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[Manga Dub] The Tsundere House Maid… [RomCom]


All right here we go my name is Yuma Takagi I'm a junior in high school I'm standing in front of a maid Cafe and not as a customer I'm going to start here as a part-time worker in the kitchen it all started when I was interested in the high salary.

I thought it was just a regular kitchen part-time job but then learned there that it was a maid Cafe I was hired and I wasn't sure what to do but I mean I won't be working out in the hall oh well so I decided to work here I'm Yuma Takaki I'll be working here from today nice to meet you all.

I'm glad everyone is okay with me I need to work hard every day I'll start by cleaning I guess it's not just cleaning huh I need to remember a lot of other jobs too and there are a lot of employees it might be a little tough till I get used to it good morning I'm Takaki I said my.

Introduction earlier hi and oh uh I figured I would reintroduce myself oh okay what is that did I say something that would bother her I thought I just said hello but she's being extra mean.

You don't have to worry about her huh my name is miyuku honjo I work here as Stella oh hello I'm Takaki so about that woman from earlier oh she's Miss Hashimoto she's called Alice here and about her she's like this to everyone really yeah even her co-workers too and her customers She's Always a little cold and.

Distant honestly I can't really get along with her some of the customers like that attitude though see look I don't know which one to choose can I think about it Alice okay I will be handling another sir then Alice goodbye phew I can't get enough of that cool attitude.

Yeah amazing made huh I know it's so dimulating I know I'm sure when she's in love with you she's super cute and kind though I see I'm a little nervous but they really do love her yeah exactly anyway just be careful when.

You talk to her yeah yes ma'am thank you I see this might be a little rough afterwards I started working in the kitchen but what was next um take the completed foods to the counter the orders came non-stop I had to remember so many processes I was.

Moving the whole time I was in the kitchen ah I want a little break but this is the first day and I don't want to be saying that I want to break hmm what is this I looked down to my workstation and saw a little bottle with a note that said.

For rehydration is this for me who let this huh Miss Hashimoto was looking this way did Miss Hashimoto Miss honjo said she's kind of cold but maybe she's actually pretty nice anyway I should drink it thankfully and.

Thank her later we finally entered lunchtime Miss Hashimoto was also on break I wanted to say thanks but where did she go welcome home sir huh this voice it's coming from outside welcome home sir no I need to be softer uh Miss Hashimoto what why are you here.

Sorry I just wanted to say thank you so I was looking for you did you see me you mean how you were practicing how to handle the customers you saw huh she's trembling did I see something I shouldn't have seen what's she gonna say I'm so embarrassed huh I thought there.

Was no one around I was practicing alone hands of all the times you had to come when I was smiling ah she was trying to smile I'm not sure what that was but wait I thought she'd be mad uh uh can I ask you something you're practicing talking to customers right.

Yes why I'm not good at handling customers not good you mean that attitude is it because you're shy how did you know that I knew it she's not acting cold she's just really not good at social interaction I listened to her story.

I see you're trying to fix how shy You Are by working at a job like this my grandma runs these restaurants so but as you can see it's not going well I know it's not good to be this way I I can't really talk but I end up in front of the customers so that cold attitude is.

I'm not trying to be called but that's what it looks like huh in other words according to miss Hashimoto when I think about her previous interaction hmm I don't know which one to choose can I think about it a little more I see I'll be handling another then sir.

Okay I will be going to another customer while you are choosing the Alice okay bye let me know when you decide that's actually what she was thinking no no no no there's no way that anyone would figure that out I thought that's just how she was I really want to be better at customer.

Service and get along with the other employees but Miss Hashimoto um do you want me to help you huh you know help you get over your shyness it's probably better to practice with someone than alone sure I'm probably a handful.

I don't think so I want to thank you for earlier too that really wasn't that big of a deal no I was happy besides now that I know what's going on I don't want to just leave it alone so let me help you thanks okay I guess I'll ask for your help.

She's smiling right not mad at me whatever I gotta work hard since I offered I got this this is how I started helping Hashimoto after our shift we started by practicing small talk let's practice just regular small talk we can just shoot the crap and go home I think just talking and holding a conversation is good practice.

Okay huh you're going to Yuki High huh yeah I'm a junior ah so you're older than me I'm glad I'm treating you with respect then oh I uh don't really care much no I definitely care don't worry about it.

This is a strange conversation to be having though yeah we were talking and Miss Hashimoto slowly started opening up to me first it was awkward but by the time we made it to the station we were talking regularly I think you're talking normally now.

Do you think you're getting the hang of it maybe I don't feel as nervous that's good but it's strange I don't feel like I've ever gotten used to talking to someone this easily even when we talk during lunch I feel pretty normal I don't know how to explain it but you seem easy to talk to really that makes me happy thank you.

