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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl is a quintuplet… And they all like me… [RomCom]


Taru you need to take this seriously well it's nothing tordu you'll pick me obviously right I thought it will pick me there's no other possibility how are you everyone's fighting over you don't you think I would be the right about choice for now.

My name is toru oji I'm in high school I'm in a restaurant surrounded by quintuplets at the moment hmm I've always considered myself an extrovert and I've had girlfriends in the past my life was perfect and my future was bright I didn't expect anything to change in high school however and now that we graduated Middle.

School let's wake up oh Taro just FYI you're not a real extrovert just telling you so you know my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me and I found out I wasn't who I thought I was I was traumatized and before I knew it I was living the introvert life ah sucks I was thankful to be in high school but for some reason.

My life felt dull I dragged myself to school day by day until one Monday what's wrong we have to move classrooms are you feeling sick or something huh no oh that's a relief hey I'm Aika katsuragi um I'm.

Right uh yes I am how did you know my name I'm the class president it's part of my job to get to know everybody here my first impression of her was cuteness overload my second impression was cute and earnest I didn't realize such a girl existed in my class.

I don't have the vocabulary to describe it but I couldn't take my eyes off her however my ex-girlfriend had just dumped me I wasn't sure I was ready to have feelings for anybody yet I asked one of my close friends for some advice yeah don't do it you think so too yeah I'm not ready yet that's not what I meant you have no chance with her I mean.

She's Aika katsuragi according to my friend Aika katsuragi caught everyone's eye the moment she walked into the school she's become the most popular girl here she excels at everything and she has a great personality every single guy in the school is trying to win her heart she'll never go for a loser like me huh but then again I.

Respect the decision you made huh go for it I'll be here for you when she breaks your heart hey why do I get the feeling you're enjoying this you're such a jerk sometimes not that I'm complaining I thought it through again but I couldn't seem to get Aika out of my head I know she'll dump me but what's the harm in trying.

The next day I decided to try to talk to her after school um Aika right huh yes oh what is it wait she seems a little different today oh well thanks for checking on me yesterday oh uh yesterday oh yes I remember now I talked to you so um I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me this Saturday I.

Cut to the chase right away I prepared myself for the rejection once she rejects me to my face I'll be able to move on however um well uh why don't you get back to me tomorrow see ya pathetic I couldn't stay there any longer and I fled however this.

Incident turned out to be the start of the biggest happening of my life the next day after school you asked me out on a date yesterday I can't go huh way to cushion the blow but hold on a second something about her is off anyway what do you like about I I are me well you're very pretty and I know you have a kind heart since you made time.

For a loser like me whatever I have no interest in you whatsoever I I want to show you why I could be interesting and I'd like to get to know you a little better too huh to tell you the truth I know nothing about you Aika so it would be nice to learn about you I'll do my best to try to change your mind I think we should get to know each other.

Okay so you're serious about this give me another day to think about it though I could see her cheeks flushing as she turned around and left the next day after school oh he talked about it and we're still going to say no um who's we did you talk about me asking you on a date with your family.

She was speaking as such a bland tone it sounds different from how she was talking yesterday she was more boyish oh we are afraid that we are unable to fulfill your request she tried to leave as soon as she finished talking but I wasn't done hold on a sec before I knew it I was grabbing aika's shoulders my bad uh.

I think going on a date with you will give me the motivation to get through school please all I'm asking for is just one date I was not expecting that fine please give me some time to reconsider the offer she blushed as she hurriedly rushed out of the classroom the next day after school okay let's go on a date what time do you.

Want to meet up tomorrow oh wait oh where are we going uh okay um how about one o'clock we can go to an amusement park she's so Breezy why did she decline so many times if she was going to say yes she really Aika he seems so different aika's personality seemed to change every single day of the.

Week it wasn't like a mood swing it was like seeing multiple personalities from the same person so can I ask why you agreed to go on a date with me well I just thought it would be fun to hang out oh okay however you shouldn't expect anything more anything more like a kiss or a hug no physical intimacy uh of course not I.

Mean it's not like I don't enjoy doing things like that but but I won't do anything you wouldn't want me to do hmm you have a nicer person than I thought impressive huh okay then if we have a fun day I'll give you a little peck of the cheek why not see you tomorrow oh uh Aika was smiling brightly as she left the classroom for some reason I was.

Left confused and lost on my way home I dropped by a restaurant to celebrate my success I was happy Aika said yes and I wanted to eat something good however I heard a familiar voice the moment I sat down in my seat gosh natsumi why did you say okay to him it sounded like a good idea I peered over into the seat next to mine.

While making sure nobody noticed me voice Aika wait what I was shocked to see well I pinched myself just in case but it turned out I wasn't dreaming you know it's your fault Cardin you should have told him no straight up hey stop you can't start blaming others we shouldn't.

Have started all this in the first place yes changing schools as a result of a card game wasn't the best idea oh my gosh so the girl I asked out on Tuesday was caring not Aika stop crying so much I'm the one who wants to cry that's what you get for betting your life on a card game Sana this is partially your.

Responsibility you said you would tell him straight up but you didn't that's your fault wait the same goes for you too don't make it all my fault now I get it so for the past week these identical girls have been coming to school acting as Aika anyways I'm the one who said yes so I guess I'll be the one going on a date.

With him wait a second natsumi he wanted to ask me out I'll go on a date with him that's so unfair I want to go and this time I will perfect my Act of rejection a date with a male gender interesting I should go to deepen my understanding of the male species um wow five girls fighting to go on a date.

