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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl in school likes me, but I am not interested in real girls… [RomCom]


Sugihara I've always been interested in you please go out with me I'm so Shi tsukihara that loner geek who loves anime and has just been asked out by the school Madonna she's been asked out by numerous boys and clearly has nothing in common with a guy like me sorry I can't go out with you huh why I guess she wasn't expecting to be.

Rejected she looks surprised I'm only interested in two-dimensional girls sorry I left after leaving her with those words what the hell is that me the girl who was asked out by all the boys in class is worse than an anime girl if I had him fall for me it was done I can't let this be I'm going to make him fall for me.

When I was going to school in the morning I saw her standing there how she know why are you here morning subihara I wanted to go to school with you so I came here do you live around here nope I'm pretty far away but I wanted to go with you so I don't care if it's not too difficult for you.

I thought it was weird how she was acting but we ended up going to school together he seems like he doesn't care but we'll see how long he can keep that up I'm going to keep seducing him tsugihara sorry for surprising you yesterday I know it's confusing with me just saying let's go out all of a sudden I didn't.

Understand why you liked me anyway you're so popular I like people who are rather quiet and loud you're always reading during breaks and I always thought that was cool you realize most people call me a geek right I don't think I'm quiet I'm just introverted wow you're so humble too I like that.

About you I'm really not the kind of guy you think I am I'm not good enough for you being with me is pretty boring too you look down on yourself too much I like you the way you are she held my hand what are you doing she just wanted to hold your hand did.

You not want me to I don't mind but it wasn't annoying or anything so I just said sure to holding her hand while I walked huh I figured he would lose his cool even a little bit here but he seems fine he doesn't think anything about holding my hand why are you glaring at me did I do.

Something to make you mad she held my hand out of the blue then she glared at me I didn't understand her behavior at all but then she was smiling and talking to me again maybe I was thinking too much when she was glaring at me can we have lunch together I made lunch.

For you he suddenly said that out loud and everyone started looking at me huh why did you make me lunch it's pretty normal to want to cook for someone you like you made it so you'll eat it right oh she know like sugihara why would she like that dick.

The whole class was going crazy I could feel the jealous eyes drilling a hole into the back of my head okay why don't we just change where we're eating then sure we can eat anywhere it was tough being in the classroom so I moved to the roof with hoshino eat on my own.

About it I was a little hesitant but she kept shoving her Chopsticks in my face so I decided to take a bite how was it do you like it yeah it's great but I think eating on my own is better you don't like these kinds of things I don't really care I see.

She looked disappointed and from there I started eating on my own I cooked him his own Bento and even fed him and he doesn't feel a thing what the hell is going on this whole Bento thing is one thing but why does she keep treating me like I'm her boyfriend I told her no yesterday right.

I'll make you Bento tomorrow too okay I don't need it tomorrow seriously today was enough you don't like it when they make you Bento it's not that I don't like it it's just something you do when you're dating someone I'm not dating you so you don't want to date me at all I think I already.

Answered that what's wrong with me I'll fix whatever you don't like about me not that there's anything wrong with you I just prefer two-dimensional girls what do anime girls do for you they can't do anything for you just watching them heals me that's enough.

She didn't seem to understand what I meant what the hell I didn't know it was this bad I'm not going to lose to some drawings though I'm going to make him understand real life girls are better felt something weird when I woke feel something squishy on my arm.

When I looked over I saw hoshino's face on my arm oh she know why are you in my bed good morning I wanted to wake you so I came early you didn't have to come in bed did you when did my mom even let you in I told her about our situation and she let me in she seemed really happy.

Mom she must have misunderstood after hearing a girl came by if you date me it won't be a misunderstanding I think I turned that offer down a couple days ago okay if I like you right I'm not giving up on you you're seriously so weird why are you so attached to me you can tell by my room I'm only interested in two-dimensional.

Girls there were anime posters all over the walls and beautiful girl figures all over it was an otaku room let's I'll let you figure out that real girls are better so you should just just a regular remote.

Ationship she didn't understand my two-dimensional love she was pretty but she didn't catch my eye I thought it would be better off for her to date with someone who actually has similar interests to her in regular you should try to look for regular woman I don't want other boys I.

Want you to be my boyfriend I'm going to keep coming by your house every day until you listen if you're coming tomorrow too don't come into bed I'm going to be surprised every time you're not happy sleeping with a girl nope just surprised that's what he says after I sleep next.

To him the nerve oh sorry for surprising you I'll be waiting outside this isn't going to be easy I need to think of a better plan just like yesterday she held my hand as we walked to school she seemed happy and talked to me but I could tell she was occasionally glaring at me maybe she didn't appreciate how I was answering.

Her then she shouldn't talk to me I'm holding your hand and talking to you this much you should be happier no I can't be mad he'll see it in my face I need to be smiling and happy during my break I was reading a light novel just as usual when some of my classmates started messing with me.

Sugihara what kind of relationship do you have with hoshino she's just a classmate said she liked you yesterday right you came to school together and we're supposed to believe you're just classmates I don't know what you want me to say yeah she asked me out but we're not.

Dating wait you rejected her two it's not just us it's our entire classroom what the hell I knew she was popular but I didn't realize it was that bad but I don't want to date her and I think.

You guys are a better fit for her of course she is you're not good enough for her but I can't just let the fact that you rejected her go then should I go out with her that's not good either but you're the kind of guy that gets rejected and not the kind of guy that rejects do you understand.

Yeah you should never have my attention realistically tell him you're not making any sense what the hell do you want from me I don't like that you're liked by her you need to go get rejected by her too what the hell is that attitude why does she like him they kept making no sense to me and the.

Bell rang signaling the end of break time told her she didn't have to make me anything anymore but she made me Bento again we ate on the roof together can we please make this the last day we do this why the other boys in the classroom are.

Being all jealous and it's really annoying me no matter what they say I'm only interested in you I'm always going to like you it's your fault for not falling for me if you fell for me sooner it would be over quickly I don't want to reciprocate your.

Feelings I'm only interested in two-dimensional girls why do you hate real life girls so much you can't even date anime girls they never betray you they're cute forever and they never say anything rude or hurt you did something happen in your past that hurt you nope it has nothing to do with that the.

Fact that I'm in otaku means others judge me they just reject me and don't accept my feelings that's when the two-dimensional girls make me feel better you really like anime huh but real life girls are good too I thought I would dump him as soon as he fell for me too I don't know what happened but I was going.

To do something to really hurt him too you're right I wish more people were like you and didn't run away the second they knew I was an anime otaku am I being used I just want him to fall for me how would he feel after he found out that I didn't even really like him he doesn't seem to have noticed so now.

Should be when I back off what's going on hoshino you look serious huh oh nothing I'll back off in school if it bothers you okay we're not dating or anything anyway afterwards she stopped coming to my house in the morning or making me Bento.

She stopped messing with me so the classmates stopped messing with me too he's returned and it was quickly the end of the whole era but then one week later hoshino started talking to me sugihara I have something I want to talk to you about I go over to your house but outside.

Okay sure I thought she gave up on me now what I was curious about what she had to say so I invited her over I have something to get ready so hang on don't come back until I say so okay okay I didn't really understand but I was ordered to wait in my room in my own house I felt like I was locked in but a few.

