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[Manga Dub] The new girl saves the boy with the mask on, and his life makes a drastic turn [RomCom]


Hey aramaki what why are you always wearing a mask I have my reasons are you so ugly that you can't show yourself it's so sad hey don't say such a thing how many times do I have to be teased like this my name is Keo aramaki I have my reasons for wearing a mask all year round it seems that the extrovert shingo akuno makes fun of me for it.

Every time he gets a chance but it's annoying to deal with it every time I just remained silent and Let It Go that was my daily routine one day she will be joining our class from today her name is Miss irodori I am nana na irodori it's nice to meet you all she's cute she's like a model she's super beautiful everything about her is so beautiful how.

Incredible rodor seat will be next to aramaki aramaki look after her all right yes aramaki it's nice to meet you yes likewise hey did you belong to any clubs in your previous school can I call you nanaha do you want to hang out after school it's it's not surprising that this would happen everyone is really interested in irodori say nanoha the guy.

Who's sitting next to you aramaki isn't someone you should hang out with oh why because he's been wearing a mask ever since he entered this school he can't take it off because he's so ugly hey don't say things like that aramaki will be shocked so you should be careful when choosing who to hang out with aramaki oh.

What I want to know about this school if you don't mind could you show me around school now me yes I would like you to do that hey are you listening to what I said I told you to choose your friends carefully so I chose I want aramaki to show me around school so let's go aramaki oh wait say irodori why did you ask me if you do such a thing you'll.

Become left out of the class that's why I hate people who tease people because of how they look if I can't get along with people if I have to tease you it's not worth being friends with such people to begin with I can't understand the minds of people who say horrible things about other people's appearances man whenever I remember it.

It makes me so irritated I think you can get angry when people say stuff like that although I guess they wouldn't understand that kind of thing you can say no when you want to oh what happened you look kind of in a days you're the first person to say something like that but uh thanks I didn't do anything I just don't want to do something that I.

Don't like doing and even if I get left out of the class you would still be friends with me right yes of course great then I'm looking forward to getting to know you yes likewise irodori after this incident irodori and I spent a lot of time together she wasn't completely left out of the class but there was a distance between her and the.

Popular group of the class but she didn't seem to mind that at all as she spent her days at school and then one day aramaki youori what's up let's eat lunch together you always disappear off somewhere during the break so I couldn't invite you before can it be that you prefer eating lunch alone that's not so then how about we eat together if you.

Would like let's do that great I got permission from the teacher to eat lunch in a classroom that isn't being used why because I have to take my mask off oh I see sorry that's why you were eating alone if it bothers you then I can eat somewhere else oh it's fine it's not a problem if you see my face ah what is it cool what is aramaki you are so goodl.

Looking why are you wearing a mask even though you're so handsome I have serious allergies that's why I don't want to take off my mask even when I'm inside affects my respiratory system directly it's fine if it's for a short period of time but I can't have it off for a long period of time I can't be outside without a mask I see but why don't you.

Eat in the classroom I don't want people who know nothing about allergies to tease me about it also if I explain they'll probably tease me even more oh true but since they wrongly assume that you're ugly looking it would shut them up if you just show them your face maybe it's only you who sees me like that no way 90 out of 100 people would say that.

You're goodlooking aramaki and the 10 who are left people who have their own tastes I see but then if I show my face it would also be bothersome H I can't disagree with you there so about my face and my allergies it's a secret between us two okay a secret between us two what is it I thought it's kind of exciting I will not tell anyone about it thanks.

After school hodori invited me to walk home with her did you get used to the new city yes but there is still so many places I haven't been to yet so I want you to tell me any places you would recommend okay I can show you around here wow this is so beautiful you can see the whole city from here the sunset is also very beautiful it's a nice place.

I'm sure it means something that you came to the city I hope that you'll come to like it it's small but the people in the shopping arcade are nice and the cats who live in the shrines are cute cats do you like cats I love them then after school tomorrow I'll take you to the place where the cats Gather in the shrine thanks at that Shrine they also.

Hold a festival in the summer although it's small please get to know the attractions of the city okay after school the next day cute so many cats this place is like a gathering place for the cats during dusk all the cats of the city come here this is where Heaven was everyone is cute I think you're cute when you say that thank you for telling.

Me about this wonderful place oh it's raining yes it is oh it's coming down all of a sudden let's find cover brother my house is close by aramaki come to my place for now I ended up coming to your place all of a sudden thank you for letting me use your shower and clothes is the size all right yes I'll return them to you after I've washed them what.

