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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl in school likes me, but I am not interested in real girls… [RomCom]


Sugihara I've always been interested in you please go out with me I'm so Shi tsukihara that loner geek who loves anime and has just been asked out by the school Madonna she's been asked out by numerous boys and clearly has nothing in common with a guy like me sorry I can't go out with you huh why I guess she wasn't expecting to be.

Rejected she looks surprised I'm only interested in two-dimensional girls sorry I left after leaving her with those words me it was done I can't let this be I'm going to make him fall for me.

When I was going to school in the morning I saw her standing there oh she know why are you here morning sugihara I wanted to go to school with you so I came here do you live around here nope I'm pretty far away but I wanted to go with you so I don't care if it's not too difficult for you.

I thought it was weird how she was acting but we ended up going to school together he seems like he doesn't care but we'll see how long he can keep that up I'm going to keep seducing him tsugihara sorry for surprising you yesterday I know it's confusing with me just saying let's go out all of a sudden I didn't.

Understand why you liked me anyway you're so popular I like people who are rather quiet and loud you're always reading during breaks and I always thought that was cool you realize most people call me a geek right I don't think I'm quiet I'm just introverted well you're so humble too I like that.

About you I'm really not the kind of guy you think I am I'm not good enough for you being with me is pretty boring too he looked down on yourself too much I like you the way you are she held my hand what are you doing she just wanted to hold your hand did you not want me to.

I don't mind but it wasn't annoying or anything so I just said sure to holding her hand while I walked huh I figured he would lose his cool even a little bit here but he seems fine he doesn't think anything about holding my hand why are you glaring at me did I do something to make you mad.

She held my hand out of the blue then she glared at me I didn't understand her behavior at all but then she was smiling and talking to me again maybe I was thinking too much when she was glaring at me huh this kind of skin chip isn't enough is it.

But this isn't the end of my plans sugihara can we have lunch together I made lunch for you she suddenly said that out loud and everyone started looking at me huh why did you make me lunch it's pretty normal to want to cook for someone you like you made it so you'll eat it right oh she know likes sugihara.

Why would she like that dick the whole class was going crazy I could feel the jealous eyes drilling a hole into the back of my head okay why don't we just change where we're eating then sure we can eat anywhere it was tough being in the classroom so I moved to the roof with hoshino.

Sukihara say uh I can eat on my own don't worry about it I was a little hesitant but she kept shoving her Chopsticks in my face so I decided to take a bite how was it do you like it yeah it's great but I think eating on my own is better you don't like these kinds of things I.

Don't really care I see she looked disappointed and from there I started eating on my own I cooked him his own Bento and even fed him hey Auntie doesn't feel a thing what the hell is going on this whole Bento thing is one thing but why does she keep treating me like I'm.

Her boyfriend I told her no yesterday right I'll make you Bento tomorrow too okay I don't need it tomorrow seriously today was enough you don't like it when they make you Bento it's not that I don't like it it's just something you do when you're dating.

Someone I'm not dating you so you don't want to date me at all I think I already answered that what's wrong with me I'll fix whatever you don't like about me it's not that there's anything wrong with you I just prefer two-dimensional girls what do anime girls do for you they.

Can't do anything for you just watching them heals me that's enough she didn't seem to understand what I meant what the hell I didn't know it was this bad I'm not going to lose to some drawings though I'm going to make him understand real life girls are better.

I felt something weird when I woke up I could feel something squishy on my arm when I looked over I saw hoshino's face on my arm oh she know why are you in my bed good morning I wanted to wake you so I came early you didn't have to come in bed did you when did my mom even let you in I told.

Her about our situation and she let me in she seemed really happy mom she must have misunderstood after hearing a girl came by if you date me it won't be a misunderstanding I think I turned that offer down a couple days ago it's okay if I like you right I'm not giving up on you.

You're seriously so weird why are you so attached to me you can tell by my room I'm only interested in two-dimensional girls there were anime posters all over the walls and beautiful girl figures all over it was an otaku room but I'll let you figure out that real.

Girls are better you're popular so you should just have a regular romantic relationship she didn't understand my two-dimensional love she was pretty but she didn't catch my eye I thought it would be better off for her to date with someone who actually has similar interests to her what do you mean regular.

You should have looked for regular woman don't want other boys I want you to be my boyfriend I'm going to keep coming by your house every day until you listen if you're coming tomorrow too don't come into bed I'm going to be surprised every time you're not happy sleeping with a girl nope just surprised.

That's what he says after I sleep next to him it's a nerve oh sorry for surprising you I'll be waiting outside this isn't going to be easy I need to think of a better plan just like yesterday she held my hand as we walked to school she seemed happy and talked to me but I could tell she was occasionally glaring at me.

