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[Manga Dub] The newest addition to our group: A stalker underclassman who calls me master [RomCom]


Master here's your coffee um okay thank you I brought some sandwiches to you if you're hungry thanks I wonder when this started oh this tuna sandwich is so good really I'm so happy my master is satisfied when did this cute pupil enter my life my name is chiaki akaba and I'm a junior I'm just a normal high school student.

Too ordinary in fact there's nothing about me that makes me seem Master like I don't have any special talents and I'm not exactly the popular type nor do I use any sort of magic that I can teach Master the Chuck why is he not being so friendly with him I'm so jealous I could cry she dies my one and only angel so if.

She worships chiaki that makes him my God he already has Mew and Sana wrapped around his little finger how dare he try to get a hold of the most popular underclassmen greedy it makes me sick I'm not your God and it's not like I asked for them to give me attention Mio Sana help me I tried to send eye signals.

To my friends so they would come to defend me I'm so jealous of chiaki I wish Hina would give me some of her attention I know she's so cute I could just eat her up I agree never mind they have no intention of helping me I've heard people say that.

Being cute justifies everything if I were cuter I wouldn't be in this spot right now sir eyes what your tears keep flowing you are so kind yes cuteness is Justice I can't deny it I mean look at her a few days ago we were walking home together after.

School when I noticed something unusual tapioca chiaki you want to get tapioca drinks with us right cheesecake Chucky you want to try the new cheesecake at the cafe right I never got how they could get so heated up over things like this I mean does it really matter where we go hang out after school which one chiaki.

Um how about we just go to McDonald's or something Donald would be very hurt if he heard this the one on the left is Miu ayasaki she's the most popular girl in the class and know her cool and mature character many students worship her I don't only mean the guys she's.

Extremely popular among female students as well however the real me you I know tapioca drinks were popular a while back they're not a big deal anymore but I've never had the tapioca experience I could never build up the courage to walk into the shop and buy one it's just a timid girl everyone thinks she's cool because she's.

Too scared to talk to people the one on the right is Sana Nana say she's the most popular girl in the classroom next to us and everybody worships her she's the queen bee at the top of the pyramid she gets hit on quite a lot there are guys from other schools that wait for her outside the school gate just to ask her on a date she's always.

Shining and charismatic just imagine the typical queen bee type if you want to drink tapioca drinks you've got to get over your awkward shyness gosh fine we can go get tapioca drinks today but promise me we'll go get cheesecake soon okay however she's soft on the inside I have to admit she's a very good person Mio and I became friends when I caught.

Her doing something nobody would have imagined Sana and I became friends because I once saved her from danger these things happened a while back both of our friendships started because of pure coincidence but now we hang out a lot and we even go home from school together.

I had never expected things to turn out the way they did girls every day stop it do you think the tapioca will fill up my stomach is a large too much you just say whatever pops into your mind huh I always get thrown around when I'm with them but I'm enjoying my life.

Hmm shiaki what is it it's nothing I thought I felt like someone was staring at us was it just my imagination I looked around but there wasn't anybody looking this way or giving us any attention sorry I guess it was just in my head look huh I looked where Sana was pointing.

Oh there was a lone shadow around the corner where we had just passed it certainly wasn't one of ours but it looked like it was trying to stay close it didn't move as if it was waiting for us to start walking again could it be a stalker following one of you two stop.

You're freaking me out it has to be saunas she's got many huge fans me no way it's gonna be yours even if it's not I don't want it me neither I bet the stalker would be much happier following you he's your fan no he's yours stop forcing the stalker onto each other this is supposed to be a scary situation but they've somehow.

Turned it into a farce at that moment I truly thought the stalker had nothing to do with me it's Chucky stalker mine I thought it was just getting pulled into their comedy act why me well well it may not realize it but you have a lot of male enemies what that's true some guys were talking about you today during.

Break time they were saying how you were always with us and how annoying you were I could tell they were upset with you do you remember how some of the upperclassmen were giving you the finger while threatening you about how you should enjoy it while it lasts that's all your fault I can't tell them it's because they're.

Beautiful since it's too embarrassing but still I can't deny the fact that it might not be a stalker but someone out for Revenge I feel the hate from Miu and sana's fans every day they all make sure I know they hate me I live a dangerous life full of risks one of those crazy fans could attack me anytime any day.

Is it me is that shadow lurking around waiting for the best moment to pounce on me chiaki we promise we will find you in your next life and we can be friends again we will never forget you so don't you dare forget about it stop acting like today will be the last day of my life and stop praying I don't care.

Anymore I ran straight towards the shadow while I promised myself that I will haunt those two Traders for all time the adrenaline rush quickly turned my fear into anger I didn't care if he was jealous or if he hated me I was determined to find out who was trying to hurt me.

You coward you got a problem with me why don't you come say to my face instead of hiding behind a wall huh uh oh I was shocked to my bones I thought it was either a stalker or someone out for Revenge but the shadow belongs to.

A young girl a little cute girl what huh I'm sorry for following you without your permission what don't cry I couldn't understand what was going on me you and Sana came running after me and they looked just as confused as I was uh here hi too do you.

