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[Manga Dub] The new girl was my partner in the online game! She PWNS in real life too [RomCom]


Hey isn't that whoa It's the black over that means his partner twin Drive must be here too why are the top players who defeated the ultimate boss here in a beginner's map yes I attract too much attention in a place like this my name is zenichi hakonaka.

The face behind this character and an active second year high school student I'm an introverted loner today I've been invited to come to a low level map by O3 an old man who plays as a beautiful anime girl wielding two swords it doesn't really matter but I wish they'd call me by my name.

My in-game name is mobuta no one Jabs the silliness of my name let's see if I'm correct the meeting place is this in entering room code yo I was waiting when I entered the room the person I was meeting with had already had a drink the beautiful girl character who fights.

With a ridiculously large swords in the back is O3 my partner by the way he gets angry when I call him old man so I have to call him oh three properly otherwise he will PK player kill me what the heck why did you call me out to a place like this no thanks to you I got so much unwanted.

Attention that's good so did it feel nice to monopolize the longing cases that's not how it felt to me I felt like a panda being observed at the zoo don't underestimate us introverts so why did you summon me to a place like this tell you the truth.

Again for about a week's week started due to household matters hmm are you going on a business trip or something said household matters in other words I'm moving I see were you sent away because you were transferred or because you had a relationship with a female employee.

I just stated I'm just moving let's go there huh because you're an old man inside aren't you you are totally wrong I an active JK bursting with youth oh lies in what world is there a JK who orders beer green soybeans and deep fried tofu while waiting for someone.

You even ordered atsuyaki eggs and akka mackerel to round out the meal you have the perfect old man at the bar vibe furthermore real jks don't use phrases like bursting with youth oh seriously Japan's JK don't say that nowadays O3 is confused by my accurate tsukomi or.

Jab it's plain as day this guy is 100 an old man probably around middle management end of proof for a week starting tomorrow huh then I guess participating in the anniversary event won't be possible uh yeah sorry you wanted to defeat the.

Boss didn't you Well it can't be helped since you have real business to attend to don't worry about it I'll just invite someone else yes please and I will absolutely accept anything other than bodily compensation there's no way I can accept sugar daddy services.

Telling you I'm not an old man inside what kind of JK decides to follow up with Odin and hot sake after the old man combo was established ah I'm tired that guy why does he insist on being a JK when it's an obvious lie we were battling for 30 minutes and were unable to establish a clear winner as expected of my partner.

Guess that means we know each other inside out but one week huh I said that I would invite someone but what will I do it's not like I don't have other friends but there's no one I've been as close to as him one day past two days passed and the.

Days we couldn't see each other continued on the third day of missing him it happened not in a game but in the real world today I would like to introduce a transfer student come on in what.

I'm Madoka Satora I used to live in London I'm still learning about Japan so I'd be happy if you could teach me about it great beautiful blonde girl is here my classmates were excited about the beautiful blonde transfer student from.

Overseas but I had more on my mind it's not because there's no way I an introverted mob couldn't get involved with a beautiful blonde transfer student of course the thought was there but what occupied my heart even more than that was that this transfer student looked.

Exactly like the partner I hadn't seen in the past few days oh three huh oh shoot we almost made eye contact as for your suit please use the second seat from the back most window s to me you too.

The more I look at her the more she looks like O3 maybe it's actually O3 no no that can't be he's supposed to be an old man there couldn't be a miracle where O3 is actually a beautiful JK who transferred to my school what are your hobbies.

I would say online games I'm I'm pretty good you know is this your first time in Japan do you have anything you want to eat I want to try edamame and karage then atka mackerel omelette Odin and such when I grow up I want to drink beer and hot sake too laughs.

Doctor Assad you're so funny you're like an old man we're so calming an old man greats to call me this kind of Miracle can't be happening right I think that but the things she and that guy have in common only grow with each passing day.

I can't even sleep at night because I'm so curious I decided to take action to confirm before I became sleep deprived you remembered my name yeah so what's up ah yes I have a small favor to ask of you favor what is it I know it's sudden but can I meet your.

Father why what are you going to do when you see my father I know but you've known each other for a long time but it's on to be mad in real life you know it's early to say please give me your daughter I won't say such things.

The reason I want to see your father is because you remind me I feel like she just said something concerning saturasan did you just say we've known each other for a long time good even though we just met three days ago we've been together for three years in.

The game right that means you really are the person behind the old man I keep telling you stop calling me an old man this tsukumi there's no mistaking it she's my partner in the flesh seriously you really are a beautiful JK girl and a.

Blonde one at that didn't I say that you wouldn't believe me any normal person wouldn't believe it people who create beautiful girl avatars and games are almost certainly men in real life moreover your name is O3 and your taste in food is that of an old man so I had no doubt that you were an old.

Man you should doubt it you should leave your partner what that's impossible no one would imagine that one of the most experienced top players who Masters dual swords is a JK you said you wanted to eat didn't you do you want to go to a convenience store.

They sell it there huh um Haka nakakun was it is everything all right sorry could you wait a minute yeah it's okay we just finished then wait a minute oh three no Satora was calling for me but I.

