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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl in my class wanted to sleep over because she was scared… [RomCom]


Hey chiaki are you ready to see me you that's there she was the class madonna arrived at my school with no notice miyu ayasaki the beautiful girl who usually keeps her cool stood by the door with blushing cheeks.

Please i beg you i honestly can't i can't with you chiaki you're the only one for me fine if you insist my mom's gone on a trip today that means it's just the two of us putting it like that uh.

I didn't mean anything by it and finally me you and i all right i'm gonna press play ah and the trailer's starting hurry come next to me we decided to watch a horror film mew rent it out so why did you want to watch this.

Everyone was talking about it at school i see you didn't want to be left out hearing things like this makes me glad i don't have a lot of friends but i couldn't watch it by myself everyone was talking about how scary it was don't drag me into this but you were the only person i could ask.

Chiaki that made my heart flutter for a second but she only means it as a friend to give some background miyu is the cool-headed beauty at school she's admired as a solitary figure who doesn't like to be a part of a herd.

But in reality she's actually just a very shy girl who is introverted because of her beauty and style people are often scared of talking to her cool beauty on the outside but a shy introvert on the inside she even has a clumsy side as well one day i was able to find out who she.

Really was and this is how we became friends here we go it's scary from the jump i'm not a fan of clowns me too they look so scary oh yes.

Oh my god look at that woman no i'm not looking i thought this was supposed to be a horror movie oh my god um me you and the film was approaching the second half hey miu you don't want to watch till the end.

No i've enjoyed enough oh okay you can't keep up with what everyone's talking about unless you watch till the end hey miu it's fine now so open your eyes uh really yes let's continue.

Was that a baby i'm sorry i spilled on your bed it's fine let me wipe you up get the bed first uh my bad oh no it's all wet inside it's sticky too that's very unfortunate um why are you kneeling down like that.

Because i also wasn't quite the predicament i'll do something about the uniform so just go take a shower no i can't go in by myself i'm scared so what do you want me to do come inside with me what and so i waited right outside while miu.

Took a shower don't you dare come in i know i can hear the sound of her clothes rustling well this stain come off it's my favorite contain yourself contain yourself contain yourself.

Chiaki you're still here right don't go anywhere okay i got you i'm going to protect you with my all how come i'm listening to miu take a shower in the first place even just hearing the sound is too stimulating for a virgin i thought hard about an escape plan.

Ah this was a brilliant idea it solves all of our problems me you finally got out of the shower i'm done shia what's wrong miyu your head's missing please stop crying that was my bad i.

Didn't mean to scare you like that you were trying to scare me chiaki that's not true it was an emergency measure emergency measure for what well you know anyway it's getting late let me take you home no one's home today.

I'll be all alone if i go back but if you really want me to go home but i can't wear my uniform because it's still wet but if you insist all right all right stop crying so what's the plan you're gonna stay here until your uniform dries up.

No i can't go home please jihaki let me stay here for the night what wait a second she wouldn't budge so i let her stay alright i'll be in the living room no don't leave me alone even if you say that it's not like i can sleep next to you well if you really want me to.

No no way have you lost your damn mind your room looks like there would be ghosts hiding that's not a very nice thing to say i haven't met one yet so don't worry about it i mean it's just unacceptable for a man and a woman of our age to sleep in the same room.

I had no choice but to redecorate the room for miyu my mom bought these for me to ward off evil spirits i don't think your mom would be into this kind of stuff yeah here's a candle it should help calm you down and so we put different items all over.

The room um what kind of prank is this i didn't mean to the ward items scattered all throughout the room turned it into a cheap haunted house that's so scary i can't sleep here fine fine i'll clean it up things done with good intentions don't.

Always come out as promised eventually i let her take the bed and i decided to sleep on the floor are you sure chiaki i can sleep as long as there's a floor beneath me so miyu looks like she's finally calmed down but if a ghost comes out i wonder if.

They actually exist you're still going on about that there's no way they could be real what if they are you wouldn't even be able to see them that's why it's scary oh by the way this is something i heard but what.

To ward off ghosts never mind what now i'm curious this huh you want me to look yeah read it a little bit all right i'm willing to do anything it takes uh.

This is not something i we can do huh right wanna try it no we're just you know friends well i don't want it to get awkward between us.

Yeah you're right this is different from how she usually teases me by the way we have a really strange relationship with each other don't you think what well i guess it's only because i know your usual cool standoffish character is.

Just a facade yeah i guess it's comfortable being with you because i can be myself it's also pretty fun i see make sure you make other friends too i can tell you're putting an effort isn't that the same for you well yeah a little bit.

What do you think about me am i fun to be with do i bother you if i didn't enjoy spending time with you we wouldn't be sleeping in the same room i don't feel like sleeping anymore i thought to myself as i stared at the ceiling i haven't thought too much about it but there have been times when i had fun.

Times when i felt happy and even times i've been thrilled when i with miu she's been by my side there's a part of me that likes the way we are now i'm glad i got to meet a girl like her i also appreciate how we were able to get closer.

I wanted to tell her all of these feelings hey miu she's knocked out weren't you the one that was saying you can't fall asleep anymore guess i'll try to sleep too although it felt like i was at her mercy i was able to fall asleep.

And i would later find out what was happening in fact right after i fell asleep at midnight what wait since when was i asleep oh i was talking to chiaki and then i got sleepy ugh i need to go to the bathroom.

Chiaki looks so cute when he's sleeping i want to take a photo but i know he'll get mad i feel bad if i wake him up so i'll just let him be while i was asleep miyu went to use the bathroom meanwhile it's so late already chiaki must be.

Sleeping oh i'll play a prank on him for the first time in a while i'll use this mask i bought as a souvenir i can't wait to see his face when he wakes up huh did i wake him up.

Wait the bathroom was at the first floor right i hate borrowing other people's bathrooms ghost what was that scream mew mia what happened chucky chucky chucky.

A ghost help your face is the only one that can ward it off okay leave it to me wait what's that supposed to mean jiaki mom's home miu did you run into her oh he just saw a ghost come out of your room a ghost.

Huh who are you wait is that you mom you bought another mask worry about the black-haired ghost not me that was probably the ghost of a lonely girl who couldn't make any friends in her past life right on target and off the mark.

Who knows maybe it was just an illusion you think so yeah wait why are you still wearing that thing well this is because i'm shy stop joking around and close the door huh chiaki your sheets are awfully high up what not really it's nothing.

are you doing what i think you're doing no oh stop you don't have to be embarrassed i was worried about you this whole trip it looks like you're hiding something come on get out of the sheets and show mommy what you've been hiding no stop trespassing in your son's room.

It's fine come on why are you trying to hide something from me what are you talking about and right when my mom grabbed the sheets good evening there's an evil ghost on my son's bed ow wait mom stop pulling just come on we need to get you purified otherwise you're gonna be cursed for the.

Rest of your life no way oh that was just your mom back there so there's no ghost after all what a relief afterwards mia went to the bathroom by herself as my mother performed a purification ceremony for her son.

The next morning my mom's asleep right now so please go home right now yup thanks chiaki i need to forget about what happened yesterday i can't tell anyone that my mom put me through a purification ceremony.

Oh no i slept over with a guy at chiaki's house we decided never to speak about this to anyone but home is the best place to be isn't it hey mom how long are you gonna wear that thing on your face.

What is it anyway the local people there told me to never wear it but once i put it on it won't come off and that's how one member of our family turned into a ghost thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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