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[Manga Dub] The new girl claims to be my ex-girlfriend…!? [RomCom]


My classmates were all murmuring they all turned to me and stared as they eagerly waited can somebody please tell me why this is happening to me calm down take a breath why don't you remember anything yosuke matoba I'm currently in homeroom and well we were welcoming a new student this was all that was supposed to happen today uh what what.

Did you just say fine I'll say it one more time it used to be yosuke mataba's girlfriend so that makes me his ex what what the hell what's she talking about she's crazy hey stop oh no have you forgotten about me that isn't very nice but it's okay I remember you I haven't given up on us getting back together so you.

Better prepare yourself that last line did it the whole classroom blew up everybody was either panicking yelling or cheering for us I almost faded this was too much for me to handle dude matuka what's going what's going to you you have such a pretty ex-girlfriend and it seems like you dumped her why in the world would.

You do that oh my God no listen guys I have no idea what she's talking about so you don't remember at all but wait we used to be together all the time what stop you're making the situation too difficult it's fine because that doesn't change how I feel for you I can feel.

Everybody's eyes on us I'm utterly speechless what is this I've never met anybody as beautiful as her before I'm serious turmoil followed me through the whole day even after classes ended I I don't know what to do about this what did I do to deserve this the new girl keeps touching me and she seems so happy to be next to me I can't.

Wrap my head around it she asked me to show her around the school I said yes but I had no idea she would be so clingy the guys in my class gave me the most terrifying death glare I'm going to have nightmares tonight I don't want to think about coming to school tomorrow what do I do they're looking everybody's looking at us but I don't blame them it's a rare.

Sight girls like her don't usually waste their time on guys like me huh what did you say nothing so there's nothing here we're behind the school I doubt there's anything around here that you would want to see you're right and there's nobody around I like it it's perfect huh what I've waited for so long I've.

Missed you so much please can I be your girlfriend again give me a second chance oh wait hey oh my gosh she's so soft and what is that alluring scent coming from her what's going to happen to me could this be a prank is she doing this to me as part of a botsu game is she doing this on purpose I can't I'm sorry I think you've.

Mistaken me for someone else oh hahaha they're bright red you look like a ripe tomato cheese you still don't know who I am fine here oh wait no way I peered into her phone screen as she told me to a familiar conversation.

Was on display it was a chat I had with someone yesterday a person I talked to all the time I told you I had a huge surprise for you this can't be are you serious you're cool really gosh took you long enough dummy couldn't you tell by my name whatever it's safe to say this tokori was a success my last name changed.

Because my parents got a second marriage I am so glad I didn't tell you about it that was the most fun I've had in my life what did you expect you looked nothing like you used to before that's right we know each other but the coup I know had short boyish hair she never looked like this how can somebody like coo become such a classy beautiful woman.

This is unbelievable I had a bit of a makeover while I was away I kind of like it it's fun looking like this crew grinned teasingly at me I could see a faint resemblance to the coup I used to know so that means she's telling the truth what I want to ask is why would you say I was your ex-boyfriend if you're cool you would know that's pure.

Nonsense oh because I mean well you look at me I'm so attractive now it caused too much trouble at my previous school oh is that so yup yup guys would be all over me whenever I did something nice for them I even had a personal stalker let me tell you it's not fun I don't want anything like that happening to me again I want a.

Peaceful enjoyable high school life here that's why ow dude what part of this is peaceful and enjoyable wait a minute you can't be serious I'm glad you caught on that's right I'm sacrificing your peace and enjoyment so I can have a perfect life here what you can't be serious why do I have to sacrifice anything oh come on please you.

Don't have a girlfriend or a crush do you I am so sick of all the drama I don't think I could deal with it if it happens again what's it that bad I don't want to talk about it it'll bring back too many painful memories her friends best friends right you're the only one I could rely on no that's the face I can never say no to.

