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[Manga Dub] The old man I met in the online game was actually a beautiful girl…? [RomCom]


How can this be I was at a loss for words my head froze at the site that was too improbable my name is suguru togeishi and today I came to a meeting with online game friends for the first time in my this isn't real this can't be real the person I was supposed to meet was an office worker so why is such a cute girl there.

Oh um are you sugodu-san yes nice to meet you I'm Chana really her what actually her uh um this can't be real the Chanel I know is my buddy thanks to you I was able to get.

A rare item thanks to gurukoon I didn't do anything your playing skills just improved that's all thanks to you thanks to that I can't help but enjoy hunting every day muscular old man fighter is my partner from the VR MMO build Fantasia Chanel like his appearance in game he's a salaryman in his 40s in real life yet.

His interests story and everything else resonated with me oh yeah about the muscle Legends 3 which comes out next week you really like foreign movies with muscular foreigners huh I don't hate it either since I got hooked on the previous one oh yeah the second one is really a masterpiece I just can't get.

Enough of those biceps brachi muscles what's this you still hanging around with that useless old man Busan I don't know why you why you'd care of such a useless guy maybe he has an old man fetish don't make fun of my partner that old man is your partner how the.

Solo player suguru has fallen heard you've been falling down the ranks lately don't tell me your excuses this burden you keep around there's no point wasting our breath let's go guys those guys are members of The Guild attachment made up of the top rankers and build Fantasia from the leader of.

Bambuo on down they've always been a bunch of sleaze balls sorry again all because of me there was a reason they always messed with Chanel Chanel is a so-called Dropout player his playing skills and sense of style were both lacking despite his good looks and combative.

Appearance he lacked real ability and was considered a black sheep and the Gang used him as a chore man Chanel did his best no matter what kind of treatment he received yet they mocked him and booted him out of the party bear to see him like that because I of all people understood what it was like to be alone.

I'm a top ranker in the game but in real life I'm an introvert and an outcast I understand how suffocating it feels to be disregarded and treated as if you were heir but even so the old man was giving it his all a game that doesn't reward players that try their best can go to hell.

Before I realized it I called out to him from then until today old man Chanel and I formed a Duo and spent our days doing quests don't listen to those folks It's All a Game whoever's having the most fun wins or do you find it boring to play with a younger kid that's not true you are my precious uh.

If you don't mind huh could we meet outside of the game as well you know meet offline this is my first time meeting offline I wonder what the old man is like I was in High Spirits the old man was as old as my father so of course I was a bit worried still I wanted to meet my buddy I wanted to meet and talk with him.

I really enjoyed our adventures together the time I spent with him was so enjoyable and valuable that it surpassed my desire to play solo whoa so cute she looks like a young lady from a wealthy family she looked like she was dressed for a date it seemed like everyone passing by.

Was staring at her of course she lives in a different world than an introvert like me anyway where's the old man the old man said he'll be carrying a light blue bag and wearing a red hat huh what's up with that girl waving her hand is her boyfriend here man she's really cute though.

The light blue bag and red hat suits her well aha I'm right in front of you the girl in front of the dog statue what the person in front of me is not an old man it's a beautiful girl I'll say it again she's a beautiful girl for real I didn't want you to look down on me a little after the shocking.

Encounter she spoke with words of apology for not telling I saw on the internet that female players can get a lot of trouble if they are exposed ah I see surprisingly she was around the same age as me no wonder she knew about the latest trends for an old man because our school doesn't allow us to work.

Part-time I gradually saved up my pocket money to purchase VR equipment and software that's why the game means so much to me is that so but that's a pretty intense game the old Fantasia is a game for so-called experts there's nothing cute in the game the world view is brutal and many of the quests are gruesome.

And the game's extremely poor controls are the primary reason many casual gamers don't play it this game is more about player skill than anything else it's called a build system and it's possible to hone and build up your one-of-a-kind skills from fine movements to Magic and suspicion naturally the complexity of the game is.

Extremely difficult it's not something that an inexperienced young lady would choose for her first game I fell in love with that hardcore game that pursued machoism ah you'd say that you like western movies with a twinkle in her eye she talked about the wonders of muscle.

