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[Manga Dub] The new girl is my step sister!? [RomCom]


Our class had a brand new girl that was immediately popular the second she transferred in her name was Shian machino she was popular in every social group that you could think of she was even kind enough to talk to a loner like me and to top it off she was beautiful miss minino we should hang out after class sorry maybe next time she's.

Being asked out again my name is heroki umia I'm a junior in high school I wish I could go out with Miss machino too but the only connection we have is that I said next to her and I didn't have the courage to ask her out morning omia morning here you dropped your eraser oh thanks see you tomorrow omia yeah see you she only spoke to me.

Like this but it made me Overjoyed the only person that would talk to me at all in this class was Miss machino I hope she doesn't go out with anyone wish I could get along with her more I figured that she would eventually end up going out with someone so I decided I would ask her out first thank you for coming Miss machino no don't.

Mention it how rare of you to come talk to me on your own what did you want to talk about she was grinning she was grinning at me like an angel if I ask her out I might never be able to see her like this anymore but I still mustered up whatever courage I had to ask her out I like you miss mcho I was so happy for you to ask me out and I just loved it so.

If you'd like will you go out with me the silence was deafening to me it was all fear depending on her answer our relationship would change forever even if she didn't give me the answer I'd hoped for I wanted a relationship to at least stay the same as before that's what I was thinking what are you talking about you disgusting loser why would I.

Go out with a geek like you huh i' seen mcka with a look on her face that I'd never seen before the only reason I talked to you at all was because I wanted to be thought as the girl that was kind to everyone don't you get it I would never talk to a geek like you otherwise but I was in shock I thought she was an.

Angel but it was all my calculated Behavior I was full too she was not my Ally at all just so you know you better not tell anyone about this I I'm sure no one will talk to you anyways but don't worry I'll act nice in front of everyone as usual okay bye she spoke to me in a tone I'd not heard before she's still planning on using me after breaking my.

Heart this was not the relationship ID wanted I was so shocked that I couldn't move after I lost all hope I wandered the streets for a while before it got dark and I had to head home you're pretty late heroki I have to tell you something can it be later I was wandering around aimlessly and headed to.

My room but I wanted to use the bathroom so I opened the door went huh huh for some reason Miss mckin was in the bathroom I was so out of it but in an instant I snapped out of it wow she screamed and I closed the door dude you need to knock she was screaming but I was confused as to what.

Was happening why was Makino in my house we're going to live together now this is a and Shion we all got seated and my dad introduced everyone nice to meet you hioki my family was a single father household and i' had heard rumors about him getting remarried but I didn't know that we would be living together wow what a.

Coincidence that you were my classmate nice to meet you she spoke and smiled a familiar smile at me she looked like an angel again she must have known that we were going to be step siblings I don't think that's why she rejected me but I was a little grossed out since I know her real face Dad you need to tell me these things sooner sorry I was planning.

On selling you but I forgot I was going to tell you but you tried to go to your room before I had the chance how could you forget to tell something so important the only person that didn't know here was me me afterwards we started having dinner as a new family Mako pretended like nothing had ever happened just was smiling the whole time.

I headed back to my room while being trouble a Makino followed after me quickly the smile from a second ago was gone just so you know we need to act like we're friendly with each other in front of our parents also call me Shion at home I'll call you heroki too if we don't get used to it we might slip up somewhere you're so kind I also want my.

Dad to be happy so I agree with you all right then we both agree that we want the same thing let's do it I guess she's not just selfish there were definitely some parts that would be tough to let go but after seeing her care about her mother I was going to just ignore it that weekend they were going on a honeymoon getaway we pretended to get.

Along with each other to the best of our abilities they agreed that it would be fine and left just so you know don't act funny just because it's the two of us I'm just going to act like normal so don't worry we never talked to each other when our parents R around in private we never even had any kind of interaction okay fine she seemed a.

Little upset maybe she thought that it was weird that I wouldn't have any thoughts while it was just the two of us I didn't really understand how girls logic worked as a geek you want to have lunch together oh yeah I didn't think about lunch I can make you lunch just for this special occas occasion no I already cooked huh there was Curby rice.

Prepared on the table you made this yeah I usually do I cook for my dad I see I'll have some I guess she looked at my handmade curry rice before she took a bite and exclaimed what is this it's so good I'm glad you like it how did you make it taste so good I just cooked like I usually do this is what what her Curry.

Tastes like I'm a little upset that it's better than mine did you say something no never mind she seemed a little upset but finished her plate I have dessert too you want some I took out a hammmade pudding from the fridge wait you made this yourself too yeah I make stuff like this often she took a bite of the pudding and was surprise once again this.

Is so good you really made this yourself yeah I didn't know you could do this this is pretty normal I think I enjoyed making food and snacks but I also practice really hard for my dad as well to me my cooking was fairly normal but I guess to someone else it was pretty good thank you for the meal she.

Seems slightly upset as she finished her pudding and I put away the dishes immediately hang on I could at least take care of the dishes oh it's okay there's not too much the plate that had the curry was put away and the only only plate left over was the plate Shion was using to eat pudding you actually are really good at taking care of the house.

Aren't you I don't know because I've never really compared myself to anyone heroki you got to let me make dinner I can cook too you sure all right I'll be waiting for dinner then she showed me a nice hamburger patty full of confidence it didn't look burned but it looked just right how is it I can make fancy handmade cooking too wow hamburger.

Patties are tough to make you can make hamburger patties too I can make most things the most important thing is a flavor try it she encouraged me to try and I took a bite of the hamburger yeah it's great right I think hamburger patties like this where it's a little more solid sometimes is good wait hang on you can make hamburgers softer.

Than this I think it's probably a little softer than this so which one tastes better I think it depends on the person doesn't it I just cook mine based on how I like it so I'm sure there will be some people that prefer yours you're practically just saying that yours is better hey it's just my personal opinion so take it with a grain of.

Sal I can't believe that I'd lose to you over cooking I have some orange flavored jelly for dessert if you like some when did you make that I made it during the day it takes time to solidify you're too good at planning she complained but still ate the jelly happily I was going to take care of the dishes but she wouldn't budge and took it from me I.

Guess she has some kind of weird competitive towards me oh by the way the bath is ready so you can go ahead and take a shower first what I was going to get it ready after this I was free so you take care of the house when you're free yeah that's pretty normal she looked around before realizing that the house was.

Organized and clean wait did you claim too yeah I claimed while you're in your room are you some kind of housewife I didn't think of it like that I always do this you always do this how good at this stuff are you I don't know I think it's pretty normal I wouldn't know because I don't have anyone to compare myself to you can compare.

