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[Manga Dub] The new girl is my step sister!? [RomCom]


Our class had a brand new girl that was immediately popular the second she transferred in her name was Xi'an Makino she was popular in every social group that you could think of she was even kind enough to talk to a loner like me and to top it off she was beautiful Miss Makino and we should hang out after.

Class sorry maybe next time she's being asked out again my name is haroki umiya I'm a junior in high school I wish I could go out with Miss Makino too but the only connection we have is that I sit next to her and I didn't have the courage to ask her out morning here you dropped your eraser oh thanks see you tomorrow omia.

Yeah see ya she only spoke to me like this but it made me Overjoyed the only person that would talk to me at all in this class was Miss Makino I hope she doesn't go out with anyone wish I could get along with her more I figured that she would eventually end up going out with someone so I decided I.

Would ask her out first thank you for coming Miss Makino no don't mention it how rare of you to come talk to me on your own what did you want to talk about she was grinning but she was grinning at me like an angel if I asked her out I might never be able to see her like this anymore but I still mustered at whatever.

Courage I had to ask around thank you Miss Makino for you to ask me out and I just love luck the silence was deafening to me it was all fear depending on her answer our relationship would change forever even if she didn't give me the answer I'd hoped for I wanted a relationship to at least stay the same as before that's.

What I was thinking talking about you disgusting loser well go out with a game Aquino with a look on her face that I'd never seen before the only reason I talk to you at all was because I wanted to be that as the girl that was kind to everyone don't you get.

It I would never talk to a geek like you otherwise but I was in shock I thought she was an angel but it was all my calculated Behavior I was full too she was not my Ally at all just so you know you better not tell anyone about this I'm sure no one will talk to you anyways but don't.

Worry I'll act a nice in front of everyone as usual okay bye she spoke to me in the tone I'd not heard before she's still planning on using me after breaking my heart this was not the relationship I'd wanted I was so shocked that I couldn't move after I lost all hope I wandered the.

Streets for a while before I got dark and I had to head home you're a little pretty lights are okay I'll have to tell you something can it be later I was wandering around aimlessly and headed to my room but I wanted to use the bathroom so I opened the door when huh.

Huh for some reason Miss Makino was in the bathroom I was so out of it but in an instant I snapped out of it she screamed and I closed the door she was screaming but I was confused with what was happening mine was Makino in my house we're going to live together now this is.

Akane and xion we all got seated my dad introduced everyone nice to meet you Hiroki my family was a single father household and I had heard rumors about him getting remarried but I didn't know that we would be living together wow what a coincidence that you or my classmate nice to meet you.

She spoke and smiled a familiar smile at me she looked like an angel again she must have known that we were gonna be step siblings I don't think that's why she rejected me but I was a little grossed out since I know her real face Dad you need to tell me these things sooner.

Don't worry I was planning on selling you but I forgot I was going to tell you but you tried to go to your room before I had the chance how could you forget to tell something so important well the only person that didn't know here was me afterwards we started having dinner as a new family mckino pretended like nothing.

Had ever happened he was smiling the whole time I headed back to my room on being trouble and Makino followed after me quickly the smile from a second ago was gone just so you know we need to act like we're friendly with each other in front of our parents also call me Shion at.

Home I'll call you heroki too if we don't get used to it we might slip up somewhere you're so kind I also want my dad to be happy so I agree with you all right then we both agree that we want the same thing let's do it I guess she's not just selfish there are definitely some parts that would be tough to let go but after seeing her.

Care about her mother I was gonna just ignore it that weekend they were going on a honeymoon getaway we pretended to get along with each other to the best of our abilities they agreed that it would be fine and laughed just so you know don't act funny just.

Because it's the two of us I'm just gonna act like normal so don't worry we never talk to each other when our parents run around in private we never even had any kind of interaction thought that it was weird that I wouldn't have any thoughts while it was just the two of us I didn't really understand how girls logic worked as a.

Geek you want to have lunch together oh yeah I didn't think about lunch I can make you lunch just for this special occasion no I already cooked there was curry rice prepared on the table you made this yeah I usually do I cook for my dad.

I'll have some I guess she looked at my handmade curry rice before she took a bite and exclaimed what is this it so good I'm glad you like it I just cooked like I usually do this is what our Curry tastes like I'm a little up a little upset that it's better than mine.

Did you say something no never mind she seemed a little upset but finished her plate I have dessert too you want some I took out a handmade pudding from the fridge wait you made this yourself too yeah I make stuff like this often she took a bite of the pudding and was surprised.

Once again self yeah I didn't know you could do this this is pretty normal I think I enjoyed making food and snacks but I also practice really hard for my dad as well to me my cooking was fairly normal but I guess as someone else it was pretty good.

Thank you for the meal she seemed slightly upset as she finished her pudding and I put away the dishes immediately hang on I could at least take care of the dishes oh it's okay there's not too much the plate that had the curry was put away and the only plate left over was the place Shion was using to eat.

Pudding you actually are really good at taking care of the house aren't you I don't know because I've never really compared myself to anyone Hiroki you've got to let me make dinner I can cook too you sure all right I'll be waiting for dinner then.