Minutes later she came back oh she know that outfit she suddenly showed up in a pink shirt and brown skirt along with a long silver wig it was a sight I was familiar with how was it um let's study love together hey she hugged me and looked at me with.

Doughy eyes she was cosplaying and it was of the Canon love comic heroine to boot wait hang on what are you doing if I become an anime character maybe you'd fall for me no this is all way too sudden I I don't understand why that anime she could have chosen something more.

Anime or not wearing a wig because you love this anime right the book you're always reading during your breaks is of this book you've got a giant poster in your room I mean it's the anime I like most right now but I figured if I was going to cosplay I would cosplay as the thing you loved the most right now your ideal.

Two-dimensional girl is in real life aren't you excited honestly my heart did skip a beat but you're still you right you can't beat an anime character this doesn't work either huh then I guess it's all for why did you do this figured I would atone for my sins.

A tone I didn't really like you you were the only one that didn't ask me out in class so I wanted to get you to fall for me and complete everything that's it why it's a pride problem I have always been popular so I was upset that you turned me down but you said that two-dimensional girls don't betray it I felt terrible I was trying to.

Betray you too that's why you backed off but I didn't fall for you so why did you do this I didn't feel right even though it was unsuccessful I tried to hurt you so I wanted to cheer you up trust me you didn't hurt me or anything so don't worry about it you telling me all about that doesn't.

Really change anything about how I feel either you really don't care about real life Girls huh but I don't think that's healthy I don't know what happened in your past but you shouldn't run to the two-dimensional world you should face your reality I'm not running I just like two-dimensional girls I'll.

Show you the good part of real girls as your girlfriend wait you don't like me right I didn't like you but now I'm curious I want to see the moment you find interest in a real life girl after all these years of rejecting a real life girl doesn't that mean you won't really be my girlfriend that was before the cosplay.

Thing was partially atonement but it was also to try to get your attention to date you I wanted to reset my feelings so I want to reach fry with you in other words you really like me now that would be one way of putting it no matter the case let's get along okay it was the long way around but I could tell that she really did like me.

I didn't know that the simple curiosity would evolve into real love yet hey Remy do you want to go for some karaoke after school I'm sorry I've got plans today too bad maybe next time then gosh Remy is so popular with the guys I noticed some guys talking to Remy.

Jingu as I walked out of the classroom my name is Kato hoshihara and I'm a junior I'm not smart and Athletics aren't my thing either I've never had girls all over me I'm just an ordinary student living a plain life hey wait for me Cato I heard Remy running up to me from behind Remy's my childhood friend.

Although unlike me she has become one of the most popular girls in school thanks to her physical attractiveness why did you leave without me I thought you were gonna go hang out with those guys you would never I'm not some cheap girl who follows just any guy gosh I wish they could see what I see Remy usually.

Puts up a kind and caring act but on the inside she's a condescending narcissist she's so popular she's got all the boys in the palm of her hand however she has unrealistic standards she declines every guy who asks her out because of them they've got to have some sort of attractive quality if they want me to even look at them I'm amazed at your.

Acting skills you fooled them completely whatever they'll accept me for who I am because I am just that pretty peace Remy wasn't always like this she used to be quiet and timid back when we were kids I remember I used to walk in front of her while she held onto my arm she only became a narcissist after she grew up.

And realized she was pretty and popular what about you Kato has anybody asked you out yet you're asking me on purpose aren't you obviously no that's what I thought you're just a nobody Cato she talks behind people's backs all the time but she isn't afraid to tell me exactly how she feels about me I guess it's because we've known each other forever.

But to be honest it was frustrating Remy you might think you've got all the guys Wrapped Around Your Finger but you do realize that'll only last until the next pretty little thing comes sashaying in right you're jealous of me you wish you were half as popular as I am now no idea how many guys want to date me.

I'll never have to go out looking for a boyfriend if that's the case why aren't you dating any of them now you could try it although I doubt it'll last a month you're right maybe I should try it out so Kato do you want to be my first test subject why are you asking me I start dating some guy I won't have any time for you anymore I'll let you have.

Some fun with me so you'll have some memories to cherish you'll become instantly popular once everyone finds out that you've dated me you don't have to worry about me plus I already know your true colors why would I want to date you a what evil regret saying no to me Cato I won't good luck on your boy hunt if she really had.

Feelings for me she should learn to choose her words more wisely I will never agree to go out with her unless she fixes her crooked personality Remy is always surrounded by numerous guys she's always in the center of the group they were asking her out on a date I was expecting her to accept at least one of the guys but in the end she declined all.

Of their offers why are you walking home with me again I'm doing this for you so you don't get too lonely I thought you were going to try dating a guy a kids picked just anybody right I mean it'll ruin my reputation maybe you're scared the guy will find out what you're really like no way wait so you're saying you're fine with seeing me date random guys.

Doesn't that worry you I have no intention of telling you what to do with your life if I get a boyfriend you'll have to spend the rest of your life alone and miserable don't worry about me I have a girlfriend you know what Remy looked astounded at my words she never expected me to find a girl willing to date me she's right I don't have a.

Girlfriend but I wanted to see the look on her face when she heard that I did I didn't get the chance to tell you before I've been dating my girlfriend for a year now that's a liar I have another girl once you mean at school right.

She's a university student we only get to see each other on the weekends a university student where meet her she's one of my online gaming friends we were close from the start we had an offline meeting and we decided to start dating then everybody who plays online games is a.

Geek my girlfriend and I just enjoy playing together it's nice to know we have something in common it's comforting girlfriend you would have a photo of her well yeah I do but why do I have to show you what she looks like what does it matter to you she's my girlfriend yeah I guess I don't feel the need to be popular with the majority my girlfriend.

Accepts me for who I am so you should pick somebody who makes you feel safe and loved too the last part was what I wanted to tell her the most being popular May boost her confidence levels but none of that matters unless the person she ends up with actually cares about her high expectations can be nice but I feel that it's important to find.

Somebody she can trust and rely on so how far how far have you gone with this girlfriend she seemed rather shocked at my sudden confession her expression was dark I could tell she was listening to my words I decided to move on to the next step so I started talking about my fake.

Girlfriend in detail we moved in together last week we've dated for a year and she's graduating next year I think we'll be making future plans for our relationship shortly so that means she's living with you your place I thought we could wait until she graduated to start living together but she insisted on moving in she missed me.

Too much but now that she lives far from her University she leaves early in the morning and comes home late at night to live with you despite knowing her life would become harder we don't get to spend a lot of time together on weekdays but at least we get to spend the nights together quality over quantity right I know my.

Story wasn't perfect however Remy was so upset she seemed to believe every word I said I had prepared answers to some questions I thought she would ask me so my talking was smooth enough to convince her I guess I'll Spill the Beans now just when I was about to tell her the truth Remy gave me a nasty glare.

You hey what gives you the right to say that about me up I don't want anything to do with you anymore she suddenly lit off like a firecracker and stormed away I figured she was upset that I had a girlfriend before she got a boyfriend I.

Didn't get the chance to explain but I figured she needed some time to calm down before talking to me morning Cato the next morning I left my house to find Remy waiting for me she gave me a sweet smile I guess she's feeling better now morning we walked to school together nothing was out of the ordinary until.

