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[Manga Dub] The twins that always sit next to me on the train… [RomCom]


I go to work before most people even wake up the sky is still dark Dawn hasn't even come yet the train sways slightly as though we're still fighting off the last vestiges of sleep to tell the truth waking up so early used to be a real pain but after several years of this life it started to feel almost normal several days ago.

Though something happened that definitely wasn't the doors hissed open and footsteps echoed for the empty carrot looking up I saw two familiar faces coming up to me they're both early as usual I see yeah I guess there we go the trains empty this morning as usual.

Awesomely you're being a bit rude again really you think so I do I also think you should close your legs too and what do you think mister I think me is right you should close your legs what's this do you prefer neat and proper girls like Mia to an energetic girl like me.

To really no that's not what I meant I mean I don't exactly mean no either I feel like you guys are mocking me especially asani oops you got us the reason why my normally dreary commute became so Merry and full of life goes back to an incident about a week ago every morning I got on the first train to go to work it's about a three.

Hour ride but on the plus side it's relatively uncrowded my desperate attempt to avoid the rush hour is necessitated by the fact that I live in a typical bedroom community due to issues with the rent that day as usual I was passing the time reading with a free app on my phone when hey I know that manga it's pretty good.

Isn't it huh the manga you're reading right now my sister Mia collects those at home right Mia Excuse me yes I like it um actually like this character but he's really kind don't you think huh are we just gonna keep talking yeah totally ignore my confusion just hold on.

For a sec I don't even know who you are hahaha I guess it would be mannerless of us if we didn't introduce ourselves soon ER conda the mysterious school girl and this really pretty girl here is I'm her twin Mia nice to meet you Asana he might think you're too full of yourself if you call me the really pretty girl since we both share the same.

Face um okay thanks very much I'm yusuke goto I'm just a normal businessman got it so we'll just call you Mr four eyes then nice to meet ya were you even listening to my introduction back there I feel like you're totally ignoring me you're pretty funny Mister sorry I really thought you might be a dark kind.

Of guy since you're a four eyes and all you're totally just going by stereotype huh you should apologize to every glasses wearing person in the world I'm sorry every glasses wearer my bad well at least you're honest enough anyways that's all the points I'll be leaving then bye leaving you think you're going I mean I was.

Singing a move into another sea there are plenty of those available well yeah that's the spirit nice one Mia she's the brains of the family perfect there it is Mia's proud-faced vetine so cute okay there's definitely something off about this what well first off why are we sitting so close together there's plenty of.

Space in the carriage I don't really look sitting apart from Mia it's kind of important and second then why are you both sitting on opposite sides of me sign not so cute you have no intention of listening to me do you sir the cap between your screen your sign makes for an.

Interesting combination uh thanks for the follow-up but I think it's really helping I think I should warn you though if you're looking to get some financial gain out of me it's not gonna work I'm just a paid employee working for a low tier firm after all I'm so poor I have to live in a town that's a three-hour commute from my office.

Something in their app I think this one is quite good and you guys change the subject too fast I can barely keep up for God's sake it went unlike that for three stations they kept talking right up to the moment the train stood into the station where their school was located at the time I thought the strange.

Incident was a one-time thing why am I still being forced to sit between two high school girls during my commute even now monologuing for a second already Mister it's kind of scary I don't think it's scary at all sir I often get caught up in my own worlds just like that too thanks for the.

Follow-up as always Mia but as usual I think you're missing the point again in all seriousness I think you should start telling me what's really going on here I'm talking about how you always sit next to me on your way to school there's a reason for it I presume oh that's our stop well we'll be seeing you then goodbye Mister good luck with.

Your work and stuff um you too sure sure that's the question again by the end of the day I'm still no closer to figuring out why the girls kept trying to get closer to me fine thanks my life's fine as it is wow quick answer do you have a girlfriend or something I've never had a girlfriend.

Since the day was born what'd you ask I'm okay no need to get all defensive about it I guess someone who had a romance-filled school life like you wouldn't understand the wakabayashi Senpai when you've lived alone for as long as I have it actually becomes preferable believe me your money and time is your own to spend of course it'd.