Yourself to me huh nothing I'm going to take a shower then she seemed upset for some reason why was she so upset you want some coffee milk huh my dad likes coffee milk after he gets out of the shower so I tried making some I have regular milk too I'll have the coffee milk the coffee milk that Shon drank had the perfect balance between coffee milk.

And sugar what the hell how could he make all of this she started questioning my existence and who I was I started leaving all the household chores to me however the one thing that bothered me was that she would usually just stare at me while I did things why are you staring at me you can be in your room I'm watching because I want to see.

You she was shocked at every turn from the way I prepped all my food made my dessert cleaned and did the laundry extremely efficiently it was almost as if I was trained to be a housekeeper I thought he was just some geek I'm sure he did this so he could make his dad happy he really loves his.

Dad huh I thought I worked hard to make my mom happy but I can't win she started changing her behavior after watching me for a day the weather is extra bad that night and every time there was Thunder xiam would scream you don't like lightning that much yeah I've never liked lightning since I was little right at that moment.

The power went out as soon as you heard the Thunder the room became pitch black and she in a panic I turned on the flashlight immediately and shined the area why do you have a flashlight I figured something like this might happen so I kept it near me you're.

Really calm huh yeah the power always goes out where there's lightning you react fast and you're not afraid of lightning either it's just a loud bang in some lights if you don't get struck by lightning it wouldn't cause any major issues that's what I thought the lights won't turn back on yeah it's taking a little while I'm sure we'll get power by.

Tomorrow wait what are you doing I finished prepping for my breakfast tomorrow so I figured I'd go to bed you're going to go to bed in this weather yeah you turn off the lights anyway when you go to bed right yeah but there's still lightning lightning struck again and she screamed this time please let me sleep with you I'm not sure if.

That's a good idea I'm scared please she seemed genuinely terrified I decided to accept her suggestion fine you can do what you want thank you heroki she seemed happy about it why are you hugging me because I'm scared she hugs me tightly from behind in bed I can't really sleep like this calm.

Down you're my brother-in-law right that's the first time you call me brother we step siblings but you always just call me by my name that's because I didn't expect you to be so reliable still look down you still looked down on me huh I don't care anymore but so you don't care about me anymore I think your family.

Yeah uh I I see she seems slightly upset huh heroki when I woke up I couldn't see heroki anymore as I went down to stairs I could see breakfast being prepared oh you're up I just finished preparing breakfast so I was about to go wake you up uh heroki huh thank you for last night don't mention it she got ready and we had.

Breakfast together after we finished eating she finally started talking hey heroki do you still like me I told you yesterday I think you're an important family member no I mean like when you asked me out that's a little tough to ask me you rejected me pretty harshly but don't worry I'm totally accepting it all and backing off just because we we.

Live together doesn't mean I should keep pushing my luck so all the things you've been doing they weren't to try to get my attention not at all I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so mean so please don't say that huh she looked upset when I looked at her you might not believe me but I've always liked you but I knew that I would be a.

Steps sister so I knew I had to push you away and said those mean things to make sure you wouldn't like me really it was a shocking truth to me I didn't know and she was the only one that knew ahead of time it would be siblings then I couldn't completely disregard what she was saying as lies I know all of the parts where you worked.

Really hard and living with you has shown me all the amazing qualities you have you're so kind and think of your family so much you're even kind to me when I was so mean to you her confession was so down to earth I know it's probably kind of a lot to ask for now but I can't hold back how much I like you so I would like to be your.

Girlfriend her face was bright cherry red it was after the whole storm and my rejection too so I'm sure it took even more courage than before I was pretty shocked when you rejected me but you seemed like you wanted to take care of your mom so I knew that you weren't completely rotten so I don't mind I have leted that go in the past you forgive me.

Every time you spoke to me at school I was a little happier I was always so lonely at school so it made me so happy I know I said I'll give up earlier but I really don't want to so does that mean living with you and getting to know you has made me fall for you even more Alabama style if I don't have to give it up then.

I want to keep loving you I want you to go out with me are you sure you're okay with a girl like me are you sure you're okay with a geek like me don't be like that you're the guy I fell for so I want you to have a lot of confidence I love you hioki we kissed each other and before we could act like actual step siblings we ended up.

Becoming full-blown Texas incest lovers to me Shan ended up becoming my angel I have a serious problem and that is big brother I'm going to take a bath with you I have a younger sister in eighth grade who was not afraid to take a bath with me I'm going to wash her back first Yuki let's have a talk later this situation I.

Have to do something for my piece of mine my name is toro ichino I'm an ordinary High School sophomore with no girlfriend recently my good friend got a girlfriend so I spent most of my time alone H everyone betrayed me I want a girlfriend no now is not the time for that what are you worried about on your own oh were you think thinking that you.

Wanted a girlfriend or something your smile is nice today too president and please don't read my thoughts without my permission she's an Narita the class president as you can see she's a beautiful girl but a little strange because you always have your thoughts written on your face so you look tired today but what's wrong well you know I.

Told the president about my sister Yuki so she has what's called a broon huh she's still sneaking into her brother's bed and barges in when I'm taking a shower at seventh grade I've already lectured her but it doesn't get better she loves you so much but how can I fix her broon if things continue as they are she's going.

To start saying let's get married or something no she's already been saying that for a long time H then I guess you'll have to take the risk H take the risk no no no I don't mean it like that it's a metaphor no I know what's with the sudden Su Deere the president who gets ahead of herself is pretty cute well she is pretty but but why would you.

Help me out president it's a Family Matter oh well it's just that I can't leave my classmat in trouble huh disorder at home affects school life too so we have to do something about it from the rout I see I don't think the President should intervene in such problems but by the way president what are you doing I'm just we're just.

Crossing arms no it's rubbing against me it's rubbing against me I'm going to pretend to be your girlfriend and show Yuki how it's done and flirt on top of that I see pretending to be a couple wait wouldn't this make things worse I have a bad feeling about this but at any rate the class president has agreed to cooperate with me me my mission and get.

Rid of her broon on the Saturday of that weekend the class president came to my house Yuki's eyes widen into a full circle in surprise when she saw her well let me introduce you this is a class president my girlfriend and Narita hi nice to meet you I'm an Narita tor's girlfriend you can call me steps sister okay wait brother what do you think.

You're doing bringing a girl into our house don't be rude wait is she angry is this jealousy if we keep this up maybe that's right an and I are really flirtatious at school right an is a little calling her by her name all of a sudden is crazy why is she blushing flirtatious brother you traitor.

