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[Manga Dub] The new girl says I’m her first love, and my step sister is super jealous…!? [RomCom]


I have transferred to this school my name is Koo fukatu nice to meet you all WAOW isn't she really cute legs are beautiful and her figure is also really good she is my type I lived in this city when I was a child maybe hayato what okay wow it's really hayato oh you know Kabota then we are childhood friends I see I guess stories you finding manga.

Happ in real life too also he was my first boyfriend what Kubo that is so nice guilty guilty guilty wow I am happy that we go to the same school okay you haven't changed what I did change my chest is bigger no it's not what I meant you're very honest and don't hide your feelings why would I hide them well all right it's good to have you back K yes.

I'm back my childhood friend came back after a few years should be happy about this roko you're in a good mood today too yes I am are you going to your brothers again it's lunchtime we promised we would eat together you two are really close when are you getting married we brother and sister you could get married if you weren't related by.

Blood oh did you know that well yeah you told me that roko please invite me to your wedding of course bro sorry I'm late I brought you your lunch so let's eat it's our usual lunchtime Yoko Kubo came to where her stepbrother hayat Kubo was but then she froze in Terror cuz what had awaited her was not something she had.

Expected Ed I see so you moved here because of your father's work it was also like that last time yes but I think this is the last time dad became one of the board members of his headquarters then you'll stay in this town no no I can be next to you hayato from now on well who is she oh roko who what I am asking you who this thief is oh I see oh.

You don't know her this is Koo fukatu she is a childhood friend of mine and play together when we were little a child childhood friend you had one right then who matters more your childhood friend or your sister I'm asking who you like more hey are you putting so much pressure on me are you angry or something say did you have a younger.

Sister hayato I see when you were here my mother hadn't remarried yet oh your mother remarried I should tell her my congratulations thanks then your sister is not related to you nice to meet you I a childhood friend of hayato's K fukatu hello please call me sister Koo no I will not what but it's just a matter of time bro this person doesn't seem to.

Understand things she's a little scary oh no really of course Miss fukatu because you are not part of our family you are an outsider I am now see we don't understand each other and it will stay that way what is this this is total chaos it's a cat fight how nice patsu with her.

Claw showing how super is it all right lunchtime will finish soon bro let's go eat what I thought we had our lunch box it's such good weather today let's go outside haato I still don't know my way around school if you could show me around as well that would be great hey why are you trying to come along where are you going to eat I also have my.

Lunchbox with me so I could share some of it with you hayato don't ignore me hayato do you still like sweet omelets my brother likes potato Croquettes with corn what a coincidence I have some in my lunch box today also some omelets let's go then otherwise the lunch break will finish hey I told you not to ignore me after this day my life changed for.

Example on our way home okay what is it aren't you a little too close to me no not at all also also your chest is touching me if you know what I mean no problem I don't mind well I mind what do you mind me then no that's not what I meant hey get away from him oh the bothersome incest what what did you just say you are someone who can't grow up.

And be independent from your brother all right we are officially at War roko are you going home too going home you promised that you would go shopping with me today why are you trying to go home before me oh that's right sorry oh jeez I will forgive you so let's go but I should see Kay home she still isn't sure of the way she is a high school student.

So she should be fine right miss fatsu when will you be ready to call me sister never in my life I guess she has two sides of her she is nice and yet not at the same time no that's all right I am in love with hayato that's all hayato that cake store how nostalgic do you remember how you brought me some puddings from the store when I caught a.

Cold it was so delicious listen to me for example my sister's Behavior at home aren't you're a little too close bro what is it can you give me those potato chips all right then feed me no eat it yourself I don't want to get my hands dirty my hands will too I will lick them clean for you stop making jokes like that.

I am almost serious though that's almost 100% no only today all right yes Munch Munch yummy good for you say what is the matter with you today because I don't get enough of you because of that person are you referring to k h i don't even want to hear her name I wish that you two would get along why aren't you being friendly to her well.

It's not so surprising is it what we are competing for the same thing we figured that out the moment we laid eyes on each other for example on our school days oh hey ayato your button is about to fall off oh no what should I do could you lend it to me what take your shirt off I mean come on okay you're good at this no not really but you are quick at this I.

