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[Manga dub] The prettiest girl in school asked me out after I helped a little girl… [RomCom]


Oh my gosh what should i do my name is miu ayasaki i'm a junior in high school i actually drew a winning ticket at a lottery in a department store but i lost a friend i came with of course my phone is dead i can't get in touch with chiaki my friend is chiaki akaba.

I know it sounds a little feminine but it's a boy's name oh but let me emphasize we are just friends ouch oh gosh are you okay show me what happened oh it looks like you have a little scratch.

It hurts let's go wash out your injuries okay don't worry i can take care of you all right you're good to go i'll just add one final touch a final touch go away pain what is that supposed to do um.

Don't treat me like i'm a child i'm a lady but you really did help me out i appreciate it very much please call me karen higashikujo may i ask what your name is oh uh my name is miyu ayasaki okay miss miu uh.

Miss is extra how about sis this girl can hold a conversation better than i can so cotton what were you running for i was looking for someone your mom and dad um kind of it's hard to explain did i just walk into something i.

Shouldn't have sister miyu what are you doing are you unable to find your father or mother uh no so are you enjoying the theme park by yourself uh i'm here with uh with my boyfriend.

Why am i trying to show off boyfriend lucky so where is your boyfriend well we kind of lost each other um you are an adult right uh well i'll help you since you've helped.

Me okay thanks i'm completely under her control now oh did you try using your phone actually it's out of battery that's rough but i'm sure if your boyfriend is smart he'll be able to find you well about that oh so are you telling me he's not that.

Smart okay i cannot let her meet him he even lied about him being my boyfriend where did miyu go she's not even answering her phone my name is chiaki akaba i'm trying to find miu have you found her.

Negative where did she go find her we're done for if we don't find her yes sir what's all that about doesn't seem good i finally managed to find miyu jiyaki.

I'm so glad i found you i thought you went home because i was boring i would never do such a thing huh this is your boyfriend hmm he doesn't seem very manly boyfriend i'm mew's boyfriend she hockey uh come here right now let me explain.

Go ahead miss miu i got a little ahead of myself because that lady was talking about how i was just all alone i see you wanted to seem like you had a date wait that's not your boyfriend you lied ugh this meal you tried to trick me.

No wait cotton i'm really sorry it's fine cotted oh adults lie they never keep their promises just because i'm a kid i'm sorry i lied can i explain i just wanted to make it seem like i was a cool adult.

I am all alone at school and bad at making friends so i kind of wanted to seem cool so who is that guy chiaki is a friend i made recently i see i was really hoping i could be friends with you cotton will you forgive me.

Please is that a no okay fine it's okay miss cotton is a lady so she must be incredibly forgiving they'll even be your friend too huh oh me hey you made a new friend shiaki.

Uh yeah anyway cotton weren't you looking for someone what your mom and dad not exactly people who are supposed to act like my mom and dad did i just walk into something i shouldn't have.

But i'm nothing but a job for these people i don't think it'll be a problem as long as i stay in the park really my mom and dad were supposed to come but they both ended up having work heavy don't worry about it this happens regularly well do you want to play with us.

Maybe you'll find your friends while you're playing with us i mean we did just become friends you'd be okay with that of course then can i hold your hand sure go for it this is the first time i'm holding hands.

With a friend yikes but how we're acting now it's not so much like we're friends it seems like we're family afterwards the three of us all rode around the various rides around the park we never could find the people that were supposed to be watching karine but it.

Was cute to watch her being a child again i was quietly imagining that maybe this is what it would be like if i married miyu and had a child like karine so good you've got cream on your face i got it thanks.

So anyway do you like miu what i mean we're technically just friends so ah so you do like her got it i didn't say that's not okay you should tell her your feelings as a man you're just gonna be pure forever like that it's not that simple and don't call me.

Pure plus you were literally on a date with someone that pretty and you lost track of her losing points it's not a date hey guys i'm back what were you two so excited about perfect timing chiaki was about to chiaki why is your face red.

The day went by quickly and it was dark before we knew it we should start heading home soon yeah it's about that time oh it's already time time flies when you're with your friends we could go find the people we were looking for are you sure you can go home.

Alone yeah do you want me to go with you i'm okay oh i have an idea i'll buy you a gift okay yucky hang on okay.

Chiaki is too kind the fun time passes too quickly true i had so much fun thank you guys i had fun being your friend and getting to know you too it was an incredibly incredibly special time to me.

Are you okay thank you so much for everything cotton do you have a wish for me miu i have to repay both of you oh don't worry about it we're friends no let me repeat you i have an idea do you like chiaki miyu.

Wait wait wait what what are you suddenly asking it's very important please tell me um i don't have to worry about anything when i'm around him i can just relax and besides we're just friends i think that's my answer wait hey but looking at you two it.

Doesn't seem like anyone wants to take the first step you don't understand cotton that kind of negativity is what slows everything down you have to tell your feelings you can't just be waiting around like that forever how is this kid that is like half my age telling me how to date.

It's okay let me work my magic magic i can only use this once a day but i'll use my magic to make sure you two become lovers i'm this park's fairy actually fairy you don't believe me just wait out here i couldn't believe what she was saying.

But it didn't seem like she was lying either then chiaki came back hey miyu hey chiaki wait where's karine she was just here i guess she went home i had something to give her i thought we got along well.

Chiaki just go ahead and sit here cotton said that she was a fairy fairy what she said she was the fairy of the amusement park and that she would use her magic i see what kind of magic hmm what's up.

Hmm she said she'd show us so just sit here but it's almost closing time yeah but huh fireworks they're so pretty some kind of parade or something maybe what is that projection mapping.

I can read something me miyu likes miyu what's going on miyu nothing don't worry about it no way maybe cotton is talking about this this was her magic we're not even on.

That kind of level yet chimaki chimaki like that snack i mean it is good but is something wrong me you nothing i don't really get it this mew person really wants to appeal to this chimaki stuff.

I guess so i do like snacks i guess we got to see fireworks you want to go home yeah oh yeah i guess i'll give you the present i just bought i actually just bought something too the same keychain.

Just different colors i guess we're matching i guess so i wonder if those two got together miss karin are you sure we are allowed to do this even though this is our amusement park should we really have had fireworks just for them.

If it's for happiness i'm sure mother and father would approve anyway you really shouldn't have gotten on the merry-go-round without me i've been hearing that you had a lot of fun i'm sorry i thought if i was spinning around i.

Would find you quickly karin cotton mom dad i'm so sorry daughter please forgive me my little fairy i'm so sorry it's okay i had a lot of fun with my friends by the way i had fireworks.

You did it for your friends what a wonderful job you really are my amazing daughter dad i get it relax let's go eat some berg it's your favorite bird for dinner tonight please don't say burg just say burger i really don't like it i think i might have made a typo earlier.

Oh well i like snacks thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well