You're the worst that's cheating cheating anyway I'm going to get it on with an in my room so don't come in it'll make things awkward no okay she looks pretty shocked at this rate I might be able to pull my broon of a sister away wait president you haven't been thinking straight since a while ago.

You go to my brother's room then oh she's going to accept it then she can give up my brother's coming to my room so we can flirt oh my sister what a brilliant broom way of thinking that would make it pointless for an to come visit wouldn't it anyway we're going let's go an uh oh yeah no don't go big brother.

Hey get off me Yuki do you want to play with us too then Yuki Chan what most of this relaxed attitude I have a bad feeling about this the two of them coming to my room is fine until isn't it kind of hot in here all right and then the president suddenly took off for clothes look at those.

Curves I'm so confident in my style you're very provocative president how voluptuous no don't get any Illusions this is just a plan then the three of us started playing the game of Life yay I'm having another baby this is my eighth one uh I don't know where to look hey big brother you're getting too excited that's not true.

I'm certainly nervous but I didn't mean it that way ouch my feet are numb wow hey an too close too close too close enough keep flirting like that then Yuki wait a minute if we stop now Yuki Chan will never get over her broon you're right I'll just have to be strong let her do it and suddenly I was left alone with the president hey I know.

We we got interrupted but what do you want to do after this um what should we do if the president leaves it'll look suspicious let's play another game H we could play games but why don't we do something a little more romantic romantic like what do you want to kiss a kiss that can't be good we're just pretending after all but I hi and.

Suddenly got pushed down on my bed a kiss is normal even if you're just pretending to be in a relationship I'm not going to go that far besides this would only escalate things further tun were you such a serious type no were you always as aggressive okay just a little it's my first kiss so I'm sorry if I'm not good at it the president's face is.

So close the sweet smell I'm going to kiss the president and the door suddenly open why didn't you you come after me big brother what are you doing Yuki this is different it's not different but it is no we were almost there what do you think you're doing pushing my brother down as you can see.

We're a couple so there's only one thing there to do H how presumptuous just because you're a couple doesn't mean you could do whatever a thought to myself as I watched the exchange between the two of them first of all president you came here to straighten up the family didn't you and Yuki where did you learn the word.

Promiscuous I'm just joking and finally in the evening it was time for the president to leave I wonder what this person came here to do after all well president thank you for coming today and I'll see you later in the week sh uh I got my mouth covered up by her finger okay hey tun listen to me carefully I'm going to stay the night.

Here for today what but why Yuki Chan's broon hasn't been fixed yet if I stay here tonight it's a done deal and even Yuki Chan will have no choice but to give up done deal yeah tomorrow morning I'll wake up in a days and you and Yuki Chan W run into each other that's certainly no that's too extreme isn't it I mean is.

It really okay to go that far even if it's just to pretend you want to fix Yuki Chan's broon right then you have no choice but to take this proposal uh in the end I was pushed into it and I let the president go to my room my parents weren't coming home today so it's just me and Yuki for dinner which is going to be awkward because of.

Today's incident here big brother open wide am I the only one who feels awkward Yuki's attitude is so normal that it scares me uh um you Yuki open up Yuki you're still mad at me aren't you I mean not only did you get a girlfriend and bring her home you were about to do some Monkey Business in the room which made me feel bad so you are mad ah do you.

Know why I'm mad at you that's because of that right well even an insensitive person like you would realize how much I'm appealing I like you not as a brother but as a guy well that's that's very sweet of you we we siblings after all I know I also know that I'm annoying you Yuki I want to say something but I.

Couldn't find the words Yuki knew that we couldn't cross a line between brother and sister I'm sure she was waiting for me to make a move to cross that line I'm sorry for forcing my feelings on you but I can't help it if you have a girlfriend uh we were pretending to be a couple I'm sorry maybe I should get a boyfriend too I'm.

Sure you'll get a boyfriend quickly because you're cute so hang in there yeah thanks brother after that we opened up to each other and I was relieved that I had achieved my goal even though I felt a little bad about it Yuki and I agreed to support each other like normal siblings but keep a certain distance from each other it's been a while since.

I've had a bath alone but I kind of missed the rowdiness already while I was aware of that Yuki and I become normal siblings I also felt a bit sad and when I got out of the bath and went to my room oh sorry I didn't have pajamas so I borrowed tor's shirt I completely forgot about this person oh president actually I made.

Peace with Yuki just now and we're going to be normal siblings from now on oh that's great congratulations and I'm sorry but there's no need for you to stay the night anymore so I'm going to have to ask you to leave you have no use for me now so you want me to go home uh yeah thank you for your.

Cooper wow that's that let's continue where we left off but we don't have to pretend anymore from here let's not just pretend but become an actual couple okay what you're really insensitive aren't you I've been trying to get you to like me for a long time but you didn't even notice I wouldn't have cooperated with with you if I didn't like you in the.

First place that may be true but no no no no but I may be the class president but to be honest I may not be that hard to get I can't resist it when I see you tun whoa wait wait president please tun make me your girlfriend but at that moment the door slammed I quickly pulled the covers over my head brother are you still awake I just wanted to say good.

Night hey Yuki did you come all the way out here to say good night wait what brother what's with the huge bulge of the covers since when were you pregnant I don't know what you mean by bulge hey uh I knew you were in there you Thief I've been caught what are you talking about what kind of dirty things.

Are you trying to do to my brother well because we're a couple I mean you're the one who's Dirty intruding into his bathtub and trying to sleep with him while they were arguing Yuki grabbed me by the chest what's going on big brother you're a monkey after all this is cheating you're cheating on me brother Yuki I can't breathe Yuki if you.

Don't let go of me soon I fell into a deep Darkness the next morning when I woke up Yuki was sleeping next to me as usual on the president was sleeping on the other side after that Yuki and the president kept fighting over me the president shows me off as her boyfriend at school and keeps coming into my room congrats F you guys.

Look good together Yuki's all over me at home in fact her broom was escalating rapidly strange the president who came here to correct the family was the one who disrupted it the most and my sister's broon was getting worse what am I supposed to do with this situation my name is mitsu kokono and I'm a seconde high school student in our.

School we have a daunting gang member who everybody's afraid of that Troublemaker is the girl who's currently in front of me her name is yotsuba yatsuhashi it's rumored that she could beat anybody up in the blink of an eye if you get near her as a result of those rumors everybody fears her too much to get close to her according to those.

Rumors everyone who's tried to go against her in Middle School ended up in tears you're late the reason why this Troublemaker told me to come to the rooftop to talk to her I'm pretty sure everybody can guess the answer yep it's because I'm hungry let's hurry and eat yeah because we were going to eat lunch together hey yeah I can see your.

