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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl in class saw me buying condoms for my sister… [RomCom]


The summer camp is going to be so much fun I heard from a senior student that the possibility of getting a guy asking you out is high on the second evening really a guy asking a girl out Rinko is there anyone you like right now H there is someone I am interested in oh really who is it that is going to be a secret until the summer camp what my name is s.

Isomura I'm a junior in high school we're going to summer camp soon so the whole class is talking about it to days and three nights we'll be studying in the middle of the mountains for all that time it would seem like something would happen no way but then something did happen this is a girl's room though why am I here I was taking a nap and when I.

Woke up I was in the girl's room and on top of that in my pocket was that thing why 2 days before the incident it was the day before the summer camp that evening I went to the store to get some snacks for the summer camp I can spend up to $3 for a snack is a banana kind of snack oh sa ASA oh what is you what a coincidence that we meet in a place like.

This did you come to buy snacks for tomorrow as well asahina yes and some other daily Necessities her name is Rinko asahina she's the class Madonna or rather she's called the number one Madonna of the school she has a cheerful and friendly character and she looks beautiful she's popular among everyone and sometimes I've talked with her too.

Say SAA about the second evening of the summer camp what the second evening oh nothing the summer camp is going to be so much fun right I've heard a rumor if you ask someone out on the second evening of the summer camp the chances of the person you asked saying yes is hi does this mean that asahina would ask me out or does it mean that she wants me to.

Call some other guy to go see her then my phone started ringing oh sorry I got a phone call oh sure then see you tomorrow see you tomorrow the person who was calling was my older sister Yuka isomura hello what I'm met at a store right now that's nice timing could you buy some rubber what rubber my boyfriend is going to come so be quick wait sis.

What kind of a sister would ask her younger brother to buy her condoms because her boyfriend is coming well fine I'll go home quickly I'm glad it was after I met asahina though that's how I put the condom in my shopping basket and headed to the cash register when I went home and handed it to my sister what I asked you was to buy me.

Some rubber bands my boyfriend said he found dinner delicious and wanted to take some back with him so I wanted to wrap it into a bag what sorry that I didn't explain clearly but I wouldn't ask my younger brother to buy something like that right what are you going to do with this I'll give it to you I went to take a bath because I was tired I'll.

Return this maybe there will come a day when Soo will use this this is how the condoms were returned to the bag with my snacks I'd not realized that and packed my bag then it was the day of the summer cam but the atmosphere inside the bus was strange the person who was causing this dark atmosphere was asahina who was sitting.

Next to me uh asahina are you all right what I thought you have motion sickness or something so you are funny what's going on with her I thought she was depressed but she suddenly started laughing there was nothing in that talk the person in charge of Recreation on the bus started.

The message game the Betrayal of the condom man what that cannot be the real message actually the real message was when I bought cat food at a store they gave me a spoon to go with it but somewhere the message had changed asahina seems strange but I don't think I should just leave her alone like this uh asahina this is Rinko asahina how.

Could I help you so isura can I talk to you for a second you're acting a bit strange since this morning is everything all right strange what do you mean you seem a little depressed or angry it's not like your usual self so I was worried don't be nice to me what's going on all of a sudden was stupid for having had some.

Hopes what are you talking about inside the bus it seemed as though I had made her cry so I asked what was going on but then yesterday you were buying that thing at the store weren't you that thing that thing you know with the flexible thing oh she saw me buying that thing yesterday you got it all wrong it's not what it seems are you doing a.

Comedian's impersonation no that's not it either that's that was a misunderstanding oh you already used it all of it you are powerful please don't get the wrong idea any more than you already have I tried to straighten up this misunderstanding I'd gotten a call from my sister who asked me to buy some rubber and when I went home she told me.

She wanted rubber bands that's how I explained it to her I don't understand what you are talking about I know this is kind of complicated but that's the truth so it means that there is no one who you plan to use it with s unfortunately not at the moment oh I see that's good it was my misunderstanding can it be that you about that matter can.

We talk about it on the second evening yes okay I usually don't enjoy spoilers but this is the best kind I felt reassured or rather I like aahen down asahina and soda seem good together Rinko seems to be in a better mood now so I wonder if the person she said was interested in was actually you're the person I'm interested in oh sorry that's.

Not possible then the 3 days and two nights summer camp began the place where we were staying was about 2 hours into the mountains by bus and there was no store or House nearby apparently there were bears and bores outside so if we went out we could get attacked that's why we had no choice but to study all day basically there was no place to.

Escape it was hell but on the second evening we were allowed some free time time this was the time when students would ask people they like to go out with them that was the school's tradition that's why for people who wanted to declare their love to others this summer camp could be an unsettling experience but I was rejected on the.

First day in the bus well better luck next time and how about you soda what are you talking about don't pretend like you don't know what it's about it seems like things are going well with aahen and you that isn't for sure damn and you're asked to meet her this even evening I'm so jealous so how far are you going to take it what do.

