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[Manga Dub] The rental girlfriend who showed up was the class president… [RomCom]


Making me dress up like this I'll remember this at school this girl who currently resents me is the school's highly beloved student body president himeka saijosan she's wearing this cat girl cosplay at my request the reason she's wearing this well let's go back a few days.

A date I haruto kashiwagi winner of a light novel prize blurted out that question to the editor-in-chief kamizaki-san without thinking what are you confused about but spring Sensei wrote was a rom-com so having to go on a date is common sense no Spring's Sensei is my pen name by the.

Way you're right but look because their parents remarried the protagonist and the heroine became step siblings and are in love I don't think I have to go out of my way and go on a date indeed it is very nice to see the main characters who are not involved with each other at school are actually.

Flirting with each other unknowingly at home but even with that said I would like you to go on a date if the cool and collected heroine goes on a date and turns a lovey-dovey I think that would accentuate her charm but having her get that lovey-dovey in one volume will be difficult no but wait in the first volume they go.

On a date and the heroine who has yet to break down her walls starts to deepen her relationship with the protagonist then a few volumes later on another date she shows her lovey-dovey side don't you think that's great yeah I guess so looking at your face do you not want to write about a date.

No it's not that it's just what you can't write about dates yes why even though up till now you've written such a wonderful heart pounding unrequited love story why can't you write about a date well I don't know what to write about a date.

I've never been on one well then how were you able to write about two protagonists with their love escapades at home you haven't experienced this either right um I have a little sister so if she was my stepsister I'd imagine our life would end up like this oh.

Could it be that you have that kind of relationship with your sister no way she's just really clingy so that's reflected in my work I see oh well shouldn't you go on a date with your sister what are you saying going on a date with my sister that's impossible why I'm sure she would be happy to be.

Your pretend girlfriend well that may be true but the heroine's personality is pretty different she's sweet at home but when she's out in public she's the cool type hmm I guess so I guess that's that phew let's rent a girlfriend are you messing with me.

What are you saying I'm dead serious recently rom-coms and unrequited love stories are super popular and your wonderful work was chosen for grand prize for the first time in 10 years if you lose this spot my job as an editor will vanish too I want your work to be popular at all costs sorry.

So it's all right yes so this is how I ended up renting a girlfriend however since I got dragged in this strange mess kamizaki-san requested the girlfriend for me asking for a date the next day no matter how you look at it I don't feel comfortable I'm scheduled to plan.

With kamizaki-san on Friday evening so she said the timing is good so I should go on a date tomorrow she somehow got a girl that was like My Heroine but a girl just like the heroine oh yeah I didn't tell kamizakisanda I modeled the heroine after a real girl in my prize-winning novel I used the.

High school student body president as my model she's intelligent beautiful and dignified and I like her she's famous for being cool and blunt but I know she's actually really nice um are you haruto son um oh yeah that's me huh the student body president huh why are you here and the fact that.

You called me harutosan huh I've got the wrong person oh wait don't grab me sorry but press are you a rental girlfriend that has nothing to do with you but but our school says it's forbidden to have a part-time job.

Look kashiwaki Kun you saw nothing you met with no one someone smart like you understands what that means right is that a threat don't say things that could hurt my reputation this is a negotiation negotiation yes you'd be in trouble if people at school found out that you rented a.

Girlfriend right I'm pretty strict about those things um actually I need this for my novel I'm sure the school would forgive me and I'm pretty sure I have permission I see so I'm the one who gave the okay yep the one who gave me permission after.

I won grand prize was her the school was against me but thanks to her help I was able to continue doing things as a novelist do you plan to return a favor for a favor no it's not like that it's just if you go home I'll be in a pinch I'll definitely be scolded by.

Kamizaki-san I don't want Perez to go home and I simply want to go on a date with her you said something about Gathering info for your novel didn't you how was your rental girlfriend info for your novel uh well you see I explained everything that happened up.

Until now once I did she gave a look with a slight grin as if an idea popped in her head I see I thought of something huh today I'm helping you write your novel right uh I'm the student body president if students are in trouble it's natural for me to help right.

In other words you won't leave if it's for helping my novel as expected you're quick to understand by the way what about money of course I'll be paid if I wasn't I'd be angry fair enough but this is good.

Huh I'm glad it was you and not some random girl I can carry on without feeling nervous I thought this before but you're strange why do you say that normally it wouldn't be strange if someone was angry in this case but you seem happy.

Ah that's because uh whatever I asked for help too and since I'm getting paid I'll go out with you for today thanks okay first let's start over with our names our names don't you think it'd be strange if we were on a date and called each other Prez or by our last names well.

Um how you've Harvard Tycoon and you call me himeka I'm surprised I thought that you would hate if a guy called you by your first name what are you trying to start a fight no that's not it if we don't do this right it won't be helpful for your novel right.

Of course if you call me by my first name at school you know what'll happen right no worries I won't do it so it's fine I nodded my head vigorously as a chill ran through my body and a cold sweat ran down my back all right then let's go ah.

What nothing I'm just getting used to dating uh-huh but but I guess press him you're popular and you work as a rental girlfriend so I'm sure you have plenty of experience dating this is my first date.