With me that caring girl needs to be more forward about her thoughts go caring but seriously who's gonna end up coming I'm feeling worried about tomorrow just then natsumi spoke up she said she had a great idea oh why don't we take turns we can have an our age I can go first and she's the oldest I have a feeling he won't notice.

Such changing she didn't it was a horrible idea going on a date with five girls on a one hour rotation is she kidding me why does she think she can fool me I already know their quintuplets however all the other girls seem to think it was a great idea it's disappointing to see how all of them think I'm easy to trick the day of.

The date the first one of them to appear was hey taru the oldest one Aika it was refreshing to see her in something other than her school uniform she looked great what's wrong no nothing I was thinking you look so pretty it's nice to see you in different clothes come on let's go we got on The Coffee Cup right first Aika seemed nervous at.

First but she relaxed after we got to talking in line hahaha it felt weird I still couldn't believe I was on a date with such an attractive girl it could be my first and last time to be so lucky I decided to enjoy it to the fullest so I would have a pretty memory to cherish.

So anyways why did you end up agreeing to go on a date with me huh well things just turned out this way I'm glad we got to go on this date thanks for coming uh-huh I think I'm glad too her cheeks were flushed and it made her look even prettier I was starting to feel self-conscious.

Aika told me she needed to use the restroom and I was relieved when she left when she came back to me uh thanks for waiting I'm looking forward to this she had changed into caring Karine had the same clothes as Aika but she was bright red and Restless I could tell she was nervous looking forward to this.

We've been here for a while huh yes I know gosh I can't get over how cute she is when she fidgets Karine and I decided to go to the haunted house oh my gosh I don't know if you realized but I was screaming for a different reason than Karine was caring was terrified and she clung to me the whole.

Time I could feel her against my arm and it was just I couldn't help but wonder if quintuplets had the same measurements yes I know it's inappropriate agree here you go you still have tears running down your face let me wipe them for you I gently wiped the tears off karine's face she's attractive in a different way.

She makes me want to protect her just like Aika did Karen asked me to wait for her while she used the restroom I will never forget how her cheeks were red as an apple the next one who came was hey yo let's get going I was sure it was Sana I could tell by the way she talked hey you seem a little different than a few.

Moments before what I haven't changed at all he couldn't have made it more obvious but that made her look even cuter Sana and I decided to hang out at the arcade to play some games I lost again never win you're too hey.

Um is it's unattractive huh why I mean boys usually like feminine girls not boyish girls like me that's not true at all huh you're cute and you're cool I don't know many girls who have both qualities to be honest I'm more attracted to you now uh attracted oh I see Sana then disappeared into the restroom.

It was member changing time I started to wonder what the other four girls were doing while one of them was on the date with me were they in the restroom the whole time the next to appear was it's my turn now huh your turn on what don't think about it I want to go now she was talking like a robot and I immediately realized it.

Was Tai she grabbed my hand and led me toward the ferris wheel I had expected it but she wasn't much of a talker she kept her herself most of the time we were alone in the ferris wheel why do you think so well I.

Can see others people usually think I'm unfriendly I'm pretty sure she's referring to her sisters when she says others her sisters have more facial expressions but I could see the sorrow in her solemn face hey why don't you smile a bit more a little smile goes a long way smile like this oh what do you think hey.

You've got such a nice smile I'd love to see more of that face it's pretty really oh practice smiling in front of the mirror thank you we left the ferris wheel and tire headed into the restroom if all the girls merged into one my heart will birth from all the cuteness I wish that would happen the last one to appear was.

It felt like I was waiting for ages not to me she's the one who agreed to go on a date with me huh what do you mean by waiting for Aegis hey what stop focusing on the little things okay where should we go next she instantly linked her arm to mine I guess she's not so bothered by physical contact or is she trying to test me or.

Something not to me and I decided to ride the roller coaster the ride was rockier than I had expected um my legs are so bubbly can I borrow your shoulder oh yeah sure I feel so safe when I'm leaning on you and maybe it's because you're a boy.

She's sitting too close her hair smells so sweet hey did you have fun on our date today yeah good I had fun even if it was just for a little while but no kisses uh the cheek today since I didn't get the whole experience huh what do you mean by the whole experience.

Find out sooner or later oh well see you soon knots me waved goodbye to me as she skipped off I knew what she was talking about but I kept my mouth shut I wonder if she would have kissed me if it was just the two of us after the date I decided to eat dinner at a restaurant before heading home I realized the quintuplets were sitting at a table it.

Looked like they were having a serious meeting I sat near them so I could listen to what they were saying so what did you guys think uh well not much either yeah I have nothing to say I do not understand okay then so that means none of you are interested in dating him I.

Guess it's okay for me to become taught his girlfriend what that's not fair why do you get to date him not to me but you guys said you didn't think much of the date it's not that I didn't think much of it talking to him today it makes my heart feel unusually tight does this mean I like him yeah I think.

It means I like him oh well I think I want targeted to protect me I I uh fine I'll admit it I like Toto as well anybody here likes Taro now oh gosh we're gonna be fighting against each other once knots me said it out loud the quintuplets started to look uncertain what am I supposed to do all five of.

Them are super cute and attractive oh no I have no idea what to do with this situation or I knew it I was standing and the quintuplets were all staring at me since when have you been sitting at that table oh no you we're just talking you've got it all wrong seriously this.

Isn't what you think it is my first to love hey Turtle you're here here why don't you join us at our table this is the most awkward situation I've been in so if you were to date one of us who would it be I have a great suggestion to make since picking would be difficult how about you.

Date all of us what is that even allowed wouldn't that be more difficult to handle and so we're back to the first scene of the story I know you want to hear what I decided to do in the end but I'm saving that for another time thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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