Underwear when you sit like that I don't care if you at mitsuru gosh let me introduce her again Yuba yatsuhashi she's my childhood friend and have also been promised her hand in marriage the rumors going around are completely false she's not a gang member or anything like that well the correct description of her would be my Troublemaker squats is.

Getting better she's a normal girl who admires gang members she had flashy blonde hair and wore her uniform messily her glare was enough to make you think that she could beat you to a pulp but that's all because she's purposely doing those things to copy gang members she's never even been in a fight in fact she had normal black hair in middle school.

And was more of a plain and introverted girl back then you're probably wondering why she's like this now well it's a long story when Yota was young she couldn't fit in with her classmates because of her introverted personality and she'd often be left out of course I was always her friend and fiance so she wasn't completely.

Alone the problem started in Middle School in elementary school she was just a girl who didn't have friends but as a middle schooler she became a clear Target for hostility I guess everybody saw her as a vulnerable Target since she was plain and introverted Yota knew this herself as a result she decided to change up her.

Entire personality when she started High School essentially she went by the no one will attack me if I look strong motto which is why she was mimicking people who appear to be strong this is the result of that the emergence of Yuba the gang member.

Oh hey h oh hey mitsuru don't scare innocent people like that I didn't we just made eye contact in normal people's terms what she's doing is called glaring my eye contact is getting better too what you're not going to have any friends if you keep doing things like.

That I'm okay as long as I have you mitsuru it does make me happy to hear her say that but I don't know it was the same as in elementary school and middle school I was the only person by her side and she still had no friends I was a little skeptical whether this was how she wanted to live her life.

Or not I was going to head home with Yota as usual after school but where did she go I couldn't find her anywhere she probably wouldn't leave me and head home alone maybe she needed to take care of something huh isn't that the Troublemaker with a bad reputation from.

The classroom next door why is he crying hey mitsu sorry about the wait oh Yota where were you I was looking for you sorry someone called me out to talk to me somebody wanted to talk to you yep the boy with the weird haircut from the classroom next door weird haircut it's definitely that guy from earlier then what happened he told.

Me something along the lines of don't get too cocky so I resolved the problem problem peacefully peacefully he was in tears though yeah I just looked into his eyes and got a little closer he ran away after that oh the rumors that everybody who went against her in middle school was beaten to a pulp even if she didn't actually throw hands the fact that she.

Chases troublemakers away like that probably makes the rumor sound real as a result people became more afraid of her this is exactly what yota's wishing for though you don't have to worry about me mitsu no one is going to attack the person that I am now everyone is afraid of my looks and the rumors about me it might be true that nobody was going to.

Attack her but it wasn't just that nobody was attacking her nobody was befriending her either huh huh what don't force yourself too much okay yeah it was cold today but I could see a hint of sweat on her forehead she was probably scared she doesn't need to do all this.

She could always come to me for help if anything happens like she used to do that evening I was relaxing and reading at my house mitu aren't you getting hungry now yeah it was 600 p.m. now dinner time Yola and I were promised for marriage so even when we each technically lived with our parents we'd often be together at one of our.

Houses let's have dinner then yeah since my parents were always busy and weren't home much there were many instances where having Yota with me made things I'm so hungry then move harder she wasn't any help at all in fact she probably added to my workload I don't want to don't say that I have to make dinner.

I know move please if I I move it means I have to be separated from you mitsu that's what I'm asking you to do I can't make dinner if you don't move that's a problem what if you make dinner for a change then in the Kingdom of yotsuba culinary art is a skill that hasn't been invented yet what kind of kingdom is that I can't ask you to spoil.

Me like this at school because I have to keep up my image so I need to take as much vitamin mitsuru as I can home so that's that carry me and cook for me am I your babysitter it smells so good it's almost ready I'm so excited her face and voice are both.

Relaxed my cute fiance is a spoiled brat and lazy too I have a feeling she wants to act this way at school shouldn't she be able to act this way after dinner dinner can you do my homework too you're joking right correction I think it would be a problem if she was always like this where did she go one day at school I was going to have lunch with Yota but I.

Couldn't find her anywhere huh is somebody messing with her again Yota oh mitsu is that your friend nope nothing at all I bet apparently she doesn't think too fondly of me there were more and more people who were starting to think that way Yota not being attacked compared to before might have just been an illusion she's getting enemies once.

Again just in a different way listen huh maybe you should stop that style don't you think it's fine don't worry about me I won't be a bother to you mitsu I'm okay on my own okay the old Yota wouldn't say anything like this I think she's starting to say things that are very mature sure I also think that she's starting to say things.

That make me feel lonely after school I received a single text message you can head home first the text was from Yuba she didn't add any explanation to the message I'm pretty sure the girl earlier had called her out gosh we've never walked home from school alone before it's so sad when she says things like that you came here.

Without running away good girl you irritate me you know there's a rumor that the scariest gang member in our school is you right what about it I'm telling you to stop acting like you own the place this is my territory let's go at it oneon-one you were beating up a bunch of people in.

Middle School weren't you yeah aren't you scared not at all in fact I'm excited let's decide who should stand at at the top I can't fool this girl my halfhazard put together appearance words and actions my fake rumors don't scared this girl at all are you ready do you want to make any rules I don't really care uh what should I do I'm scared I.

Can't run away someone help wait I can't I promised myself I won't make him worry about me or bother him too much I promised myself that I deal with whatever problems came my way it's whatever we don't need to make any rules let's just do this oneon-one H sounds good I like that attitude of yours at least she's a girl I might be.

Able to there's no way you'll be able to handle this on your own if you're going to text me that you're going home alone you should turn off your location what is he part of your group yep we're doing this oneon-one if you're going to get in the way I'll have my boys deal with you go.

Ahead do whatever you want mitso I'm fine oh are you going to act Acky when there are so many more of us yeah yeah Yota let's go home what the hell are you going to run away there's no way I'm going to listen to you we already made a deal to challenge each other one-onone just like I said earlier if you're going to get in the way yeah I don't really.

Want to fight you anyways and don't put your hands on Yota from now on if I get in the way then what huh go ahead say it what's going to happen hey you yeah I'm warning you if you're planning to mess with Yota in the near future I'll do as you wish and fight with everyone here I made you worry about me again.

Again don't worry about it but it bothers me I promised myself that I'd never bother you about things like this again what this incident sparked a new rumor the rumors about yota's middle school days changed into anybody who messed with Yota would end up in tears well those rumors are sort of true Yota had been left out by our peer since.