Remy reached over to hold my hand Remy what are you doing did he want me to let go of your hand well we don't usually hold hands I was wondering why we'll be holding hands from now on that's okay right I guess so but what will you tell the other guys when they see you holding my hand I thought you were trying to find.

The right guy for you holding hands with me will spread rumors it's not going to help you I'm setting up an image no more guys will think they have a chance with me right when will you stop looking down on people Remy I was planning on telling her the truth but I decided to hold back the truth can wait until Remy fixes her.

Personality Remy came over to my desk to eat lunch with me she always comes to eat with me however for some reason she started complaining about my Bento your obento doesn't look like it was made with love it's the same old obento I bring every day I don't think people make a Bento with love every single day I make my own.

Obento it's just a meal for myself there's no need to make my food with love here Cato let me show you this is an obento made with love Remy took out her obento box there was a heart printed onto the rice with Sakura dambu plus the words I love you made with dried seaweed in the middle that's a lot of love it was kind of.

Embarrassing this is the kind of obento couples make for each other here you can eat this huh let's trade I'll eat your ubento you eat mine wait a second why are we trading open till boxes I want to see what your Loveless lunch tastes like that's quite rude it may not have love but I'm confident it tastes good we'll see why.

Don't you let me check how good your Bento is just in case I never said I was willing to trade with her but Remy started eating my lunch anyways wow what the it's delicious that's what I just said I have been making my obento since last year I enjoyed cooking it was fun making food to fit my taste I've never cooked for anybody else but it felt good.

To hear nice comments about my cooking Remy mumbled something as she glared at the food in the obento Box come on try my lunch you haven't touched it yet you want me to eat this I didn't know what to do eating in front of all my classmates was extremely humiliating I ate some of Euro Bento bio Bento.

Deserves to be eaten by you too I never said you could have my obento FYI I didn't know why we had to trade lunches but there was nothing else for me to eat I took a bite out of Remy's or Bento so you could feel the love right I'm not sure about the whole love thing but it's good food.

How can you not tell the love I don't understand how it's such a big deal Euro Bento tastes the same as mine so you're saying my opento is no different than yours I'm not a food critic I think all opento tastes good they're not all that different from each other Bento cheater too I have no idea what.

That means Remy texted me during our last class of the day suggesting we go home together why is she texting me all of a sudden I thought she had plans with some friends today I hesitated before replying just then she sent the exact same line again the heck before I could reply she started sending the same text over and over again it was plain creepy.

Geez stop she's freaking me out she kept sending the same message until I finally sent a reply to tell her okay as soon as the bell rang Remy came rushing to me it was weird since she's usually surrounded by boys when class ends Cato let's go home together what are you up to Remy she was acting as if nothing had happened she smiled.

Gently which creeped me out even more but we left the school together hey Cato can I go over to your place today why I wasn't sure that was the best idea after dealing with the whole texting incident your childhood friend wants to come over what's the problem oh well there's problem it's just we never hang out at my place anymore.

Remy's tone suddenly changed her voice was deeper and she didn't seem to be herself are you trying to hide something from ikato no I'm not it's just my room is messy let me clean it up a bit I wasn't lying my room was messy since I wasn't expecting anybody to come hmm so you're trying to hide something no I swear I'm.

Not fine whatever he'll find it anyways it'll be over in 30 minutes oh okay I'll clean up by then okay then now that Remy was coming over I had to hurry to clean up the mess before she got to my place 30 minutes later Remy rang the doorbell just on time Remy why are you dressed up like that are you planning on going somewhere.

After this Remy went home once and she came over dressed up in a fancy outfit this is what I usually wear is it weird no it's not weird it just doesn't feel like something you should wear when you're just coming over to my place it's so fancy you're being silly Cato something felt definitely off it was like she was possessed by another.

Personality anyways come on in I invited Remy into my room I'll get some drinks make yourself at home I tried to leave the room when Remy suddenly hugged me from behind Remy what are you doing Cato you hid your stuff well but I don't care about any of that anymore even if.

You have a girlfriend it doesn't matter as long as you come back to me what are you talking about Remy you're acting weird it's your fault Cato how can you have a girlfriend when you have me girlfriend I finally realized what Remy was trying to say she didn't know that the girlfriend I talked about was fake wait.

Did you come to my place to see my girlfriend nope I don't care about her since you're going to break up with her keto you are going to be my boyfriend starting today Remy took a few steps back and started to slowly take her clothes off hey wait Remy you don't have to do that I rushed over and managed to stop her I'm not.

Doing anything any other couple wouldn't do Kato you're mine I am never letting some girl take you from me just chill for a second will you I I'm not going to do anything to you Remy tears began to run down her face as she heard my rejection why do you hate me so much does she mean that much to you huh I've had feelings for you since we were kids.

It's so unfair Remy was bawling like a baby I could see how emotionally unstable she was I was taken aback by her actions but I needed to calm her down first I kissed her on her lips it worked like a charm Remy's mind seemed to stop working I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I guess I made the.

Right choice but first there's something I need to apologize to you about I lied I don't have a girlfriend I was frustrated about you teasing me for not being popular with girls really you have to believe me when I say I didn't think you would actually fall for it I was planning on telling you the.

Truth yesterday but I'm sorry I lied to you well I can't believe you would tricked me like that I believed you because you said you were both game Geeks how many times do I have to tell you I'm not a geek why are you so set on that idea so I have a question for you you said you liked me.

Is that really how you feel oh her confession was everything but romantic but I heard her loud and clear I couldn't believe it since she always looked down on me but I had to make sure since she looked so determined and desperate when she cried out her feelings for me yes it is I like how I could be myself 100.

% tell you the truth I said those mean comments because I wanted you to tell me you liked me I never dated anybody because I wanted to wait for you but you never seem to see me that way so that's why you were picking fights with me just to let you know that won't work for me I liked you back when we were kids I probably would have told you.

My feelings if you hadn't become such a narcissist oh well I'm not it's all an act whatever you say then I was happy to hear her feelings I want to date her too however there was one thing I was worried about the way she tried to steal me back from my fake girlfriend.

It was crazy and I was afraid she would do something like it again but that side might stay away as long as I treat her right I decided to look forward instead of worrying about unsure things then Kato will you marry me Mary I was the one who froze this time she immediately took the chance to push me down on the floor Cato I want you to sign these.

In just a second why did you even bring those Remy showed me marriage registration papers all filled out I'm afraid you might change your mind and cheat on me sign it that's the only way my mind will be at ease Remy your expression is scaring me please calm down Remy's love for me was deeper than I had expected it got me worried again.

What's going to happen to me if Remy and I do end up together my name is yusuke matsubara I'm a senior who's a loner and a geek I enjoy studying and coming to the library after class in fact studying is my favorite thing to do look he's studying all alone again.

Oh what a nerd he's always studying class too they're talking again whatever my family well it's just me and my mom I've always caused some trouble with her that's why I needed to study hard and get scholarships I didn't need to return so I could go to college and find.

Employment at a big company that way I can repay her if I can achieve that goal I didn't care about anything else huh when I ignored all of the extroverts talking about me I suddenly heard something from a girl I had never seen.

