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[Manga Dub] The single mother next to me was shaken because of her daughter’s condition [RomCom]


Daddy I want to go in the slide ah let's see how you do it can slide really good watch this girl that's smiling at me is yui sawagishi she's so cute when she calls me Dad I love him huh yes just like she said it must look like.

We're a great family but there's one point that needs to be corrected my name is wataru Hashimoto yes I'm not her father we are not even related if you want to be technical we're complete strangers why was I being called Dad sorry hashimotukun I'm late.

Oh Mom oh don't worry we were having fun sawagi shi-san no it's Dad and Mom oh yeah right Mom yeah Dad this weird family how did it all start well it All Began on that rainy day sure I'm exhausted they really had to Spring this crap on me huh.

That day I was forced to handle something all of a sudden and was staring at my screen after work hours it happened often but I wasn't ever happy about it my head and eyes would start to hurt I was a little wrong about today though great job Hashimoto Koon how about you take a break for a second have some.

Chocolate huh it helps when you're feeling tired this angel-like co-worker was Haruka sawagishi she's a kind and beautiful woman we're the only two left in this department just her and me how could I possibly be upset I moved to this department as a transfer.

And I really didn't know left from right but then one day she spoke to me and helped me out she was always gentle and kind I slowly started falling for her you okay so that estimate needs to be I figured that a woman this beautiful would definitely have a boyfriend but apparently not.

I asked her in a roundabout way and she said that she couldn't possibly imagine being in a relationship right now maybe she told me that I have no chance without telling me I have no chance I still wanted to keep trying but I can't give up this is my chance I'm going to invite her out to dinner as a celebration for working late.

Yes this is Sarah gishi huh yui okay I'll head over right away what's going on she looks pale the trains aren't running and we can't get a taxi what's going on this isn't good oh yeah what's going on sawagi shi-san if.

You need a ride I can drive you maybe this is my chance I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to get closer to her but you need to pick someone up right then come on let me help okay sorry would you be able to help me out then.

So where do you need to go I can put it in the GPS it's uh huh it's a kindergarten Huey my daughter has a fever huh what sorry it's a little far can you still drive me there she was telling me with her head down.

Like she felt guilty I could feel my heart shatter into about a million pieces knowing I had no chance a single mother she told me while staring outside the window into the Rainy Night away from an accident it was still young went back to her parents house and.

Has been raising her daughter with the help of her parents however they also both died last year you remember how I said I can't imagine being in a relationship because I can only focus on embracing her or maybe I'm just afraid of falling for someone only to lose them again I just quietly drove without being able.

To say anything I thought this was my chance to get closer I wanted to punch myself for being so shallow you really do have a little fever you okay Huey mom I don't think there are any clinics open at this time wanna go by the ER.

She's always run minor fevers I want to take her home and see how she does sorry Hashimoto I know I'm asking for a lot but if you don't mind can you drive us too oh don't worry about it at all come on we gotta help each other out right you always told me that oh and there's a drugstore on the way out so let's go buy some stuff for her there.

Thanks really saved my butt if you want you can come in and have some oh don't worry about me go ahead and take care of her hello this is hawakishi speaking hang on one second I see something started seeming fishy again.

It was probably the client on the other side of the phone they must be making insane demands again oh yeah can't just let this happen in front of me sorry sawagi shi-san let me do one more thing for you I'll put your daughter to bed where's her bed huh.

Um down the hall to the right wait a hachimoto poon I figured she'd be pretty upset with me for forcing this but I wanted to help her and her daughter out no matter what just like she couldn't help herself when she saw me struggling her hands and feet are warm and she's sweating a little bit.

I wrapped her with cold towels to cool her armpits and neck off mom is coming in a second just hang on okay but I think it's going to be a little bit more I'm going to do my best after coming this far I think I can use a frying pan.

They were out of rice soup but I can just use the instant rice and some eggs but I can't look in someone's fridge without their permission I'm glad I bought things a second ago this should be good enough I'm sure haruka-san is hungry too I'll make some miso soup for her I used to make a lot of this for the.

Kids so I'll just add a little water and I started having a little fun remembering how it was in the past and I started making things left and right how's yui Chan doing yeah your fever is down a little mom Santa huh Santa it's a little too early to be.

Celebrating Christmas huh you're gonna give me a present anything then I want a dad poking up she didn't know what it meant to have a father and she must have really wanted one huh.

oh sorry did I wake you up I'm not a stranger I just present dad huh what a dad Santa gave me a dad what's going on what no I'm not your dad mom it's a dad Santa gave me a dad I'm hungry dad.

Yay that's cooking you made this it's just some instant food with a little extra veggies and stuff if you want you can have it it's so good thanks Dad I'm not your dad come on slow down the food's not going anywhere you're spilling rice all over the place okay.

Oh phew I think I might have excited her a little too much she's finally gone to sleep thank you I really can't thank you enough for doing all of this I didn't feel any anger or hate from her.

I was so glad to know that she wasn't backing away from me you're really handy aren't you you knew how to cook and exactly what to do for her fever well I have a younger brother and two younger sisters so honestly it almost felt like I was their father you know so I know it might be a little strange.

Saying this but this whole thing actually reminded me of when I was younger I should be thanking you that was really how I felt those little brats weren't kids anymore I left my parents home and stopped seeing them as often so I was missing them this interaction was really helping me.

Out she kept thanking me but eventually I found myself heading home it was like that whole thing was a dream I gotta go to work first thing in the morning and finish off the work I think sawagi saw inside of things are okay Dad huh I'm sure she'll forget all about it in.

