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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl is friendly to everyone but me… [RomCom]


Ah a weary sigh escaped from me Shota nakatsuji a third year student at Alice High School the beautiful girl chatting in the front seat was the source of my sigh that beautiful girl's name is Senna ortori she's a classmate of mine a talented girl who possesses all three characteristics good looks a clear mind and outstanding reflexes in addition.

She's a noble lady from a wealthy family she has a kind and friendly personality so she's popular with both men and women however there are limits to that kindness which means I'm the only one who's excluded even the other day she forgot to get the materials for the next class didn't you I'm sorry I accidentally forgot geez.

Other hurry up and go to the teacher on my way this kind of thing happens often and like I said before it only happens to me I don't remember doing anything wrong at this rate it seems like my unrequited love will be shelved forever I have a crush on autoresan but reality is very harsh it would not be an exaggeration to say that it's hopeless.

Alright it's meat she snorts and turns away looks like I'm getting the salt treatment today too just what in the world did I do to you please tell me altarisan one day after school I was on cleaning Duty so I was getting ready to clean the classroom hey nakatsuji I have a favor to ask my little sister has a fever so could you please cover for me.

That's concerning yeah I'll cover for you so hurry up and get home thanks pal I'm counting on you you sure it's all right to tell a lie like that it's fine he's such a softy you're such a jerk though I can't talk since I did the same things when I was on duty with him alright let's get to it room in hand I started sweeping the classroom floor.

Cleaning by yourself what happened to the other member he said his sister had a fever so I let him go home first Kendo looks like I'll have to scold him as the president huh why because because Hanzo is an isn't a child I know him because I live next door to him come to think of it I've been wondering this for.

A while but why are you always so trusting my mother taught me to do everything in my power to help someone in need that's that's very Noble of you but don't you think that that there are people who will take advantage of your kindness I don't really understand such difficult things but I feel that I should reach out to them if they ask for.

Help it's rare to find a very good natured person like you in this day and age after sighing deeply she started walking towards the cleaning toolbox are you going somewhere to clean up I can help you after I'm done no I'm going to help you clean up huh whoa Ulta response always so strict to me but now she's going to help me is this a Daydream even.

If it is I'm so happy thank you Alto Rican I'm just helping out as the class president don't take it the wrong way oh uh okay one Sunday I was out shopping with my mother Esco nakatsuchi my house is a single mother family so when we don't have any plans the two of us go out together my mother always comes home late on work days that's why if time.

Permits I spend my days off with my family I myself think that spending time with my mother is important so I don't think twice about it however there were a few problems mom stop Clinging On To Me me it's been two weeks since we hung out let me have my way that's right her skinship is too intense.

And she'd stick to me every time of course I know it's just physical contact between parent and child but I'm still worried about the eyes of the people around me hey we probably look like a couple when we walk like this huh what nonsense are you talking about of course not really I think I come off as a devilish Beauty seducing her younger boy.

How could you call yourself beautiful although I say that I can't completely deny it my mother looks and acts younger than she is she's around 40 years old but at first glance she has the appearance of someone in her 20s a baby face she's adorable one time when I was walking with her a man in his 20s hit on her so I guess I could say it's hard to.

Deal with Mom isn't it about time you find someone it's not like you don't have a chance I don't think I will for the time being since I have you maybe you've showed to find someone I'll think about it most important thing for me right now is Shota I'm sorry for always making you feel sad and lonely don't apologize mom it's not like you I don't.

Feel that way one bit besides I know you're busy with work because of me so don't ever say that again okay thank you so there really is too much of a sun for me you even do the housework perfectly uh mom's face froze what's wrong Mom if you find someone to leave home to work oh no what will I do what the.

I'm not your housekeeper mom what will I do with her on that day when I arrived at school I was suddenly confrontedori-san looking down at me coldly I could hear the Earth rumbling from beneath me is it just my imagination I wanted to think it was what did I do this time why am I asking myself that I didn't do anything what.

Did I do from my experience up until this point if she came to talk to me it almost always resulted in her scolding me that must mean uh can I help you why the silence it's terrifying here autoresan took out a small bag and held it out I took it without thinking what is this cookies cookies I made too much so I thought I'd share some with you.

What is with that reaction you don't want my homemade cookies no if anything I'm honored I couldn't help but be perplexed by this sudden situation however I finally started to understand the situation and my happiness slowly welled up to think altery's son would give me her homemade cookies I was grateful though I was puzzled as to why.

Thank you I don't eat your things I didn't make it to hear that Ultra reason turned her back and walked away swiftly I don't eat your things but let me know what you think just so you know I don't need your flattery I want your honest opinion oh okay one day during my break I was trembling with a piece of paper in my hand this is bad really really bad I.

Stared at my graded English test paper the reason my hands were trembling was the number 10 written in bold this isn't a 10 point test or a 20-point test it's a 100 Point test in other words 10 points out of 100 was my test score of course it goes without sailing that this was a failing Mark if I get a red mark on the next final exam I'll have to take.

A supplementary exam and if I can't pass that I'll have to repeat another year anything but that 10 out of a hundred Point test as expected from one of the three English idiots I hurriedly hit the test but it was too late watching Ricky and I are referred to as the three English idiots why because for English our three names were.

