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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl in school bit my ear after rejecting her love letter… [RomCom]


Oh yeah i can just write a love letter i sana nadase who is always being treated lightly by the person i like had a great idea after reading a particular manga his name was chiaki akaba handsome and manly yet quite reserved when it comes to girls his purity gave him the nickname piraki i wanted him to be my.

Boyfriend although he is quite cold to me this ought to work out for a guy as pure as chiaki i thought so because the main character in the romantic comedy i was reading was also pierre i put my trust in this kind of thing alright i gotta make this a reality.

Let's start writing and so i began writing the love letter but no i can't hand him this as i began to express my feelings for chiaki in the letter the words that were being written were so embarrassing i couldn't even say them out loud yeah i can't do this.

But it's always to throw it away i'll just put it away later writing down my true feelings like that is too much i have to be more nonchalant yeah even just inviting him out is good enough inviting him out with the letter that'll work just fine for someone like pieraki.

And then i'll express my feelings in person and so i began writing a letter in my style very casual just as i finished sana give me a hand for a second it was as if my mom waited for me to finish writing so she could call me be right there.

I carefully folded the letters and head over to help my mom out finally finish the errands all right i'll finally ask chiaki out tomorrow and make him mine with great enthusiasm i put one letter in my bag and the other away in a drawer imagine chiaki's face when he finds that letter in his bag.

I'm sure he'll be in a panic oh but in chiaki's case he might not even notice the letter that's how clueless he is well i guess i'll just tell him if that happens i'm so excited tomorrow i wonder what his reaction would be i fell asleep thinking about it.

Chiaki sana what is it he just wanted to call your name uh okay hey chiaki let's hang out after school sure but where hmm where do you want to go.

Why are you asking me come on take me where you want to go uh even if you ask me all of a sudden think about it how about a game center oh sounds good let's get going then high energy as usual all right then huh what's wrong nothing there's just.

A letter of some kind in my bag a what could that be a love letter what no way that's not possible take a look at what it says uh um there's no way right i say that but i open the letter with.

Anticipation and then this is a love letter to a guy like me oh wow really what does it say uh i don't think i should share that oh come on i'm curious about this homewrecker homewrecker well look it doesn't even.

Say their name then it's fine um i was torn between what to do but i knew sana wouldn't back down at this point i had no choice but to read in a whisper so only she could hear well um it says i really like you.

Okay and then let's see to show how much i like you i'll start by listing 10 of my favorite things about you i see wait what i'm just reading it straight from the.

Letter okay i'm not making this up her reaction was if she thought i'd been making this up so i had to explain in a hurry so to continue chiaki you are very manly and handsome your eyes are sharp and a little scary sometimes but you have a kind heart oh wait a second.

What as i was reading the letter out loud sana pounced on me and snatched the love letter right out of my hand what are you doing no this isn't the one what do you mean this is a letter given to me it doesn't.

Have anything to do with you that's not what i mean this is just give it back no i can't i don't care what you say taking someone else's letter is just wrong this isn't the one what's not the one.

I can't hey don't run away sauna huh where'd she go how did i lose her why on earth would she take my letter written by someone else since sana told me she likes me in the past i can understand why she doesn't.

Want to see other girls love letters however sana isn't the kind of person who would hide other people's love letters plus she was the one trying to get me to look at it earlier which is why it puzzles me as to why she took it sana.

Come on out i'm not angry uh but when people see that they're usually angry i'm not coming out but wait how come this one was in his bag in the first place did i seriously put in the wrong one by mistake.

I can't believe i gave him the embarrassing letter that i thought i put away sana are you there oh so i was right how did you know i just had a feeling you would hide here i can tell by now since we hang out so often.

now give me back my letter i won't get angry anymore no sana how come you're not that kind of person are you cause this is this is.

It's because i wrote this letter what i said this is a letter i wrote top wait what when'd you put this in just a little while ago when you were thinking of a place for us to go secretly are you serious wait but that's.

Can't you recognize the handwriting this is exactly how a gal would write no i mean you're right but no these letters doesn't it look like my handwriting if you say so why are you in doubt well all gals have the same handwriting.

So i can't really tell but then why did you have to take it from me all of a sudden well it's because i gave you the wrong one you gave me the wrong one wait that means this letter was meant for someone else why would you say that you're doing it.

On purpose aren't you i mean you said you handed out the wrong letter can you please listen to me i handed out the wrong letter but not to the wrong person it even says your name on it you're right chiaki you're so oblivious er how can you give me the wrong one.

Anyways that's because after i rewrote it i guess i brought the older one i don't know how that's even possible but i guess sana has a clumsy side as well well i find that pretty cute to be honest.

So what made you rewrite it you're laughing you're making fun of me no i'm not you're just making me smile that's called making fun of me no it's not don't sulk about it sana you're doing that on purpose to try and change the subject aren't you huh.

I knew it you really don't want to talk about it huh cause it's so embarrassing you always tell me your feelings in person why act like this all of a sudden everybody makes mistakes you know it's not like that huh what i wrote in the letter was.

Embarrassing how cute she's usually pretty aggressive when it comes to showing her feelings coming off shy and reserved like this makes her seem so cute was it that embarrassing yeah.

She always tells me she likes me and stuff how come she's so embarrassed this time around i guess she's a pure girl after all well if you wrote it might as well give it to me no isn't that such a waste i'll bring a different one tomorrow.

Ah you usually come on strong i guess you're weak when it comes to things like this you seem like you don't like it i guess there's nothing i can do okay fine if i give you this love letter will you go out with me huh.

No way what's wrong with you oh you make me angry hey what are you you embarrassed me it's your fault what oh what what are you doing how do you like that.

How it tickles and it's embarrassing so can you stop nope never hey hey calm down stop me if you can that's enough the moment i tried shaking her off we.

Both lost balance and i ended up lying right on top of sauna how bold of you no this isn't oh is piracy going after sauna you're right they're such a pure guy that's a job well done.

I have to get off of her as soon as possible i thought but it was too late by then um this isn't what you think it is oh what is it then you were going for sana weren't you i swear we just fell sana tell those two.

Oh no i have a bad feeling about this right that was such a bold move sana what are you we were just talking and he suddenly tried to go for it what a surprise this is sonistan what on earth are you saying my mind was in such a frenzy that i.

Unintentionally called her sonoson i'm just speaking the truth no you're not you're exaggerating it so it was pure aki's move like a tiger and those two who believed sana's words instead of mine seemed quite amused and started teasing me.

Hey chiaki did you get aggressive because i bit your ear no i'm telling you that's not what happened they kept teasing me after all the next day sana handed me another love letter but i didn't want to deal with them for a while after what had happened.

The day before so i ran away and then oh if i bite him in the ear again oh no you're not i immediately rejected sauna's conclusion that i might accept it if she bit my ear thank you for watching how was today's.

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