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[Manga Dub] The nurse was cold to me in the hospital, but she came over for a check up… [RomCom]


Ouch is it too early to move I want to be able to walk on my own my name is kyogo michiki and I'm a 25 year old businessman with a medium height and build I was fairly healthy still with a twist of fate I ended up hospitalized hey.

Kyoko-san what are you doing oh uh I thought I could stand a little bit not on your own you can't please follow the doctor's orders her name is my yukawa and she's the nurse that's in charge of me she's a very hard-working and dependable person who's very dedicated to her job.

Thinking about what's best for me she takes care of everything for me down to the smallest detail hi it's why are you even trying to get up tell me the reason I wanted to go to the restroom hush this is not the place to be embarrassed you're injured I'm sorry.

Make sure you call me every time you want to get up thank you so much by the way what happened to the kid you don't need to worry he's all better now and got released from the hospital see I'm glad it was raining that day and visibility.

Was low since early morning I was outside for work when I ran into the road to save a child from getting hit by a car while he was crossing the crosswalk when I opened my eyes I was in a hospital bed don't do crazy things like that anymore It All Happened suddenly.

I did it unconsciously I mean it's super heroic but my son you're that worried about me that makes me happy this was my warning as a nurse but when you say it like that I'm going to start overthinking it an angel in a white coat is someone like you I bet.

I told me now wait a minute my boring Hospital life wasn't that bad because of my son but suddenly she came like a crazy storm I'm here to see you oh it's you me Sora you're energetic all year round aren't you.

Her name is misara Haruno and she's a 20 year old college student we're neighbors so we've been close friends since we were kids she appears like someone who plays around but goes to a prestigious University which is pretty annoying oh my God it doesn't just look like a bad injury it's actually pretty bad.

Oh really hey stop it I'm an injured patient I'm lying are you seem fine tickle tickle I bet this is your weak spot that's a clouds dude this is a hospital why are you making a come up oh.

Shoots uh you too this is a hospital oh no my son this isn't what it seems like uh what she doesn't have to be so uptight we're having fun it's stupid don't say things like that because I just messed around a little she doesn't need to get mad you suddenly tickled me come on cute.

John you look like you're having fun too stop it the two of you this is a hospital so please be quiet is this girl his what are we going to do we made her mad ah I'm sorry I'm sorry I got a little heated but why are you so upset about it.

You'll never understand a man's feelings from that day on my son only talked to me whenever it was necessary two weeks passed without us fixing things and after I was able to move a little bit I was released from the hospital don't push yourself too hard you're not completely recovered yet thank you for.

Everything my son I'll see you then take care she won't look me in the eyes until the very end we probably won't see each other again it's been a week after being released from the hospital can't even move freely yet so it's boring drinking a little bit is fine right huh.

Who's that did my packages get delivered coming wow wait my son what are you doing here um I'm here for a follow-up on your recovery can I come in uh I'll clean up a little bit then so if you could wait for a little don't worry about that come on you're injured so keep resting I.

Can't just watch out um are you alright uh this was a total accident I'm sorry I can't move very well fine it's like you need more physical therapy seems like it excuse me not a little would be okay.

Of course not what are you going to do if you got drunk and fall you're going to be in the hospital again scared she's seriously mad gosh you're not going to get better in a messy room like this either I couldn't get my hands on cleaning yet your follow-up is bad and F I can't just.

Leave you like this does that mean I have to go back to the hospital have the space in the and so help me managing things what manage I'll be coming here to take care of you every day no complaints right no no complaints if you're drinking again you're going to be in a lot of trouble.

Understand I won't drink I promise just like that my son and I started sort of living together but with cleaning oh oh this I'll clean that up immediately you you I'm going to massage you next your muscle should be tight since you've been laying down a lot.

Like this ouch can you do that a little more nicely please nope it's not going to be good Physical Therapy if I'm being lenient yes you're exactly right but ouch still you're very nice kygo-san not everyone can jump in front of a car to save a child oh my body just moved unconsciously.

