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[Manga Dub] The pretty girl says she can make a nerd’s dream come true, but is she also…?


For a maniac like me being in charge of the library was my dream job there's a senior student who's coming to destroy this peaceful and calm job of a librarian it's this student utana ichikawa takumi what are you reading it's a manga I'm asking you why you're reading a manga if you can't figure out what the conversation is about you won't.

Be popular with the girls I answered you like that because I had no intention of telling you why I'm reading a manga you also can't figure out my intent so you must be unpopular as well do I look like I'm unpopular you unpopular Junior student that face full of confidence is so annoying I have to admit that utana is popular and quite so she's a.

Second-year student now but it's not only students in her year but those older who are desperate to go out with her according to the rumors she also has a lot of experience in that area I always call the girls by their last names but utana doesn't answer me unless I call her by her first name so I have no choice but to call her by her first.

Name you know how the saying goes only those who have experience in love knows the correct answer so you should learn from me who said such a thing I read it somewhere she doesn't even know where she got it from why are you disappointed I'm teaching you the theory of romance please don't be loud the other users would be bothered sorry your duty is.

Also to work as a librarian so please be on your best behavior in the library we are the ones who need to caution users who are not behaving well oh really why is she on Library Duty she really is not the type to do this then takumi oh please don't whisper in my ear because you tell me to be quiet but you don't need to get so close it's not bad to be.

Close you know what people say if you want to get close to someone's heart then get close physically I feel like I've heard that or not I don't particularly want to be close to your heart are you sure about that takumi you actually want the attention of your cute senior student uh I will admit this I do enjoy talking with Utah a little bit yes.

I do enjoy it but just a little bit but if I were to tell her that she would become even more annoying so I have to maintain distance between me and her if you're going to be so condescending then don't bother me ah you always say stuff like that there isn't much to do when one's doing the librarian Duty so it's fine don't you think I'm busy I have to.

Read my manga H so what manga are you reading it's a love com again right yes it is a love comedy all right Tumi you are not honest you actually like love comedies but you're rough with your cute senior student just because I like love comedies doesn't mean I like girls in real life wow you are a maniac yes I am to tell the truth I'm attracted to a.

School life like the one that takes place in love comedies but if utana finds that out she'll tease me to know and should I grant your dream what do you mean I will be the one who you can experience your love comedy with as a trial you mean that we'll go out with each other just try it out it's not a bad suggestion is it but I'm not at all.

In love with you you should be careful with your words Tumi you may never get a chance like this again stay calm it's true that utana teases me to no end but she is cute and popular among the entire school she's also an experienced person in these romantic matters so if I get to go out with her it will surely be so much fun.

It somehow seems like an attractive idea but what do you mean as a trial did you date with other guys like this so easily I don't go out with guys that easily I haven't really gone out with what nothing you know what people say love begins from trying maybe in the world of fiction also start dating someone casually and it will turn into real love.

But that sounds like we would then be in real love with each other eventually is that all right what what do you mean well it sounds like you want this trial love to become real love no that is not my intention very suspicious I told you that it's not and what's your answer do you want to go out with me or not H if it's just a trial maybe I don't need to.

Think so deeply I could just go out with her and if I feel that we aren't a good match for each other we could break up also I'm attracted to the idea of having a school life like the one that comes up in love comedy mangas well sure if it's just a trial really I can go out with you you do seem quite happy about it yes I am quite trusted in you after all I.

Was nervous I wouldn't have known what to do if you had said no an experienced person like you gets nervous as well then of course I'm a normal girl well I guess then I'm looking forward to this utana is a bit strange she said that this was just a trial but she looks happy as if we were really in love with each other she's supposedly very.

Experienced in these matters of love but she reacts as though it's the first time that she's gotten a boyfriend well I'm feeling a little unsettled I don't remember how I used to talk with you to Kum me oh it is true that you have a lot of experience in dating guys right your reaction is so much like a beginner's what are you saying of course not this.