Always ranked at the bottom according to Legend they once avoided repeating a year by kneeling on the ground and begging the English teacher when you were able to get away by kneeling on the ground last time that worked this time right ah you're right oh no those usual eyes she's going to.

Scold me I suppose it can't be helped if you insist I'll help you with your studies huh wait what did she just say maybe I'm hallucinating I heard her say she'd help me study really it's okay with you yes please do I quickly bowed my head this was truly the arrival of a goddess since you insist I shall help for the record I'm not doing this out of.

Concern for you it's my responsibility after the cost president to ensure that no one fails to class okay yes ma'am thank you so much after school the next day I attended a study session with ultra we signed in the library um what's that stack of books for there are questions you will have to do today I think that's impossible shut up and.

Just do it all Tori sound was a Spartan educator it's true when they say people are not what they seem under Ultra reasons strict guidance I desperately struggled with a mountain of problems finally finished see you can do it if you put your mind to it it might have been better to increase the number of.

Problems please give me a break do you like older women yeah why do you ask suddenly ah um I just thought for some reason I don't really know I don't have that kind of experience and the person I like is standing right in front of me Ultra Sun pondered for a while wrapped in mysterious silence ultrason nothing I.

Was just thinking about some things the library is about to close soon so let's pack up and go home on the weekend of the study session my mother took me to the usual shopping mall my mother was sticky as usual up to this point the scene was the same as usual however the turmoil was waiting for us right around the corner where we usually walked.

Nakatsujikun Walter isan why are you here I was waiting here hoping to have a chat with the lady next to you with me about what I'm going to cut to the chase please break up with that boy that boy is my classmate so please stop deceiving him oh no Ultra Sun she's I refuse Shelton I have a special connection that can't be cut off that's why I can't.

Leave him what mom what are you doing I can't believe you're in such a shameful relationship but yeah this is an illicit sexual relationship no no no no we're not like that this is what you call an adult's romance it may be too early for a child like you to understand what the heck my mother keeps babbling weird things.

I have something better than you you could see it too right nagasuti Kun I at least have confidence in my style certainly both of them are Splendid in shape and size I mean no no no no no no that that's not the issue here how naive A Woman's Worth isn't determined by her good proportions alone the contents must be accompanied you're.

Still too young to stand up to someone with just your looks besides whether shot and I were dating or not has nothing to do with you it does course it concerns me I like nakatsujikun thank you fake feelings for him won't lose to you besides I fell in love with him first moreover an old lady.

Like you is not fit for nakatsujikun I'm more suitable for him because we're the same age altaristan likes me but she wouldn't be making that face if it was a joke right then that means she's for real it's hard to believe but I know that the situation itself is not a dream it's undeniably real is that so oh but I can't give you shout.

Out with just that not unless you explain why you like him so much hey that is nakatsujikun does his best for others even if it means sacrificing himself that's not all I love how he always reaches out to help anyone in need I'm sure you don't know this but I do because I've been watching him all this time also respawn you've been.

Watching him closely huh they showed her will you choose me or this girl isn't it obvious of course I choose autorisan I like her too what how cruel how can you abandon me so easily enough with the charades mom there's a limit to pranks don't tell me are you his mother oh what is what a sweet thing to say I guess that makes up for the fact that.

You called me old I'm terrible I'm terrified something so rude I'm just kidding let's start over I'm shota's mother it's called nakatsuji nice to meet you I'm sorry for taking the prank too far no kidding your pranks are too much they even trouble me sorry I thought my only son would get taken away so I couldn't help myself but.

Knowing that you care so much for my son made me really happy as a mother so now that I've been dumped I won't bother you any longer take care you youngins mom innocently waved her hand and ran off leaving me and Ultra respond behind in an awkward situation what should I do in such a situation I glanced at Ultra reason.

Um sorry about earlier my mother was being strange I just want you to know that she didn't do it out of malice I understand make an interesting purse a great mother I think so too I'll pass those words on to her ah right there is one thing boy all right.

All right definitely not it's not unreasonable to think so from what you've seen but rest assured that is definitely not the case thank goodness but I never dreamed that you would like me or tori-san because I always felt you were harsh towards me I'm sorry for the way I behaved I always felt embarrassed in front of you but I.

Couldn't it's best with myself so that's what it was I'm sorry I didn't realize how you felt that's right because now I know we feel the same for each other hey I don't need to go into sure if that's okay with you then it settled let's go altaristan wrapped her arms around mine you don't mind right of.

Course I welcome it holtery's son and I walked around the mall as much as time allowed it was a fun time that I've never felt before flowing slowly takatsujikun I actually have a list of things I want to do with my lover there are hundreds help me cross them off okay oh okay I'll.

Do my best after that I graduated from high school and became a member of society and Senna went on to college as of right now we live together I work outside and earn money while Santa concentrates on her studies in this way we were able to balance out the disparities between working adult and student life one night after several.

Years of living together on this day Santa and I were on a date for the first time in a while it's critical that the weather was pleasant so is this the place you really wanted to go you'll see when we get there I took Senna to an observation platform a bit outside of town oh that's lovely as I stood there with.

Her staring at the scenery Senna was taken aback by the night Vista visible from The Observatory Senna yes yes I pulled out a box and opened it Senna past present and future I will always love you so please marry me I love you I love you too Under The Starry Sky we pledged our love to each.

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