Maybe she didn't appreciate how I was answering her then she shouldn't talk to me I'm holding your hand and talking to you this much you should be happier no I can't be mad if he'll see it in my face I need to be smiling and happy during my break I was reading a light novel just as usual when some of my.

Classmates started messing with me sugihara what kind of relationship do you have with hoshino she's just a classmate she said she liked you yesterday right you came to school together and we're supposed to believe you're just classmates I don't know what you want me to say.

Yeah she asked me out but we're not dating wait you rejected her I asked her out and she said no how could you do that no I was rejected too it's not just us it's our entire classroom what the hell I knew she was popular but I didn't realize it was that bad but I don't want to date her and I think you guys are a.

Better fit for her of course she is you're not good enough for her but I can't just let the fact that you rejected her go then should I go out with her it's not good either but you're the kind of guy that gets rejected and not the kind of guy that rejects uh you should never have my attention.

Realistically tell him you're not making any sense what the hell do you want from me like that you're liked by her you need to go get rejected by her too what the hell is that attitude why does she like him they kept making no sense to me and the.

Bell rang signaling the end of break time told her she didn't have to make me anything anymore but she made me Bento again we ate on the roof together can we please make this the last day we do this hiya.

The boys in the classroom are being all jealous and it's really annoying me no matter what they say I'm only interested in you I'm always going to like you it's your fault for not falling for me if you fell for me sooner it would be over quickly I don't want to reciprocate your.

Feelings I'm only interested in two-dimensional girls why do you hate real life girls so much you can't even date anime girls they never betray you they're cute forever and they never say anything rude or hurt you something happened in your past that hurt you nope it has nothing to do with.

That but the fact that I'm an otaku means others judge me they just reject me and don't accept my feelings that's when the two-dimensional girls make me feel better you really like anime huh but real life girls are good too I thought I would dump him as soon as he fell for me too I don't know what happened but I was going.

To do something to really hurt him too you're right I wish more people were like you and didn't run away the second they knew I was an anime otaku am I being used I just want him to fall for me how would he feel after he found out that I didn't even really like him he doesn't seem to have noticed so now.

Should be when I back off what's going on hoshino you look serious huh oh nothing I'll back off in school if it bothers you okay we're not dating or anything anyway afterwards she stopped coming to my house in the morning or making me Bento she stopped messing with me so the.

Classmates stopped messing with me too peace returned and it was quickly the end of the whole era but then one week later hoshino started talking to me sugihara I have something I want to talk to you about can I go over to your house does it need to be my house I can't talk about it outside.

Okay sure I thought she gave up on me now what I was curious about what she had to say so I invited her over I have something to get ready so hang on don't come back until I say so okay okay I didn't really understand but I was ordered to wait in my room in my own house.

I felt like I was locked in but a few minutes later she came back oh she know that outfit she suddenly showed up in a pink shirt and brown skirt along with a long silver wig it was a sight I was familiar with how is it um let's study love together.

Whoa hey she hugged me and looked at me with doughy eyes she was cosplaying and it was of the Canon love comic heroine to boot wait hang on what are you doing if I become an anime character maybe you'd fall for me no this is all way too sudden I I don't.

Understand why that anime she could have chosen something more anime or not wearing a wig because you love this anime right the book you're always reading during your breaks is of this book you've got a giant poster in your room I mean it's the anime I like most right now but they figured if I was going to.

Cosplay I would cosplay as the thing you loved the most right now your ideal two-dimensional girl is in real life aren't you excited honestly my heart did skip a beat but you're still you right you can't beat an anime character this doesn't work either huh then I guess it's over.

Why did you do this figured I would atone for my sins a tone I didn't really like you you were the only one that didn't ask me out in class so I wanted to get you to fall for me and complete everything that's it why it's a pride problem I have always been popular so I was upset that you turned me down but you said.

That two-dimensional girls don't betray it I felt terrible I was trying to betray you too that's why you backed off but I didn't fall for you so why did you do this I didn't feel right even though it was unsuccessful I tried to hurt you so I wanted to cheer you up trust me you didn't hurt me or anything so don't.

Worry about it you telling me all about that doesn't really change anything about how I feel either you really don't care about real life Girls huh but I don't think that's healthy I don't know what happened in your past but you shouldn't run to the two-dimensional world you should face.

Your reality I'm not running I just like two-dimensional girls I'll show you the good part of real girls as your girlfriend wait you don't like me right I didn't like you but now I'm curious I want to see the moment you find interest in a real life girl after all these.

Years of rejecting a real life girl doesn't that mean you won't really be my girlfriend that was before the cosplay thing was partially atonement but it was also to try to get your attention to date you I wanted to reset my feelings so I want to reach fry with you in other words you really like me now that would be one way of putting it no.

Matter the case let's get along okay it was the long way around but I could tell that she really did like me I didn't know that the simple curiosity would evolve into real love yet thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.