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[Manga Dub] The plain girl in class was actually a national idol…!? [RomCom]


I'll go teach oh thanks Ishikawa really like weird things don't you Ishikawa you realize if you make her your girlfriend you're gonna have a pretty boring time right I'm literally just taking some homework to her my classmate kawaguchi took off school today she lives opposite to my house but no one was willing to go to her house so.

I volunteered all right I'm counting on you my name is Minato Ishikawa I'm a junior in high school I'm a huge fan of a new Idol called Rico I'm an otaku I'm not good with handling Miss kawaguchi anyway going back to the original story I don't really have any.

Interactions with Miss kawaguchi she's very quiet she wears thick glasses and has long dark hair she's usually covering her face with her hair too she's basically a boring girl but it's not like I don't like her yes how can I help you hop what's going on somehow the idol that I follow Rico was there.

Sorry if it's homework I'll take it from you she closed the door in a hurry she looked identical to Rico I was so surprised that I almost sprinted away from Miss kawaguchi's house no way that that was totally Rico I am a huge fan of Rico she's got huge eyes and long black hair that goes down.

To her hips and an amazing body I I would never mistake her she was definitely Rico why is Rico and Miss kawaguchi's house the next day I'll take the homework what's going on me nutso why are you being super proactive did something happen between you two no.

You're acting sus I need you to know the truth behind yesterday's events I rang the doorbell and the door slowly opened I knew it you're Rico just as I predicted Rico answered the door what hang on be quiet come inside huh.

I was panicking Rico dragged me into her house um why are you at Miss kawaguchi's house Rico I'll explain later no no explain now Rico said that and looked slowly at me no this is sudden but can you go out with me.

What what why is Rico at kawaguchi's house and why is Rico asking me out I was so confused that I could feel myself losing consciousness please Ishikawa I came back too from her saying my name uh why does Rico know my name I really don't understand what's going on.

I got it Rico took me to her living room she took a seat on the sofa and started looking at me simply put I'm kawaguchi in your class that boring girl yes that boring girl and I am Rico the idol those words smacked into my head as if I was being struck by lightning.

I didn't realize that you were Rico at all that's because I didn't want anyone to know I see that makes sense it would be pretty annoying for everyone to know that you're an idol exactly hang on.

I need to calm down I really can't breathe correctly with my favorite Idol standing in front of me what's going on nothing that's okay but you're sweating a storm you're just seeing I was so nervous that I suddenly started talking to miss kawaguchi as if I was.

Talking to an elder her beautiful black eyes were looking in my direction I felt like I was about to bust a nosebleed just staring into those eyes wait he just asked me to go out with her this must be some kind of dream right uh you wanna go out with me right.

You're joking no I'm serious yeah wait you're serious we both fell into a silence after that I got some hot cocoa from her as I was starting to finally calm down so why did you want to go out with me I want to quit the entertainment industry actually what no.

Why not because I'm a huge Ricoh fan you're a fan of mine yeah so I don't want you to quit but I want to spend my high school day it's like a normal kid my mom said no ah you should listen to your mother then kind amazing she's so cute.

But I don't know how that leads to us dating well my agency doesn't allow any romance so if I have a boyfriend I have to leave aha so I figured if I date you and tell the agency I can leave that's pretty far-fetched but that's all I can do please date me.

I mean if that's what you want I personally agree a hundred percent with this plan thank you I knew you were super kind so I wanted to ask you wait what do you mean I said this before too but I really don't think I'm That Kind no I always watch you in class.

What I can be excited right thanks yeah I'm so happy that you're here right now I'm sorry for using you like this but I figured you could be my pretend boyfriend I see I'm a little sad that Rico is going to.

Be leaving the entertainment industry but if that's what you want to do yeah sorry okay then I'm going to pretend to be your boyfriend starting tomorrow okay okay and that's how I started pretending to be her boyfriend and she started pretending to be my girlfriend so what exactly do you want me to do.

While we pretend to date um how about we start going home together tomorrow yeah sure and so I left her house Miss kawaguchi let's go what's going on are you two dating huh yeah seriously.

Why would you date that boring girl who cares don't act all cool just because you've never had a girlfriend yeah that's not what's going on just go away sorry I'm surrounded by idiots oh okay I haven't had this kind of interaction at school so it's fun.

She smiled I could see her eyes past her glasses and realized how beautiful they were I almost never looked at her face she really is cute what's going on Ishikawa huh you're just kind of standing around oh why don't we just go home yeah.