When I turned around I saw a girl who was pretty cute looking sitting there and you are I'm ayaka morishita I'm a year under you more Sita have I met you before whatever are you okay with them talking like that oh yeah I don't care about that I would probably say.

Something back like it has nothing to do with you it's fine just let them say whatever it won't matter after graduation did you really come here just to say that to me yeah I wasn't sure if you were okay with it thank you but like I said a second ago.

Don't worry about it are you sure uh just leave me alone thanks I decided to go home to study apparently staying there was causing some random girl problems the next day as I was heading to the library morishita whom I just met.

Yesterday was already there waiting for me oh I was waiting for you why are you here I said leave me alone don't worry about it I actually have something to talk to you about today something to talk about yeah can you teach me I'm not sure that that approach makes sense why so sudden.

Well see you know how I'm not good with studying why would I know you can study right I'm not bad at it exactly that's why please no what why I'm begging you you weren't really begging that much it's simple I don't have any benefit to accepting your offer benefit.

S yeah if anything I'm wasting time which is a loss for me so go find someone else no I need you I said I need some kind of until you say it's fine I'm gonna keep bothering you what it'll be a rumor you're treating this.

Young freshman roughly are you sure that's the kind of rumors you want spreading that's a little too far even for me and besides you have benefits from this you can review freshman material for your studies I feel like that's pushing your luck whatever please I just need it till midterms so about two weeks honestly it.

Was pretty annoying but I didn't want her talking with me tomorrow either fine I'll help you really yay but for two weeks only and no longer okay we can start tomorrow what tomorrow is Saturday yeah of course we'll keep going during the weekends too we have no time until the test seriously so I'm going to go over.

Tomorrow okay you live in yui kicho right yeah but how do you know where I live hmm I wonder why that's a little scary anyways see you later oh wait I this is how I started teaching morishita hello really showed up of course I'm going to.

Have you teach me all day today I mean I'll work hard since I promised no skipping okay let's get started huh this is your room huh yeah there's nothing interesting here don't look around so much oh it's not like that but what nothing anyway let's get started and so we started studying.

So you use the equation here ah I see she's very studious I mean she's coming all this way to study so that makes sense but it's pretty surprising considering how she was behaving up until now excuse me I see that makes sense so close has she not realized because.

She's so focused hey can you scoot over a bit oh sorry I was focused oh it's fine so why don't we take a break real quick take a break what play games yeah it's been a bit okay let's go into break then all right and then I use my item here and yes first place.

Uh I don't have any experience playing games because I've just been studying I'm just gonna win though hey I won with a shortcut crap I'm totally into this game now we were supposed to be studying but I and I dropped the enemy here I wonder why I have some Nostalgia playing with morishita.

We played a few more games and went back to studying oh I guess that's it for today huh yeah we shouldn't push that hard either thank you you taught me a lot I mean that's what I promised so don't worry about it wow you totally just thought wow this.

Girl can't cook right I totally can I'm really good at it really I mean mom said she'd be late too so I was wondering what I should do but all right it's decided then I actually have food too so I'm going to use your kitchen here you go the use guest special what's that weird name.

Because I made all the things you like it's the use guest special the things I like how did you know everything I like you know my special sources that's terrifying oh well thank you anyway it's good really yeah I'm not lying it.

Tastes really good wow I'm finally being complimented huh did you say something no nothing anyway try the other food too oh sure thing afterwards I ate morishita's food to my heart's content and we disbanded a few days later studying became a regular thing and we were studying in the.

Library when hey look the nerd is studying with someone today she's the girl that's supposed to be the cutest freshman why she with that geek they really don't get bored do they I don't mind if it's just me but hey you don't care they seem to care about you.

Huh I don't care anyway I need to focus on my studies all right you being bothered huh I mean you look upset yeah I'm not gonna go as far as to say I'm bothered but it's probably not good that you're being seen so much seems like you're popular anyway I don't think so whatever I'll teach you.

Just like I said I would thank you a few days later the midterms ended and they were returning the tests today next matsubara yes sir phew I kept my score at least how did morishita do I gotta ask her once I see her you seem to have gotten a good score huh.

I studied hard really you didn't just steal someone's answers of course I wouldn't cheat but isn't it weird that your score suddenly increases like that yeah just just because your score got a little better you have an attitude and the boys are always over you huh are those classmates they seem pretty.

Jealous of her from what I can tell anyway I mean she said she doesn't care so she must be pretty tough mentally right I'm sure she'll talk back oh why are you so quiet this whole time if you have something you want to say back then you should say something or did you cheat.

Stop ignoring us that's so rude say something why doesn't she say something he seems pretty weakened earlier too she should just say that she wouldn't cheat I guess she can't I thought she was a tough girl based on what I saw but maybe which means I should.

Sorry to bother you while you're talking do you have a second what who the hell are you I'm like her mentor Mentor yeah I heard you say some things I couldn't ignore so I came here look she didn't cheat it was possible because I tutored her and why are you here well it just seemed like you were all jealous.

Of morishita you guys are worried about your grades too right so you were jealous of her because her grades are good I have great news for you all I'll teach you all one-on-one so that you get good grades too.

But you won't get to relax on weekends either what do you say I'll teach all three of you at once if you want oh what is this guy let's go who wants to learn from some geek like you gone things calm huh uh.

Um thank you don't worry about it I just didn't like that the way they put it it was like I didn't put in any effort either you saved me again oh whatever you probably don't remember me but we have met before huh really yeah it was when I was still young but when I.

Was young I was really Bland my looks and my personality my friends always made fun of me for that I could never say anything back that's when you showed up you said stop doing bad things and you saved me when you didn't even know me that's why I started getting closer to you and we started hanging out and playing games but then I suddenly.

Couldn't meet you and oh yeah that might have happened I remember watching Power Rangers and thinking it was cool to copy them and then my parents got a divorce and I didn't have time to play around sorry I had a lot going on back then so my memories are kind of few and far apart.

I kind of felt nostalgic playing games with you or the other day so that's probably me remembering the past unconsciously really I guess you didn't completely forget about me oh and you don't have to apologize for me it was nice to rebuild our relationship from the beginning all over.

Really it was pretty bland and boring before so it's like a dark past so I was going to keep all this a secret till you remembered but I kind of just let it go I see then why did you talk to me I don't see any benefit in you getting along with me again by rebuilding our relationship from nothing.

That's because this time I was gonna tell you that I like you what you like me yeah I've always liked you even after we stopped seeing each other but I figured Bland me would never get your attention so I wanted to change it worked so hard to be cute and practice cooking we went to different middle schools but I knew I wanted to go.

To the same high school as you so I looked up where you went and came here I see that's kind of terrifying though thank you no I'm not complimenting you I mean anyway I figured I would talk to you as soon as I started school but I didn't have the bravery so it took me.

Two semesters so you talked to me that day in the library because yeah I figured I would never get anywhere so but you just disappeared so I was panicking you know that I didn't know how to make a connection between us so I figured if I had you teach me it was a little forced but I was desperate.

I see I thought it was weird that it had to be me then you remembered where I lived because of our past yeah I knew you didn't move so you knew where I was going for school too you're kind of scary I studied up on you so I know quite a.