Her appearance overlaps with that of my partner I've been wondering this for a while but why are you using autorifics in the game you speak to me informally could you please do the same in real life too you are making me nervous uh yes I mean yeah thank you well then let's go out and play because thanks for.

All your help today is my treat are you sure you're all right with the arcade yeah I've always wanted to visit that one oh they have so many games her face lit up like a child she really is like a wealthy young lady.

Let's put that like this is this position okay yeah like that the arm is weak there so you gotta hook it expect no less from you master you are a genius nothing you're right reload after shooting oh all righty yeah.

Oh so close we were so close to clearing I had never played a game with a girl before I never thought I'd enjoy it this much yet I wonder why playing with her is so much fun after that she led me to various places karaoke and bowling all outdoor activities that I normally would.

Hesitate to even do but strangely enough they were all irresistibly fun yes it felt just like the times we went on adventures I see the boss monster that's right a normal physical build won't work on him so use a magic build.

I see I see kind of want to try it you brought the VR set right let's play it at the internet cafe over there so that's why you asked me to bring this bulky thing I really wanted to play next to you wait we stay next time wow I'm getting kind of nervous it's my first time playing VR games like this.

Me too what is this is this a dream or an illusion playing games with a girl in a small room it feels like a dream here I go I can't wait yeah.

It smells good this really is happening for real ah we played a lot yeah how time flies time flies when you're having fun huh you asked if it's boring playing with you right I enjoy playing with you more than anything Chanel Marty my name is Mari takawaki could you.

Call me that in this world huh hey let's meet again let's chat like we always do and hang out it's an extension of the game Adventures we are a Duo right you're my buddy right yeah yeah I'm glad I'm counting on you um uh suguru I'm suguru togeishi oh your name is the same yeah thanks sugudecoon.

And that's how our Strange media began sorry I'm late it's all right so I just got here too let's get going and if you activate the attack combination over there I see I see then the next time we encounter a spider and have a sandman let's try to time it no matter where we went or what we talked about it was.

Always fun I always looked forward to my weekend adventures with her a world far removed from a boring daily life I found it in Virtual space maybe I was looking for salvation somewhere other than here a place where if you do your best you will surely get rewarded.

The higher the difficulty the better that's why dabbledon build Fantasia I still can't forget the excitement I felt at the moment I jumped to the top after all the hard work I was convinced that nothing could be more fun and wonderful than that but now so today hey yeah are you listening uh sorry come again.

I can't be helped I told you before I didn't die if you'd like uh excuse me it's a bit messy but come in mari's room let's start right away mother will be out late today so there will be no one to bother us that sounds a little.

Never mind it's nothing I never thought I would log into the game from a girl's room I feel more nervous than usual huh where is she sorry to keep you waiting huh Mari you changed your character remember the item I got last time you can rip the hold your characters without any penalties.

But I thought you really liked your first character I did but I figured I have no reason to play with him anymore plus this character is kind of muscular too so let's go I'd like to rearrange the skills a bit and test it out ah wait I got it so calm down what's this you changed your partner oh he finally scrapped that old man but the.

Character name is the same don't tell me he rebuilt his character gross shut up it doesn't matter if their appearance changes they're still my partner ah if you still intend to make fun of them then you better prepare yourself don't think we're afraid of the PK penalties we would gladly forget it we're on our way back from an expedition we're not in.

The best state to fight him right now y'all lucked out we won't go easy on you next time alright let's go shall we change our hunting grounds for the time being wouldn't hurt to avoid unnecessary trouble enjoy our adventure like always.

Yeah yeah recently when I see her smiling face I can't help but feel a pain in my chest I know the reason she's a cheerful bright and gentle girl we have the same hobbies and it's fun spending time with her it was only natural that I would be drawn to her but.

In real life I'm an introvert so I don't feel like I'm the right man for her a girl from a prestigious young lady school and a boy from an ordinary High School the distinction turned into a complex for me and began to weigh on me oh God I decided to start working out starting.

Off with simple running muscle training Etc of course I didn't neglect my studies Mari gave it her all throughout that game so I'll do my best as well as her partner I'll do my best too I used to have a frail body and in order to relieve my boredom I would always have my dad show me his foreign film.

