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[Manga Dub] The popular girl went into a private classroom with the teacher’s assistant?! [RomCom]


Chiaki were you just looking at me no I wasn't my name is chiaki akaba I'm at a social by me a cool and mysterious classmate in the library somehow we ended up studying for the next test together I better look productive to other people I don't know how to solve this problem come on man you need to concentrate.

I wasn't the smartest kid around but I was pretty good at English so I was helping Miu ayasaki study for the literature test and that's how you get to this answer huh what's wrong thing okay try to solve a similar problem with.

What I just taught you by the way Miu isn't usually like this during class her cool character was a facade and she's actually playful spoiled likes to joke around and is a little bit of a goofball we were studying like this for a while now but huh didn't I just teach you how to do this.

Uh were you even listening to me when I explained this problem um of course I was you don't get it I was trying to teach it the simplest way uh the tests are coming up soon how are you going to pass if you can't solve an easy multiple choice problem like that.

I'll explain it again own bye thanks tiaki for everything for everything hey meet you what's wrong with you what did I do something is he really good at literature he doesn't seem to be able to read her heart very well unfortunately I was terrible at every other subject I was.

Going to ask for me whose help with studying but she left me here all alone oh man I have a lot to think about I mean yeah I need to focus on studying but I'm also worried about something else I thought I was finally able to get close with Miu but look what happened.

Well all that was happening with chiaki I ran out of the library and I'm horrible I was even the one who asked him to help me study I was just so nervous because chiaki was so close to me I could never admit that out loud though I thought I was finally able to get close to him oh.

Oh are you okay ouch I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention no I'm sorry too oh nichon hey I told you not to call me that in school didn't I the truth was Mr Naomi and I were related.

He went to our school as an intern so we were working the fact that we are family a secret I'm sorry only I mean I'm sorry Mr nightmia I'm sorry for bumping into you too anyways Miu I mean iasaki-san did something happen what.

You're not like your usual self what's wrong oh what should I say if I tell him that it's about shiyaki I tell our family members about it uh um nothing's wrong hmm you look like you're hiding something though it's easy to tell when you're lying to you you know you can.

Talk to me right well actually I'm having trouble studying at that time oh me you might actually hate me what am I doing I was feeling pretty upset about what happened suddenly wait isn't this Muse she might need this.

I wonder if she's still here in school I have an idea I'll return this to her and apologize there's nothing wrong with fixing problems as soon as possible and like that I looked around the school for Miu I was finally able to find her but oh there she is hey me do you want to go to the conference room.

Then usually it's pretty empty yeah you'll teach me what I need to know right what isn't that Mr nari Mia the intern an empty conference room teach her what she needs to know what's happening are they going to study together.

Privately you know I think the last time I asked you to help me study was in eighth grade yeah I remember you were crying about how stressful your high school entrance exams were I wasn't crying I'm joking I'm joking but man you grew up so fast Miu.

Hey stop treating me like a little kid you're still a kid to me I'm an adult now look at me no way are they in that kind of relationship no Mia wouldn't do that but Mr nari Mia is pretty popular with the girls and Mio oh I don't know what's going on anymore maybe I'll take a peek inside.

You're still a kid to me I'm an adult now look at me what are they doing what's with that was me you flirting with him too still a kid look at me look at what so Mew says things like that to handsome men behind closed doors no hold on a second that was probably just a.

Misunderstanding yup Mr nari Mia is still a teacher even if he's just an intern male teachers don't just pet female students heads randomly right they don't right wait your necktie is crooked huh oh is it if you're going to treat me like a kid you should notice things like this.

Yourself yeah I know sorry sorry you don't even sound sorry you're you're like that you I don't want anyone to tease me like that then behave yourself I probably just misunderstood what I saw.

Earlier it's all a misunderstanding you wouldn't do something like that to a teacher I know she's not that kind of girl I don't want anyone to tease me like that then behave yourself what what are they doing now I don't want anyone to tease me behave.

Yourself so they have that kind of relationship what kind of studying are they doing in a classroom setting okay can you help me now yeah we don't have much time so we should get hold on a second stop stop what chiaki.

Shiaki oh akabakoon he's in the same class as you right me you oh why are you yelling what do you mean why are you yelling what were you guys planning on doing here um study study a teacher and a student.