Elementary school and she became a target for hostility in Middle School in the beginning I was always by her side and I get angry at the people who try to bully her but one day he hey Yaba what happened uh it's fine it's not a big deal who did that to you I'm okay tell me who did this to you I was extremely angry I was angry at the person who hurt.

Yota but also at myself because I'd failed to protect her mitsuru what's up yua are you you okay what happened you need to treat those injuries it'll all be okay huh nobody will hurt you like that ever again muru so stop worrying I'm sorry about everything you came back twice as injured as I was that's when I made a promise to.

Myself I'm never going to bother you again I'm never going to let you get hurt again that's why I promised to be stronger I see it was all a misunderstanding she didn't create this fake personality in order to protect herself you pushed yourself that hard because of me you don't need to.

Apologize she did it all for me but no matter what I do I create problems for you that's not true it is at this fright you won't be able to be with me anymore don't worry no matter what happens I'll be by your side Yota mitsu because it's hard watching you you pretend to be somebody you're not every day that's why I want you to be and do whatever makes.

You the most comfortable no matter what version of yourself you decide to be I'll be by your side forever okay now I can be as clingy as I want with you at school just like that yota's gang member personality that had lasted for almost 2 years came to an end that day let's hurry home and have dinner.

I'll make you something something today oh really yep I'll put boiling water in instant noodles okay I'll cook so don't do anything okay well it's kind of sad that I won't be able to see blonde Yota anymore though guess what I heard that mitzu defeated the Troublemaker group all on his own that's so scary I'm going to try.

Not to talk to him oh do you want me to give you tips on how to act like a gang member no thank you I'm katsky hanagata I'm a dull sophomore in college I used to be excited about the campus life of my dreams but being a dull guy with poor communication skills there was no way I.

Could fit in with the extroverted crowd so I was living a lonely college life all by myself speaking of the blind date party what should we do with the Lost person blind date party that's nice I've never been invited to one of those before that's right oh hey anag got you free next week what uh I'm free okay then you're coming to the.

Party too no way I never thought I would get invited but why you're just the right person to make us stand out oh yeah for sure he's plain dorky and has a dark Vibe I got my hopes up a little bit but that's why yeah come all you have to do is sit there well you're not going to be able to take a girl home even if you try uh fine I'll go I'm the type of.

Person who gets used conveniently and can't say no that's me how pathetic okay Quest complete my Escape is this online game I've been playing for a while now I don't have any friends so I I have a lot of time on my hands before I knew it I was at a pretty high level and I spent a lot of time helping.

Newbies and people in need with their quests thanks you were a great help again and the guy I'm doing the quest with right now has been an online friend of mine for over a year I've been helping him since he was a beginner and he's gotten pretty strong since then speaking of which where do you live katsky I'm in Tokyo ah I live in Tokyo.

Too so you live pretty close then let's have an offline meeting I'd like to hang out with you an offline meeting I've never done that before well I've known this guy for a long time besides it would be good practice for my real life communication skills yeah sure yes okay the schedule is and on the day of the meeting it's.

Finally time I accepted the invite on the spur of the moment but oh no what if a scary person comes along calm down we've known each other for a year even if it's online no matter how scary he looks it won't be a um katsky Kun is that you ah yes problem it was a big problem oh thank goodness I didn't get the wrong guy uh huh what's wrong did I.

Mistake you for someone else after all uh a girl oh my avatar was a male character wasn't it I'm sorry once again my name is Kan Yan nice to meet you you're joking all right where shall we go kyun I've been thinking a lot about what kind of person was going to come but I didn't expect this I barely have.

Experience hanging out with anyone let alone a girl kyun yes what's wrong you're so quiet well um are you bored with me by any chance no not at all I I'm just too nervous to speak then please say something he'll be sad if you don't talk uh Yana Sayan Kan is fine calling by.

Name already Kaa why do you use a male character oh that's because I don't like it when guys come to me when I use a female character what I've always been asked out by guys and I get approached by guys I don't even know well being this beautiful some were pretty pushy that's why I'm not good with guys so.

Even in games I used a male character because I didn't want to be hit on huh but then why did you come hang out with me are you curious well why would she invite me if she doesn't like guys that much I've wanted to meet you for a long time katsky Kun what you are always kind not only to me but to others as well I.

Couldn't see you with ulterior motives uh that's why I was curious I imagined you'd be a really nice guy unlike any guy I've known before I feel kind of bad I may have been a Dependable highle character online but in reality it I'm a dull guy with poor communication skills and no redeeming.

Qualities as expected you really are nice huh I know we just met but I feel at ease when I'm with you katsky Kun really yes I like you katun what she she likes me is she making fun of me how about you katun what about my first impression uh I uh I uh think you're.

Cute it's nice to be called cute but just looks even if you say that we've only just met I thought you were a guy when we were playing games so I wasn't conscious of you at all well that's okay you'll get to know me from now on what wa hey I want you to like me too so please find out a lot about me.

Today yes does she actually like me I mean for someone like me who has no experience with girls I'm on the verge of getting knocked out when a cute girl like this holds my hand it was a pretty good movie wasn't it yeah it was who would have thought someone like me who doesn't watch movies going on a date with a girl.

And I got to see katsky Coon's good side what remember the kid dropped his popcorn and cried just before the reception oh yeah and then you ran over and bought him a new popcorn I thought wow katsky kun's so nice to everyone anyone would do that if someone cries in front of you you can't Overlook.

It not everyone katun is a very nice person kissan um what is it your soft marshmallows are it's on purpose what it's getting pretty dark yeah it's getting late so let's get going soon I'm.

Disappointed what I still don't feel like I don't feel like you like me yet no it it's not like that that's right do you live alone kyun yeah I do I live alone too uh I see living alone is inconvenient isn't it cleaning and cooking for yourself well yeah I guess so so let's live together what I'm perfectly capable of cooking doing.

Laundry and every other household chore wait a minute moving in together out of the blue I'm more useful than a Roomba that's not the point you don't want to no I mean then let's go what and so dinner's ready thanks wow that's a lot I did my best for katsky Kun and so kissan and I started living together.

Katun I'll clean your room what no it's fine you don't have to do that but living alone you can't always take care of things then I'll do it with you okay okay kissan did everything for me Hyun whoa hey why are you coming in I'll wash your back no no no no it's okay it's okay but.

It's kind of hard to wash your back when you live alone that's not true she might have been doing a little too much for me okay let's go to bed um I'll sleep on the floor so you can take the bed nope we're sleeping together but when you live alone you don't get to sleep together as much as you'd like is there something wrong with.

