too carried away.

Already a what's going to happen from now in the same way as the morning Miss yukimori took her training seriously in the afternoon and was learning quickly Mr haki I have a question regarding this code right here oh for this one here based on the way she was diving into the work I could tell that she wanted to learn the job as quickly as possible so.

That she could hold her own she really was normal in everything besides love I guess I can finish the basic design tomorrow great work Kota how's it going with Miss yukimori she takes her work seriously and she's a good girl although she seems a little bit obsessive what do you mean obsessive.

Stairs uh Miss Yuki Mori is something the matter you two are very close aren't you well honami and I are colleagues after all are you two dating no way no way we're just work friends and drinking buddies well he is a good guy though to be fair he's thoughtful and he always follows through at work too you just make too many.

Mistakes how many times do I have to tell you to read the specification documents it's your cute colleague's mistake right Let It Go why should I let it go you idiot well then I I'm going to leave first great job today both of you see you H you two really are very close like I said it's just because we joined at.

The same time it's not rare for the Friendship of colleagues to turn into a romantic relationship at this rate Mr huki might get stolen from me by missyu what are you muttering under your breath Mr huki let's get to know each other as quickly as possible what where did that come from nothing please don't worry about it now.

If you'll excuse me uh sure see you I felt like something was off about her but maybe I'm just overthinking it and then the incident occurred a few weeks later on the weekend that was the doorbell who could it be yes coming what hello Mr huki Miss Yuki Mori it's a day off of work what's the matter isn't it obvious I wanted to get.

Closer to you Mr huki so I moved into apartment number 203 just next door what and now we can just as easily see each other whenever we want uh that's true but wait I'm amazed that you managed to find my address yes I asked our manager and he told me what's going on with our company and private information by the way have you had.

Dinner yet what no not yet but I'm so glad well then pardon me as she said that Miss yukiore welcomed herself into my room la la la my beautiful Junior colleague was wearing an apron and cooking inside of my apartment but what is this situation there it's all done thank you I made a potato and meat stew.

I really hope that you like it this looks so delicious I can't wait to try wow delicious Miss yukimori you're so good at cooking do you really think so I really wanted to feed it to you someday so I practiced a lot I'm so happy that you like it Miss yukiore it was the first time I was seeing this childish smile her.

Straightforward thoughts and her brave hard work there are parts of her that get a little too carried away but I guess there are parts of her that are cute too yeah this miso soup is delicious too H you eat so much Mr hazuki because it's delicious I got to see this unexpected sight of you and I'm happy I feel the.

Same way what did you say something no nothing I was just really touched by the cooking really um if it would be all right with you Mr haki I was hoping that maybe we could eat dinner together from now on too are you sure if anything I should be the one asking you Mr huki thank you than you so much well then I am going to roll up my sleeves again.

Tomorrow so that I can cook another delicious meal for you yeah looking forward to it a lot happened until now but just like that we became friendly Nextdoor neighbors even though we got closer at the workplace Miss yukiore didn't talk to me any more than was necessary and she was taking her work seriously the fact that she was able to.

Separate her professional and personal lives left an extremely good impression on me at first I thought she was just an obsessive girl but the more I got to know her the more I saw what a lovely woman she was and this is why it's so important to get to know each other properly well the only thing that did bother me was that whenever honami and I.

Were speaking I could see her in the corner of my eye puffing her cheeks and glaring at us days like this continued when one day as usual Miss yukiore had come into my apartment Mr haki do you mind if I do your laundry no no I can't ask you to do that much please it's fine it makes me happy when I can be of use to you you know the reason why I work.

Hard at my job too is because I want you to compliment me what really oh you hadn't noticed you're so clueless aren't you sorry from now on I would be happy if you complimented me more a that sweet face with those puppy eyes it's way too cute sure I hope you keep working hard then ye yes this is a little embarrassing isn't.

It a cold are you okay I'm fine well then I'm going to go do your laundry you shouldn't please don't push yourself but if you were to get sick with a cold I would be sad what what did you say uh uh anyway will you please just go home and rest today yes when I feel better I I'll come back over thank you for having me yeah.

