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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl noticed my looks when I took off my glasses… [RomCom]


I'm tomoki ikari I'm just a regular old sophomore in high school I like anime manga and light novels I'm basically an otaku but good morning Tomo I have a cute childhood friend her name was siori kanagi and she's an incredibly kind girl good morning siori.

You look sleepy you're up playing games again yeah pretty much ah you need to go to sleep you're gonna fall asleep in class don't worry I'm gonna work hard to not fall asleep I see but you should sleep on the train yeah you're right.

We go to a high school quite far away from home so there's plenty of time to sleep on the train he looks so sound and peaceful I want him to sleep well but I like this too next up is Canon station the doors on the left side will open crap.

Okay I'm gonna go first okay later don't fall asleep again I know we always get off on this station and swap lines but we go our separate ways here we hide that we're childhood friends at school chiori is the school Madonna So I was receiving quite a bit of jealousy hate.

So we chose a high school far away and hit our relationship then one day that's so cold that's autorie and her friends when I was walking outside during lunch to relax a little I saw Miss ultri and her friends playing outside Miss alturi is considered one of the.

Prettiest of a school alongside shiori Miss ultori is popular as you'd expect but she's beautiful and kind so she's called the Madonna she's also my classmate even though we're in the same class we almost never talk to each other it's Revenge from earlier yeah.

Huh akari watch out huh damn it you okay Curry oh come on you should Dodge that ikari seriously you're so slow say you two accidentally dragged him into this and that's how you behave oh so sorry don't worry about it I'm not injured or.

Anything sorry I'll wipe it off real quick hang on no don't worry about it you're gonna get your handkerchief dirty I don't think so let me see your glasses no no my eyes are weird seriously those eyes give me my glasses back after she saw my eyes I quickly took my.

Glasses back I was always messed with as a kid for my eyes that's why ever since elementary school I wore weird glasses and hid my eyes to everyone except my family and manami what's up monochi something wrong no you had nothing what's gotten into you I said nothing akari go over there.

Oh that's Miss artery by the way what's going on let's go what is this where did the nice Auto we go are you free after class today what why all of a sudden don't misunderstand I'm just trying to play with you as a sorry for wetting you with.

Water wait was Miss Ultra we always like this don't worry about it you don't need to waste your time on me wait what why is she sad seriously I don't mind uh what is this did she really want to hang out okay then let's hang out.

Fine if you say so I guess I can make time for you no way no way there's no way Miss autorius okay I'm gonna go back to my friends now ah Miss altery you better be waiting for me after class don't go home and she's gone.

I guess that was good Miss altery is popular with everyone I'm sure there are plenty of boys who are after her I was scared of what would happen after I played with her after class this is where she wanted me to wait right she was nervous to go together from.

Class so I walked away from the school to wait for her I told shiori I wanted her to go home without me during lunch where is she I'm right here you scared me sorry I didn't want to stand out yeah fewer people who see me the better so where did you want to go.

Girl looking at me like that I'm going to mistake this for any anywhere you want to go it's not like I want to go somewhere I'm hanging out for you so you should decide where to go see this Miss artery she's acting a little annoying like some other person.

So how about the arcade sure if that's where you want to go oh you didn't like that let's go somewhere else then no I'm okay with the arcade if you don't like it we can go somewhere else I didn't say it like that don't bully me like that.

What when did I bully her I was confused and headed to the game center with Miss autorie do you come to the arcade often no what I've never been maybe since I was a kid what that long I thought it was normal for people who.

Are extroverts like her to hang around the arcade you're saying weird things in your head aren't you what no of course not you're acting really sus anyway um let's try playing something oh how about that game.

Huh a music game I was always interested then let's give it a shot I can finally change the subject or so I thought there was one upset misotory after playing the music game she had no sense of Rhythm and she was really bad at the game and here we are now.

It's your first time you can't expect to be good it's hard for people who haven't played before I mean she played on the beginner mode so I think it's a little different from the good people who are used to the game really yeah this is so easy mama can do this too.

Timing wait hang on come on some people are good at certain things that girl just has great rhythm I want to try that you want to try the racing game can I oh uh sure let's go for it is she gonna be okay I'm sure she's never played this kind of game and I don't want her to get even more upset.

I have a phone version of this game so oh I I see I guess it should be fine and then just because you have the game doesn't mean you're good at it she lost the CPU in addition to me she was completely disappointed this sucks.

Is there something you want to do other than these no I see she's really upset she came to hang out with me but she's so upset I feel bad I wish I could cheer her up oh we should try the crane game crane game I'm just going to fail.

She's completely gone it's fine I'll teach you how to play okay I'll give it a shot then yeah you got this she listened to my advice and gave it a shot as a result I got it I finally got it she successfully grabbed a cat doll great job.

Oh um thanks I guess oh no you wanted fair and square so don't mention it he's really cute I understand how she's popular you can't look at me with those puppy eyes while holding a cute doll what next why are you here.

The girls what Tomah um what's going on between you two There She Goes I was surprised by you showing up but it's not like you two are dating then right I mean yeah but then you shouldn't be.

Telling him that he shouldn't play with other girls but Tim so what I don't want him to be taken by another girl she already likes me am I dreaming I like a car too.

What so I can't just listen and back off Miss Auto relax me I have to be dreaming I know it knew it there was no way that Tomah would tell me to go home without me that's why I followed him then you came out of nowhere and I thought maybe but you never cared about him though.

There are times that you could suddenly notice someone you're saying something crazy too I didn't know the popular Idol was a stalker hey did I guess that Madonna is being scandalized too you're completely assumed right when you hang around Tomo sooner right not at all no that day was soon today I know.

Because we watched anime and manga together in his room don't try to act like you're so close to him you're pretty Cutthroat huh oh girls let's just calm down how could we calm down yeah it's it's two girls at four whoa.

What did you even love about Tomo I didn't say I loved him then let's go the the part where he looks good obviously and I like that he's calm you just saw him without glasses right I didn't say anything specific oh then what about you what over here he's kinda obviously he kind.

You're just trying to make yourself look good way too different from how you are with everyone else you're the same way you weren't this aggressive I can't give up give them up what do I do about this they're normally so calm and I've never seen the two.

Acting like stereotypical girls more than anything I couldn't have imagined that they would be arguing over me girls seriously the best thing you can do is just calm down ikari don't interrupt us maybe I shouldn't be one to say it but I don't like everyone seeing you argue you don't have to get along but at least.

Calm down and talk about it right then you answer us that's it it's totally up to you anyway I knew this was coming then can I have a little time to think about it I want to calmly decide who he gets to keep me shiori is attractive shirt but also he is incredibly attractive too I'm sure she was just.

Kind because she wasn't interested in me but the tsundere auditory is cute too so so I want to think about it okay I am okay with that yeah me too okay then you two play nice for now this is how I was stuck between the top two girls in the school I started getting pulled between the two at home and in school by the way Miss altory is.

Normally nice and that tsundere was apparently just because because she was shy I didn't know how to interact with me thank you for watching how was today's video check out our other videos as well.