Why did you become Rico my mom applied for a job position without asking me oh so it's not like you want it to be an idol yeah I don't like this job so I want to quit I see I'm sad that Rico will be going though but I want to speak for all otakus when I say we want you to be happy.

You're really kind I am glad I asked you to be my boyfriend if you're happy with me you're completely different from Rico though but this is the real me so I see are you disappointed of course not I think the regular you is just as good that phrase just came out but I wasn't.

Lying thank you I know I hadn't talked to you much before but I regret it and wish I had you're really nice she turned around and looked at me she sighed and started walking home afterwards we would go on dates and whatnot we started getting closer.

You're actually really smart huh Miss kawaguchi not at all you actually have really good grades is that surprising I'm a little offended we are usually asleep in class how do you know because I see you well from where I sit I see I thought that she actually liked.

Me for a second but I'm just her pretend boyfriend what was I thinking so cute I mean it makes sense because she's Rico but how am I talking to her without freezing up what's going on Ishikawa oh nothing there's no point in my even being nervous I'm just her fake boyfriend I went home from school as usual but.

Something happened today that doesn't normally happen her mom was standing at the entrance and when she saw us her face lost all color who is that my boyfriend what are you talking about you forbidden to like anyone doesn't matter the agency has forbidden it why would.

You be so selfish because I like him what she likes me oh yeah that was technically the story I'm sorry I like her too what are you talking about she's the most important part of her career right now mom I haven't even saying I want to quit.

For a while now but you're my only hope you know I wanted to get into the entertainment industry um I think that she should live her own life and you shouldn't just choose things for her you're just saying that because you don't want to break up with her.

What do you say stop getting back I'm sure he's just around you because he found out you were Rico go away he would never do such a thing we're going home sorry Ishikawa I'll call you later she stopped coming to school for a little while after that.

Of course I couldn't even contact her on her phone hey why are you dating Rico you're kidding I thought you were dating kawaguchi what are you talking about you're so dense have you read any of the news this photo with Rico that's you right huh there was a photo of us at the zoo a.

Few days ago it did look more like Rico than kawaguchi explain yourself are you cheating on kawaguchi no I can't explain right now after school I headed straight to her house however there was already a crowd of journalists waiting and they started.

Questioning me you must be Rico's boyfriend right no but this is definitely a photo of you and Rico Miss kawaguchi's door opened at that moment and Rico came out yes that is him but we are just friends now.

Your agency doesn't allow any romance does it yes I just spoke to my CEO and let him know that I will be retiring from the entertainment industry apparently everyone was over the whole dating thing after she announced she would be retiring from entertainment they all ran towards her I looked at Miss kawaguchi she looked upset and sad.

It was hard to tell exactly what she was feeling a month later the news finally stops talking about Rico's retirement however I haven't seen Miss kawaguchi since I had fallen for her after spending so much time with her and was sad about not being able to see her problem was the fake relationship.

There wasn't supposed to be any real love or romance between us but the reality was that I had fallen for her I'm sure she won't understand no matter what I say now I've always liked you Ishikawa that's why I thought it was my chance when you brought me my homework from school I always liked you as kawaguchi not as.

Rico but then I ended up causing this much of a mess for you what am I doing I shouldn't have done anything with you huh it's me Ishikawa I snuck into her backyard and was throwing a rubber ball at her window I know it's a little bad but I figured this would be the only way I could see.

You I like you miss kawaguchi no you like Rico right no I like you kawakuchi the calm and cute kawaguchi really yeah I'm sure you're not looking at me though that's not true at all I've always liked you huh that's why I figured when you came over it was my chance and asked you out but.

That was as a fake boyfriend right I said that but I didn't really mean it seriously yeah I want to go out for real yeah not as a fake boyfriend a girlfriend but as a real boyfriend and girlfriend let's do it that's how we started going.

Out and that's how Rico stopped being the idol Rico there were some rumors at school that said kawaguchi was Rico but that disappeared too she looked too blunt to be Rico or so everyone thought but to me she was perfect as Miss kawaguchi why are you.

Dating a boring girl Minato you jealous no I just figured there are a lot of other better girls it's fine as long as I know what's nice about kawaguchi it would be bad if people found out how she really looked I'm sure she would be overwhelmed with everyone asking her out that's why I was.

Fine with how things were I'm sure it's the same with Rico too I'm fine with going out with a boring old Rico other videos as well