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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl in school fell in love with me after I saved her… [RomCom]


Me you I'm gonna pull in the game don't worry hurt I don't know this is my first time as well I'm scared but if we mess up let's get through the gther together that's how it went with the class Madonna how did it get to this in the first.

Place it All Began on a sunny afternoon ah what a nice day I chiaki yakaba went out for a walk one day hey chiaki what a coincidence huh Mew I ran into Miu ayasaki a class Madonna I knew something was up as she came running toward me.

I know it's really sudden but I need you chiaki please what me yes you're the only one out of the blue Mew asked me out which was obviously not the case it was just a misunderstanding resulting from the lack of words a symptom of being socially awkward.

So what do you need me for let's cut to the Chase come here zero subject conversation this is a skill I developed with Miu over time Advanced context interpretation techniques that are exercised between socially inept people although there are misunderstandings once every three tries it seems to be.

Going well today the good weather may have something to do with it Miu who has top-notch looks and a calm personality is regarded highly by her classmates but in reality she's socially awkward and clumsy she just wears a facade we're here.

You sure it was a building that looked as if there had been a criminal case that took place in the past what would Miu have anything to do with this place as we reach to the third floor there was a crowd of shady looking people this is the venue.

Are you sure we're in the right place me you why are we here would you look at that well if it is it misses me you we have been expecting you who's this Shady guy does Miu know him hello Mr electrician electrician is that a code name for something.

Would that be your partner huh I'm Muse partner what's he talking yes his name is chiaki Akiba C why to the handsome gentleman huh seems like they're out of time a sudden scream filled the room above the door was a timer which had reached zero.

Looks like dark pair couldn't make it how unlucky what's going on if you fail to escape in time that happens what happens it looks like Mr chiaki is afraid if you would like to retire now is the time all right I don't think this is for me.

So no we'll do it but me you can't go back now Mrs Miu seems to know the drill now if I may collect your tickets can anybody tell me what we're doing here for crying out loud real life Escape game yep it's an interactive mystery game that guy works as an electrician in this.

Shopping district and he's the leader of the Youth Organization all right at least they're not a part of some weird cult apparently they decided to hold this real-life Escape game as part of a local community development program from what I hear the Youth Organization borrowed this vacant building and.

Reformed it gift certificates that can be used in the local shopping district are also given to participants by the way only married couples can participate in this game how come it's an event to check the bonds between married couples huh wait a second.

Why are we participating in an event exclusive to husband and wife my dad and mom couldn't go because of work but but families are allowed to enter too I'm not your family member though it's fine we talk a lot at school so we're basically family hey don't just add me to your family.

Like that see them once they're your friends see them every day they're your sibling I've heard that in a song but talk to them a lot at school their family anyhow I don't have the qualifications to participate but look at this chiaki.

Huh a flyer for this event future families are allowed proposing after a hard fluttering game could be effective future family is that what you're implying no no it doesn't have to mean it's definitive don't overthink it what's the point then what happened to.

Checking the bond so anyway please join me I beg you chiaki well I'm already here and I feel bad for me if I go home now and so I reluctantly decided to play that doesn't mean I agree to be her future family and so Miu gave me an explanation.

To win you must complete the three missions while escaping within the time limit it's a competition to see who's the fastest arms can't bend this way ah failed again you sure about this game um apparently they try to make it as.

Realistic as possible by the way no one has beaten it yet is this really just a game filled with uncertainty our turn came up all right you two hell awaits past this door this guy needs to calm down with the acting and shall the games begin.

I led the way as we walked in the Interiors made it feel like some prison the details was this place an actual prison before Yorkie hi it's gonna be fine stick close sure.

Watch out as I caught me with my arms an arrow came flying luckily the arrow missed me as I was holding her away this is no joke thanks Jackie that was scary yeah it's all right now please let go as we continue to dodge the traps we.

Arrived at the room with the first mission one in the room were five creepy statues of women with a treasure box in the middle inside there was a letter um let's see kiss the blind water remove what's behind otherwise the path shall not open what.