Practiced you know I would get more points this way as a girl points yes if I collect all the points I get to have a nice boyfriend as a reward for you K I'm sure you can get anyone all right it's fixed here you are thanks how is it yes it's perfect about what we were talking about earlier what I could have anyone yes and if I chose you hayato beep I.

Can't spare a moment of the rest please keep your distance for my brother you just clicked your tongue didn't you no I didn't that's a lie you did roko did you come again this is a classroom for the senior students it's not illegal is it for me to come in here it is illegal because the school is outside of the country's law what what are you talking.

About you clicked your tongue again bro did you see that this woman has got a bad character you're really popular today as always popular you'd say you had two beauties on both sides of you envious H it's a little Troublesome I would know who to pick so who would you like mine is my childhood friend and the other is my step sister you can get.

Married to either one of them it's not against the law yes you're right you shouldn't let this go on for too long you're enjoying seeing this aren't you well true but if you can't decide why don't you ask the rivered magic to get your fortune what is that you don't know it it's pretty famous among the gos I'm a guy and so are you that's true so what.

Do the spell like you know how there is a place by the riverbed where there are many clovers growing right oh true I hear that there is a heartshaped flower there that looks like a clover but but isn't if you find the flower while thinking of the person you like and give it to her there was a sound at the desk moving hayato I am going home early.

Please tell the teacher so well please go home alone today oh hey oh they HT me but without the end of it that was on purpose wasn't it who knows it might not be bad to decide this way either this is why I have no other friends except for me H heart heart where where where heart heart heart where where where heart.

Heart heart where where where hey you two the school finished oh haato I brought your girl something why don't you take a break oh that's nice thank you hey bro how about mine of of course I have one for you yes thanks okay you like milk tea right you remember that of course I like him please marry me what oh it's nothing Yoko this is for you.

This isn't sold around here did you go out of your way to buy it for me of course I like him it'll make him happy for sure what oh it's nothing well I'm tired we couldn't find even a single one yeah really why don't you two give up go away why do you strain yourself so much cuz if I give up now I know that I will regret it later I agree with roko in.

This world there is something that only one person can get and in order to get it you have to reach for it desperately it will not come into your hands by coincidence we want to get that only one and we are fighting each other for it I'm not so D witted as to ask what that might be I'm not so stupid as to know what they are seeking or if I could.

Somehow be more practical-minded somehow but I don't know how the only thing I can say now is this but let's go home for today you can continue tomorrow tomorrow that evening I lay in my bed but couldn't get to sleep I could hear the sound of the clock ticking my steps sister ryoko is very important to me for the past few years he has been the.

Closest person for me as for Kay she is my childhood friend and my first love be liked by two such girls I can't choose but if I can't make up my mind those two will continue to look for the heart-shaped flower and to think that I should choose the one who found the flower I can't do such a thing that's why I got out of the house that evening.

Good morning hayato what happened well well bioko what happened why is hayato looking so worn out I don't know why when I woke up he already looked like some Monk who had finished his training hey you two yes can I have some time after school but after school I have to find the heart-shaped flower it won't take much time please it's important H.

Okay I understand so it's fine thanks you two after school I'm sorry to take both of your time it's fine what is the important thing I found this this is a magic spell this is for you K oh really this one is for you roko what I searched it for you roko could you accept it thanks but to both of us at the same time what do you.

Mean by this I couldn't decide what for me both of you are important to me so I couldn't decide so two not one but two if you could both wait for me then I will give an answer someday for sure but right now please forgive me for not being able to give an answer haato well is this all right so if you took aop having a war for now and be friends.

Hayato I have some business to attend to will please go home alone today Deja Vu where are you two going where to the riverbed were you listening to me just now what but the person who finds the heart-shaped flower first wins right why would that be cuz that spell was to find and give the heart-shaped flower to the person you like and by.

Giving the same heart-shaped flower from that person you can be together forever really I hadn't heard it till the end so I didn't know that so now I understood your feelings bro so now we need to answer to your feelings we will work hard all right bro then those two left school and I was left alone I saw my friend's face grinning in my mind he.

Said it so that I would be misled he that kind of person darn it but I'll take care of that later now there is something that I have to do hey you to wait please listen to me and calm down I to chase after those two attractive girls who both like me I will continue to have a hard time in until this triangular relationship ends but I also.

Felt that I would like to continue to be with these two girls despite these chaotic days thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well