Want to hide you oh thank you she opened her mouth I wasn't expecting that but I placed the candy in her small mouth the girl seemed satisfied with a green apple high too so this is what tapioca is like so chewy he was just living life her way as usual.

We were at a cafe known for its delicious tapioca drinks and we brought a guest with us again I'm so hey it's okay I'm sorry for scaring you too the girl sitting across from me turned out to be one of our underclassmen we so small and cute and had such an innocent.

Face she could pass for a middle school student that's how young she looked I knew it wait Sana you know her she's pretty famous everybody calls her Hina the cute and small sophomore her nickname is taken from her last name.

Hina is the Japanese name for a chick it was the perfect name for her it's as cute as your nickname Piercy stop calling me that and I'm far from cute either I think they're both cute.

Enough talk about cuteness sohina can you tell us why you were following us earlier uh well he knows back straightened as she got ready to explain why she was lurking behind us he suddenly looked very serious I want to become a mature woman.

A mature woman yes yes I felt strange watching her talk about wanting to become a mature woman because she was eating the ice cream off the top of her melon soda float there was no doubt she was cute rather than mature um I don't understand how does wanting to become mature and following us have.

Any connection I want to learn from you learn learn I could see she meant it she stopped drinking her melon soda and gave Mio and sana a look of admiration Mew you are popular for being so cool and mature you are my role model uh I'm popular I want to be more like you graceful and composed um this is the first time I've had.

Tapioca milk tea I think I prefer coffee of course without milk and sugar stop acting like an adult you were the one who was whining about wanting to try tapioca you are always shining you're like the sun people are attracted to you no matter what oh wow you are good at compliments I wish to be more like you a.

Woman who was always caring and confident it's true even tiaki who used to be so gloomy has brightened up because of me she to take credit for the changes in my life please don't wink it's making me blush you too me I was surprised that she even knew my name.

I wondered what mature characteristics she found attractive in me shiyaki akaba you are now officially a gentleman all the sophomores know you as a mystery womanizer who has the two popular girls at school eating out of your hands um that kind of makes me sound like I corrupted them or something.

She hockey you little perv time to say goodbye to shiaki the gentleman I should have known I had a terrible reputation clearly didn't understand why her words were hurting me I hope she's forever innocent and pure she doesn't need to know but Hina seems to be curious her will to.

Mature fast was strong nobody looked like a little kid that's why I want to at least be mature on the inside stay by your side so I could learn the ways of a mature woman I hope you will accept the three of us looked at each other I mean we have no idea what we could teach.

She thinks we're mature but we all know that we are far from it I mean Miu is known as the mature one but it's just an image people put on her since she doesn't talk much it would be easy to say no but well why don't you guys try it out don't get me wrong it's not just because she's so freaking adorable I was just.

Impressed I know it took a lot of courage to go this far to meet us you admire Miu and Sana and it shows through your actions Hina is younger than us but I think she has qualities that we can learn from she's small but I can see how strong her determination is good for.

My friend Miu everybody thinks she's cool and mature but the truth is she's just an introvert who feels awkward talking to people I'm sure the three of them will become good friends since Sana is there to support them with her good communication skills we haven't been friends for long but it's strange because we can always.

Tell each other's thoughts okey dokey I'm actually excited about it I mean who doesn't like having a cute girl around I agree we'd love to be friends with you Hina oh my gosh is this real you're one of us now me side of the three of them warming up to each other was so sweet.

It made my black coffee taste sweeter than ever I love happy endings huh I know I didn't put off a great first impression but I hope I can learn a lot from you wait I thought the story was over wait what I thought you just wanted to learn from Mew and Sana huh no I.

Planning to ask you I want to learn from you what only me there are three of us wait why me I admire me you and Sana but you are the man who has succeeded in becoming their closest friend everybody calls you a mystery womanizer but I consider you a master of attraction I want to learn so much more about you.

Hey so that means you were following us today because you wanted to talk to me that's correct I've always admired you chiaki that almost sounds like a love confession as I look back on our short time together I realized that Hina had been.

Looking at me most of the time not me or Sana Sana and Miu were smirking use is worth a try you're not backing out are you chin that's right he wouldn't dare try to crush hina's feelings with you.

Chiaki master of attraction ah fine I get it I'm a man of my word I'll take care of you yay it got me totally whipped I guess I dug my own grave today I will do my best to be of use to you master.

I will carry your bags and massage you anytime you want you don't have to do that you're not my servant um and also if needed I am willing to have adult-like intimate lessons to learn the ways of maturity should it be so hesitant about it I will always try my best with any request you.

Make please make me a mature woman it's the weirdest conversation I've ever had I will be her master but I'm still a man now she has me imagining all the naughty lessons we could have chiaki this is true what people say that one's first kiss tastes like lemon.

Can you show me if it's true um um I know I know just don't say anything my friends always tease me and toy with me now they're looking at me like I'm a perv I hope we get along well master chiaki.

At least he and I is smiling which brightens my day I think we'll be able to get along fine I feel weird about this master thing but I'll go with it it's the best thing to do for Hina the newest addition to our group thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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