She showed me a nice hamburger patty full of confidence it didn't look burned but it looked just right how was it a fancy handmade cooking too wow hamburger patties are tough to make make most things encourage me to try and I took a bite of.

The hamburger yeah it's great right I think hamburger patties like this roast a little more solid sometimes is good wait hang on you can make hamburgers softer than this I think it's probably a little softer than this so which one tastes better I think it depends on the person doesn't it.

I just cooked mine based on how I like it so I'm sure there will be some people that prefer yours like just saying that yours is better and personal opinions I'll take it with a grain of salt uh I can't believe that I'd lose you over cooking I have some orange flavored jelly for.

Dessert if you like some what did you make that I made it during the day it takes time to solidify you're too good at planning she complained has to lay the jelly happily I was gonna take care of the dishes but she wouldn't budge and took it from me I guess she has some kind of weird.

Competitive towards me oh by the way the bath is ready so you can go ahead and take a shower first I was free so house when you're free yeah that's pretty normal she looked around before realizing the house was organized and clean.

Wait did you claim two yeah I cleaned while you're in your room are you some kind of housewife I didn't think of it like that I always do this you always do this how good at this stuff are you I don't know I think it's pretty normal I wouldn't know because I don't have.

Anyone to compare myself to compare yourself to me huh nothing I'm going to take a shower then she seemed upset for some reason why was she so upset you want some coffee milk huh my dad likes coffee milk after he gets out of the shower so I tried making some I have regular milk too I'll have.

The coffee milk the coffee mill that she on drank had the perfect balance between coffee milk and sugar what the hell how could he make all of this she started questioning my existence and who I was I started leaving all the household.

Chores to me however the one thing that bothered me was that she would usually just stare at me while I did things why are you staring at me you can be in your room I'm watching because I want to see you she was shocked at every turn from the way I prepped all my food made my dessert cleaned and did the laundry extremely efficiently.

It was almost as if I was trained to be a housekeeper I thought he was just some geek I'm sure he did this so he could make his dad happy he really loves his dad huh I thought I worked hard to make my mom happy but I can't win she started changing her behavior after watching me for a day the weather is extra bad that.

Night and every time there was Thunder xion would scream you don't like lightning that much yeah I've never liked lightning since I was little right at that moment the power went out as soon as you heard the Thunder the room became pitch black and she almost in a panic.

I turned on the flashlight immediately and shined the area something like this might happen so I kept it near me yeah the power always goes out where there's lightning fast and you're not afraid of lightning either it's a loud bang and some lights if you.

Don't get struck by lightning and wouldn't cause any major issues that's what I thought turned back on a little while I'm sure we'll get power by tomorrow wait what I finished prepping for my breakfast.

Tomorrow so I figured I'd go to bed you're going to go to bed in this weather yeah you turn off the lights anyway when you go to bed right lightning struck again and she screamed this time please let me not sure if that's a good idea.

Seemed genuinely terrified I decided to accept her suggestion fine you can do what you want okay she seemed happy about it why are you hugging me she hugged me tightly from behind in bed I can't really sleep like this.

I'm down you hear my brother-in-law right that's the first time you call me brother we are step siblings but you always just call me by my name that's because I didn't expect you to be so reliable still look down you still looked down on me huh I don't care anymore but so you don't care about me anymore.

I think your family yeah I she seems slightly upset huh be Hiroki anymore as I went down the stairs I could see breakfast being prepared oh you're up I just finished preparing breakfast so I was about to go wake you up.

okay huh thank you for last night don't mention it she got ready and we had breakfast together after we finished eating she finally started talking hey Hiroki you still like me I told you yesterday I think you're an important family member.

You mean like when you asked me out that's a little tough to ask me you rejected me pretty harshly but don't worry I'm totally accepting it all and backing off just because we live together doesn't mean I should keep pushing my luck so all the things you've been doing they weren't to try to get my attention.

Not at all I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so mean so please don't say that huh she looked upset when I looked at her you might not believe me but I've always liked you but I knew that I would be a stepsister so I knew I had to push you away and said those mean things to make sure you wouldn't like me really it was.

A shocking truth to me I didn't know and she was the only one that knew ahead of time it would be siblings and I couldn't completely disregard what she was saying as lies I know what all of the parts where you've worked really hard and living with you has shown me all the amazing qualities you have you're so kind and.

Think of your family so much you're even kind to me what I was so mean to you her confession was so down to earth probably kind of a lot of lava now her face was bright cherry red it was after the whole storm and my rejection too so I'm sure it took even more courage than before.

I was pretty shocked when you rejected me but you seemed like he wanted to take care of your mom so I knew that you weren't completely rotten so I don't mind I have let that go in the past forgive me every time he spoke to me at school I was a little happier I was always so lonely at school so it made me so happy.

I know I said I'll give up earlier but I really don't want to so does the does that mean living with you and getting to know you has made me fall for you even more Alabama Style if I don't have to give it up and I want to keep loving you know I want you to go out with me.

Are you sure you're okay with a girl like me are you sure you're okay with a geek like me don't be like that you're the guy I fell for so I want you to have a lot of confidence I love you hiboki we kissed each other and before we could act like actual step siblings we ended up.

Becoming full-blown Texas incest lovers to me Xi'an ended up becoming my angel thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well