The morning that's how kids are but then something incredible and unpredictable was waiting for me in the morning huh you eat Sean said that yeah she keeps asking for Dad where is Dad that sort of thing she won't stop whining I'm sorry I promise to buy you some food or.

Something can you help explain things to her tonight dad you came no you eat this man isn't your dad yeah my name is Hashimoto and I work with your mother you are not my dad no you are my dad you are my dad you were kind of delirious with your fever look this man isn't your father.

Okay he is my dad Santa gave me him yeah Dad she wasn't screaming or pouting she was just sobbing I could understand why this was the type of crying that kids did when they were holding back feelings I'm sure she was holding back all sorts of things from her mom okay yui you can be my friend will you.

Be my friend Hashimoto Kun I can't be your dad but I can't come hang out with you sometimes and we can play is that all right yeah okay I'll have to be friends so yeah I'm going to be asking you permission after the fact.

Are you okay with that sabugishi-san huh but is that bother you must be busy with just like I said yesterday I really have fun taking care of her because it reminds me of my siblings back at home so I'd love to keep seeing your daughter every once in a while.

Let's eat together too it was great too too um look I'm really good at this one more time Dad really I'll be watching from here this is great sorry I know you're always coming out here on weekends it's okay I have fun.

And I'd much rather come out than spend the whole weekend inside alone I wasn't bluffing either she was such a great kid you wouldn't believe how much I had to run around for my siblings at least I wasn't having a field day every weekend honestly I wanted to get a little closer to sawagishi-san I couldn't deny that.

Fact but after being with her child I slowly stopped caring so much about that I was genuinely caring for this child yeah Dad huh I shouldn't think that but I'm starting to feel like she really is my child what's wrong sawakishi-san your face is red.

Did she have a fever maybe she's tired from work it must be tough raising a child and working oh no no I was just running over here so I kind of worked up a sweat really well don't push yourself let me know if I can help you out at all you've been helping out more than enough.

You have no idea how much you're helping me if you pick up work for me so I don't have to work lights and you even pick her up when I can't come get her oh it's no big deal I am a little overbearing sometimes though so if it's too much just let me know and I'll back off not a problem at all.

So Dad Mom I'm hungry oh okay it is lunch time what did you want for lunch yuichon I want that special special omelette with rice okay sure your wish is my command your highness Dad Mom thank you Hashimoto Kun.

So much fun recently I'm having fun too and I'm happy I can tell she really loves you I've never seen a child that was so easy to raise I'm sure I've been making her hold back a lot of feelings she's finally able to be a little bit more selfish because of that oh.

sorry I've been calling you that for a while so it's just kind of a habit I've got to be careful not to say that at work I wouldn't mind that I Dad Mom hey can you guide it yeah we are you dreaming.

She scared me what was I about to tell her I feel something warm brewing in my heart what is this yo Hashimoto you seem to be doing pretty good recently what are you talking about oh come on don't be like that sawakishi she's a single mother right.

You little devil you're really aiming for the big leagues huh what are you saying people have seen you getting in a car together hanging out with a kid at a park too what damn it I thought I was being cautious what a smooth criminal huh you using the.

Child as a way into her pants right she is definitely nice I should have done the same you oh don't get upset everyone is talking about it I'm just the informant wow he seems so quiet but he's actually the worst I thought they got along well.

He's got a thing for moms huh excuse me this is getting blown out of proportion I'm sure she's heard about this already I don't want to cause her any problems hashimotocoon I didn't expect my own manager to be asking me about things and talking about my private life.

Is that normal uh let's and things that was all enough what do you mean enough don't come near us again help me that you wanted me to tell you to back off right sorry.

I'm not good at noticing these things I grabbed my pocket where I had some Park tickets stashed sorry I'll explain everything to everyone already explained everything don't say anything oh okay oh sorry.

I'm sorry hashimotukun but I can't cause you any more trouble I'm sorry Huey sorry everyone a few days later I don't know what she said but the rumor stopped quickly but felt some kind of emptiness in my chest like there was a giant hole in my heart I understand now I was having a great time with that.

Family I was seriously having a great time with them rain huh figures one day that I'm working late with her it's a rainy night just like that first night I'm just gonna finish it off and go home I'm going to go back to the apartment.

Where there's no one waiting for me yes this is huh what do you mean has gone missing why what is yui really God the teachers looked away for a minute and she ran away she told the other kids that she was gonna look for Dad.

You each other it's my fault if only I explained things better no it's not your fault I should have been more ready enough of this let's go find her it's raining this hard she couldn't have gone far we called the police to let them know she was missing and I drove my car please be safe.

Be safe here each other I was holding my steering wheel tightly I was sure about what I wanted to do when we found yuichon I would make sure that this relationship was made clear are you where are you you each on I started thinking of places that she might go there was the supermarket that we often.

Stopped by when we were on walks maybe the Riverside also wait a second hang on I think I got it you eat Chad Hashimoto Kun there yoichard who are you we found her oh my gosh thank God you're so cold why did you run away this was so dangerous.

Was I supposed to do if I lost you too Mom I'm sorry Dad no you always I'm your dad yui sabugishi-san I can't replace your husband I don't want to be someone who replaces your husband or her dad.

But I can be me and her dad the family she wants us to be I want you to think about us as a family I think if we stick together none of us will ever be lonely or sad again say mom of course.

The rain had stopped while we were talking the three of us hugged as if to warm each other's Hearts from the cold night phew great job here have some chocolates oh thanks you really can't beat a nice chocolate when you're tired.

We can pick up yui today together do you want to eat something I don't know maybe dad's special perfect I will make my best dish for my highness I want to hurry up and go home to see our daughter yeah we miss our daughter better too