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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl asked me out, but I rejected her because I thought it was a prank…


H what's this my name is tuoshi mizumura I'm just an average Junior High School student I'm a member of the disciplinary committee so some people say that I get in people's way that's why I've never been popular with girls it's a love letter probably somebody playing a trick on me there's no way that I'd receive such a thing I'll throw it away since.

I'm sure it's just a prank but just in case it's a real love letter that might hurt someone's feelings there's no name on the envelope I guess I'll check the content later just in case oh Mur what do you have there kico this is just someone playing a prank on me this is a love letter hey.

Don't read it she's Hari Kano she's also a member of the disciplinary committee and likes to meddle around in my Affairs she's a year younger than me there is no name on it hey are you listening to me well never mind the details oh this handwriting is perhaps H can you tell who wrote it no just thought that the letters are written beautifully oh.

That's true the writing looks rather formal is this really a love letter but the sticker that's used to seal this letter is heart-shaped so it must be a love letter well if this person is into choosing the stickers I wish they'd think a little more about the content of the letter you don't understand a woman's heart she probably wanted to.

Write in a serious Manner and ended up sounding formal is that how it is I don't think I'll ever understand it I should go right of course were you planning on not going well I do plan to go but the chances of it being just a prank are high no this is really a love letter so please go what how would you know that Kano can it be that you wrote.

It what are you saying do you think I would do something like that I'm just kidding don't get so upset well I do think you have someone who is more appropriate for you what who Could That Be You need to figure that out on your own what on Earth in any case you should think by yourself that person might unexpectedly be someone closer to you.

I'll be going to the classroom now Kano left to go to her classroom with those words after that I kept on wondering who kico thought was appropriate for me then the time passed by so quickly that school already ended for the day well I guess I'll go in case it really is a love letter if it's a prank then somebody would be waiting to see me show.

Up then I'll make sure to have a word with them I went with such thoughts but good that you came mura well what brings you here kiota I asked you to come so it's not strange that I am here or is it no then that wouldn't be strange wait so that letter was from you kiota yes oh sorry I forgot to write my.

Name on it no that's all right she's Azu Kota she's also a member of the disciplinary committee but unlike me she's popular among other students she's beautiful has excellent grades is good at sports and she's super perfect so it's no wonder that she would be popular she's not the type to make fun of people so I really don't understand why she.

Wanted to talk to me or was it actually a challenge letter I don't like to be indirect so I'll just come straight out with it I like you I want you to go out with me oh she is teasing me there's no way that she would have feelings for me I would be happy if this is real but there can't be such a thing sorry I have no intention of going out with you.

I'll be going home tomorrow wait why I know it sound strange if I say it myself but I think I would make a pretty good girlfriend what are you unsatisfied with that's I'm not dissatisfied with you kiyota but this is probably just a prank if you there is something you are not satisfied with I can improve myself.

Can't you go out with me first as someone to play with Kota I didn't think you would say such a thing I don't like playing around with women see you I'm going home now what wait after that I went home without listening to what kiyota was saying after school the next day I was a little too harsh on kiota I got annoyed because.

I remembered someone I don't really like when she mentioned that we could just play I guess she was just joking but I'll apologize to her next next time I see her at the committee oh mura you are late oh Kano what do you mean I'm late where we planning to meet that's true but I was waiting for you what was there something that you wanted yes I wanted.

To ask you to go shopping with me you probably have time right I do but I don't feel up to it right now so I'll say no what please you're the only person I can rely on kico you have other friends go with them actually I am thinking of buying my brother a birthday present but I wanted to ask what guys would think then you could invite a male.

Student from your class no if you ask them to accompany you then anybody would be willing to accompany you right you have strong communication abilities and you're also cute well I shouldn't say that to her directly since she'll get too excited if I say so it's from my older brother so I would like an opinion from someone older than me oh I see but.

It's a little Troublesome in the end I couldn't say no so I accompanied keko on her shopping thanks to you I was able to buy something nice I'm sure that my brother will like it well we went to a clothes shop and an Electronics shop but is chocolate all right it was only $3 it's fine a proper present will come from my parents so for me this should be.

Enough I see but then you didn't really need me did you it seemed like you already knew what kind of taste your brother prefers oh never mind the details what's important is that you helped me out with shopping really well I don't really get it but let's call it a day all right let's do that oh isn't that Azu oh it is.

I wanted to apologize to her for speaking too harshly but it's not something that I could say when con K is around Kano and kiota are good friends so they'll probably talk to each other this is a little awkward so I should just leave then I'll be going now hello Azu oh please talk to her after I'm gone oh Hari and mizumura this is the worst.

Timing Hari why are you with mamura I asked mamura to go out with me and he did I see you behave quite differently compared to when you were with me mizumura wait wait wait Kano was saying that in a misleading way what I am not saying anything wrong you asked me to go out shopping with you don't omit the.

Important information Mis mura you are fussy with the details no this is not about the details you two are really quite friendly with each other oh no we're just acquaintances I just see her as a junior student oh really it's the first time I saw mizumura playing with the girl though oh she's not just jealous but angry maybe I exaggerated a.

Bit too muchu mamura I'm going to go home now wait I want to go home too oh mizumura answer my question first and then go home Hari see you in the next meeting yes see you then see you well shall we go to the cafe no I can't drink coffee I see then let's talk in the park nearby I want to talk to you so the place is not important I can't escape uh.