Um isn't that normal it's not Puss think of where you're at this is a classroom oh so we can't do it in school if doing it in school was allowed our society would be a crazy place you're so dramatic there isn't anything wrong with it of course it is you're a student and he's a teacher.

But this is normal for students and teachers hmm you making no sense at all you neither I don't get what you're thinking at all come on guys calm down for a second maybe Muse being brainwashed by Mr nari Mia if she is I need to save her anyways Miu I'm worried about you.

As your friend what I get that he's teaching you but you know that type of thing should be done between two people who love each other right what does that mean chiaki was helping me study because he loves me.

Yucky you think that way of me really yeah that's why I'm sorry for upsetting you earlier either way you're important to me you so don't be with Mr narimea anymore then I take it that I can leave you to teach her that I'm not confident that I can teach her anything well I'm not experienced.

Like you Mr nari Mia not really I haven't even graduated yet sir you haven't graduated yet but it's my dream to come back here after I graduate it's a little embarrassing to stay but it's been my dream since I was in elementary school yeah it's pretty embarrassing to tell.

Someone about your childhood dreams uh saying that out loud is kind of embarrassing what does he mean a little I'd say it's pretty damn embarrassing but I want as many students as possible to feel the happiness of finally figuring it out what oh since you're here maybe the three of.

Us should try together is this guy actually crazy I can teach you too if you like chiakikun it might be painful at first but I'll do my best too sir you play for that team too huh which team he's a crazy guy that's okay with everything.

A few minutes later so yeah that's how you solve that problem oh yeah I think I get it a little oh so they're actually studying I completely misunderstood the whole thing to be honest I wanted to crawl into a hole if I could but even though Mr nari.

Mia had been helping her for a while Miu didn't seem to be concentrating like I said this year I heard that Mr nari Mia and Mia were close because they were related but it didn't seem like his teaching methods were helping her very well oh.

Huh didn't I just teach you how to do this were you even listening to me when I was explaining this problem of course she'd be upset if I said something like that to her excuse me Mr nari Mia what's wrong shiakikun I'll help me with literature.

Huh chiaki I used to hate English before I finally remembered that so I'd like to be the one helping her I see okay I'll leave it to you then yes sir huh where are you going I'm going back to the office now my help isn't needed here anymore.

Huh or wait but I got permission to use this room already so just make sure you lock up before you leave Mr nari Mia left the room after that okay let's do this thing um what's wrong hey chiaki.

Say that studying is something that two people who love each other do if I tell her the truth about earlier she'll think I'm a pervert she'll actually hate me this time things came back around to me in the worst way possible yeah I mean like yo I type of love you and I.

Uh you kind of stuttered there Yahweh is a Japanese word that means love for your friend basically because you're my friend and I love you that way oh sorry for asking something so weird but I think I like that word it means to really value your friends right it feels more meaningful than a normal friendship.

Like I actually mean a lot to you really so I'll use the word Joy with you too chiaki that kind of makes me blush oh what after those events our friendship returns to normal and as a result of studying together.

A few days later the day our tests were returned look chiaki I got over 80 on the English test whoa you did it on the other hand I got scores that are all below average on everything except English oh there's always next time.

In the end I was so focused on helping Miu that I forgot to ask her for help on my own studying at the same time Mr nari Mia had ended his internship I hope you could be a teacher at a school again don't forget about me sir thanks guys make sure you all study hard.

Too I completely misunderstood everything and he was actually just a good teacher until the end um Mr nari Mia Kun what's up do you think I can speak with you privately I'm so sorry about before Mr nari Mia I.

Got the wrong idea and uh what exactly are you talking about um well I don't really know what you're talking about but if you feel bad about what you did I just want you to know that that's enough I actually have a favor I wanted to ask you.

A favor the truth is Mew is an introvert even within the family and doesn't like talking to people much I'm just worried about her so will you look after her in the future yes of course I will you can leave it to me great.

That makes me feel so relieved huh what are you two talking about me you speak of the devil let's go back to the classroom chiaki oh onichan come by your house sometime okay yeah tell your mom I said hi you have to go to tutoring sessions after school starting tomorrow right.

I'll help you study this is how I'm showing my UI don't say that so loudly it's embarrassing you I hey guess I won't have to worry about me if chiaki Kunis with her I hope those two end up together.

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