Bit about you but there's a lot of stuff I don't know about you at all like the fact that you didn't like to be the center of attention I'm sorry I seem to have really caused a fuss with you I just keep thinking about myself so I'll put some distance between us at least until you graduate then I can talk to you again right you won't have to worry.

About people looking oh I feel like that would probably draw more attention but whatever you can talk to me in school too huh I kind of feel like it's useless hiding it at this point anyway and I don't mind our time together either really I'm not lying.

Every day is a little rough but if you're okay with me teaching you every once in a while I'm so happy thank you hey don't be like that I said we could spend time together not that we would date I know but come on I've been waiting for so long just take this as punishment for.

Forgetting about me punishment you don't have to like me but I can just make you fall for me slowly now so you better be ready yusuke after this I would fall right into her Ploy and fall for her but that's a story for another day I'll go teach oh thanks Ishikawa.

Really like weird things don't you Ishikawa you realize if you make her your girlfriend you're gonna have a pretty boring time right I'm literally just taking some homework to her my classmate kawaguchi took off school today she lives opposite to my house but no one was willing to go to her house so I volunteered all right I'm counting on.

You my name is Minato Ishikawa I'm a junior in high school I'm a huge fan of a new Idol called Rico I'm an otaku I'm not good with handling Miss kawaguchi anyway going back to the original story I don't really have any interactions with Miss kawaguchi she's very quiet she wears thick glasses and.

Has long dark hair she's usually covering her face with her hair too she's basically a boring girl but it's not like I don't like her yes how can I help you hop what's going on somehow the idol that I follow Rico was there sorry if it's homework I'll take it from you she closed the door in a hurry she.

Looked identical to Rico I was so surprised that I almost sprinted away from Miss kawaguchi's house no way that that was totally Rico I am a huge fan of Rico she's got huge eyes and long black hair that goes down to her hips and an amazing body I I would never mistake her she was definitely Rico why is Rico and Miss.

Kawaguchi's house the next day I'll take the homework what's going on Minato why are you being super proactive did something happen between you two no you're acting suss I needed to know the truth behind.

Yesterday's events I rang the doorbell and the door slowly opened I knew it you're Rico just as I predicted Rico answered the door what hang on be quiet come inside huh I was panicking Rico dragged me into her house.

Um why aren't you at Miss kawaguchi's house Rico I'll explain later no no explain now Rico said that and looked slowly at me um I know this is sudden but can you go out with me what I don't understand at all why is Rico at.

Kawaguchi's house and why is Rico asking me out I was so confused that I could feel myself losing consciousness please Ishikawa I came back too from her saying my name uh why does Rico know my name I really don't understand what's going on I got it Rico took me to her living room.

She took a seat on the sofa and started looking at me simply put I'm cover Gucci in your class what kawaguchi that boring girl yes that boring girl and I am Rico the idol those words smacked into my head as if I was being struck by lightning I didn't realize that you were Rico at.

All that's because I didn't want anyone to know I see that makes sense it would be pretty annoying for everyone to know that you're an idol exactly hang on I need to calm down I really can't breathe correctly with my favorite Idol.

Standing in front of me what's going on nothing that's okay but you're sweating a storm you're just seeing things I was so nervous that I suddenly started talking to miss kawaguchi as if I was talking to an elder her beautiful black eyes were looking in.

My direction I felt like I was about to bust a nosebleed just staring into those eyes wait he just asked me to go out with her this must be some kind of dream right uh you wanna go out with me right you're joking no I'm serious yeah wait.

You're serious we both fell into a silence after that I got some hot cocoa from her as I was starting to finally calm down so why did you want to go out with me I want to quit the entertainment industry actually what no why not.

Because I'm a huge Rico fan you're a fan of mine yeah so I don't want you to quit but I want to spend my high school today it's like a normal kid my mom said no ah you should listen to your mother then so kind God your smile it's amazing she's so cute but I don't know how that leads to us.

Dating well my agency doesn't allow any romance so if I have a boyfriend I have to leave aha so I figured if I date you and tell the agency I can leave that's pretty far-fetched but that's all I can do please date me I mean if that's what you want I.

Personally agree a hundred percent with this plan thank you I knew you were super kind so I wanted to ask you wait what do you mean I said this before too but I really don't think I'm That Kind no I always watch you in class what.

I can be excited right thanks yeah I'm so happy that you're here right now I'm sorry for using you like this but I figured you could be my pretend boyfriend I see I'm a little sad that Rico is going to be leaving the entertainment industry.

But if that's what you want to do yeah sorry okay then I'm going to pretend to be your boyfriend starting tomorrow okay okay and that's how I started pretending to be her boyfriend and she started pretending to be my girlfriend so what exactly do you want me to do.

While we pretend to date um how about we start going home together tomorrow yeah sure and so I left her house Miss kawaguchi let's go what's going on are you two dating huh yeah seriously.

Why would you date that boring girl who cares don't act all cool just because you've never had a girlfriend yeah that's not what's going on just go away sorry I'm surrounded by idiots asked her glasses and realized how beautiful they were.

I almost never looked at her face she really is cute what's going on Ishikawa huh you're just kind of standing around why don't we just go home yeah why did you become Rico my mom applied for a job position without asking me oh so it's not like.

You wanted to be an idol yeah I don't like this job so I want to quit I see I'm sad that Rico will be going though but I want to speak for all otakus when I say we want you to be happy you're really kind I am glad I asked you to be my boyfriend if you're happy with me.

You're completely different from Rico though but this is the real me so I see are you disappointed of course not I think the regular you is just as good that phrase just came out but I wasn't lying thank you I know I hadn't talked to you much before but I regret it and wish I had.

You're really nice she turned around and looked at me she sighed and started walking home afterwards we would go on dates and whatnot we started getting closer you're actually really smart huh Miss kawaguchi not at all you actually have really good grades is that surprising I'm a little.

Offended we are usually asleep in class how do you know because I see you well from where I sit I see I thought that she actually liked me for a second but I'm just her pretend boyfriend what was I thinking so cute I mean it makes sense because she's Rico but how am I talking to her.

Without freezing up what's going on Ishikawa oh nothing there's no point in my even being nervous I'm just her fake boyfriend I went home from school as usual but something happened today that doesn't normally happen her mom was standing at the entrance and when she saw us her face lost all color.

Who is that my boyfriend what are you talking about you forbidden to like anyone doesn't matter the agency has forbidden it why would you be so selfish because I like him what she likes me oh yeah that was technically the story I'm sorry I like her too.

What are you talking about she's the most important part of her career right now mom I've been saying I want to quit for a while now but you're my only hope you know I wanted to get into the entertainment industry um I think that she should live her own life and you shouldn't just choose.

Things for her you're just saying that because you don't want to break up with her what are you saying mom stop getting mad at him I'm sure he's just around you because he found out you were Rico go away he wouldn't ever do such a thing we're going home sorry Ishikawa I'll call you later.

She stopped coming to school for a little while after that of course I couldn't even contact her on her phone hey why are you dating Rico you're kidding I thought you were dating kawaguchi what are you talking about you're so dense have you read any of the news.