That come on let's go to bed you'll catch a cold uh all right it's warm your marshmallows hey kyun I'm so happy now H I'm sorry I'm the only one happy but the truth is me too I'm uh I'm happy kyun I think I liked you from the moment.

I met you but I was so confused and surprised that I couldn't sort it out now I understand clearly I like you Kanan so if you like please go out with me yes of course and so t an and I decided to go out with each other good morning kyun good morning kosan fortunately yesterday's incident was not a dream and.

Kosan Was preparing breakfast for me such a beautiful girl is my girlfriend and we live together maybe it really is a dream speaking of which I have plans this evening so I'll make dinner and leave it for you in the evening what's wrong nothing you don't have to cook dinner I have plans today too oh I see I totally forgot today is the day of the.

Blind date party now that I have kissan I probably shouldn't really go but if I cancel now it will cause trouble for the others besides I'm just there to make up the numbers so I don't have anything to be guilty of well it doesn't matter as long as she doesn't find out there's no problem there were a lot of problems she.

Was here why why is kissan here why are you going to a blind date party when you have a boyfriend I can't speak for others but hey Conor what do you usually do for fun I play games oh I play a lot of games too what kind of games do you play anything everyone's after kissan they're really.

Aggressive eh H are you looking at hanagata stop it kanachan it's no fun to look at such a dull boring guy that's right I just invited him here today to make up the numbers huh that's right I'm just here to make up the numbers I have no reason uh I have to use the bathroom yeah you.

Don't have to come back just pay the bill I'm so pathetic in front of kissan cheating what going to a blind date party and hiding it from your girlfriend no it's just like they said I'm only here to make up the numbers H kissan you too why are you here at a blind date party same for me too see I.

Even have evidence of the exchange uh you're right you didn't believe me no no it's not like that I was joking well what should we do let's just go through with it until it's time to go home for now okay let's do that also hm you should choose your friends carefully guys like them don't fit you katsky.

Kun they're not my friends in the first place hey kanachan where do you live somewhere in Kanto what's your ideal type of man someone who doesn't talk to me who's your type among all of us a fly that just passed in front of me he's not noisy wow that's a hell of a cold attitude and the guys around her don't.

Seem to be discouraged oh I'll take your plate thanks that's very thoughtful you have an empty glass would you like something to drink yeah I think I'll have a whiskey Coke next if anyone wants a salad I'll serve it oh ellite ellite thanks I guess it's a habit from playing games I tend to be more aware of my.

Surroundings that was fun hey cona what are you doing after this you're coming to the Afterparty right yes I'm coming oh seriously kanaan's finally opening up to us I'm only going with katsky Kun though no way why are you going with with a guy like hanagata do you have a problem I don't think he deserves to be treated like.

That what come on katun let's go yeah oh oh well let's go to the after party with the remaining six of us then oh I'll pass what me too I won't go if kyon's not there wait what part of that dull guy dull guy he's kind considerate and nice you guys are incompetent people who just talk it's boring to be with.

You by the three of us are going to get another drink you were quite popular weren't you what I don't think so H the fact that you don't realize it makes it even worse even if you say so it's true that I like kyon's kind and gentle nature to everyone but in exchange for being kind to every everyone you have to be twice as kind to.

Me yes I mean I have no intention of getting involved with any woman other than kanisan in the future hey do you feel that the sound to my heart yeah it's okay go ahead and listen excuse me as you can see I'm in the middle of the greatest incident ever how.

Did this happen my name is Utah Mita I'm a sophomore at a public high school I'm so tired why do I have to go to school school should come to me I'm the epitome of lethargy and laziness do I have a girlfriend of course not that's just too much work no I'm not saying that to be cynical for being.

Unattractive yeah then one day when I came home from school youon long time no see you've grown up haven't you oh hello my neighbors Mr and Mrs nme and their daughter saana were at my house although saana was from a different school she was my childhood friend who was the same age as me I hadn't seen her in about a year h ah we were close until middle.

School but when we went to high school we grew apart I mean it was obvious that saana didn't like me when I asked her why they were at my house she told me that her father was going to be transferred overseas from next month I heard that her mother was also going with him and Sana was the only one who would be staying in Japan so in.

Conclusion we've decided to let SAA stay at our house for a while what a girl living by herself wouldn't be safe would it the room next to yours is open and I've always wanted a daughter too what I'm sorry UT it might be a burden but I'm counting on.

You and it seems that things were already decided before I came home living together H look at her did I ever do something wrong to SAA I had no recollection at all Well it can't be helped that she hates me I'll just have to put up with it that's how I started living with my childhood friend SAA however what you got transferred to.

Hokkaido 2o ah I'm so bummed I got the notice all of a sudden 3 days after saana started Living With Us my father got transferred to a rural area worried about his lack of ability to make a living my mother decided to go with him as well what sorry son Chan I left the house and UT's hands so call me if anything happens.

Okay don't worry have a good one it's even more awkward and so we went from living together to seriously living together it ended up being just the two of us but from the next day SAA started acting strange when I woke up in the morning I.

Made you breakfast oh okay and here's your lunch take it with you today uh okay despite acting cold saana made my breakfast and even packed my lunchbox you know I told you I take care of the housework right huh I'll take care of that I'm your housemate Sana agreed to take care of all of the.

Housework I don't know if I should be thankful or uncomfortable well I guess SAA is being considerate in her own way she must have really disliked making a lunch boox for someone she dislikes during lunch break I opened saa's homemade lunch box what is this the letters l o v were written oh your mom is really into it.

Today huh uh yeah what is this supposed to be is she making fun of me wait but it tastes good and at night hey what what are you wearing what I'm just wearing light clothes because it's hot what do you mean I'm a guy you know huh UT are you getting excited seeing me dress like this and she provokes me by saying that.

Oh man I can't get rid of the image of her outfit I just saw I got out of the bath and went to my room to find s already sleeping on my bed no wait a second why is she sleeping in my bed H sleeping together is not a good idea I decided to sleep on the couch in the.

Living room the next morning I was slammed awake oh why are you sleeping here what because you were sleeping in my bed you should have just slept with me then we used to sleep together that was an elementary school right we're in high school now sana's Strange Behaviors Happened One after another this might be.

Due to the stress of housework anyways this can't go on like this that's what I thought and that evening I made a proposal to saana Let's split the housework 50/50 what why was the food not good or was there something wrong with me no not at all in fact you're perfect then how come you you don't need me no no it's.

