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[Manga Dub] The rental girlfriend forgot her clothes… And she was super cute! [RomCom]


Yo ayumu did you watch count on romance manga yesterday Canon was so cute my name's ayumu Fuji I'm a freshman in college and kind of a nerd I go back with this extroverted popular good looking guy shuichi Akino he looks really extroverted but he's actually in otaku like me.

I want to have a romance like the romance comics I know but I don't have anyone me neither you're so good looking though it shouldn't take you too long my girlfriend is on the other side of the screen and won't come out.

They're just couples everywhere once we get into college right you don't want a girlfriend ayumu it's not that I don't want one I just told you I don't have anyone I'm a geek and well I go taku so you're interested but you can't find anyone but if you did find someone you'd be interested.

I mean yeah aha how about a rental girlfriend you pay someone to be your girlfriend for a day I mean paying someone for romance isn't real love but you're not even used to women yeah but.

You should just take it as practice for when you meet the real deal then why don't you just try it out yourself I'm used to talking to girls but it's different from falling for someone yeah he's a good looking guy so he's always getting along with girls quickly he doesn't need to practice.

All right I'll look for someone to go to my lecture now wait shuichi he left me quickly with those words a few days later after I'd forgotten about it I received a call from shuichi yo ayumu you free yeah what's up I actually found a perfect rental girlfriend so I reserved her for you.

What you gotta warn me I'm going to send you some location info meet up at room 301 at this apartment hang on I didn't say I go what but I already paid and the girl said she's waiting so you can't cancel now but relax I paid because I want to cheer for a friend.

That's not the problem good luck oh and don't eat lunch let me know how it goes you're so pushy and what does he mean how it goes I guess if I can't cancel I didn't want the rental girlfriend to have to wait around so I got ready in a hurry and headed to the location that shuichi sent.

Me I came here but she's not here yet I don't think he'd mess with me but I'll try ringing again oh hello she sounds so cute um I'm ayumu Fuji it's waiting for you I can't get to the door right now but it's unlocked so come.

On in okay you can walk in and go straight to the living oh okay I walked into the door and headed to the living room like she said but Hello whoa Elementary School no Middle School wait.

Where are her clothes there was a girl who hadn't worn any clothes and she was Tiny is there a problem why aren't you wearing any wait you're wearing clothes oh I'm so glad you're not crazy excuse you treating me like I'm some kind of crazy.

The girl's clothing was hiding behind her long hair so I couldn't see it sorry all right people always get a little freaked out because of my long hair I see then why don't you just cut your hair um how about lunch this is why shuichi said don't eat lunch yet.

I was hungry so I decided to eat the lunch that she had cooked so delicious really I'm glad you liked it I would love to eat day um I haven't introduced myself yet I'm kohara Sakura oh uh I'm ayumu Fuji wait wait I said.

That already yes and I already heard from shuichi she's got an adorable smile and she looks kind of like the character that I like Miss Sakura looks just like the female hero in an anime I'm into she's not as small as Miss Sakura but her face was nearly identical.

That must be why shuichi thought we'd make a good fit wait no she's absolutely younger than me and even if she was in Middle School she's too young and she might even be in elementary school but but I didn't know you could rent girls like this you were thinking something real Adventure.

No how does she know can she read minds it's very obvious looking at your face I mean I look like a child but I'm a freshman in college we're the same age yes I came to Tokyo when I started college so this is your room.

Yes where else would it be I mean I didn't know anything about rental girlfriends so I thought there was a room for dating or something I mean looking around now it definitely looks like she's lived here and it's all neatly organized she must look after this place well I didn't know you took rental.

Girlfriends to their houses I always thought it was the person who was doing the hiring yeah this is totally normal I see I've never done rental girlfriends so I didn't even consider that I might be coming over and having you cook why did you decide to start doing a.

Rental girlfriend service Miss Sakura right now I'm your girlfriend so you're not allowed to talk about things like that yes ma'am also don't be so uptight call me koharu but are you sure it's not too soon do you understand.

Ayumu oh okay afterwards we started playing games and watched a movie that koharu rented she has movies and games that I'm interested in I didn't know rental girlfriends do everything that fits your wants but.

I looked at koharu who was next to me while I was thinking no nothing she's so close and she smells so good I'm going to blush I was getting nervous at how close koharu was sitting like she was my real girlfriend it's not like I like little girls but she's super mature.

Unlike what she looks like I on the other hand I'm not used to girls it makes me feel like maybe she really likes me she's so cute umu yes about the movie we were just watching oh yeah the movie.

Was it boring no not at all I see I was just really nervous because of how cute you were huh I've never gone out on a date with girls like you so so I get super nervous yeah I guess she's pretty grossed out that.

I've never been around a girl I'm happy huh I'm glad you were thinking of me that way know how people look at me like some kind of kid so I was a little worried about what would happen if you looked at me like I was a little girl too and what.

If you were bored today I think you're pretty young looking but you're cute and Charming yeah I'm nervous now though anyway you really nailed the choice of movies and games how did you know about it also I like anime and manga games too.