This photo with Rico that's you right huh there was a photo of us at the zoo a few days ago it did look more like Rico than kawaguchi explain yourself are you cheating on kawaguchi no I can't explain right now.

After school I headed straight to her house however there was already a crowd of journalists waiting and they started questioning me you must be Rico's boyfriend right no but this is definitely a photo of you and Rico Miss kawaguchi's door opened at that moment and Rico came out yes that is him.

But we are just friends now your agency doesn't allow any romance does it yes I just spoke to my CEO and let him know that I will be retiring from the entertainment industry apparently everyone was over the whole dating thing after she announced she would be retiring from entertainment they all ran towards her I looked at.

Miss kawaguchi she looked upset and sad it was hard to tell exactly what she was feeling a month later the news finally stops talking about Rico's retirement however I haven't seen Miss kawaguchi since I had fallen for her after spending so much time with her and was sad about not being able to see her.

Problem was the fake relationship there wasn't supposed to be any real love or romance between us but the reality was that I had fallen for her I'm sure she won't understand no matter what I say now I've always lied to Ishikawa that's why I thought it was my chance when you brought me my homework from school I.

Always liked you as kawaguchi not as Rico but then I ended up causing this much of a mess for you what am I doing I shouldn't have done anything with you huh it's me Ishikawa I snuck into her backyard and was throwing a rubber ball at her window.

I know it's a little bad but I figured this would be the only way way I could see you I like you miss kawaguchi no you like Rico right no I like you kawaguchi the calm and cute kawaguchi really yeah I'm sure you're not looking at me though that's not true at all I've always liked you huh.

That's why I figured when you came over it was my chance and asked you out but that was as a fake boyfriend right I said that but I didn't really mean it seriously yeah I want to go out for real yeah.

Not as a fake boyfriend a girlfriend but as a real boyfriend and girlfriend let's do it that's how we started going out and that's how Rico stopped being the idol Rico there were some rumors at school that said kawaguchi was Rico but that disappeared too.

She looked too blanched to be Rico or so everyone thought but to me she was perfect as Miss kawaguchi why are you dating a boring girl Minato you jealous no I just figured there are a lot of other better girls it's fine as long as I know what's nice about kawaguchi it would be bad if people found out how.

She really looked I'm sure she would be overwhelmed with everyone asking her out that's why I was fine with how things were I'm sure it's the same with Rico too I'm fine with going out with a boring old Rico the names Yuki hasagawa I'm a freshman.

In high school I spent my days pretty slow in school as a geek hey hasakawa want to play basketball with me when I was reading a novel a girl in my classroom Tomoka Minami started talking to me what's going on you're tall so I figured you'd be good at basketball just being tall doesn't.

Mean that you're going to be good at sports that's not true you can train and practice all you want afterwards but you can't just grow that makes you have an advantage I don't plan on playing sports that much anyway well how about as just a hobby it should be fun to play basketball as a hobby.

I mean it's just a hobby wanna go ask someone else when I saw you I just knew it had to be you I figured playing basketball with you would be so much fun so I want to play with you what's that about I don't want you to drag me into this just because you had some kind of Spidey Sense besides if you.

Want to play basketball just join the club the girls basketball Club doesn't have enough players so it's benched we play because we all enjoy basketball but we're basically just practicing for when we get more club members I need more people to play with if you want to rebuild the club why don't you just invite girls.

We should help you out later I already looked around and asked for people to join but no one came come on play with me at least until we get more players sorry not interested wait hang on I figured she would just keep pestering me so I left the classroom I thought we'd be done with this.

Conversation but she kept going let's play basketball I'm going home now come on just for a little after this it'll be fun sad I'm not interested I want to eat lunch with me why with me because I want to get to know you better I mean we can have lunch together.

You eat bread for lunch huh yeah it's easier if you want you want me to make Bento for you next time why I figured you'd joined my little Basketball hobbyist Club if I did if you're going to talk about basketball can you eat somewhere else wait hang on I took my bread and left.

The classroom morning why are you here for some reason Minami was at my door I figured we could go to school together you live around here oh don't worry about the details yeah that's a very important detail don't worry.

She came and held my hand why are you holding my hand I want to get closer to you for what because I want to play basketball with you of course I threw off minami's hand cause you're annoying I tried to lose her but no matter how far I ran I couldn't get any distance between us So eventually she just caught up with me.

You can't run away from me that's rude you're pretty fast huh yeah I play basketball I see so you have stamina you're pretty fast too if you've unlike that in basketball you'd have so much fun why do you keep trying to connect the dots between basketball and me they're two completely different points.

But moving your body is fun right not really she wouldn't stop trying to convince me that basketball was the most fun thing on the planet but I did not agree to join her little get together I made you lunch just as promised I didn't make any promises I told you I'd make you a Bento just like the day before she sat at my.

Desk and offered me food I never said I join your Club but I already made it so go ahead and eat it I don't expect you to join just because you ate it giving it for free yeah to get closer to you okay seems a bit pushy but I figured whatever.

I take it why do you hate basketball so much it's not that I don't like it I just don't feel like moving basketball is so much fun though okay if I offered you a light novel to read would you read it you probably think that you're not interested and leave it alone right if.

It's a book that you suggested then I try it you don't have to be like that you wouldn't have fun anyway why you're suggesting it because you think it's fun right then I'm sure if I read it I'll have fun too everyone has different standards and definitions of fun so your fun is not my fun basketball isn't fun so people don't.

Want to play it nah basketball is just not popular here other schools have girls basketball then you chose the wrong School if you wanted to play basketball you should have gone to a different School I don't want to take it that seriously what exactly are you trying to accomplish with your club to go to a.

Tournament or just to play I just have a fun time playing basketball so you're only interested in the fun huh eventually maybe we could go to a tournament but not yet until we have enough players I want to have a fun time playing wasn't sure what kind of games they had because I hadn't seen them play but I.

Could tell that she really did want to have fun you should join us and not think much of it we're just trying to have fun you'll definitely understand what I mean I don't want to play if you need more people just ask other people I saw something in you I figured I could have a fun time playing basketball with.

You you're seeing way too much in me I don't have any skill I'll make you Bento every day I'd rather you just stop after today I'll come by your house tomorrow morning too you don't have to I'm going to follow you around until you join basketball.

Why are you stalking me it had only been three days since she started bothering me but I knew she'd do it I'm not good at giving up if I play one time will you leave me alone he'll join can't just let the Bento go to waste although you brought it Without Really.

Asking me I do feel bad so I want you to promise me it's only this time yeah if you come even once I'm sure you'll understand how much fun basketball is it definitely seemed like I fell for her plot but I didn't want to have her pester me more so I decided to fold after class we went to the old gym there.

Were four other girls besides me after she introduced me she showed me how everybody played huh you guys are actually pretty good huh everybody started taking shots and they were pretty good she handed me the ball and I threw a random shot of course the ball didn't.

Make it in yeah it's not that easy I guess it's just practice if you keep shooting you'll eventually make it don't slow down just keep shooting I joined their shooting practice there weren't enough people for any team plays so we all just kept shooting from wherever we wanted to.

Do you want me to teach you how to shoot she saw that I was having a hard time making shots so she talked to me oh I'm okay I'm not being serious but then you won't have fun with basketball like this since you joined I want you to have fun it'll go in eventually even if I'm not good excuse me.

