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[Manga Dub] The prettiest girl l keeps asking me out, but I reject her because I think it’s a prank


K yanaga I've liked you for a while now will you go out with me a love confession from the school it girl mik kosaka did she really ask me out our breaths came out White and the air was crisp my first thought this must be a prank uh you had aun what are you looking for uh I'm wondering where the cameras.

Are why would there be any cameras isn't this a joke no it's not uh is it a batsu game why would you think that that's rude I mean I'm just an ordinary guy there's nothing special about me any guy in my position would be suspicious of ulterior motives if the prettiest girl at school suddenly asked them out the prettiest.

Girl plus your grandfather owns one of the biggest companies in Japan we live in in different worlds there's no doubt about that but we go to the same school we're schoolmates and we're in the same class this year still I don't understand why you would have any sort of feelings for me are your parents trying to force you into an Omi ey you want me to.

Pretend to be your boyfriend don't you I don't need you to pretend to be anything I can't figure out your intentions I just told you I have feelings for you I want to be your girlfriend yakun I'm telling you the truth she seems serious about this but something's telling me this isn't real I perfectly fit the description of normal.

I'm not smart neither am I athletic if you would take a look at my face you can see I've got the ultimately ordinary face the only thing I've won first place for is the safe Choice boys list the girls at school have made on top of that I'm the most passive guy when it comes to romance no girl in her right mind would fall for me well anyway I'm sorry.

I can't give you what you want oh dear she sounds like an 80-year-old grandmother what don't you like about me uh well I can't tell her I don't believe her that would definitely piss her off I want to avoid drama as much as possible you're still suspicious huh fine well I'll be back to ask you out.

Again tomorrow tomorrow why I will ask you out until you believe my intentions are true I'm willing to do anything to show you I am serious about this I will not give up just because you are wary of me man why is this happening to me after that I tried telling her I believed her but she shut me out she didn't believe me and now for the first time in my life.

I feel sympathetic for the boy who cried wolf the next day during lunch Yan is it okay if I join you for lunch kosakas San appeared out of nowhere and asked to eat lunch together thanks to her everyone's attention instantly turned to us you want to eat lunch with me yes that's what I said I was headed to the cafeteria don't worry I prepared an.

Obento for you yanon you would be wasting a good meal if you didn't eat it you don't want that do you okay she's got some tricks up her sleeve it's not just going to be her asking me out she's trying to get close enough to break down my walls I barely used to talk to her before she asked me.

Out we're in the same class but she is the it girl maybe she feels guilty for not treating me better before the thing is why is C suck us on asking Yana to eat lunch with her he doesn't deserve it what the heck what is the world coming to I know this must be a dream this would never happen in real.

Life the guys in my class look Furious I'm sure they hate me now and I don't blame them kosak kasan is that pretty she's known as the prettiest girl in school okay thanks I guess so you will eat with me well you're not giving me much of a choice I could never say no with all those guys watching us if I did I'd be known as the guy who rejected the.

Most popular girl in school even after she came to me with a homemade obento who knows what they'll do to me then I'd rather them be jealous and grumpy they wouldn't socially terminate me for that after that we left the classroom to find somewhere more private to eat lunch I'm sure kosak kasan and I have different reasons for why we wanted to leave our.

Classmates behind gosh why does he get to go with her I'll get him from behind Someday my stomach hurts do they have to project so much hatred it wasn't just the boys from my class now that everyone had seen us together every single guy at school hated me I'm terrified this is is.

Going to change my school life 180° hey yakun I hope you like it thank you hold on did you ask your Chef to make this obento for me no I made it myself usually the chef is in charge of my obento but I wanted to make it s it was for you yanon oh she doesn't have any Band-Aids on oh come on what was I expecting I was.

Picturing the manga romance situation where the rich girl hurts her hand while cooking for the first time in her life wait a minute this is my first time eating a homemade obento made by a girl it felt strange the whole idea was kind of moving sure go on dig in everything looks pretty good.

Actually this is real life the obento would never taste horrible if it looked this good that only happens in animes H yum it's great oh I'm so glad you like it everything tastes delicious I didn't expect you to be so good at cooking well I woke up early today and asked the chef to help me the chef taught me that's why it looks better than it would have if I.

Made it alone oh this was her first time cooking that's impressive is there anything kosaka San can't do I can't help but notice how perfect she is in every way possible I enjoyed the rest of the meal with her I was grateful for the effort she put into it that day after school yanon I like you will you go out with me kosak kasan asked me out just.

Like she said she would and this time my answer was I'm sorry I can't the same as the one I gave her the day before oh dear why not well you're too out of my league kakan I'm sure there are better guys for you out there you shouldn't be wasting your time on a guy like me so that means you still don't believe me is that right no.

I told you yesterday I believe that you're telling me the truth it's just I'm not good enough for you you deserve better than me you're just saying that to get out of the situation well I'm not letting you off so easy I'll keep asking asking you out until you believe me wait is she using yesterday's conversation to support her argument to continue this.

Nonsense I'm confused but it's too tiring to think about the next day why are you here I opened the front door to go to school and found the school it girl standing right outside of it this must be a dream good morning y would you like to go to school with me oh wait when have you been here since.

About 30 minutes or so I calculated the time youd leave your house based on the time you always arrive at school I didn't have to wait too long for you to come out 30 minutes is a long time especially when it's this cold outside it's bad by because I was thinking about you the whole time yanon what is wrong with her and So Co o.

Akasan and I arrived at school together every student we passed turned around and gawked at us the same thing happened when we opened the door to our classroom I have a feeling everyone thinks we're dating I could tell by the way they looked at us this is going to be harder to get out of than I first imagined kosak kasan wasn't afraid to show her.