Not like that but if I leave everything to to you I'm going to get lazier and lazier aren't I I'm too lazy and lethargic to do anything in the first place I can't let saana keep doing everything for me I can't put any more burden on you and you're not even a housewife and I don't want to start acting strange because of the stress.

That's why I'll do my best with the housework I'll try to help you out UT for the next 3 days I cleaned the bathroom the toilet and made dinner instead of SAA I made some mistakes but it looks like I can handle the cleaning for now however hey UT are you okay uh yeah are you sure are you really sure do you need any help SAA was always.

Checking on me which made things difficult late at night I lay in bed completely exhausted I'm so tired housework is so much work I was once again filled with gratitude for my mother and SAA the next night I decided to say something I've been too embarrassed to say SAA um.

Today's Bento was delicious too thanks what yeah no problem saa's brightest smile come to think of it I haven't seen this kind of expression on sana's face for a long time but it was that evening when I was just beginning to think I could get along with saana um UTA I have something important to tell.

You when saana came into my room her expression was somewhat dark let me do the housework after all what are you sure I mean why because it's practice practice I want to practice for my future husband oh that's what she meant the reason SAA has been diligently doing the housework it wasn't for me SAA wants to practice for the man who will be her.

Husband in the future when I thought that I felt somewhat sad and disappointed while I was a little bit hurt I thanked SAA who would prepare breakfast and lunch for me again from tomorrow at lunchtime when I opened my lunchbox it changed from love to I love you this is not for me your lunch today it's so.

Enthusiastic rather heavy a I felt even heavier when I realized that it wasn't for me and when I got home you must be tired I'll give you a massage she suddenly started massaging I'm going to wash your back you can't do that I even showed up.

In the bathtub suddenly her strange Behavior started to become even more extreme than before as days like that continued one day I was lying down in my room and reading manga when SAA came in I asked her what she wanted what are you reading she laid down next to me is that manga interesting uh yeah it's called count.

On's romance I tried my hardest to play it off then SAA suddenly raised her posture and straddled me hey what are you doing you've been so distant lately I didn't mean to but but maybe I've been acting like that without realizing it and why are you straddling me I wanted a little reward today saying that saana pulled my hands to.

Hers I couldn't believe it but she took my hand to press it against her own chest isn't this a reward for me hey my heart is thumping yeah what is this girl doing UT you're a guy after all aren't you come on stop how do you feel right now I mean it was just me and SAA in this house right.

Now under the circumstances SAA and I are no it's not like that cut it out already what I pushed SAA away from me this is all practice right for your future husband yeah it is but then don't try these things on me so lightly do that kind of thing for him then saana giggled and hugged my back oh are you.

Jealous this kind of thing should be for your future husband you're as insensitive as ever I told you there's no problem SAA suddenly kissed me on the cheek why my future husband is is you UTA what what I'm surprised you didn't notice at all even after all the things I did to you but didn't you hate me it's not that.

I was just annoyed because you didn't contact me at all after we went to different schools does that mean uh that you like me H you're so cute when you're embarrassed wao wait a minute the morning after that a smiling sauna saw me off and I left the house at noon when I opened my lunch.

Box your mom isn't she a little bit crazy these days doesn't she love you too much are you okay the words in My Lunchbox had changed from I love you to let's get married I think it's time I get serious for SAA who loves me this much and that skirt too right of course hurry.

Up and undress it for me I've never even lifted a skirt before and here I am about to take it off B atit I'm Kazam shiraishi I deliver newspapers in the morning in the evening I work part-time at a family restaurant family restaurant today I support the family financially by working part-time for my parents who don't work properly oh if kaz's parents.

Would work properly there's no point in expecting anything from those parents walking next to me is my childhood friend aumu Takahashi she's a kind girl who worries for me since she knows my family situation huh that's my dad's car why is it in front of the high school as I was wondering my father got out of the car Kaza we're going to start a new.

Business overseas from now on so you take this what wait what do you mean well take take care he handed me a sign that read I can take care of you please hire me and drove away what's going on no way Kima wait there aumu ran inside the school and when she came back I was told something terrible oh my God Kaza you've been dropped out from the school.

What it seems like your father got you to drop out so he could get the rest of your tuition back so they were serious when they said they sold the house my parents would do that they're the kind of people who act on the spur of the moment what are you going to do now Kaza I'm going to have to get some more work I guess I'm not going to let my feelings.

Get the better of me I put up the sign my father gave me and started looking for work hey Kima Are you seriously going to use that maybe a kind former classmate will give me a job all right but the other students were giggling at the sight of me even my former classmates were yelling at me I guess it's not going to work out so well after.

All hey Kaza if you don't have a place to live you can stay at my place what an interesting thing you're doing a luxury car was parked in front of me and out came R Kujo a famous local rich girl she's really pretty and popular with a lot of guys what's that a new kind of game it's not a game actually I explained the situation to Kujo that's a.

Tough break for you I'll hire you then how about a million yen a month a million yen really I'm not lying I'm your classmate after all if you want I'll give it to you right now if you sign this contract thank you Kujo son I wondered why she had a contract at hand but I was about to sign it immediately because of the high monthly pay oh wait.

A minute Kaza read the contract carefully what what the job description said the following kiss good morning take a bath together sleep together every night if you violate these rules you will be married what the hell is this damn it was almost looking good kuoan I can't sign a contract like this oops I gave you the contract I made just.

For fun I don't know it kind of seemed intentional that's not true it's a real contract this time reading the job description it only said that the job was to take care of basic things and nothing suspicious was written well then oh wait a minute something's fishy she's giving you a million yen just to take care of her I.

Bet she's going to sell your organs or something what do you think I am I wouldn't do that I just wanted to help a classmate who's in trouble you tried to make him sign a weird contract earlier though that was a mistake are you the one who can save him from his predicament what about tuition a house I'd let him live in my house and work.

For me I'd even support him with his tuition uh aumu it's fine there's no other job that pays so well I feel bad for kuoan but I'll take her kindness it's a done deal then I'm looking forward to working with you Kaza after that Kujo canceled my withdrawal and I was able to go to school again here comes the homeless guy.

I thought you quit school my classmates who had witnessed the morning scene were already spreading rumors and making fun of me as soon as I entered the classroom I decided to hire Kaza I will not allow you to insult my servant with kujo's intervention the class became quiet instantly but soon a different voice Rose coosan if you want a servant hire.

Me I'll work for free I do anything for free too kuoan I wouldn't want someone who be Littles others to come near me they were rejected without a second thought and the classmates fell silent by the way what do you want me to do just come when I call you and the rest of the time you're free to do whatever Kaza can you.