I've had a similar experience before but I don't remember it all um my son you're a little too close and I'm embarrassed oh I'm sorry thanks to my son's strictly managing my life my injuries were slowly getting better same time I felt her presence in my life getting larger and larger the more.

Things she did for me the more the question in my head bothered me dinner's almost ready thank you for everything but why are you doing all of this for me is this a new form of marriage fraud did you say something no nothing I'm joking the truth is I had my life saved in the past too when I was in.

Elementary school I drowned in a lake while my father was on vacation I lost Consciousness thinking is it but when I opened my eyes I was at the hospital the person that saved my life is out there somewhere but it was chaos at the time and I never got the chance to thank them it's been a while since then.

It's why it feels like that person and you who saved the child are the same person that's a wonderful story but that means you don't even remember their face no I don't remember a single thing the reason I became a nurse was in hopes that I would be able to see that person again.

I see I bet that person that saved me is someone like you kyogosan I don't have that much courage I hope you get to meet them one day right my son is a nurse she's nice to me because it's a part of her job don't get any mixed feelings I'm just another one of her patients.

My son is coming soon maybe I should wipe my body since I don't want to stink but my son just because she's a nurse do nurses come to people's houses just to take care of their patients the Sheep there's no way.

My son wait a second oh why are you shirtless oh it's you me Sora what are you doing here I came all this way to check on you you should appreciate me I'm wiping my body right now go over there yeah yeah I got it as if I'd say that come on I'll help you give me a towel don't be shy don't be shy we're like this aren't we come on don't.

Hesitate to ask me for help I'll wipe down everything for you we even took baths together didn't we how many years ago was that it's fine I can do it myself hey stop you're not completely recovered yet right you are patient be obedient come on you need to stretch your arms more like I like that ah ouch get me a break I'm not fully healed yet.

So be nice to me you kyoko's son is injured even the last time I saw you can't you be more gentle well my son when did you who are you besides house you're a complete stranger I'm taking care of him because it's my responsibility as a nurse oh I bet you have feelings for kyoton he is a nice guy after all.

But I'm indebted to him so I need to return the favor daddy if your kygo-san's girlfriend please treat him better you only came to him at the hospital once and you barely come to see him after he comes back home what kind of relationship do you two have if you're not going to treat him better break up with him I'll be the one.

To take care of him he's not my boyfriend what wait but oh she's my cousin we grew up like siblings even if we weren't related I wouldn't date a girl like this hey that's mean I'm hurt I'm so stupid I'm sorry too it's.

Probably easy to misunderstand he said she'll take care of you how cute I got butterflies but please stop it but uh why are you taking care of this weird dude do you remember this that the keychain that was on my bag.

Why do you have that I apparently I was holding this in my hands when I was rescued after drowning the address was faded so I could read it but I could only make out the name and birthday that mean the person who saved you was yes it was you kyoko-san when you came to the hospital and I saw your name I thought my heart was going to stop when.

I checked your birthday on the charts I knew that it had to be you I was going to tell you but I thought Missouri son was your girlfriend and I didn't know how to bring it up oh I didn't know that you didn't even have to worry yogosan thank you so much for saving me that day because of you I'm now a nurse that has opportunities to save many.

People honestly so glad I got to see you again sorry that I didn't notice the fact that the girl I saved is taking care of me now I feel so blessed right now so what are you gonna do now the two of you do.

Let me rephrase what do you want to do um that's gosh you do need to make things clear hey me Sora uh I'm probably in the way so I'm going bye I I see you as a woman not just as a nurse me too I honestly forgot that I was trying to return the favor halfway.

Through I think I've fallen for you will you be with me from now on yes I also fell from you the moment I met you just like that I became my son's boyfriend after my injuries fully healed we started actually living together our love continued to grow even more and as a result we've decided to get married.

I never would have thought this day would come if we weren't reunited at that hospital who knew what would have happened even if we did I would have met you again somehow somewhere kilgo yeah you're right because you were born into this world to protect and watch over me I love you Kyoko.

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