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[Manga Dub] The school president slipped into bed with me [RomCom]


I have a serious problem and that is Big Brother I have a younger sister in eighth grade who's not afraid to take a bath with me I'm going to wash your back first Yuki let's have a talk later this situation I have to do something for my peace of mind my name is toro ichinos I'm an ordinary.

High School sophomore with no girlfriend recently my good friend got a girlfriend so I spent most of my time alone uh everyone betrayed me I want a girlfriend no now is not the time for that what are you worried about on your own oh were you thinking that you wanted a girlfriend or something your smile is nice today too president.

And please don't read my thoughts without my permission she's an Narita the glass president as you can see she's a beautiful girl but a little strange always have to have your thoughts written on your face I told the president about my sister Yuki.

She has what we're in seventh grade I've already lectured her but it doesn't get better she loves you so much but how can I fix her broken if things continue as they are she's gonna start saying let's get married or something no she's already been saying that for a long time.

Hmm then I guess you'll have to take the risk and I take the risk no no no no I don't mean it like that it's a metaphor no I know I was with a sudden sundeer the president who gets ahead of herself is pretty cute well she is pretty but why would you help me out president it's.

A family matter that actually my classmates in trouble huh disorder at home affects school life too so we have to do something about it from the root I see I don't think the President should intervene in such problems but by the.

Way president what are you doing I'm just we're just crossing arms no it's rubbing against me it's rubbing against me I'm going to pretend to be your girlfriend and show Yuki how it's done and flirt on top of that I see pretending to be a couple wait wouldn't this make things worse I have a.

Bad feeling about this but at any rate the class president has agreed to cooperate with me my mission I get rid of her broke on on a Saturday of that weekend the class president came to my house Yuki's eyes wide into a full circle in surprise when she saw her let me introduce you this is a class.

President my girlfriend and Narita hi nice to meet you I'm on noita Tori's girlfriend you can call me stepsister okay wait brother what do you think you're doing bringing a girl into our house don't be rude wait is she angry is this jealousy if we keep this up maybe that's right Ed and I.

Are really flirtatious at school right and it is a little calling her by her name all of a sudden is crazy why is she blushing flirtatious cheating anyway I'm gonna get it on with Anne in my room so don't come in it'll make things awkward.

No no okay she looks pretty shocked at this rate I might be able to pull my broke out of a sister away president you haven't been thinking straight since a while ago you go to my brother's room then oh she's gonna accept it then she can give up.

My brother's coming to my room so we can flirt oh my sister what a brilliant broke on way of thinking that would make it pointless for Anne to come visit wouldn't it anyway we're going let's go Ann hey get off me Yuki do you want to play.

With us too then yukitang what so this relaxed attitude I have a bad feeling about this the two of them coming to my room is fine until isn't it kind of hot in here all right and then the president suddenly took off her clothes I'm so confident in my style you're very provocative president how.

Voluptuous no don't get any Illusions this is just a plan then the three of us started playing the game of life I'm having another baby this is my eighth one uh I don't know where to look hey big brother you're getting too excited that's not true I'm certainly.

Nervous but I didn't mean it that way oh my feet are numb wow hey Ann too close too close too close enough he's flirting like that then Yuki wait a minute if we stop now you can Chan will never get over her broken hey you're right.

I'll just have to be strong and let her do it and suddenly I was left alone with the president hey I know we got interrupted but what do you want to do after this um what should we do if the president leaves it'll look suspicious let's play another game.

Hmm we could play games but why don't we do something a little more romantic romantic like what do you want to kiss a kiss that can't be good we're just pretending after all but I hi and suddenly got pushed down on my bed a kiss is normal even if you're just pretending to be in a relationship.

I'm not gonna go that far besides this would only escalate things further were you such a serious type no were you always as aggressive okay just a little it's my first kiss so I'm sorry if I'm not good at it the president's face is so close and the sweet smell I'm gonna kiss the president.