Her whenever she puts on that expression she's fine but don't take it too far okay seriously yeah yeah this is why I love you you're the best yo yeah yeah we're gonna have a great time together her name used to be fukakujo she's what people called a childhood friend dude yo let's play soccer next her appearance and personality both fit the.

Characteristics of a typical Scamp she was a guy friend to me and we got along well we would literally play in the mud together until the sunset we did everything together every day your face it's covered in my gosh my mom who knew everything about me including things I could never tell my.

Parents she was my Irreplaceable best friend and that didn't change after she had to move overseas nobody could replace her no matter how far she was I wonder how many years it has been since she first left we never lost touch our phones kept us connected throughout the years I talked to her just yesterday we spent hours chatting about meaningless.

Things I have a huge surprise you won't have to wait long huh that idiot there should be a rule against pranks like these oh it's from coup just FYI I'll be following you around school like a fly to poop oh you could be my boyfriend then we wouldn't be lying to everyone she's got to be kidding there's no way I can see her as a girl now well I have to.

Admit she's gotten pretty but our relationship isn't like that we're more like yabuki-san what do you have there well well this is an obento for you oh he promised we would eat lunch together so this is what she meant when she said look forward to lunchtime seriously she needs to stop with all the surprises.

Here go ahead no I'm not giving up on you until you realize everybody's staring again didn't they get enough yesterday do they have to watch crew feed me get a life but I guess I would be jealous if I had to watch this damn it if only if it weren't.

Cool this would be a dream come true who continued acting out the beautiful and heartbroken ex-girlfriend who wants to get back with her ex part the quality of her show was actually impressive what surprised me the most was that her acting was perfect there were no flaws in her performance I'd expected her to give up eventually but she never did.

There is one problem though the guys in my class all hate me now I can tell by how they look at me and I have a reputation for being insensitive now what is it uh do you like the ice cream yup it's a new product thanks be good I like it maybe I should buy one.

Too you didn't hesitate to eat it huh well I mean yeah I don't see why I wouldn't it's ice cream I love the good things about you yo you're not making sense are you messing with me again I'm not anyways do you want to go bowling I have some discount tickets yeah sure bowling sounds like a.

Great idea come on let's go to tell you the truth I was having the time of my life I could tell I was because I couldn't stop smiling cut it out don't pull up me so hard a bowling alley isn't going anywhere let's bet something yellow let's see how about the loser buys the winner a drink yeah yeah a strike did you see did you see how I.

Knocked them all down crew looked so happy I couldn't help but feel excited let me make one thing clear I wasn't feeling this way because she transformed into one of the most attractive girls I've met yo it's your turn now try not to embarrass yourself man it was because I reunited with my best friend and she hadn't changed a bit she was still the.

Same coup I knew years ago I can't believe you picked a fight with me just watch you'll be bowing down to me after this fine give it a try yo although I kept in touch with coup all these years we only talked through our phones for the first time in many years we were together I felt excited to hang out with her like.

We used to ah damn it I can't believe I lost man this kid of juice is amazing so this is what victory tastes like well I'm not losing again hey we should go to karaoke tomorrow yeah yeah you always say that bring it on a karaoke battle with you doesn't scare me you haven't changed a bit really yeah you haven't you're the.

Same old coup I see I guess I am the same I'm sure I haven't changed since you think so yo who and I hung out every day we wanted to make up for all the time we had lost we used to play every day during Elementary School and now that cool is back we had all the time in the world we played soccer and threw balls to reminisce all days but now that.

We were older we could do things we never imagined doing back in the day we went to karaoke amusement parks and aerial adventure parks it was like taking a trip back in time I was having so much fun with cool life was great again KU is my best friend I never doubted that for a second but it me differently knowing we get to be around.

Each other again I feel like I'm dreaming I never thought this day would come I wish this would last forever I don't want it to end that's what I was hoping while we spent time together for inviting me so this is what your room looks like I just realized we never hung out inside we were always outside I know right.