Is just acting I'm trying to get us in the mood for you since this is your time to have a girlfriend I don't need that kind of acting though I'm going home now see you tomorrow we still have librarian Duty I'll let you take care of it see you what on Earth UT is acting a little strange but I have a girlfriend for the first time in my life it is just on a.

Trial basis but maybe I'll be able to have a school life like the one I dreamed of having like in the love comedy mangas I'm looking forward to tomorrow the next morning I'm going why are you here yesterday I asked you for your address remember why are you so surprised well I didn't think you would come to pick me up I'm your girlfriend.

So this shouldn't be a surprise let's go is it normal for real girlfriends to do this this is a love comedy itself but since she is experienced in this I guess this is how things are usually if you came all this way to pick me up does it mean that you live close by we're dating so please use my name when you talk to me oh but we are on a trial right we are.

Dating each other so please call me by my first name all right Miss utana utana oh what's that reaction I'm a little embarrassed you're the one who asked me to call you that because utana wow utana could you not scream just because I called you by your first name don't tease me it makes my kind of embarrassed this person is supposedly.

Experienced in love but gets embarrassed when a guy calls her by her first name what does this mean did all the boyfriends of her past call her by her last name you can maybe just call me by my last name I don't want to be controlled by your moods Miss utana H you are mean to me well it's all right I'm sure I'll get used to it well.

I see oh we're almost at school it seems like we arrived in no time when I walked with her for lunch make sure to come to the cafeteria let's eat together oh oh we're going to eat lunch together tooo you know how the saying goes spending time together leads to the stronger bonds maybe but I think that's a pretty common understanding so it's a promise.

Yes at lunchtime is utana really here hey takumi over here she is here to think that we would have a date in the cafeteria for a trial she's quite generous who's that is that one of Miss UT's acquaintances I don't know him are they all alone together I'm envious to be able to spend time alone with Miss sorry to keep you waiting sorry I guess.

If we eat together in the school cafeteria it rather stands out I'm also surprised there are people who speak loudly so that others will hear on purpose it's like in the love comedies the mobs say this and that what did I say something strange no it's true that there are such mobs but why do you know that oh well uh I think only people who.

Read love comedies know that well that is uh well I guess that you wouldn't read such things things though I guess that there are scenes like that in TV dramas right right I I think I saw it on a drama I see I didn't know that what is this it seems like she's a little disappointed did I say something bad takumi I have a favor to ask could you.

Come by my house after school today your house you mean that I should go to your house yes you don't want to no it's fine aren't things moving a little too fast we only started dating yesterday and this is just a trial I just want to confirm with you but your parents are I think they won't come back until evening what this is too much like a love comedy.

And how about it will you come I'll go after school I'm home hello it is quiet so I think her parents are really not at home does this mean that she and I will take one step further into our relationship let's go to my room okay I'm finally in her room but she doesn't talk at all for some reason what happened that look on her face does that.

Mean I should make the first move or not not I don't understand love in real life uh Miss utana what the reason why you invited me to your house today was yes she's become silent again what is this Miss utana I don't know what your parents would say I know there's a timing for everything there is also the saying love is like cooking steak what.

Those words you shouldn't take the meat too fast off the grill but also not too late this is what I'm talking about Miss utana are you perhaps reading last kiss known as last kiss for short there's a love comedy manga titled when I at last kiss you in this there's a saying love is like a steak but this manga is not a popular series that's been around for a.

Long time it just started and only the second book of the series came out recently if she knows about this manga it would mean that she would be a manga Maniac unless you've read last kiss you would not quote words like love is like a steak you're reading it for sure right and I just realized that the words you often quote come from the mangas they.

Kind of bothered me somehow well uh I'm sorry that I kept it a secret I'm also a Mania I'm a big fan of Love comedies I'm sorry that I teased you about being a manga Mania it's an incredible book collection from the classics to the ones that have just been published I was a little suspicious but she really is a manga Maniac I was able to tell him at.