Be nice if I'd had a little love in my life but at this point I don't have High Hopes usually I just withered out huh whatever and how about a couple of beers this is no overtime today and it's not like you have anything better to do right well I guess all right let's go for Korean barbecue I found a good place nearby.

Senpai this meat's pretty well cooked great thanks oh it's hot that's delicious I'm in heaven well I really do serve pretty good meat here um excuse me can we have two more plates of that boneless short rib thanks and would you be needing any more beer.

Senpai oh thanks then another round of beers too well then I've lost the count of how many times you've done this but Cheers Cheers by the way have you really never had any luck meeting women I mean it's not like you're incredibly unattractive or anything right I really haven't somehow it always ends with just being.

Good friends I mean I never really try to go for it so I don't mind though oh I see your problem it's right there listen you scared yeah let's throw yourself out there with women you can't just wait for them to come yeah well as I said I don't mind you know personally I want you someone who's a good and hardworking guy to make some lucky girl.

Happy someday come on seven I'm not that great guy that's not true at all hey you remember how last month you came in late because you'd saved a girl who was being molested on your way to work oh yeah I'm sorry for the trouble I called you then he was right that really did happen that day I've been unusually.

Late and I was being crushed by the morning rush hour when by chance happened upon a girl being molested by an older man when I handed the Molester over to the station staff I realized the girl was still in shock after what happened so being unable to leave her aside I put in a call to wakabashi Senpai to tell.

Him I would work don't apologize I'm trying to praise you for what happened people might have had the decency to stop to care for her kid when they're in a hurry but you did if you ask me that's way more important than doing your work well you're a much better person to meet.

After decency to tell me that senpai you really are a weird guy yusuke although I guess that's what I like about you you keep up that reserved attitude of yours though and you'll never get a girlfriend not unless some girl is weird enough to come at you herself that doesn't even go that weird though oh I think I drunk too much ah this.

Always happens when I drink with wakabayashi stand by he makes it too fun to hold back oh I really am wasted plus there's later than I thought so all the seats are formed your self-proclaimed incredibly beautiful school girl it's rare that we should meet like this on our way home.

True and where's your sister Mia prefer her company to mine or something no I mean you're always together aren't you I had Club activities today so MIA went home without me unfortunately for you even the Japanese style Archery Club Right Bingo are you on your way home from work or not here week of alcohol I was out drinking with.

A work colleague you got me it was delicious torture it's what it is um I'm sorry I guess apologies won't feel my stomach Mr looks like it's gonna be crowded looks like it would you mind moving a bit farther back.

No prob oh but wait in this posture I'm sorry am I touching you anywhere no no you know like in those girls comics and stuff oh you mean those you don't you don't seem too thrilled I'm just processing the relief that I didn't molest you by accident or anything.

That's way more important to me are you the kind of guy who'd never even think about molesting someone Mister well no your adults use you don't think that allowed to do you think I'm attractive mister what how about it huh if you say stuff like that some Maniac with no common.

Sense might actually take you at your words so stop it so we've established that you're not a maniac with no common sense then at the very least I'm not an adulterer a young child for some selfish reason so just leave your button alone fine I'm sorry oh this is my stop bye Mister see you tomorrow um sure see you tomorrow I'm glad you.

Were who I thought you were Mister huh did you say something I didn't hear you nope it's nothing bye-bye oh by the way I met Mr Four Eyes on my way home today yeah that's him he smelled like grilled meat and alcohol and well some stuff happened and what do you mean some stuff I'd rather not say he told me off about it is all really what did you do I said.

I'd rather not say anyway it's not the point so what I was trying to say is that Mr price was exactly the kind of person we thought he'd be yes I think so too after all he does put up with her talking to him in the mornings you have your manga as a shred of interest to talk to him about too although he does look like he's having more fun when he's.

Talking to you really you think so just less reserved when talking to me he's just trying to be friendly I'm a bit jealous so MIA I think we should ask him about the thing I think he can be really trusted I'm fine with him too hmm I thought it was I want someone like him oh a sauna you're so mean hahaha.