Huh this is my first date what you got a problem with that I see but you're a rental girlfriend I needed the money and I heard this was an easy way to make some so I signed up for it for the first time it's expensive for the customer so I thought there wouldn't be a student.

Asking for me so why is my first date with someone from my grade sorry about that my character in my novel is modeled after himek Hassan so because I told my editor that here we are but I'm going to keep that a secret well I guess if it's you I I'm happy.

Huh you mean it means sense it's you you won't threaten me or try to make a move on me so I'm safe ah I see anyway how much longer do you plan on staying here let's hurry up and go I don't really understand why but himek Hassan's mood suddenly turned sour I followed after her thinking I might.

Have messed up so where are we going what you don't have anywhere you want to go usually this is something the boyfriend thinks about but I guess that's an old way of thinking it's not something the boyfriend would do in a rom-com hmm I feel like the girlfriend or the girl he.

Likes also thinks of those types of things really I think let's go somewhere that doesn't cost a lot of money why I don't have much money on me ah but I'll pay for it that's probably how a rental girlfriend works right.

I'll feel a bit awkward if I make you have to spend any more money plus when students go on a date they chose cheap places to go don't they yeah you got a point with that one I was actually thinking of going to the movies or the aquarium but those places are the movies the aquarium.

What the heck she suddenly fired up umik Hassan uh um never mind she says that but her Aura sure changed you like the aquarium and movies it's not that it's just I've never been so that was my reaction your parents must be pretty strict.

It's not that they are strict I'm just no good anyway let's go somewhere cheap after she said that to me I couldn't go any further so we headed to a place that would make her happy without spending any money whoa did she just call it kitty cat give me cassan your aura changed again as for somewhere where we didn't have to.

Spend money I decided on the pet shop and her reaction was unexpected it's chasing my finger this one is so cute no the cute one is you I want to pick him up oh would you like to hold him oh is it okay yes of course.

Wow he's so calm and cute hey Haru tokun this Kitty is super cute he sure is seeing her get all excited is far cuter though after that himika San seemed to have a lot of fun with the kittens and I was happy watching her enjoy herself so where are we going next.

After partying with the kittens himika-san returns to her usual cool self over the kittens was super cute so I thought it was a bit of a bummer hmm before that I want to take pictures oh sure I don't mind really that's great.

Well I'm surprised to be your girlfriend for the day it would be pitiful for you thanks huh what's wrong you sure are saying a lot of unnecessary things are you actually used to being around woman it's not like that that's why I had you.

Go on this date with me to begin with why are you giving me such judgmental eyes no reason anyway if we are going to take pictures let's go to the arcade why did you say it like a question I've never taken pictures in a photo booth before.

Ah sorry whoa that looks like a touchy subject she started acting a bit childish um anyway if we do take pictures uh I have one tiny favor sure what is it I'll hear you out as long as it's not too crazy so yeah.

Making me dress up like this I'll remember this at school I thought she would turn me down but she unexpectedly dressed up in the cat cosplay well she's super angry though well I didn't think you'd actually go through with it ah sorry but hey if I wrote about this in my book my readers would be happy.

If you say that you just wanted to see me in some cosplay didn't you well to be honest yeah I knew it he'll pay big time for this um it looks good on you I won't be fooled since her mood was bad I thought himek Hassan would turn down taking pictures.

But they went on as planned while I thought she was strange I got a precious treasure after the pictures we went around to other places and enjoyed our date then our day was finally coming to an end shimika-san.

Thanks for today it was really fun and fulfilling I see that's great what should I do I don't want to end it like this that's just how fun today was so I've made up my mind um no saijo-san.

Could I talk with you a bit what is it um I get saying something like this so sudden puts pressure on you but I've liked you for a long time so if it's okay with you please go out with me from another's point of view asking out the school beauty is just Reckless but I.

Couldn't help telling her how I felt just then I'm happy I've liked you for a while as well her answer was unexpected huh since freshman year you worked hard towards your dream and I liked you and your kindness more than anyone else so.

I'm extremely happy you asked me out so that means you'll go out with me of course I'm practically begging but are you giving up being a rental girlfriend Ah that's it would be good to talk about everything before we date actually.

She told me about why she started the rental girlfriend's job saijosan no kimika-san's household is very poor her younger sister a third year in Middle School just gets himek Hassan's hand-me-downs her sister is short so himikasan's clothes are big on her and she always feels bad for giving her hand-me-downs her birthday is coming up.

In a month so she wants to buy her a lot of cute clothes so she went with a rental girlfriend's job as a way to make easy money but she would have to work the whole month and can't quit immediately during that time it's not like she can say no to customers I suggested that I would request her.

Until she can quit and doesn't have to work anymore turned me down with a sad look but I don't want to see her on a date with another guy so I didn't care I think I'm pretty possessive so sorry why are you apologizing as your girlfriend of course I'm happy wow himika son.

Sorry it was a bit moved but once my contract is up with the rental girlfriend job I'll make sure to pay you back the money if you want to pay me back don't just get clothes for your sister get some for yourself too I'd be happier if you did that what the heck.

You're acting so cool but I'm being serious I'd be happier to see her dressed up I'm sure the other boys feel the same way well later kamizaki-san gave her snide comment and said I went above her expectations and was too cool but I didn't care.

Because I got to be happy with himek Hassan thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well