A couple male students came in while we were all practicing you here again takanaka Minami was clearly irritated she was glaring at takinaka and the boys around him I told you to hand over the space you're still playing huh starting today the boys team will be taking over this area.

This is the space for the girls basketball team we have a right to be here you guys aren't even a real team you're not going to go for a competition so just hand over the gym don't you think it makes more sense for people who will be going to a competition to use the gym the boys.

Basketball team has a new gym why are you trying to steal this one too we actually have a lot of members unlike your team or what are you gonna gather more players right now I was going to keep going here and wait for more players to come if we completely stop the girls basketball team is gone.

It's already gone no matter how long you wait you're not going to get more players just give up I'm not good at giving up I'm going to get more players you really don't listen do you let's just play some ball then if you guys win I'll admit that you guys are a legit basketball team.

No reason to accept that offer can't even play the game then you shouldn't play here we're going to be using the courts now the boys basketball team started practicing completely ignoring the presence of the girls okay wait if you're planning on taking the place without asking we'll take on your offer.

Seriously I don't want this place taken without doing anything please guys help me out the girls were looking at each other all worried let's go for it if we win you never complain again go on the boys basketball team laughed clearly entertained.

They were ready for a game that's not fair we lose everything but you lose nothing who the hell are you hasagawa if you lose I want you to add the condition that you will disband your Club if you lose to a small get-together like us you probably shouldn't be a team.

Anyway he laughed at my taunt fine then this is an official match to settle whose Club is real and whose isn't don't complain after you lose why would you do such a thing she looked at me confused as to why I would keep going forward with this.

I don't have anything to do with your little Club but I don't want the boys team to be doing that crap and getting away with it you're all newbies right don't worry I'll help let's win this thing don't know how good everyone is but I could tell that they had some experience I figured it wouldn't be a complete loss.

Let's do it guys even if we don't take it they're gonna mess with us but we haven't practiced a game so how would we win if we give up we lose anyway I'm not going to give up stubborn as usual fine let's do it the other members agreed and we started a game against the boys team.

The game was one-sided the girls almost never had the ball in possession they couldn't block any of the shots and the first half ended 30-2 that's it huh I thought you guys were going to get rid of the boys basketball team you really thought that you could win with that kind of amateur play take Naka came to mess with us during.

Halftime the girls looked tired and demoralized it was clear they hadn't practiced as a team at all you're pretty nice huh only scoring 30 points against the team with no practice you whining about you haven't even scored a single point whatever have fun with your last basketball game the boys basketball team were playing.

Around at this point that was why the point stopped at 30. you have some kind of plan all of you moved during the first half I'll make more chances so you make sure that you're open for passes everyone looked at me confused as I didn't really contribute in the first half.

Didn't really explain either we started the second half I'll give you the ball first you go ahead takanaka handed me the ball the whole boys team were full of mocking laughs ah what a gentleman I swiftly cut through the opposing defense and scored a layup what they were confused at how smoothly I.

Scored my shot I was moving like a different person from the first half so it made complete sense huh you can't stop me what a weak team what the hell did you say don't mess with us the boys team suddenly looked serious they weren't playing around anymore too slow.

I stole the ball and ran past their defense again they couldn't stop me and once again I scored we can win the girls also seemed rallied by this would act like this makes a difference the basketball team made a mistake they thought too little of the girls team if we stop you you won't score it all he.

Had three players strictly on me for defense you're really not thinking this through basketball is played with five players I give a sharp pass to Minami who is now open she shot the ball and easily made the shot I got it damn it hurts you if the girls could take free shots then.

We would have a chance I would attack if they didn't have defense on me and if they had defense on me they couldn't stop the girls from shooting to add to things the girls team were also picking up on their team plays you guys aren't half bad I saw the first half they had the basics down I made sure that I played hard enough so that.

They could play to their fullest and eventually we won with a score of 50 to 40. all right just so you promised the boys team will be disbanding correct who the hell are you just an ex-basketball player I know you were the hasagawa you knew me I'm a basketball fan so I was watching.

All the middle schools that went to Champs there was an MVP that took a no-name school and won I figured there was no way that he would come to our school but I saw your name and took my chance you were that good that that doesn't count that's bad sportsmanship.

A new boys member walked into the gym Captain what are you doing here I heard you guys were making deals without me the boy everyone was calling Captain stood in front of me I'm sorry for my team's Behavior can you let me handle their punishment I don't mind I don't care if you leave us alone.

Hasagawa was it are you interested in joining our team I had a lot of fun playing basketball I'm satisfied now so I'll have to pass okay thanks for your time the boys were taken away by the captain guess they wanted to outplay the first string players and so they came here.

I heard later that all of them were benched AWA why did you quit playing basketball when I was in Middle School they didn't appreciate my merit-based thinking but when I was in eighth grade I had a bunch of friends that agreed with me and I figured that would be the last time I played are you sure you want to quit you.

Were so good I only wanted to play as a team when I said I wanted to stop playing basketball my friend supported me so it's enough I see if you ever want to play again you can come here though you can play to your heart's content afterwards I grew very close with Miss.

Minami as the person who saved the girls basketball team I stayed away from it for a while but eventually I joined the girls basketball team as a coach I didn't know that yet though all right here we go my name is Yuma Takaki I'm a junior in.

High school I'm standing in front of a maid Cafe and not as a customer I'm going to start here as a part-time worker in the kitchen it all started when I was interested in the high salary I thought it was just a regular kitchen part-time job but then learned there that it was a maid Cafe.

I was hired and I wasn't sure what to do but I mean I won't be working out in the hall oh well so I decided to work here I'm Yuma Takaki I'll be working here from today nice to meet you all I'm glad everyone is okay with me I need to work hard every day I'll start by cleaning.

I guess it's not just cleaning huh I need to remember a lot of other jobs too and there are a lot of employees it might be a little tough till I get used to it good morning I'm Takaki I said my introduction earlier hi and oh.

I figured I would reintroduce myself oh okay what is that did I say something that would bother her I thought I just said hello but she's being extra mean you don't have to worry about her huh my name is miyuku honjo I work here as Stella.

Oh hello I'm Takaki so about that woman from earlier oh she's Miss Hashimoto she's called Alice here and about her she's like this to everyone really yeah even her co-workers too and her customers She's Always a little cold and distant honestly I can't really get along with her some of the customers like that attitude though see look I.

Don't know which one to choose can I think about it Alice Alice okay I will be handling another sir then I can't get enough of that cool attitude amazing maid huh I know so dimulating I know I'm sure when she's in love with.

You she's super cute and kind though I see I'm a little nervous but they really do love her yeah exactly anyway just be careful when you talk to her yeah yes ma'am thank you I see this might be a little rough afterwards I started working in the.

Kitchen but what was next um take the completed foods to the counter the orders came non-stop I had to remember so many processes I was moving the whole time I was in the kitchen oh I want a little break but this is the first day and I don't want to be saying.

That I want to break hmm what is this I looked down to my workstation and saw a little bottle with a note that said for rehydration is this for me who let this huh.