Better than I expected I always thought guys weren't good at cleaning up cool looked pleasantly surprised as she glanced around the room I could tell this was her first time stepping into a guy's room I didn't expect this to be her first time I heard that people overseas are more open to these things and knowing her personality it wouldn't.

Surprise me if she hung out at guys houses all the time ah there right there shoot it now okay here goes take this yes the boss is dead dude we have the best teamwork ever I could never beat this boss when I played alone I wouldn't expect any less from us seriously the real you is so much easier to get along with how much longer will.

You keep up with a nice girl act haven't you had enough the way you were talking today sweet talking doesn't suit you cool you put me in such an uncomfortable place coup is still acting out her character at school it's not easy dealing with her when she's at school I wish she would go back to being herself you only feel uncomfortable because you.

Haven't had any experience with girls I had so much fun watching you blush see I took a photo dude you're an ass why would you take a photo delete it no way I'm considering using this as my lock screen photo hey hand it over to me oh uh my bad uh wait a second this could be my chance I suddenly thought of a prank I could pull.

On her I helped her live a peaceful life at school and she thanked me by taking an embarrassing photo of me she needs a bit of a lesson doesn't she yeah look at that she's starting to get nervous but cool isn't easy to conquer I should prepare for her to fight back now wait go ahead go up ahead what I would never.

Say no to you huh what does she mean by that oh I know she's acting like this on purpose to make me feel uncomfortable it's another prank what is going on with me the plan was to pull a prank on her it's time to end it I should pull back and get off now but I can't stop staring at cooze lips something smells nice and she's so soft.

And warm but uh so I never realized how attractive she was ah this is bad my brain it's not functioning right I'm home mom you're scared do you have a friend over come down I need help carrying all this stuff ah yeah sure of course I'm coming that was close I don't want to think about what would have happened if mom.

Hadn't come home oh gosh you got off easy I should have finished the prank before mom got home wasn't easy huh nothing I'm going home I'm sorry from that day on everything was different things became awkward between us I apologize to coo for taking the prank too far she shook her head and.

Told me it didn't bother her but she didn't seem okay we couldn't have a proper conversation anymore something had changed I know I'm partially responsible for the change in our relationship I just don't know how to talk to her anymore I can't remember how we made everything flow before dude did you guys have a fight or.

Something she didn't make you a no Bento today kabuki-san has been acting quite differently these days yeah something like that I mean I guess it's my fault you're such an idiot matopa I have no clue what's going on in your head but you're wasting a good thing do you know how many guys are waiting to pounce on the chance to talk to her leave me alone.

I'm going to the cafeteria now I'm an idiot ever since that incident with crew I can't look at her properly I'm overwhelmed with numerous emotions I can't even explain but I can't stop looking at her I'm staring at her alluring lips every time I realize my eyes are on her weird I'm afraid of what I might do to.

Her if I stay near her friend she deserves better come to you who are you okay yes I'm fine look I suddenly came up to me and asked me out I think it's because I wasn't around it's what we were dreading this is so annoying you think uh yeah yo do you.

Consider me a burden is that what you think no stop that's not what I meant well yo you've been avoiding me these past few days that means you don't want to be around me cool hey what are you tell me yo what am I to you what do you think of me well who you're my friend my best friend I'm your best friend.

I feel like such an idiot I never should have done it I regret so much so yo does that mean you wouldn't feel anything if I were to go out with someone else I stood there in silence I didn't know what to say or how to react to koo's question who and I are best friends the ex-girlfriend Act is something cool puts on only at school there are no romantic.

Feelings between us we're supposed to be just friends ugh my bad I don't know what came over me just now I'm confused I shouldn't have passed you like that who stared at the ground while I stood there in silence not knowing what to do we stayed that way for a while it's getting late we should get going the Kraken our bond was still there when we.

Returned to the classroom we didn't talk after that classes were over and it was time to go home but I couldn't stop thinking about it I sat in my seat blankly staring at the scenery outside the window I wonder what I should have said what would have made her feel better I heard crew I'm aware of it but there's nothing I can do I'm desperate.