Ignored her and went home I got the confirmation in that case I have no business with her in real life in real life she is maroka Satora not O3 it would be NG to bring a relationship within the game into the real world why did you go home on your own it's been exactly a week so I logged in.

And as soon as I did my partner suddenly scolded me why because I was able to confirm what I wanted and I had no business with you just like that we could have walked home why would an introverted loner like me go home surrounded by four girls that's ridiculous don't underestimate introverts who have.

A hard time talking to girls I'm confident I can make everyone feel awkward in seconds but you could talk to me just fine I mean we've known each other for a while plus I thought you were an old man in real life then you could just talk to me.

I can't do that when there are other girls who want to talk to you it's fine in game but in reality we only met three days ago it wouldn't be a good idea to make our connection in the game a reality right yeah right in real life we are just classmates.

Nothing more nothing less that's why I don't want you to talk to me huh oh why because I'm an introverted loner can't you tell by looking at me it's unnatural for you a popular transfer student to be with me that's why it's best not to talk to me.

More than necessary it'll be Troublesome for you but that would be a waste we ended up in the same class don't be whiny if it's in game I'll hang out with you as much as you want is I don't know no matter what no matter what we're nothing in real life.

Then it's fine if we hear something right right the next day good morning uh good morning I told you not to talk to me in real life it's this girl hey I know it's sudden but I have something I want to say to everyone we are dating.

What the heck is she doing out of the blue wait you come here uh what in the world are you thinking of a real and legal way to speak to you it's not strange for us to talk to each other if we heard something IRL right yeah but look at the mess you've created are you sure you're okay with others.

Thinking we're dating I don't mind is that so that was a fast response anyways now that we're able to finally freely speak in real life please teach me various things about Japan okay boyfriend are you afraid this Sunday.

Let's go out to the movies and eat out like a couple so sudden aren't you closing the distance a little too fast because I'm the Vanguard I'm in the rear guard so I'm going to keep my distance yes I can't do that huh all right let's go.

Yay and so suddenly the first date of my life was decided by the way when I returned to the classroom I was naturally bombarded with questions so I dodged them and threw them all at her the old man is too good at socializing.

Yo did you wait long nope just got here it's new now which do you want to do first movies or lunch lunch I skipped breakfast so I'm hungry okay let's go then I chose a good store I think you'll like it really I look forward to it so isn't there something else you want.

To say is there something else at least compliment what I'm wearing we are technically dating after all ah is that necessary right um today satorua's outfit is a neat and clean white dress based on ladies fashion.

The neat and tidy Vibe made her look like a young foreign celebrity I think it's really great your blonde hair looks so cute with a white dress thank you I didn't expect to be told touch shock oh we're here.

What's here it's different from what I imagined I was picturing more of a Hidden Gem or stylish place there's no way I would know about such places this is a regional Izakaya chain it's also a restaurant focused on fish.

Izakaya that's right so it has everything you like you can enjoy the old man combo to your heart's content uh you're underage in real life so you can't drink alcohol though saying old man jeez.

And hiya on your first date or someone who's complaining you sure look like you were enjoying yourself her food did nothing wrong the karagi and mackerel were delicious the Almond Tofu for dessert was good too there's this huge and the best let's go again next time yeah yeah we should ah it's about to begin.

When you get to your seat in the movie theater the lights go out and the image is projected she chose a romantic movie the movie's about two friends who meet in an online game meeting in real life and developing from there it's just like us the characters in the movie are.

Seriously in love that's the only difference between us but I wonder if that's true maybe it's just me who thinks that but in reality hey hmm they're kind of like us huh yeah.

You might think I made that a declaration in order to speak normally in real life but that's not true you know of course that's part of it but there's more to it than that it was because I wanted to be with you even in real life you know uh-huh.

Being with you in-game and in real life made me realize something I like you I feel that we understand each other on a deep level even today if it weren't for me you wouldn't have gone to the Izakaya restaurant right well yeah.

That's why if it's all right with you can we make it official really be what what the fire like it let's stay calm it hasn't been long since the smoke began to appear so we should wait for the stats instruction.

The moment the smoke increased and the heat wave intensified a portion of the audience panicked because of that we got swept away by the waves of people and got separated I'm fine go against the crowd let's meet outside somehow I managed to escape.

All right I checked the people who would Escape before and after me but she was nowhere to be seen the number of escapees decreased by one then by two and finally to zero but she was nowhere to be seen don't tell me she's still inside.

It was the middle of a holiday and there seemed to be a traffic jam so the fire trucks had not yet arrived meanwhile the fire gradually Rose there was no time to lose by the time I realized it I had already dived back into the building where are you satara.

There she was she was near the emergency exit on the third floor she had Twisted her ankle and couldn't move why did you come for me it's dangerous I was here before I knew it I couldn't just stand there I can't have you leave me before hearing.

My reply it's hard for worrying ill so what's your answer I like you too so much so that I can't help but jump into danger for you treat me well in game and in real life Satora if that's the case call me by my name won't you.

Since we're officially a thing now don't underestimate an introverted loner calling a Girl by her name is too big a hurdle then take your time and get used to it we have plenty of time both in real life and in game their videos as well.