Come here yes my first job came around quickly does she need me to carry her stuff just hold arms with me to the next class what not to carry your stuff I want to to know you first you're my servant so we have to trust each other but it's a little embarrassing to walk arm in- arm are you going to give up your job no I'll gladly hold arms with.

You hold arms with me whenever we move to a different classroom is that clear yes Kaza your lunch looks pretty plain is it I think it's pretty normal I brought my own lunch for the day but what should I do for tomorrow Kima let me taste your lunch sure but it might not taste good to you I just want to try a regular person's lunch it's pretty.

Good is it I don't think it's as good as yours Kujo son no this is flavorful on its own oh um kuoan if you eat that much I won't have enough then you could have my lunch oh no my lunch and Kujo son's lunch are out of proportion Kujo lunch box was a luxurious one not the kind ordinary people eat you eat that and study its taste from now on you're.

Making my lunches if that's the case I'll have it as soon as I took a bite I knew it was different from the ingredients the meat was tender and the Egg was rich and deep even if I was asked to reproduce this I don't know if I could don't get so worked up just do the best you can I'll do my best I imprinted the Tastee on my tongue and.

Brain so I wouldn't forget kuo son's house was Grand just like I had expected I also expected there to be many servants but since her parents rarely came home it was just isan the maid and kuoan Kazuma will be living and working here from today Kazuma you remember what your job is don't you taking care of me.

Yeah what exactly do I have to do change me into those clothes over there what I said undress my uniform no no no isn't that a bad idea I usually let I do it but she's busy too if I don't cut her some slack there's no point in hiring you will you not sue me I'm asking you I won't do that then excuse me I put away my dirty thoughts and unbuttoned kujo's.

Uniform I took off her top which left her in a CI soul I quickly put on her jacket trying not to look as much as possible and that skirt too right of course I've never even lifted a skirt before and here I am about to undress it I took it off despite being nervous disappointed Kujo chuckled she was wearing shorts under her skirt no I'm.

Relieved I got her to change into her skirt trying to play it cool Kima come in with me and wash my hair no no that's too much you're supposed to take care of me right does this count as taking care of you anyway we go in together Kujo started taking off her clothes I turned away in a hurry Kuma if you won't undress yourself shall I I turned around.

To see Kujo in a bath towel no no I'll I'll take it off myself all right I'll wait for you inside then at this point I had no choice but to go with her I braced myself put on the Gown that was provided and went inside all right here's the shampoo she handed me some shampoo that looked expensive I had worked at a head Spa in the past so I.

Began carefully washing cojo's hair you're pretty good at it I worked at a head Spa before after I finished washing her hair Kujo stood up in return I'll wash your hair now it's fine you don't need to ah the hot water kuoan I immediately caught her as she.

Fell down there was only a bath towel so the soft parts of kujo's body could be felt almost directly Kujo son pull yourself together you don't need to be so worried about me what did you say something nothing Kujo straightened herself up and sat down on the chair again are you all right now thanks to you now wash my body.

Kujo put her hand on the bath towel I'm sorry I can't do this anymore I ran out of the bathroom in a panic kma sleep with me hey aren't we doing the things in the first contract after all this is just another Personal Care thing I can't sleep unless someone sleeps with me I ran away in the bath I guess I can't run away here Kujo was sleeping I was too.

Nervous to sleep but if you didn't hire me I wouldn't be able to sleep in a warm bed or take a bath thank you Kujo son I started to feel an affection for Kujo and kissed her in gratitude I woke up early and stood in the kitchen I made Kujo son's lunch as promised and breakfast as well good morning Kaza kuoan dressed in her school uniform and.

Ian came downstairs good morning Kujo son I told me she said that you were making breakfast for me I promised to make lunch so I just made it as well it's just ready so you can have it if you'd like delicious how can you make it so good because you had all the right ingredients I had experience cooking at a family restaurant so I just.

Used that and cooked as usual so working at a family restaurant wasn't just about serving customers when we were moving around I held arms with kuoan and I was no longer uncomfortable doing so a change in my feelings towards Kujo had showed I'm looking forward to kazuma's lunch don't expect too much as we were about to open our lunch boxes wait a.

Second uh aumu what's wrong aumu glared at Kujo Kujo son stop using Kazuma anymore how rude all of a sudden I wasn't using him I'll take care of Kazuma my parents agreed to let me and I'll work part time to help pay for the tuition why would you do that because I like Kaza I liked him since we were kids what you did hjo son don't.

Think you can get everything with money you noticed of course I would you tried to give him that contract after all what are you talking about hoo likes Kazuma too what you didn't notice I wouldn't let someone I don't like help me get dressed take a bath or sleep in the same bed with me what are you making Kuma do.

Coo son you're filthy Kazuma is really good at using his fingers it feels so good what don't say it in a misleading way we're talking about washing hair right but you took a bath with kuoan right aumu looked at me with disdain h i did wash kuo son's hair but we bathed separately because I ran away kuoan You're aw over taking advantage of.

Kima's weakness in and making him do such a thing you're right at first I tried to do it in a flirtatious way but in the end Kaza accepted me he even kissed my forehead kosan you were awake you went for it when she was sleeping Kuma you're Shameless I wish you'd kiss me on the lips next time that was gratitude to you.

For helping me kuoan but but more importantly why did you fall for a normal guy like me I used to go to the family restaurant in Disguise when I saw Kazuma serving customers there I fell in love with him I even ask the manager for your shift the manager told me about a female customer who comes from me but that was you is that why he was so.

Concerned about sales when I told the manager I was leaving I like Kaza because you have a nice polite smile for all customers it's only been a day but I learned a lot from living with him it has to be Kaza welcome kuoan that's how you felt about me I was struck by Kujo son's Earnest confession.

However Kaza you promised to marry me before didn't you aumu interrupted me as if she was disturbing my feelings isn't that a promise you made when you were kids I take baths with Kazuma now you know Kuma you're just being made to be Koo son's play thing I'm the one that Kazuma likes the most and if he wants to take a bath with me I can do it too I.

Don't really want this but if you insist it's true that Kazuma kissed me in my sleep you said earlier that it was out of gratitude didn't you Kazuma don't make affection and gratitude he kissed me plenty of time saying I like you a lot AUM muchan that was when you were kids right that doesn't count Kima I'm the one you like the most right you've.

Seen my embarrass ing Parts don't tell me you're not going to take responsibility which one do you like I never expected two people to confess their feelings for me at the same time what's the right thing to do in such a situation someone tell me thank you for watching how was.

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