Affection for me she came by to my desk every time class was over no matter how short the breaks were and eventually School ended yakun I like you will you go out with me this must be what Deja Vu Feels Like kosakas Son asked me out again and my answer to her was I'm sorry okay see you tomorrow huh I was expecting more of a.

Fight from you well it doesn't matter anymore I'll keep asking you out until you realize I'm serious about you that's all so you can reject me all you want I'll come right back to the next day I admire her mentality and now she's gone home she said she'll be back the next day so does that mean that once I dump her she'll stop bugging me for the day I.

Don't know how to feel about this I've never met a girl like her before oh well we don't have school tomorrow I'll spend the weekend recovering from a long week she mentioned something about tomorrow but it must have slipped out because she forgot it was the weekend I sometimes forget the school week is over I'm sure that's what happened with her too the.

Next day I found out I was wrong hello Zana gun kakan appeared at my front door a little before lunchtime you got to be kidding me we never let our Target out of sight we go after it until we get it that's what my family has taught me my whole life that's a pretty intimidating way of thinking huh no it's.

Not yes it is it's terrifying did she just call me a Target seriously is she hunting or something I won't bite oh gosh what have I gotten myself into for the first time in my life I know how a zebra feels in front of a lion on the hunt poto who was that Mom don't you uh me young man oh hello hi there mother my name is Miko.

Kosaka I'm in kon's class and he's been very kind to me oh my you're K's classmate may I ask what your relationship with him is Mom cut it out it's not what you think okay oh come on I haven't said anything yet yeah but your smirk is pretty obvious sweetie you don't have to be so shy just because your girlfriend is.

Gorgeous I told you she's not my girlfriend she's just her classmate really well yes but only for now I've told koku and I have feelings for him oh my gosh how could she say something like that so smoothly my brain cannot keep up with her craziness I can't believe you actually.

Said that you should have seen how excited my mother looked the moment she heard what kosakas San said I couldn't stay there anymore I pulled kosakas San's hand and took her to my room I don't want to imagine what would have happened if we had stayed there with my ecstatic mother why would you say that do you.

Realize what you've done there's a saying to shoot the Jal first shoot his horse yakun I figured getting your mother's approval would come in handy afterward how far will you go with this I told you I'm serious about you I will do everything it takes to get you to agree to go out with me yanaga Kun uh why are you so fixated on me kosak kasan.

Seriously I have no idea why you would like me so much there's nothing special about me I'm just a boring guy why are you wasting your precious time on a loser like me you may not know this but you have the warmest heart out of everybody I know huh I first noticed you last year you always came to school early and watered the flowers and fed.

The goldfish and I saw you Tak Tak care of a cat I think it was during spring the cat was hurt you were feeding it some bread nobody sees what you do you don't get any credit for it but you do it anyway that's how I could tell how good-hearted you were I couldn't stop thinking about you after seeing what an amazing person you are but I don't water.

The flowers or feed the fish anymore I stopped a while ago well that's because I took the job from you right uh to tell you the truth I wanted a reason to talk to you that's why I started doing it but it didn't quite turn out the way I hoped it would when junior year started kosakas San began to come to school early to do the things I used to do.

Alone she would already be there when I arrived at school watering the flowers and feeding the fish that's why I hid I didn't want to get in her way eventually I realized it would be awkward if she caught me hiding outside the door and so I shifted my arrival time so I would get to school later I had no idea kosak kasan was doing it to get to know me I.

Felt awful um I'm sorry I didn't know you were doing it for that reason it's okay you didn't forced me to do anything and I'm the one who decided not to talk to you about it so please don't feel bad about it I can tell she's a good person she's too good to be true now that I know her true intentions I have no reason to push her away I still don't.

Understand what she sees in me but I'm sorry kosakas son I'll try to be more open about us from now on really yeah I tried to avoid you because I didn't know what your true motives were but you've made it clear that you actually care I have no reason to be suspicious anymore so does that mean you'll be my boyfriend huh you aren't suspicious of.

Me anymore so you have no reason to turn me away so you'll come out with me oh uh no that's a different issue what I meant to say was that I'll take your confessions more seriously from here on that doesn't change anything you're still rejecting me y Aon no no it's different the rejections from before were like reflexes I wasn't.

Taking them seriously but I will now there will be a difference in the way I handle your confessions all I want is to go out with you I don't care about anything else I want to be my boyfriend oh gosh she's not going to give up on this is she here's my opinion I think you should say yes Kato mom how long have you been there.

Don't worry I just got here my six cents told me I should just come up and check up on you guys since when do you have a six sense mikat is sweet beautiful and perfect perfect what else could you want in a girl what is it about me that you don't like it's not about kosak kasan lacking.

Anything it's about my feelings I have to sort them out before answering you'll regrets not making a decision when you lose her honey look at her she's starting to cry and it's all your fault would you feel bad about hurting her guys like me don't have tolerance when it comes to Pretty Girls pouting like that I want to be her.

Girlfriend she knows how alluring she is and she's using her charm in the fullest is that not possible uh okay fine we can have a trial dating period and and see how it goes are you sure you promise I said trial just to test things out I heard you my goodness Piko Chan why don't you stay the night.

Yes things are moving too fast it's a trial dating period you have to test everything before making a decision this is the best way to do it I wish they never met and so kosakas San and I started our trial relationship a few weeks later I was head over heels for her who can resist such an attractive girl she knows all the right.

Things to do to make my heart Rush Plus she has my mother on her side encouraging us to succeed there was no way I could have gotten out of this I mean I'm not complaining I ended up with the best girlfriend anybody could have I found my happy ending thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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