Take care that was dangerous if I say it like that she might misunderstand and think that I like her no maybe I'm the one that's misunderstanding I think this means that I already miss Yuki Mori the day after that as soon as I got the office I felt something was off morning Kota morning H Miss yukiore is she still not in the.

Office yet what is this are you concerned about your ex-girlfriend no that's not it why are you panicking now that's very suspicious it's because you're teasing me so do you know what happened yeah apparently she has a fever and she's stuck in bed what our boss said that she sounded like she.

Was really struggling on the other end of the phone seriously that reminds me she was coughing yesterday wasn't she I'm worried interesting you like Miss yukimori don't you hey what do you say well yeah but oh that was sincere that honest and straightforward part of you that's one.

Of your best virtues Kota I told you to stop teasing me I'm not I'm actually complimenting you well then because you're so honest let me tell you something good here it is you are going to take a half day off and then you're going to go take care of Miss yukimori in the afternoon you're worried aren't you I can handle everything here so it's.

Fine you should go all right thanks honami we can call it even with a barbecue dinner you had this all planned already huh what Mr huki yo I had to come what do you mean but what about your work at the office I took a half day off so I'm not working this afternoon here take this inside there are some drinks and.

Fever patches and also there's some package food in there thank you no but but wait why would you take a half day off just for me you mean why wouldn't I what when I heard that you had a fever I got really worried and I couldn't help it it's because it's you miss yukimori that's why I feel like this I think so it's not why would I Mr.

Hazuki that makes me happy by the way how you feeling when I first woke up it was pretty rough but I feel much better now I'm glad but you really need to take it easy okay if it's all right with you then I'll take care of you miss yukiore um are you sure leave it to me just like it work you can rely on me huh well then.

If you insist and so I ended up nursing Miss yukimori through her cold I placed a fever patch on her forehead prepared warm towels and a change of clothes for her and I tried to do whatever I could within my power to help her and then when I made her a rice porge she really let her guard down with me Mr hazuki I.

Want you to feed me you can eat it yourself though can't you no I can't I'm so hungry that I think I might collapse you don't have to be so dramatic all right fine here say a ah I'm a hundred times better now I was a little embarrassed but I was just happy to see Miss yukiore smile she had a good appetite so I'm sure she would.

Get better soon and so the next day Miss yukiore was feeling better so she came to work even though she was just sick she was still putting her all into her work even though I told her not to push herself too much she would just say I'm fine and go right back to work that reminds me didn't she say she was working hard because she wanted me to.

Compliment her Miss yukimori what is it um you're always working really hard and I'm proud of you Mr huki thank you so much I'm going to keep working even harder like I said don't push yourself too much okay after I got home back to usual Miss yukiore was over at my place I'm going to make dinner now I was thinking some meatloaf for tonight miss.

Yukiore do you have a minute yes what is it ever since you moved next door and we got to know each other I'm starting to understand all kinds of things about you you put your all into your work you're straightforward and brave yet also domestic you present yourself as a beautiful woman but there are mischievous sides of you and you're.

Really cute when it comes to relationships you can get carried away and run a little wild but I can see clearly that you are a really wonderful woman what where is this coming from what's Happening when I first heard that you were sick in bed with a fever I got super worried worried and I thought that I wanted to see you straight away and.

That was when I realized that I like you miss yukiore I've fallen for you so miss yukimori will you please go out with me and be my girlfriend Mr huki I'm so happy yes please be my boyfriend well then we should just live in the same apartment now shouldn't we when should we get married and how many kids do you want to have like I said.

Maybe we shouldn't get too carried away also if you ever cheat I'll never ever forgive you you know that right I won't of course I would never miss yukiore is a little strange after all but the fact that I find those parts of her cute is perhaps an infatuation would it be okay if I stay over at your place tonight that was a.

Little fast wasn't it I take back what I just said if she comes on too strong it is a little bit troublesome hey it's okay right or is it not all right fine yay Miss Yuki Mory who's one track minded and continued to think about me for all these years from now on I want to live happily ever after with her that's how I.

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