You mean in any case I'm tired from all the studying so I'll sleep until when I have to meet with asahina then give us your snacks cuz we're the unpopular guys all right all right you can eat them damn soda's so full of confidence oh come on let's support him as a friend I'm jealous that someone would declare their love for you yeah I wonder if soda.

Will even kiss with us aena this box oh wow soda Sona PL to do it I had no idea that this was happening while I was asleep oh shoot did I oversleep what time is it where is everyone I realized that something seemed different about the room then I realized that this was the girls room not the boys why am I in the girls room if I'm caught here by the.

Girls things could get completely out of hand that's right asahina was asking me to come see her tonight my phone what time is it I was searching in my pocket for my phone but then why is this in my pocket I was in a panic there was no smart phone in my pocket but instead a box of condoms that I bought I had no idea what was going on I need to get out.

Of here now that was refreshing the bath was nice hey don't play jokes on me in the bath when the girls came into the room the fragrance of their soap filled the place and as for me I was in the closet I should have said that I'd mistaken the room I'd instinctively hid myself when I heard the girls coming back because I thought the situation was.

Bad but now that I think about this logically I've made the situation even worse for myself save Ino are you going to see SAA now what uh what are you talking about you don't need to keep it a secret it's obvious don't tease me you too Rinko my voice is asaha this is really bad bad bad of all places I'm in asahina's room the guy with condoms is.

Inside their closet if I found out I'll be in so much trouble since when did you like SAA since our freshman year he's not only cool but honest and modest and kind I see you aren't even dating him yet but you are totally in love that cool honest modest and kind guy is hiding in the girl's closet hey we're missing a pillow maybe it's in the.

Closet maybe there's someone in the closet no way what oh well uh uh there is someone in the closet what away maybe you Mok it for something else there's someone in there it's a boy Spirit who didn't seem like anyone declared a love to him that can't be MCO how you playing Zo it's dangerous there.

Are no ghosts and you must have Mok it for something else oh everything is finished of all the people to be found out by asahina goodbye to my high school life forever or so it seemed see there's nothing what our eyes definitely met just now no what did I see something that wasn't there you do make a fuss about nothing say Rinko it's almost time.

Isn't it yep so I'll be going now good luck we'll be cheering for you thanks I'll put a pillow over here after asahina said that she left the room why did asahina pretend not to have seen me how long should I stay here I have no smartphone but I have a box of condoms I don't know what to do who could have done such a thing to me those two after.

A while asahina came back vinko how was it yeah how did it go with soda well from this past year they've increased the number of teachers going around the place so I couldn't go see him what I guess I will declare my love for him next time let's sleep together hey let's do that yeah let's sleep an hour passed and then the girls were asleep s aaha sh.

They are sleeping so be quiet oh sorry that's how asahina came into the closet why did you hide in our room probably the guys in the same room as me played a prank on me and carried me here oh that's too bad yeah but thanks for saving me I really appreciate it say why do you think I helped you sa what well because you looked like you weren't.

Doing anything wrong you believe me then also you are the person who might become my boyfriend so let's keep it a secret between us two okay so I want you to go out with me of course I wanted to ask you myself really yes by the way what is this box is this a box of snacks that's 0.01 no it's not this is also a misunderstanding somebody put it in my.

Pocket you have many misunderstandings happening around you you know I'm sorry but I understand you are fine and decided to trust you so no worries we can keep this box a secret between the two of us as well thanks asahina I should go back to my room now I think there are teachers walking around now so maybe you shouldn't go now rather I.

Would like you to spend a little more time with me all right that's how we became a couple SOA the summer camp was fun wasn't it yeah it was quite exciting in its own way I guess it will be a good memory when you look back on it in the future I had not planned to say no to asahina's request but I didn't realize how cute.

She really was and I'm happy to have a girlfriend like her and after the summer camp I told my friends that I became a couple with asahina to be honest things became quite dangerous because of you two but thanks to you two I was able to get with asahina so I appreciate it thanks guys I see congrats that's good what is it no no it's nothing take care.

Of asahina all right so let's go to the cafeteria yes let's go I can make you lunch from tomorrow no you don't have to do that much oh hey you guys have not told SAA about the incident have you of course I'll keep it a secret until the day I die that would be fine but if you tell someone about it then the summer camp.

The second evening I did not think that he was that serious what should we do I could pretend not to have seen this oh good evening everyone we come to play games with you guys ow oh what is this box the that wasn't s snack bag that's right it's not ours we just found it and we're surprised about it too a snack box I see say we won't say anything about.

This to the teachers but instead could you help me out help you bring soda to our room why in order to get SAA I did not know that such a thing had happened SOA do you like me of course I like you I'll take care of you I am so happy then make sure to take care of me for the rest of your life I will not let you go this was when I was still very.

Happy as the school's Madonna was in love with me thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well