Kiss the blind remove what who knows suddenly the door closed we're trapped there's water rising from the ground too ah what is this water they spent too much time on this oh no my clothes are getting wet Mew calm down it's just a game wait what as I tripped I landed face first on one.

Of the statues this stopped the water from rising and the door to the Next Room appeared ouch what missing cleared kiss the blind water remove oh ah I see kiss the blind water what happens when you remove the behind kiss the blind water.

Behind kiss the blind there's only one statue that can't see that means your first kiss was a statue that doesn't count and stop assuming it's my first I mean she's right I'm one of my first kiss to be a human being and not a statue at least as we continued we arrived on the next.

Mission in the room was another treasure box with a letter inside what was the second mission um upwards as the wind blows there lay the next door lay does that mean the doors on the ground there's no window for wind to blow how.

What is this wind where is it coming from as the strong wind blew I lost my footing and fell yet again as I looked up there it was oh found it it read search the treasure box I searched for the bottom of the treasure box and found a switch the wind stopped and the next door.

Appeared it said lay so I thought something would be on the ground I see it makes sense here we go again upwards as the wind blows meaning to look up blame meaning it's at the bottom the switch lay at the bottom of the treasure box.

Um Miu can you figure that out earlier don't solve it after it's over and so with good luck we were able to go on the next mission is the last one how much time do we have left 10 minutes okay let's hurry something's off.

What's wrong chiaki there hasn't been a single trap in the last stretch what do you mean feels like a checkpoint before a boss fight you're saying the last mission will be the hardest yeah I have a bad feeling about this water then wind.

What challenge awaits us at the final stage we got to the last room with ease Miyaki what's is this that can't be possible we were both speechless to what lay in front of our eyes because inside the room was a line marked with tape and in front were a pair of slippers just ahead.

There was a shopping basket the final letter read one each partner wears a single slipper two stand behind the line and shoot the slipper into the shopping cart and three to beat the game make at least one go in that's the final mission they skimped out looks like they spent all of the budget.

In the first half is this what you call grown-up business well I guess this is what we're dealt with chiaki look at the last rule four you must wear the electric jacket while playing if you miss you will be electrocuted.

That guy's mad chiaki we don't have much time if we clear this game we're done Victory is right ahead we put on the electric jackets wore one slipper each and stood in front of the line one minute left mew I'm gonna put it in.

cookie it's just a game don't worry will it hurt I don't know this is my first time as well scared but if we mess up let's get through this together and so Mew took the first turn.

No I missed that means we're getting electrocuted me and I held our breaths wait a second it doesn't hurt at all my shoulders feel lighter I was expecting a painful punishment.

Like they do on TV but it felt kind of good electric massage jacket now on sale that guy just wanted to promote his product he's not a bad guy after all oh my gosh chiaki five seconds left.

Ah whatever I shot the slipper in a hurry the slipper flew up to the ceiling and bounced off the wall it went in the timer stopped with one second left that means we congratulations the winners are the.

Chiaki Miu pair yay we had won the game apparently no one else was able to complete the game there was actually a special reason for the three challenges I gave you a husband and wife must not separate whether in fire water wind or even in the midst of flying arrows.

And for the last slipper game I was just out of ideas time and budgets were running low so I knew it oh I will also give you coupons for the electric massage jacket at least make that a free prize there were many things to be said about this whole thing but at least we were.

Able to win on the way back home in the elevator I'm so glad you were my partner thanks chiaki huh um yeah me too to be honest we got through most of the game with luck it wasn't like I did anything special.

Regardless it feels good to be complimented and if she's satisfied that's all that matters the elevator past the first floor and kept going down huh Mew did you press something by mistake what I'm pretty sure I pressed the first floor.

That must mean second basement floor let the second stages begin huh you're kidding me let us out of here and so the game was about to continue it was as if we were stuck in a thriller movie thank you for watching how was today's.

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