Collection probably why I admire muscles healthy people are wonderful I'm gonna do it I can't do it two I want to be worthy of her yes I'm in the top 20. it's as if I'm chasing ranks like a game what a blast I'll keep aiming higher he seems like a different person.

He's grown a little more muscular I noticed he had cracked ABS in the locker room gotten brighter as well he actually spoke to me I got here first today he was always the first to arrive but I feel ashamed lately it's fine that Subaru is getting cooler in cooler but I.

Feel a bit oh wow what are the odds we meet here what are you doing here I like your style want to go to karaoke with us sorry I'm meeting someone today sorry to keep you waiting I bumped into some girls from my class there I know you guys seem to really close huh oh no it's not like we're that close.

It's fine let's go straight to my room we go what Mari what's gotten into me I think it's great that he's looking better yet I don't want anyone else to see how cool he is I'm no good I wonder what's wrong with Mari she's been acting strange lately I wonder if I did something wrong.

Perhaps she senses my doubt my desire to be more than friends with her maybe I still haven't gotten over my complex about her we're just buddies nothing more or less we're Simply Connected through build Fantasia it started out as mere sympathy.

Which turned into friendship and then eventually I I want to oh a notice from management what what the old Fantasia is shutting down the announcement of the final event will be next Saturday.

If the game is over if we're no longer partners there will be no reason for us to meet anymore what this is too sudden those Carefree days those fun days of Adventure will come to an end uh I don't want that Mari let's do the final quest as a Duo let's clear it.

I had made up my mind I could no longer lie to myself Adventure always requires the courage to take the first step and in the blink of an eye a week passed and the day finally arrived our last adventure in build Fantasia this is wow I didn't know there were this many.

Players left let's do our best Mari let's clear the quest yeah of course I'm worried but I have no choice but to do my best so that I don't have any regrets Heroes the world is about to be swelled up by Twilight find the root of Destruction and save this world.

Quest content find the hidden boss somewhere in the field and defeat it within the time limit and the last attacker's name will be announced huh hints are hidden in some areas of the field collect keywords to find hidden bosses then Challenge and defeat them there's a time limit as expected.

It's a difficult Quest because it's the final quest we were able to fight our way past the opposition with minimal fighting acquiring keywords and sprinting through the rocket terrain thanks to our flexible maneuverability we got the third keyword I'll open up.

The warp gates Roger that we're starting to fall behind the big guilds it is true that there's strength in numbers but we will not give up there's too many of them guess we have no choice but to fight skill activated I'll support you I'll create a path so Dash.

what was that look the field is collapsing if we're not careful get caught in it and it's game over we didn't know when or where it would collapse through the fear we kept moving forward you.

Bamboo damn it I messed up I was so close to let's use a recovery item he can still make it you amateurs make me sick I'm a top Riker bamboo summer I refuse to receive help from the likes of you this is the end for my guild.

We're running out of time take this the last keyword don't get me wrong I still hate you guys but I refuse to end like this without being able to clear the game yeah I know leave the rest of me let's go this is the final battle don't hold back we used the status up items to the Limit.

And rushed into the door it was a fierce battle Beyond description there was no room to let our guard down no eye contact no words we just repeatedly attacked working together as if we were one this is the final attack.

Combination skill docking activated the attack from mari's sword turned into an era of light and pierced the hidden boss did we do it text we did it we cleared it we did it did it light and Fanfare filled the air.

As if to announce a blessing we looked up at the clear message floating in the air it's all over yeah so what game should we play next huh I still want to play games with you I want to continue going on adventures with you that's why I still want to be your.

Partner both in this virtual world and in reality uh I want to be with you Mari ah as with that boss fight no words were needed between us while listening to the Fanfare of the ending through the VR goggles Mari and I.

Exchanged a kiss in a long time since we've been here how nostalgic I remember it was the first time we met offline we also logged in at this exact internet cafe feels like it was a long time ago all right let's go this game looks pretty tough but the two of us can handle it yeah I look forward.

To it before long the world changes with electronic sounds and a heroic Fanfare greets us holding hands we start running with our hearts fluttering into the world full of new adventures how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.