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[Manga Dub] The popular girl is determined to make me fall in love with her [RomCom]


Uh Miss Nano is beautiful today too I don't know a goddess an angel whatever she's the world's Beauty gathered in one place oh she's in her 60s you understand the appeal of an older woman she's that older she's oldest.

Her age brings out tastes like fine wine ah she's so beautiful I don't get it my name is ryoji Aoki I'm a high school student who had always had a thing for older women of course my romantic interest lies in women who are older as well I'm just not interested in people my age or younger than me.

When I was in kindergarten after falling for a beautiful teacher I've always had an admiration for Elder women so does that mean Mr now is a potential partner no I think she's that old no she's just someone I'm Falling For What but she's definitely more attractive than girls my age or younger the way she talks The Way.

She Moves oh it's also elegant more than anything a voice is just so slow and warm I don't understand man yeah well that's how it is okay then you're not interested in the transfer student what you really don't care about people your age huh yeah they're not necessary in my life.

That's a bit extreme so uh transfer I don't know I heard she's really cute or something let's see you really don't care I really don't yeah that's actually impressive whatever though you should catch on to your bill of.

Older women too yeah I'm not gonna be like you even if I do figure it out take a seat everyone we have a transfer oh here she comes I'm tsunami uveno I'm going to be coming here starting today nice to meet you all whoa she's adorable this is great she's beautiful oh my gosh.

Biochi you understand that she's pretty right nope serious serious I don't know why everyone is so happy what is wrong with your eyeballs man are things just dysfunctional shut up everything is working fine I don't care about how she looks though.

Just doesn't get me going seriously I don't get what's so nice about her you know I'm actually impressed by how serious you are about all this she's so cute I mean yeah she's yeah she's sure she's cute that's it apparently the transfer is a huge hit among the men in the class enjoying break time they're all crowding around.

Her hey do you have a boyfriend you're so cute no I don't what's your type someone who is kind and strong you're so cute ah thank you oh her smile is shining she's super popular I don't understand what the hype is about if you want to be.

Head over heels with someone I should be missed Nano she's got such a kind gaze I want to be as lovely as her yeah he can't be an older woman what the hell why is he not looking at me everyone else is so into interested in me it's annoying hey I thought why you over there that's.

For Yoji Aoki ryojicune yeah you know if you're interested in him you should give up now he was only interested in older women I see only interested in other that I'm going to make him mine you're only able to say that till I make a move.

Morning Realty kid morning it's a great morning huh hey do you want to go to school together sure yeah yeah I wanted to talk to you why I don't know you seem a little different from the other boys uh-huh so I wanted you to be my friend.

Careful you okay hey yeah I'm okay thank you you're very kind Mr now good morning I hope you can good morning uh what a great day huh yeah the wind feels good and it's a beautiful day Are You Gonna Leave water in the flowers today I can help you want me to oh thank you what I don't get it what.

The hell is going on he's totally more excited to be talking to her I'm going to really put my back into this do you want to eat lunch with me sorry I'm busy helping the art teacher during lunch try to help her is she that beautiful yeah of course.

Within her careless gaze it's a certain sense of kindness a stance towards art is something to be admired the way she looks over her own fire on campus the madness within the calm I cannot stress how great Elders are so yeah see ya I told you to leave him alone can you hang out after class aren't you invite someone else.

I want you sorry I'm busy after class do you have clubs or something no I just study after class I'm gonna be having a modern Japanese teacher too to me modern Japanese nope nothing weird there I'm just having.

To teach me she's not attractive of course soft gaze as she casts over the room the kind voice while she reads the text the beautiful elegance and the way she traces akanji oh Elders are so great so yeah bye oh I really can't believe this.

I told you to leave it alone I kept selling it down even though she kept talking to me but she wouldn't give up and kept talking to me one day decode do I know what a coincidence do you have a sec no I need to go home and watch Elder Paradise drama.

The heck is that my wallpaper is out of paradise women it's a Bible of my love life I don't know any of that yeah let me show you aren't they beautiful you really are only interested in Elders yeah I'm gonna go now see ya oh yeah I need to call my mom.

Um wait my keys do I drop them a second ago and I took on my phone I guess I gotta look for him I think it's around here leave me alone stop annoying me I said no um.

I said I'm not interested come on you're so annoying what are you doing you I'm a boyfriend what you had a Mane yeah so I'm not interested I should have said that to begin with what was that about are you okay.

so you'll probably get flooded with elephant yeah huh you're cute I don't want you to be messed with by some other weirdos so I'll send you home thank you.

I'm home Sis welcome home tsunami and this is he just helped me from an annoying flirty dude oh you're the OG huh thank you for saying chinami no man not to worry tsunami has no sense of danger so she's always getting messed with.

True then I'll send her off every day to make sure she doesn't get messed with every day what is your name Miss I'm Coho kaisan uh can we trade contact info in case something happens to when I was on.

two you're totally you're acting different with me literally my type I've fallen for your sister I'm gonna flirt with her no what I'm not going to let you mess with her I like you guys son please go out with me.

How about we start off as friends I will come every day and profess my love to you no that's why I really came every day and told karo's son my love I wanted to be with her but every time I went ended up being with iwano San more at school she's always acting so cool.

But when she's with me that act falls off and starts screaming because it's actually pretty fun don't get tired of it huh why would I get tired of a beautiful woman like that I want your sister I might be like her one day it's rude.

You guys get along so well I want to get along with you more then let's all go about some time I want just us that's not going to happen shut up let us be alone we went out to the amusement park that Sunday guys son let's ride so many rides.

Together let's go cosan you really only talked and hung out with my sis I throw some things with you vote more with her okay I'll go buy something from the food corn.

Will that make you feel better I want something sweet how about you carlosan can I have a drink absolutely little oh it's actually pretty late huh Jesus Yes dear huh they're talking sis I really like him so if you're not serious about him you leave him alone sure I'm sorry I know this is gross.

It's okay and don't worry thank you sis I really shouldn't have heard that huh I didn't realize she was serious is it even more awkward now afterwards I returned to them but I couldn't have fun anymore I just felt hazy after that I avoided you I know I was.

Avoiding her everywhere including score I didn't want to see karusan or I want her son I don't want to be like this but hey oh I know going on come over so my sis is worried I mean my gosh just tell me straight are you.

Not interested in her anymore that's not it but then what is it I heard you and your sister talking at the park huh so I just kind of felt awkward talking to you guys that's her feelings I shouldn't tell her.

To stop I'm sorry but I really am interested in you that's the truth so I want you to believe me goodbye what the hell am I doing I'm finding myself curious about we winner but is that just because she said she liked me no I don't know but I know I can't just leave it like this.

Hmm I said leave me alone we're angry I'm not interested in you what the hell is your problem hey tough guy she's clearly not having it She's Mine can you leave her alone.

Where the hell do I have to listen to you I'm just saying if you keep this sub I'm gonna call the police uh damn it did I kill you when I just save me why did I save you you know you're going to make me fall.

For you again rice but how you feel my lucky sister I don't but I'm not good at giving up so I'm gonna make you fall for me you know I end up with your sister before that oh going to happen you just watch I'm going to grow into an amazing woman.

Yeah I've been looking forward to it just like we said she kept flirting with me he also kept my word and kept flirting with her sister a few months later he totally rejected me shut up buddy I'm glad though I feel over it.

I haven't given up on you though I really are stubborn huh well you're a free man now I heard that it's easy to fall for someone else when you're grieving it's not that simple really I'm totally fine with taking advantage of your broken hearts I'm going to keep going so good luck ugh.

The fact that I ended up falling head over heels for her there's a story for another day thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well