Is it oh uh nothing you're in your indoor clothes um so uh oh are you embarrassed you're so cute hey you're odori to see you bright red is rare let me see your face more hey don't tease me oops Yik ouch irodori are you all right sorry I was having too much fun I'm fine but what's this oh when we fell I think it came Falling Down album can I see it.

Sure Yori where are you I guess you won't be able to find me this here that's me oh you look really different from how you look now that's right I used to be called a snowman with glasses before I'd been teased for the way I looked for a long time that's why I don't like people who comment about other people's appearances.

But I didn't like doing nothing about it so I worked hard to look the way I do now in order to keep my body in shape I'm doing all kinds of things that's incredible I respect you for continuing to work hard to keep your body in shape even though you've become beautiful you're beautiful not only on the outside but inside too oh I have been told that.

The first time thanks aramaki after that I spent the time at her house until the rain stopped went back home and the next day I caught a cold and took to bed and it seems that irodori was worried about me and she came to visit me to think that I would catch a cold are you all right aramaki I think I'll get better if I sleep but thank you for taking the.

Trouble to come see me well I was worried about you this is good to eat when you have a cold taada it's a pudding pudding your cold will be cured in no time so there you are what open your mouth but that's oh come on don't hesitate how is it it's yummy this is the one I like the best I bought a lot so eat a.

Lot too irodori came to see me many times until I got better and took care of me it was a little embarrassing that she would feed me her pudding every time when she came that time was all so precious and felt warm I realized that I'd become completely taken in by irodori irodori Shall we have lunch yes hey nanoha stop hanging out with such an.

Introvert it doesn't concern you who I hang out with you'll be infected by that introvert ugliness you wouldn't want your cute face to become ugly right what kind of childish things are you saying I would be fine with becoming infected I wouldn't mind come on let's go aramaki you're no fun nanoha thanks for that just now you don't have to worry about.

It but to think he's still saying stuff like that to begin with you're not ugly thank you for getting angry on my behalf you don't get angry enough aramaki but huh it's all right if there's anything I will will protect you hodori let's forget about what happened and eat lunch Herod Dori is such a nice girl she's always so kind to me I really like her.

Then one day as my feelings for her grew and grew nanoha do you want to come to the amusement park with us an amusement park yes we were talking about going on our next holiday let's hang out together you don't get to do things like this so often right I also want to hang out with you naha well I araki is also planning to go what really.

No I araki please come I won't come if you don't come I don't want to go somewhere with that guy but I guess other girls want to hang out with irodori too okay I'll go thanks aramaki aramaki was it really all right what do you mean I thought you were being considerate of the other girls H that is partly true but I also wanted to enjoy.

The amusement park with you irodori naraki nanoha let's go around the place you and me sorry I'm going to go see the place of aramaki you're going with him again you're going to get ugly too you know you should really put some distance from him no I don't want to I want to be with aramaki so if aramaki is all right with it well aramaki nanoha let's go on.

That ride that looks fun let's go araki oh this is not amusing after that hero Dory and I enjoyed ourselves at the amusement park of course with the other girls we had fun the roller coaster the haunted house the time spent with irodori passed very quickly and soon it was already early evening shall we go home now we had a really good time oh.

Where's nanoha shingo is also not here I have a bad feeling about this I'm going to go look for them no stop why do you keep hanging out with him instead of me because Ana you say all kinds of terrible things what it's true that he's ugly hey what are you doing araki aramaki she doesn't like what you're doing don't do such a stupid thing like.

Putting pressure on her shut up you ugly bastard get out of my way araki what you weren't ugly I don't know about that if you do anything worse to otori I won't forgive you oh no I can't breathe hey araki this placei I'm glad you were fine oh I passed out sorry I caused you trouble I don't think that at all thank you for.

Saving me you're always saving me so I oh that's nothing irodori I like you I like you irodori you're so honest and cheerful and act like a sunflower I I like you so much I also like you aramaki I like you so much because you're so nice and warm irodori would you go out with me of course this is how we began dating shingo became excluded from the.

Class because of what he did to me and irodori and he stopped coming to school irodori and I officially became him a couple when we were together our classmates gave us warm comments because of this I was no longer an outcast of the class and I'm able to enjoy my school life a few years later I worked hard on my treatment with nanoha and I.

Can now lead a life without having to wear a mask stare what is it you keep on staring at me I thought that you're really goodlooking you like goodlooking guys it's not that it's because of you even if you were not goodlooking you would be wonderful because it's your heart that's the coolest well I can't beat you.

Nanoha I love you aramaki I think our romantic relationship will continue on thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well