Kiyota you're angry after all oh why do you think so well I think I was a little too harsh although I know you were playing a prank on me sorry what a prank yes yesterday after school you know a girl asks the boy out but then it turns out to be a prank stuff like that what she wasn't angry about that wait I'm not sure where to start first did you think.

I was playing a prank on you what it wasn't a prank or did you want me to go somewhere with you like Kano did why would you think that I like you so I asked you to go out with me can't you understand that what that wasn't a prank of course what did you take me for I'm sorry I didn't think that the school's Madonna would actually like me you are.

Known as the cool Beauty after all I don't really like being called the Madonna or cool Beauty so if you could not say that either that would be great you also don't enjoy being called the devil of the disciplinary committee either do you you're being praised though so that's much better no that's true but Madonna or beauty are other.

People's opinions right I want to be praised by someone who I like and by his own words oh you're usually cool-headed but when you suddenly say something so cute like that I feel a bit flustered well I think that you're beautiful and cool well thanks for the compliments oh she seems happy about us dating oh yeah but why do you like me I'm not.

Particularly goodlooking and I don't have great grades I'm just fussy with the school rulle so there's nothing people would find good about me that's not true regarding matters that other people would just a blind eye on you make sure to pay attention and point them out I like that you are a sincere person like that oh.

Thanks I have been seen how you take care to develop a good relationship with each member of the disciplinary committee I like that you are so sincere that's why I want you to go out with me uh just to make sure this is not a prank yeah even I can understand that first I apologize for thinking that it was a prank and second that I left after.

Getting angry at you no that's all right aren't you trying to change the subject I just want to hear your answer no I thought that I couldn't answer you properly if I didn't apologize to you first also I want to explain why I got angry okay tell me thanks I didn't use to care about Rules and Things until I was in elementary school or so I was.

Quite easygoing oh really I only know from high school so why did you change well when I was in sixth grade my dad had an affair naturally my parents got divorced I moved out with my mom since then I try to be careful in my daily life so that I don't become like my father who played around with women I see that's why you got angry when I said.

We could play around at first that's right sorry it was just by reflex that I got angry it's stupid right it would be enough if I were obeying the rules but I'm forcing them on others as well so I don't think I'd be suitable for you I'm sure that you would find someone much better than me kiota I see then since I have come to like you as you are that.

Makes me stupid as well what no I think that it's good to point out when people break the rules regardless of who they are so if you are putting to much pressure on the people to follow the rules then I will stop you if I make a mistake then you can get angry with me like last time I think we could go out with that.

Understanding perhaps so hey why are you laughing well sorry I just thought that I was making this more difficult than it needs to be I guess there's no one who's perfect and we can enjoy what we can and we can fix things that need fixing if necessary yes I think so right to think that I would realize that now then would you go out with me yes of course let's.

Support each other okay thanks I'll make you happy for sure yes I will make you happy too that's how we too the clumsy ones began dating we'll probably be able to have a good relationship although we might fight once in a while the next day or rather 10 seconds later congratulations you two what Kano Hari I thought you had gone.

Home of course I was watching everything don't say of course what's wrong with it I was interested in to find out what would happened to az's love that's only natural what did you know that I liked mizumura yes of course anybody who knows you would figure that out I see I see I thought it was hiding it pretty well it was a very obvious misura is the.

Adnormal one for not noticing it well sorry but I guess you already know since you were watching us but are you all right with kiyota and me dating each other you like kiyota very much right yes I really look up to her that's why I want to see how kyota will be happy dating you I want to be the one who witnesses this up close oh I see of.

Course it can't just be anybody because it was you mizumura I accepted it what I'm not good-looking enough to be with kiota and I haven't done anything in particular to deserve her either no I thought that how you work as a member of the disciplinary committee made you a good match for kiota the beautiful and cool Azu and mizura who was so strict.

About the world I thought that someone elegant like Azu of a liable person would be a great match for her oh I see yes and the other guys don't seem to be able to voice their opinions because they are so afraid that kotel will not like them but you mizumura say whatever you think should be said to kiota that is true kiota can sometimes make.

Mistakes right I find it helpful that someone points out my mistakes piz umura is about the only one who does that for me that is where I thought you two might make a great couple oh true I think so too yes so in order to get you two to each other I asked mum mura to go shopping with me what do you mean when I saw the letter I realized that it was.

From Azu who wrote it so I went to go see how things would turn out as she told you her feelings you were watching us then too but I saw that things didn't go well so I needed to help you out a little okay but why did you invite me to go shopping with you then I thought I would tell Azu that we went shopping together the next day then Azu would get.

Jealous and tell tell you mura her feelings for you once more then you would be able to resolve your misunderstanding and then become a couple but I didn't think we were bump into Hau when the two of us were together I see so it turned out exactly as you thought kico well I am fine with that since I was able to get you to go.

Out with me you don't regret that do you mis mura of course I don't regret it I like you wow me too well as was so cute cute Kano this time things turned out well but next time please don't do anything funny don't worry I will not do anything strange unless you become unfaithful to Azu okay I'll definitely keep that in mind well I would never.

Forgive you for that there would be no reason for me to be unfaithful when I have such a cute girlfriend thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other video as well