Really wait he said he reserved under my name so I thought she didn't know about shuichi oh well maybe they know each other outside of this dating thing there were some things that stopped me but I left it alone and continued enjoying our date with anime manga and games.

Before I knew it it was time and I was getting ready to go home alright I'm heading home now yeah thank you for today I had a lot of fun yeah me too oh um can you tell me your contact info are you sure yeah why wouldn't we trade contact info.

Oh um I just wasn't sure if a rental girlfriend was allowed to trade personal information like that you convented me again this is how my one day romance with koharu ended but even if I ignored the fact that she was pretending to be my girlfriend we had a lot of common ground so I was okay with renting again.

Yo ayumu how was it yesterday oh what's up shuichi I saw shuichi the day after I hung out with koharu at Uni oh I had fun I figured I'd rent her again um that's it yeah oh but we traded contact info so we're gonna hang out again I mean still.

Rental girlfriend and all but uh I see seems dissatisfied but I was planning on going out with koharu again on the weekend the weekend arrived we were at Akihabara the Oasis of otakus you can come here frequently sometimes what about you.

I'm not used to it I'll help so really ah you did say you just recently came to Tokyo okay sure let me show you around also koharu said that and I felt a warmth in my hand.

What it's a date so let's hold hands yeah sure I mean she's a rental girlfriend so it's probably pretty normal for us to be holding hands during a date her hand is so small and soft and warm I'm so nervous we talked about anime while going to.

Various anime shops the only person I could talk to about anime was shuichi so it was fun to be able to talk to koharu sure where do you want to go it's a secret he said she rarely comes here she must have looked stuff up right here.

This is the place that she took me was where we would try cosplaying you think I look like a hero from your anime right yeah but wait did I tell her about that that's why I figured you'd like it if I reserved the cosplay for it wait did I tell her about that.

She talked about her reservation to the desk staff and headed to the changing rooms I didn't have anything to do so I was just sitting and waiting after a while the doors to the changing rooms opened how's it look it's adorable I'm so shocked at how close you look to.

Her it looks great on you really that's great she looks like she just came directly out of the anime I wanted you to be happy so I'm happy if you're happy I even watched all the anime and remembered all the poses.

She started doing all of the poses for me she's a cool character but koharu looked pretty embarrassed at times but that made it even better okay let's take a photo together we took a photo with the two of us for the Memories yeah the cute kohara was cosplaying the girl.

That I love in anime this whole situation left me anxious for the whole time thank you for today I had so much fun me too a little sad that it's already over me too after the whole date we were both happy with the Afterglow.

Oh I have to pay you for the rental fees from today koharu you don't need it what but I need to sorry I'm not actually a rental girlfriend huh what do you mean I just wanted to go on a date with you.

So I asked shuichi I'm actually shuichi's cousin cousin ah I saw you walking with shuichi and getting along so I wanted to get to know you and I asked shuichi for help he said how about pretending to be a rental girlfriend and for what I like you I was supposed to.

Tell you last time we met but I was too nervous to say anything but I didn't want to just be a rental girlfriend to you so um why did you agree to the rental girlfriend thing anyway should we figured that if he just introduced us both of us would be too nervous to do anything so he suggested.

The whole rental girlfriend thing then once we got used to it I tell you the truth and yeah I mean I mean I guess if I had known that she was shuichi's cousin I'd be pretty nervous and scared if she's a rental girlfriend I could just see her as a light friend and she's not really my girlfriend so I could talk to her.

Like it's nothing so can I hear what you think huh oh I was shocked that she was shuichi's cousin but she's totally asking me out right um we met the first time last time right I mean.

Seem to have a gun but we have actually met before what for break last year but we were at the same anime event I had come over here and I ran into you in the train train I don't remember at all you know how the trains are always so.

Packed around here I didn't have any experience with it from where I'm from so I was getting squashed it was so small so they barely even noticed and you saved me oh I remember it was last summer there was a girl who looked like an elementary or middle schooler and she.

Seemed like she was getting squashed so I acted like a sort of barricade for her apparently that was koharu at the time her hair was shorter than it is now so I didn't realize it I really wanted to thank you sooner but you had disappeared so I couldn't say anything.

I wasn't used to talking to girls so I walked away quickly and then I had some time so I was walking around looking for you and found you a chuity I asked chuichi about you later and you said that you two were pretty good friends I wanted to come to Tokyo to school anyway so I started University over here also I heard that.

You liked girls who had long hair so I grew it up for you I see thank you koharu I'm happy to hear then I'm sorry I can't answer your question right now why I haven't had any experience with girls at all and have little to no experience.

In Romance but I think you're a beautiful girl so I can't answer you besides I didn't even think about actually going out with you because I considered you to be a rental girlfriend I see so at first we can be friends then go from there okay yeah that's fine because.

I'm going to be flirty with you you better be ready yeah take it easy this is how our fake relationship ended and we became real friends it kind of feels like shuichi was just playing me a fool but I have to thank him for letting me come across such a.

Beautiful girl however she really did turn it up to the max when she started flirting with me it probably wouldn't take much time before I fell for her thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.