And the door suddenly open Yuki this is different it's not different but it is oh we were almost there what do you think you're doing pushing my brother down as you can see over a couple so there's only one thing there to do.

Couple doesn't mean you mean you do whatever I caught me thoughts of myself as I watch the exchange between the two of them presidents you came here to straighten up the family get in jail and Yuki I'm just joking and finally in the evening it was time for the president to leave.

I wonder what this person came here to do after all well presidents thank you for coming today and I'll see you later in the week I got my mouth covered up by her finger okay listen to me carefully I'm going to stay the night here for today what why.

Yuki chun's broken hasn't been fixed yet if I stay here tonight it's a done deal and even yukichan will have no choice but to give up done deal yeah tomorrow morning I'll wake up in a daze and you and Yuki Chan won't run into each other that's certainly no that's too extreme isn't it I mean is it really okay to go that far even if it's just to pretend.

You want to fix yukichon's broken right then you have no choice but to take this proposal uh in the end I was pushed into it and I let the president go to my room my parents weren't coming home today so it's just me and Yuki for dinner which is gonna be awkward because of today's incident here big brother open wide.

Am I the only one who feels awkward Yuki's attitude is so normal that it scares me um Yuki open up Yuki you're still mad at me aren't you not only did you get a girlfriend I'd bring her home you are about to do some Monkey Business in the room which made me feel bad so.

You are mad huh do you know why I'm mad at you or that's because of that right well even an insensitive person like you would realize how much I'm appealing I like you not as a brother but as a guy well that's that's very sweet of you or we're siblings after all also know that I'm annoying you Yuki I.

Want to say something but I couldn't find the words Yuki knew that we couldn't cross a line between brother and sister I'm sure she was waiting for me to make a move to cross that line I'm sorry for forcing my feelings on you but I can't help it if you have a girlfriend uh we were pretending to be a.

Couple I'm sorry maybe I should get a boyfriend too I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend quickly because you're cute so hang in there yeah thanks brother after that we opened up to each other and I was relieved that I had achieved my goal even though I felt a little bad about it Yuki and I agreed to support each other like normal.

Siblings but keep a certain distance from each other it's been a while since I've had a bath alone but I kind of miss their rowdiness already while I was aware that Yuki and I become normal siblings I also felt a bit sad and when I got out of the bath and went to my room.

Oh sorry I didn't have pajamas so I borrowed Tara's shirt I completely forgot about this person oh presidents actually I made peace with Yuki just now and we're gonna be normal siblings from now on sorry but more so I'll believe.

it's for me now so you want me to go home uh yeah thank you for your Cooper whoa whoa that's that let's continue where we left off we don't have to pretend anymore from here let's not just pretend but become an actual couple okay.

What you're really insensitive aren't you I've been trying to get you to like me for a long time but you didn't even notice I wouldn't have corroborated with you if I didn't like you in the first place that may be true but no no no but they may be the class president but to be honest I may not be that hard to get I can't resist it when I see you Turtle.

well wait wait president please tartikun make me a girlfriend at that moment the door slammed I quickly pulled the covers over my head brother are you still awake just wanted to say good night hey are you okay did you come all the way out here to say good night wait what brother what's with the huge.

Ball to the covers I don't know what you mean by bulge hey ah about what kind of dirty things are you trying to do to my brother well because we're a couple I mean you're the one who's Dirty intruding into his.

Bathtub and trying to sleep with him while they were arguing you could grab me by the chest brother Yuki I can't breathe Yuki if you don't let go of me soon I fell into a deep Darkness the next morning when I woke up Yuki was.

Sleeping next to me as usual and the president was sleeping on the other side after that Yuki and the president kept fighting over me the president shows me off as her boyfriend in school and keeps coming into my room you guys look good together.

All over me at home in fact her broken was escalating rapidly strange the presidents who came here to correct the family was the one who disrupted it the most my sister's bro con was getting worse what am I supposed to do with this situation.

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