To find an answer I want to fix things but I can't think of anything what's going on where are all those girls surrounding her hey why don't you say anything did you think I was gonna sit by and watch you make moves on my boyfriend what how dare you flirt with my man you skank who do you think you are anyway you think.

You're better than all of us get off the high school and apologize to her that's the least you could do uh but uh I don't I don't know what you're talking about hey what are you guys doing there what do you want this is none of your business exactly this has nothing to do with you first finds you with a serious problem she'll get a button like this.

This has everything to do with me I mean cool and I who looked terrified while she stood in the middle of the group she didn't look anything like the coup I knew seeing her like that something snapped inside me she's she's my girlfriend KU Fuca would never try to make a move on anybody else.

Let's Goku you girls need to back off we don't have to waste our time here hold on what is this my heart felt full as I walked home with Coo's hand in mind I feel like this is deja vu something similar happened to me a long time ago saved me again she looked up at me with tears in her eyes she looked weak and drained it.

Brought back a memory from my childhood I'm sorry yo do you remember me this isn't the first time you saved me you've done it before that's right I remember now this isn't the first time I've seen crew like this I can't recall exactly what year a coup has always been popular with the guys because of her cheerful energy some of the girls in our class.

Were jealous of her and they called her out to bully her hey boyfriend don't don't check that what the who the hell are you this is none of your business she's right this is a problem between men and a child.

Shut up I need to protect cool I mean I'm well it's my girlfriend she's my precious girlfriend so it's my daughter protect her it's my place to put in it's all clear now I told him she was my girlfriend that was the only way I could think of to protect her and I grabbed her hand and pulled her away before that.

Incident happened you told me something you had a crush on one of the girls in that crew I remember you told me how much you liked her but yo you prioritize your friendship with me over your crush that was the day I fell for you I I've had feelings for you since that incident the day I walked into your classroom the words I said to you then I said it was a.

Joke but they were half true my feelings for you've never faded they grew stronger over the years we were apart and I wanted to become your girlfriends worthy of your love that's why I grew out my hair and I started dressing like a girl I worked so hard to become who I am now and I did it so you would see me differently but we reunited one day but.

You never mentioned anything in our chats I was scared I didn't want to confess how I felt and get turned down by you I didn't want to lose myself that I didn't need to tell you how I felt as long as I had you by my side as a friend I didn't want us to change oh that's not all that's not all I was thinking I wanted to make sure.

None of the other girls would come near you I wanted you all to myself that's why I asked you to play along with my ACT I worry I really am I keep making your life difficult I felt hopeful I apologize for not being honest that's how I felt I get it I understand everything now I listen to her explain herself she was.

Weeping it took that much for me to finally realize how I felt about coup she's definitely my best friend and I want to protect her none of that has changed but that wasn't all I felt when I thought of her every moment I've spent with her I loved her company I never want to see her cry I want her to be happy and I wish she would never stop.

Smiling this this is not just about friendship I'm the one who should be apologizing I remember everything now you weren't lying we did become a couple back when we were kids do you want to get back together I like you too not only as a friend I think I've always been in love with you really.

Are sure yes I do I don't want anybody else fuka we've always been together I can't imagine a future without you um me neither he is gay Fuca we didn't need to say anything else we kissed it was something we had both longed for all this time my first kiss it felt comforting like I belonged with her I'm.

Lost for words I don't know what to say I'm nervous but in a good way I have so much I want to express but I don't know how so many feelings kind of Bittersweet it took us so long to get where we are but it felt good to know we had finally reached where we were here.

Oh come on hurry up yo hey wait for me coo don't leave me let's go fuka hmm okay we both naturally reached for the other's hand the warmth spread between our intertwined fingers as we started to walk hey yo of course I will what a stupid question you silly well always be.

We've walked together so many times before it's nothing new but this time one thing is different we know our love will protect us from whatever comes our way check out our other videos as well