Miss Hashimoto was looking this way did Miss Hashimoto Miss honzo said she's kind of cold but maybe she's actually pretty nice anyway I should drink it thankfully and thank her later we finally entered lunchtime Miss Hashimoto was also on break I wanted to say thanks but where did she.

Go welcome home sir huh this voice it's coming from outside welcome home sir no I need to be softer uh Miss Hashimoto what why are you here sorry I just wanted to say thank you so I was looking for you.

Did you see me you mean how you were practicing how to handle the customers you saw huh she's trembling did I see something I shouldn't have seen what's she gonna say I'm so embarrassed huh I thought there was no one around I was practicing alone and of all the times you had to come.

When I was smiling ah she was trying to smile I'm not sure what that was but wait I thought she'd be mad uh uh can I ask you something you're practicing talking to customers right yes why I'm not good at handling customers not good.

You mean that attitude is it because you're shy how did you know that I knew it she's not acting cold she's just really not good at social interaction I listened to her story I see you're trying to fix how shy You Are by working at a job like this.

My grandma runs these restaurants so as you can see it's not going well I know it's not good to be this way I can't really talk when I end up in front of the customers so that cold attitude is I'm not trying to be called but that's what it looks like huh in other words according to miss.

Hashimoto when I think about her previous interaction hmm I don't know which one to choose can I think about it a little more I see I'll be handling another then sir okay I will be going to another customer while you are choosing uh Alice okay bye let me know when you decide that's actually what she was thinking.

No no no there's no way that anyone would figure that out I thought that's just how she was I really want to be better at customer service and get along with the other employees but Miss Hashimoto um do you want me to help you huh you know.

Help you get over your shyness it's probably better to practice with someone than alone are you sure I'm probably a handful I don't think so I want to thank you for earlier too that really wasn't that big of a deal no I was happy besides now that I know what's going on.

I don't want to just leave it alone so let me help you thanks okay I guess I'll ask for your help she's smiling right not mad at me whatever I gotta work hard since I offered I got this this is how I started helping Hashimoto after our shift we started by practicing.

Small talk let's practice just regular small talk we can just shoot the crap and go home I think just talking and holding a conversation is good practice okay huh you're going to Yuki High huh yeah I'm a junior ah so you're older than me I'm glad I'm treating you with respect.

Then oh I uh don't really care much no I definitely care don't worry about it this is a strange conversation to be having though yeah we were talking and Miss Hashimoto slowly started opening up to me.

First it was awkward but by the time we made it to the station we were talking regularly I think you're talking normally now do you think you're getting the hang of it maybe I don't feel as nervous that's good but it's strange I don't feel like I've ever gotten used to talking to someone.

This easily even when we talk during lunch I feel pretty normal I don't know how to explain it but you seem easy to talk to really that makes me happy thank you you're really good at giving me subjects to talk about and you seem to interact well with me even when you know how I am.

I mean I have three sisters so yeah I think I'm used to talking to women who are older than me thanks to them yeah maybe so um thank you I think I'm able to be more confident talking to people now would it be okay for you to help me out some more huh she seems a little more relaxed now she does seem more confident and I'm.

Glad she was happy I'm gonna help her out as best I can we continued our little training sessions this makes me nervous for reasons other than just being shy you want to quit no you're helping me out so I need to try hard.

I'm pretty nervous too to be honest practice looking into each other's eyes to talk and sometimes we would talk on the phone or while walking home before I knew it I was spending a lot of time with her outside of work a few weeks passed and she started getting used to talking to people.

Hey I was able to actually say hello to one of the employees I saw you're really progressing it takes bravery to be the first one to step forward yeah everyone was surprised but I was glad they talked to me thank you Takagi I think I'm less shy thanks to you although I still have little ways for customer interaction.

Well customers are all new faces but I still feel like you're doing much better than before really yeah I watch from the kitchen but you seem to speak a little softer you're different from before seem to be trying hard if you keep it up I'm sure you'll be able to fix your.

Shyness let's keep going thank you she seems to be happy I'm glad that I helped her out but she says she's still not good with customers what can I do maybe I can try I've never tried practicing as her customer she should have an easier time.

Practicing against someone who she normally talks to let's try oh welcome home sir whoa I'm a little nervous so cute and when she's treating me like that but this is practice I need to take it seriously and focus up what would you like to order um the handmade omelet please.

Understood give me a second she's completely different from before here you are this is a message from me ah a big heart huh I don't think there's any meaning behind it but I'm pretty sure she only puts the ketchup on normally because she's shy but but maybe this is because she's used to me.

Here you go sir say ah huh you're gonna do that for me yeah especially for you sir incredible surface even though she's used to me she's still being extra kind but some of the other Maids seem to be doing that too so she must be working hard to fit in too.

Afterwards we kept practicing after she changed all of the regulars were incredibly happy and excited she was the center of attention I think if she can interact this well she should be fine we know how she can behave now I think if we keep practicing she should be pretty normal let's keep going.

But then one day something happened she still doesn't seem to be able to interact with anyone like that other than me but she does seem to be improving so soon what is that attitude we're customers that's coming from the hall you have a bad mouth and your attitude is terrible.

What is this you shouldn't be acting that way towards a customer Hashimoto what's going on it's exactly what you'd expect they must be new here they didn't like how she was but I do think it was their fault too what do you mean those two kept saying sit next to us or.

Pestering her for her number they were just being rude she's pretty good at handling stuff like that but they got pissed about her rejecting them ah I see no Miss Hashimoto isn't good at handling that if anything I'm gonna go real quick.

What hey excuse me what has happened to coggy who the hell are you I'm from the kitchen I just heard the Ruckus I don't care about the kitchen stuff bring your manager yeah and have her apologize for me no sir unfortunately I don't think that.

Will be happening the fault does partly seem to be on your end as well what did you just say sorry sir what's going on I said I want to see the manager I am the manager for this shift ah perfect it's about that Dad made and her attitude I actually heard what happened you two seem to be responsible for everything.

What I'm sorry but this is going to be causing too much trouble for the other sirs so can you two please leave why do we have to leave we should be entertained as customers please leave ah okay I don't want to be here anyway oh be sure to pay for your order too I know I'm never coming back to this store.

The two scurried out of the store we apologize to all the other customers in the store and the situation was resolved afterwards I'm Sorry Miss hunjo that was my fault don't worry about it I know you're trying your best to handle our customers huh I know you were trying hard and that's.

Why you were so shy I'm sorry that I assumed that you were a rude girl I realize now that you are trying I think you're probably going to have a tough time but I will be cheering for you and if you ever need my help let me know I'll do what I can thank you so much you finally got along with Miss honzo.

Yeah thank you it's all thanks to your training also thank you for protecting me today oh I didn't do anything that was that important but I'm glad it was all resolved thank you you're always saving me from the moment we saw each other you never left me alone you kept practicing and.

Were happy with me when I grew I think I was able to really change things to you Miss Hashimoto also um I apparently have fallen for you what me yeah if you don't mind would you like to go out with me so happy to hear that I've always liked.

You as well really yeah I loved how hard you were trying to fix your shy personality the only reason I was able to help you out this much was because I liked you I think let's date so happy let's have so much fun of course let's.

That's how we started dating of course we would keep practicing too thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well