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[Manga Dub] The scary teacher is my fiancee!? [RomCom]


Hey hey Akito what about this English huh it's a very specific expression and there are only a few patterns so you might want to memorize them I see thanks hey Akito Kini teach us too yeah sure stay over there.

Yay thanks my name is Akito hayura an 18 year old high school student with a rather unique family situation I teach my classmates how to study every time there's a test coming up because I can't say no one asked it's getting late so I guess I could call it a day yeah thanks Akito see you tomorrow.

Hey Akito do you want to go home with me let's stop by somewhere I'll buy you something as a thanks for today what I'm sorry but I have to prepare dinner say that let's go it's just for a bit okay okay just a little bit you guys what are you doing.

Say um this is uh what is this speak up this person who suddenly appear was Mazuka kogori a homeroom teacher a 22 year old gym teacher just graduated from college no she's wearing a tight-fitting jersey and staring us with a beautifully proportioned body which is trained.

Through Sports what's the main duty for you stupid but what are you doing now I will not allow you to forget this and have illicit sexual relations while my eyes are closed understood it's just a little bit what did you say nothing.

Huh just go straight home okay so scary as always she's so beautiful but she's a force to be reckoned with should we just go home today since she said that yeah all right Aikido see you next time yeah see you later yeah good job now all we have to do is.

I'm home aquito kin it's dangerous like please sign up me during class sorry she apologizes but Mazuka sense they won't move at all I need to make up for the time we don't get to touch each other at school.

If this continues it will lead to illicit sexual relations no it won't Akita kin and I are going to get married in the future so it's not illicit saying this Sensei hugs me even tighter as you may have already figured by this point Mazuka Sensei and iron gaze to be married and we're living together this.

Is my unique funny situation I mentioned earlier so this is pure love it's after age seven that's a theory for children and it doesn't apply to me because I'm an adult I'm 18 years old so I'm an adult too the age of adulthood has been lowered.

No I need to replenish my ketokun energy what do you mean by energy you're in the way of making dinner so move away for now in the way am I in your way Akita Kun no it's not that it's just while I'm making dinner oh of course I'm four years older than you you'd rather have a girl your age than an old lady like me.

Oh my God this first is so cute that's not true the only person I like is you Mazuka Sensei I can't imagine going out with anyone else really yes really and I'd like to see some proof proof oh what do you want me to do kiss me no that's my heart is pounding so hard I.

Don't think I can take it and if I do I don't think a kiss will be enough you don't like old ladies like me after all don't cry said say okay okay close your eyes oh just the forehead I would have preferred it over here too bad.

We'll get to that let's have dinner today's menu is open oh thank God I'm gonna cover up the evidence hey Akita you have six more months until graduation right that's right the baby soon.

Um please wait until I graduate what is that a must yes we agreed on that we moved in together didn't we I know but oh my God my fiance is so cute who the hell called such a cute girl a demon Akita Kun you're sweet and cool and I know you're popular with the girls but.

Am I cool I don't feel bad about it Akita couldn't you're my husband don't forget that don't worry they just think I'm just a handyman I'm just in a handyman position and people depend on me because of my caring nature I'm just a regular guy and not cool like sense I say so there's no way anything.

Will happen that the sensei's wrote about that's what I thought a few days later um Akito can I talk to you for a second what I don't mind okay come here for a minute what is it um are you dating anybody right now what I'm not just dating someone I'm living.

With someone but there's no way I can tell her that no I'm not good you know Akita what a surprise my friend Tomo like me I had no idea love you so you're not dating anyone right.

Well yeah then will you go out with me um that's I see I guess it's not easy when someone suddenly confesses their feelings for you well you can answer me next time just go on a date with me okay um but I call you later with the location and.

Stuff see you later hey she's gone oh what do I do I already have someone named Mazuka hey what's wrong you seem a little off well not at all maybe I'm just a little tired is that so then you want to take a bath with me afterwards I'll give you a massage in the tub I'll pass since it.

Won't just end with a massage I'll wear my bathing suit still not a good idea I don't think I could keep my composure in the bathtub with the sensei in a bathing suit I'm gonna be a dab before I graduate anyways it's nothing it's okay hmm she was convinced I think Stella I can't because I have someone I.

