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[Manga Dub] The TSUNDERE takes me home and the next day, claims that she’s pregnant…!? [RomCom]


Sorry how about lunch together no thank you sorry would you like to go see a movie sometime no thank you Miss K no thank you my name is June Bay Harrison and there is a junior student in my college that's always too cool that would be her Miss sori Kishi she is beautiful and she proactively participates in club activities but when.

It comes to her communication skills how do I say this they're quite low sori would like to hang out sometime no thank you soori if you'd like we'd like to get dinner no thank you Miss Kish no thank you this is what she's like so she hasn't been able to merge with anybody and it's starting to be more and more ostracized it's not that she's not.

Fitting in but it's hard for her to fit in it's like oil and water I know it's none of my business but I do wish that there was a way for her to get along with those around her but what am I supposed to do about this anyway it's lunch time already so I guess I can think about it while I'm eating I can burn some calories by thinking too I'm.

Hungry the next day of lunch break huh is that you sayori why are you here there was a really delicious smell coming from here so I just got pulled in I know what you mean the first time I found this place it was because of the smell the smell of freshly cooked rice and grilled fish was amazing and ever since then I always come here but what a.

Coincidence to see you in a place like this that's true but just in case I don't think of this as fate at all this is just what is called a pure coincidence and we both just happen to be here at the same time and place what I'm trying to say is that it was just a prank by the universe and it has nothing to do with my.

Intentions uh sure I see I don't really know what you're saying but I definitely understand that it was just a coincidence what are you going to eat for the lunch say here the summer lunch side is the best well then I'll have the same you like summon I do like it I love it to the point that I could eat it every day if you like it that much then.

I think you'll definitely like this one the same thing is going to be inside of me as June this is the same thing as saying that June and I are becoming one in the same if I could keep eating this then my cells will become the same as June cells and Al samasa you've been muttering under your breath oh it's nothing I'm.

Just so hungry that my stomach is making noises well that's not good that reminds me today we have a happy hour for the after school club but sori are you coming are you I'm going well then I'll go that was fast are you sure you really don't have to force yourself if you're going to be there then I'll go I feel like you're.

Going to make a mistake because of the alcohol so I would like to use that as an example of what not to do which means this is just an opportunity for me to learn and I have no other ulterior motives other than that not at all all right all right calm down if she can get along with everybody else after this that'll be great after school that day.

Hey sori what is it why are you always sitting right next to me because it's the most quiet sitting next to you also because you are so big I can hide And so there's no other particular deep meaning besides that it's not like I'm here because I want to be next to you or anything like that it's because I have no other choice all right all right I.

Got it but also did you not want to come I'm happy that you came but you didn't have to force yourself if you don't want to I'm fine please don't worry about me if I really didn't want to come then I would have said no because I don't want some weird pest to get on you when I'm not there I could never forgive that although I don't think that there are.

Any women who have caught on to Jun P's attractiveness but there's always a chance if that would to happen then the girl that goes after Jun P would definitely be serious and and if that happens then there would be nothing more infuriating than that so in that case before anything happens I'm going to hello sori are you okay your eyes were.

Looking very dark just now uh nothing it's nothing are you sure are you okay I'm fine are you worried about me well yeah you're a girl after all and if you get too drunk that would be bad what if I were to get too drunk what would you do I will take responsibility and I'll get you back to your house all right I'll call you a taxi I see you would.

Take me to my house yeah something wrong oh nothing nothing at all well then June let's drink slowly together tonight sure a few hours later I think it's time to wrap up Jun uh what's the matter I'm drunk the world around me is spinning why do I feel like you're speaking very clearly if that's the case look at my face it's red isn't it.

That's true it is a little bit red this is proof that I'm drunk so please take me home all right then I'm going to go call the taxi for you so wait a little bit I'm actually allergic to taxes so I can't I can't get in a taxi what kind of allergy is that I've never heard of that before also I'm allergic to the train so I can't get on the train by myself.

Either how' you get to College every day then oh my magic broom why are you changing reality into a fantasy all of a sudden anyway please just take me back to my room uh sori I'll be happy to her huh oh nothing all right I just need to walk you back to yours right yes thank you very much come on my house is this way you seem like you're able to walk.

Very normally though a few minutes later we're here at your house make sure you drink plenty of water and you change out of these clothes before you go to sleep well then I'm going to go now wait a minute June what's wrong let's sleep together excuse me I said let's sleep together why is this happening a girl of your age really shouldn't say things.

Like that it's dangerous I wanted to be dangerous but also why aren you making a move right now you have a junior that's this cute I want you to come and jump on me are you still going to call yourself a man are you sure you have one down there lady should not be asking if I've won down there oh you have no balls you have no Pride you have no courage like I.