You're really good at giving me subjects to talk about and you seem to interact well with me even when you know how I am I mean I have three sisters so yeah I think I'm used to talking to women who are older than me thanks to them yeah maybe so um thank you I think I'm able to be more.

Confident talking to people now would it be okay for you to help me out some more huh she seems a little more relaxed now she does seem more confident and I'm glad she was happy I'm gonna help her out as best I can we continued our little training sessions this makes me nervous for reasons other.

Than just being shy you want to quit no you're helping me out so I need to try hard she's really into this I'm pretty nervous too to be honest we would practice looking into each other's eyes to talk and sometimes we would talk on the phone or while walking.

Home before I knew it I was spending a lot of time with her outside of work a few weeks passed and she started getting used to talking to people hey I was able to actually say hello to one of the employees I saw you're really progressing it takes bravery to be the first one to step forward yeah everyone was surprised but.

I was glad they talked to me thank you Takagi I think I'm less shy thanks to you although I still have little ways for customer interaction well customers are all new faces but I still feel like you're doing much better than before really yeah I watch from the kitchen but you seem to speak a little softer you're.

Different from before you seem to be trying hard if you keep it up I'm sure you'll be able to fix your shyness let's keep going thank you she seems to be happy I'm glad that I helped her out but she says she's still not good with customers what can I do.

Maybe I can try I've never tried practicing as her customer she should have an easier time practicing against someone who she normally talks to let's try oh welcome home sir whoa I'm a little nervous she's so cute and when she's treating me like that but but this is practice I.

Need to take it seriously and focus up what would you like to order um the handmade omelet please understood give me a second she's completely different from before here you are this is a message from me ah a big heart huh I don't think there's any meaning behind it but I'm pretty sure she only puts the ketchup on.

Normally because she's shy but but maybe this is because she's used to me here you go sir say ah huh you're gonna do that for me yeah especially for you sir incredible surface even though she's used to me she's still being extra kind but some of the other Maids seem to be.

Doing that too so she must be working hard to fit in too afterwards we kept practicing after she changed all of the regulars were incredibly happy and excited she was the center of attention I think if she can interact this well she should be fine we know how she can behave now.

I think if we keep practicing she should be pretty normal let's keep going then one day something happened she still doesn't seem to be able to interact with anyone like that other than me but she does seem to be improving so soon what is that attitude we're customers.

That's coming from the hall you have a bad mouth and your attitude is terrible what is this you shouldn't be acting that way towards a customer Hashimoto what's going on it's exactly what you'd expect they must be new here they didn't like how she was but I do.

Think it was their fault too what do you mean those two kept saying sit next to us or pestering her for her number they were just being rude she's pretty good at handling stuff like that but they got pissed about her rejecting them ah I see no Miss Hashimoto isn't good at hand.

To go real quick what hey excuse me what has happened who the hell are you I'm from the kitchen I just heard the Ruckus I don't care about the kitchen stuff bring your manager yeah and have her apologize for me.

No sir unfortunately I don't think that will be happening the fault does partly seem to be on your end as well why did you just say sorry sir what's going on I said I want to see the manager I am the manager for this shift ah perfect it's about that damn mate and her attitude I actually heard what.

Happened you two seem to be responsible for everything what I'm sorry but this is going to be causing too much trouble for the other sirs so can you two please leave why do we have to leave we should be entertained as customers please leave ah okay I don't want to be here anyway.

Oh be sure to pay for your order too I know I'm never coming back to this store the two scurried out of the store we apologize to all the other customers in the store and the situation was resolved afterwards I'm Sorry Miss honjo that was my fault don't worry about it I know you're trying your best to handle our customers.

Huh I know you were trying hard and that's why you were so shy I'm sorry that I assumed that you were a rude girl I realize now that you are trying I think you're probably going to have a tough time but I will be cheering for you and if you ever need my help let me know I'll do what I can thank you so much.

You finally got along with Miss honzo yeah thank you it's all thanks to your training also thank you for protecting me today oh I didn't do anything that was that important but I'm glad it was all resolved thank you you're always saving me from the moments we saw each other you never.

Left me alone you kept practicing and were happy with me what I grew I think I was able to really change things to you Hashimoto also um I apparently have fallen for you what me yeah if you don't mind would you like to go out with me I'm so happy to hear that I've always liked you as well.

Really yeah I loved how hard you were trying to fix your shy personality the only reason I was able to help you out this much was because I liked you I think let's date I'm so happy let's have so much fun of course what that's how we started dating of course we would keep practicing too.

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