Like yeah good morning mizuka sensei morning wait are you going somewhere this early in the morning yes well just seeing a friend I see see you then I'm off she won't find out right in the end I couldn't refuse to omo's invitation I told her that I wasn't dating anyone but.

That's the one I liked dating I have a chance right I was pushed into it and here we are now girls in love are strong or am I just weak I feel like I'm cheating on her even though I'm going out just to say no I'm a bit nervous but it's not good to be late I better hurry there's a good one on.

A romance movie huh it's getting kind of boring wait what's Tomo doing all of a sudden awkward that was a fun movie what was it when we spend more time looking at each other than the movie here it comes oh your pasta looks good.

Give me a bite yeah sure ah what into yourself it's fine it's fine I'll do it to you so uh it's so good okay my turn here open up is it good yeah said say I'm sorry all right whoa turkey are there any tips for.

Throwing yeah throw it like this I don't get it you can touch me so teach me more specifically what uh um that's uh oh I want to get better please okay yay thanks to you Akito yay ah that was fun what about you Akito I couldn't focus since I was getting too nervous I didn't have time to enjoy the movie the.

Family restaurants or bowling I was so nervous over Tomo's aggression and my guilt for the sensei doing here the sensei because Sensei suddenly appeared in Demon teacher mode and seemed 30 scarier than usual did she see everything um set say this is I don't think you.

Understood what I said the other day a student's main duty is to study forgetting that and engaging in sexual relations Is outrageous break it up now a whole body is exuding jealousy anger and the level of sadness only I can understand but shudder if are in front of a Sensei like this I don't want to what what did you just say Tomo.

I don't want to studying is the whole point of being a student after age seven boys and girls should be kept apart what times are you living in that's so old what I understand that studying is important but it's also important to do things that you can only experience now I think that gaining Human Experience and.

Increasing the depth of your life will lead to a happy future don't you but no way Sensei has been talked down I'm going to say it right here and now your way of thinking is outdated if a student's main duty is to study what's the teacher's main duty then isn't it to guide students the juniors in your life.

To a better future are you going to interfere with the younger students who are trying to enrich their lives by gaining Life Experiences oh well if you're going to bring up the student's main duty you should also show by example uh sensei's about to cry maybe the dumb of a heart will break soon.

To be frank you're in our way stop interrupting us wait wasn't the teacher crying just now bazooka said say so where are you going I still have something I need to tell you sorry enough to tell me I already know my answer besides I I've got something I.

Have to do Mike yeah it's mizuka sensei I like her so I can't go out with you Tomo I see but I think it's hard for a student and a teacher to be together I'll go out with her after I graduate.

See you later Tomo and I'm sorry I can't reciprocate your feelings uh Akito King oh there you are you weren't home so I was looking for you as expected of a gym teacher I went after it right away but I couldn't catch up at all it took me two hours to find her sorry I've been following you all day.

reaction going to hang out with your with your friends but something was bothering me I'm sorry don't apologize I'm the one who should apologize I should have told you honestly that she confessed to me and asked me out on a date I felt guilty.

Because I couldn't say no and but still following you around that's a bit much I'm your fiance but we're not married yet I hate how jealous I get sensei hey Akita Kin did you give Yoko yarisan an answer if you want to go out with her our engagement of course I'm not gonna break it off what I like humazuka-san please don't.

Say things like that I'll get angry but I'm I'm four years older than you I'm older but always getting you to spoil me and I act so vain at school to not get underminded on top of that you get pretty jealous boom I like you for that Mazuka sensei to the point I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

I think bingen gave some Azuka Sensei is the best thing that ever happened to me on top of that we're living together maybe I saved the world in a previous life our aren't you really okay with me it has to be you I want you I like you so much Akita please I like you so much too much Sensei.

Please be with me for the rest of my life A lot happened yesterday but I'm happy with the outcome a bonded with Sensei and even got to make love before school oh I can't wait to graduate I want to marry you right now good morning.

Oh morning good morning sensei good morning um when we get home today thank you so good morning whoa Yoko Yari what are you doing this early in the morning I'm just appealing appealing I thought you got rejected say why do you oh well yes I was.

Rejected but I won't give up just because I got rejected once what no way so I'm still going to attack you better be prepared a Keto I I think I'm feeling a little sick all the members of the public morals committee please take over oh she's crying again Sensei is so cute when she's crying you'll be a problem she becomes popular.

But first off of me for now I don't want to worry sensei thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.