Said you really shouldn't be saying things like that I can't anymore I'm too sleepy I'm sorry j p good night I got to sleep what hey you can't drag me into the bed and fall asleep on top of me please just let me go I also drank quite a bit so I'm getting Prett very sleepy the next morning wake up please.

J already the morning good morning morning June do you remember what happened yesterday what do you mean do I remember you and I crossed the line didn't we excuse me because a guy and a girl were laying in bed together just the two of us I don't remember anything but I'm pretty sure we crossed the line and so now that's the fact you can't.

Just decide a fact we didn't do anything please go out with me excuse me because I could be pregnant so please take responsibility and become my boyfriend what pregnant no way how do we even do anything are you saying no do you not want to you took my first time and you're not going to take responsibility for it that's not what I'm saying but.

Also like I said we didn't do anything can you really declare that we didn't do anything are you absolutely sure can you really say that you didn't put a finger on my body can you well that's uh um when you say with such intensity now my confiden is uh wait no no we didn't do anything look at your clothes they're not messed up at all are they but also.

Do you remember sorry no nothing hey but there's no way that a guy and a girl slept in bed together and nothing happened like I said nothing happened but also are you sure that you want me to be your boy I want you you to be my boyfriend that was fast do you have any idea how hard I worked for this H what did you say nothing at all anyway come.

On please make me your girlfriend but well to be honest I'm not against dating you you are really cute after all I was also interested in you well then if you're okay with it sorry well then thank you the next day hey Dune did it go well after that taking a junior back home for a one night stand I never thought that you you would be the type.

Of guy stop saying a one night stand it didn't happen her personality aside she's beautiful and she's cute so you better get your saliva on her don't say saliva like that you don't need to blush so much you dirty boy shut up lunch break why was I being called out into the storage room that nobody comes to if she wanted to talk we could.

Have done it in the club room Jun oh sorry what's the M why did you lock the door what was that this morning huh Jun you're my boyfriend right why were you talking to another girl and laughing so much why were you guys so close why was she touching you don't you think it's funny it's funny isn't it I can't.

Forgive that at all please cut it out who do you belong to June it's me right you know that right hey June calm down calm down that was just one of my my female friends and she has a boyfriend that she is completely in love with anyway so there's nothing between you and that woman that's right is that so I'm the only one for you right June well.

Then please prove it to me prove it kiss me a kiss you can't do it is it not possible why can't you do it so maybe you don't like me after all um please don't darken your eyes like that we are still in school so please let me leave it at this J I love you on another day hey Sor what's the.

Matter I was told that this was going to be a home date yes that's right then why am I handcuffs this is our little string of Fates it really doesn't feel like a string these handcuffs this is to make sure that we're not apart for even one second of a minute and that we breathe the same air together for the whole day today you're not allowed to be any.

Anywhere that's not by my side but then how are we supposed to go to the toilet I can watch you and you can watch me too no it's not what I was asking for at all stop taking this down a different Road I'm going to make your body so that you can't do anything without me I'm begging you please calm down and in this way every day I was passing by.

Sometimes I felt like I was going to suffocate under her heavy affection but that feeling was also comfortable sometimes before I knew it I realized I'd Fallen completely in love with her then one day what do I do how did this happen that I'm going to be sleeping over at sar's house tonight I was planning on going on a normal date with.

Her and then going home today but I didn't expect the rain to suddenly start pouring we were already near sar's house so she let me come in to take cover but I didn't think that this would end up in a sleepover do I do at this rate then if I'm not careful then we might really cross that line even even though she.

Isn't my wife we're not even married yet anyway I need to make sure we don't sleep together so I can borrow her sofa don't pay Sor I'm going to borrow your sofa tonight nope why my logic has gone out the window put out some clothes it could stay out the window I want to redo the first time that I forgot June I love you I want to go all.

The way with you stop like I said nothing happened that night seriously we didn't cross that line I was just happy to go out with you that's why I agreed and even now I really love you and that's why I don't want to do it like this I know what what did you just I'm saying I know that nothing happened I thought you said you don't remember yes.

I don't remember but when I looked at what was recorded I figured it out recorded I had set up a security camera in my room so that you and I would be ready whenever you came over and I confirmed it there well then why because I I like you because I liked you so much I didn't know what to do and I wanted to make you mine no matter what so the.

Reason why you were so cold to the other guys because I don't care about anybody but you Jun Jun I want to have a real first passionate night tonight if you love me too then there aren't any problems with that right wow that day I repeat an aggressive battle against this heroin on top of the bed but I lost the next morning m where am I wake up Jun.

Good morning morning Jun do you remember what happened last night I remember and I'm pretty sure I lost in all kinds of ways to be honest there's a lot that I want to say but it doesn't change the fact that I like you well then I am looking forward to the next stage of our relationship June I love love love you forever it doesn't.

Look like I'll be able to escape from this girl his affection was very heavy but maybe that's not so bad because I lost a long time ago and I fell for her thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well