Last Miss utana are you all right Miss UT I can finally have a conversation as a manga Mania with takumi Miss utana oh miss utana you're back were you that nervous yes when I told told you my secret I felt all the strength in my body disappear you were a real Maniac then sorry that I kept it a secret can I tell you why things came to be the way.

They are of course in the past I was really into love comedy mangas and I looked like a Mania as well the girls were all very attractive and experiencing all these exciting romances although I knew the mangas were fiction I couldn't help being attracted to such romances that were in these mangas as you might have figured it out I decided.

To change myself when I entered High School I changed my clothes my hairstyle and my makeup I did everything I could to look more like the ideal love comedy heroine I thought that now I can experience an exciting romance at school I had a good start to my high school life or rather it was too good that it was not good I had dreamed of having an.

Exciting romance but something was going wrong with my school life in particular the kind of look I would get from guys was not what I had imagined UT likes guys for sure yeah she's always making herself look cute so she'll probably go out with anyone she looks like that too hey you should try asking her out there was no shiny exciting romance that I had.

Longed for although I had worked hard to make myself look cute all the boys around me treated me like a toy and then a rumor started going around that IID had many boyfriends and experiences in that sort of thing because of the rumors I had to pretend as though I was experienced in love and I was already feeling mentally worn out and then I.

Discovered a new student in the library a student who was always quietly reading mangas hey you me you're a new student right if you're always in the library that means you would be allocated to librarian Duty right that is what it means right I don't know if you remember but that was the very first conversation we had so.

It's not a coincidence that we were both allocated to the librarian Duty for me it was comforting to do the librarian Duty with you Tumi because you seem like the hero of a love comedy manga you were a Mania talked in a calm way and had a slightly Twisted personality I don't feel like I'm being praised I am really praising you when I spend time with you.

I can be more natural I actually wanted to tell you this for a long time well you were always teasing me for being a maniac though I couldn't help it I wanted to have a conversation about the mangas but you wouldn't tell me what you were reading oh I see so you were basically a little perverted that's right but why did you suddenly tell me.

That you were a maniac I thought I would give up on becoming a heroine of a love comedy and just returned to being a Mania there was no exciting and shiny romance in real life Miss utana did you really give up on experiencing love like in the romantic comedies well it is impossible after all even if I want to be like a love comedy.

Heroine everyone treats me like I'm a Playgirl H Miss UT I'm a virgin why are you suddenly telling me such a thing I know I'm taking a pretty cool attitude towards you but I was actually very happy that you gave me your attention I was excited because you were coming so close to me I didn't want you to find out that I was a virgin so I acted like.

That towards you but what do you want to say miss utana you aren't experienced in love right then why did you choose me as a trial date I I can't tell you I thought that being able to go out with you even if it's just a trial was like a true love comedy no way it's true I just told you I felt nervous and excited to be with you miss utana this is not a.

Compliment or anything but you're really like a love comedy heroine when a real Mania like you say so I'm beginning to think that it might be true well it's kind of kind of embarrassing for me to say this but yes well let me say it takumi please be the hero in my love comedy oh yes of course I wish we could have both been more.

Honest with each other much earlier true is this the moment should I kiss her her parents aren't here so maybe the kiss will lead to I'm home oh mom is home I see why are you a little disappointed well I was enjoying the moment we were having you think too fast I don't think my heart will be able to stand holding your hand yet true then.

Let's make a plan for our first date so takumi give me some places you'd like to go maybe to a bookstore oh for our first date sorry let's forget that idea no we should become free from the normal conventions let's go to a bookstore we are Manas after all and on our date say this cover is so cute no the girl is so cute I've seen this style before I was.

Reading the series by the same author before it was fun and maybe I'll buy it as utana was saying maybe we don't have to rush ourselves into things like kissing and so on just by going on a date with her I'm having such a fun and exciting time thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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