Sorry sorry well let's ask him tomorrow then okay Asana thanks as usual it's no problem seeing as it's for my baby sister and all I'm really sorry stand by I think I have a fever no problem I guess the exhaustion finally caught up to you huh it looks like you still have a lot of paid leave left over so just take a couple days off I'll take care of.

The paperwork thank you sir next time we got for Korean barbecue I'll pay yeah I'll be waiting see ya thanks again sir no it's been so long since I last came down with a fever thankfully I don't have anything pressing so I guess I'll take a few days off oh but see you tomorrow mister I thought really bad about breaking my promise to asane in.

The end it took me three days to fully recover the next morning on my usual commute hmm first I should apologize to asane for breaking my promise with her the spicy sauce the kind of sisters didn't get on the train as I usually did robbing me at my chance to see if they're okay hey you scared what's wrong aren't you fully recovered yeah huh.

What's that don't what's that me if you can't concentrate on your work go home but I still got a lot of work powered up just give me the pressing matters I'll take care of them but in return make sure you show up tomorrow with a fresh face huh you really hear a much better person than I am somebody to think I'll let.

Myself drag on my feelings I'm not seeing the twins this morning I've got to do better I've got to do better wait is that hey old man what are you trying to do this kid just now what do you want don't come any closer to this kid huh nothing's wrong just get behind me huh what kind of situation is this hey let's.

Go let go I say no way wait a minute haven't I seen you somewhere before slowly I began to remember it was four days ago on my way home you're the guy that was watching me in a Sunday that time yeah looks like it what did I tell you it was a kind of result that comes from us saying such weird things in a train.

Of all places under the Molester after the train serve as soon as we got off but goodness sake you're lucky I managed to stop him before anything happened you'd be more careful from now on you are cute after all anyone would agree that your twins are cute wouldn't they you said it yourself I guess I did say that but you know it's.

Kind of different coming from someone else don't you think Asana are you all right oh Mia I'm fine I'm fine Mr Flores helped me thank goodness thank goodness wow now that you both here together would you mind telling me what's going on all of it immediately after getting off the train Sarnia told.

Me something she said that they needed to tell me why they approached me in the first place Asana I'll tell him started with Mia who was naturally shy to begin with was molested on her way to school since then she developed a trauma for trains to the point that she couldn't even go to school on her own for a while Asana had been helping her.

To coat but with her Club activities I couldn't keep going to school together forever that was saw me helping a girl who had been molested and it came to her I thought maybe we could ask this person to be our bodyguard somehow sitting close to you on the train and seeing all those things where in order to make absolutely sure you wouldn't hurt Mia.

I'm sorry um it wasn't a sauna's fault it was me it's because I'm like this that I was molested and then I think you've helped that girl I said I really want someone like him to be by my side and so what I'm trying to say is um did nothing wrong it's me I'm sorry I see it's true you two were.

Wrong for going off and testing people without their consent but on the other hand the guy that hurt you in the first place is the one really behind all this and as grown-ups I guess we were wrong for not being able to protect you from people like that so let's just say we share the blame on this one then does that mean I'm saying that you don't need.

To apologize anymore you can look up now I mean I wasn't really that angry in the first place for God's sake Mr forays you're really too kind oh by the way it's sunny you brought today's trouble on yourself so make sure you've learned your lesson said you wanted me to be a bodyguard I don't know if I'm out to be something.

So Grand but I'll do my best help keep away the bad guys sure I don't mind as I said before it's our job and responsibility as adults to keep you kids safe I just want to say thank you so much it really means a lot did I mention it if you ever need anything just give me a call oh by the way why weren't you on the.

Train for the last few days you're not really worried oh right sorry about that what happened was it and this was how I you had zero experience with women for the 20-something years of my existence became friends with two cute school girls so why are we singing this order again there's no reason for you two to sit on opposite sides of me anymore.

Right fight what happened about which one of us would get to sit next to you yeah I still didn't understand Asylum doesn't even need to go to school with us anymore right we call you a secret you were pretty cool when you saved me.

From that molester that time huh what I'm saying is why shouldn't Mia get all that luck what were these kids trying to say so to sum it up Mr for eyes we have something we want to ask you which do you prefer me or me thank you for watching how's today's.

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