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[Manga Dub] The twins that I reunite with both tell me they love me… [RomCom]


Taka Taka it's fine everything's going to be okay so don't look so sad but but I don't want this it's going to be so lonely yeah we don't want you to leave me you please don't cry but we're sad I won't let you go stay with us taka don't worry I won't forget you you'll still have each other when I leave I'll come find you when we're all grown up really.

You're not lying really then when we meet again let's get married you have to marry both of us but doesn't a guy usually only have one wife but both of us want to be your wife I don't want to be left alone well if you're both okay with it it's a promise you promise right yeah I promise you can't forget we'll get angry if you do.

There's no way I would forget something like this a dream what a nostalgic dream is it because I finally returned to my hometown after such a long time even then promising to marry both of them quite a promise to make for such a little boy I'm takaori tokito a high school.

Senior I lived in this area when I was a child but had to move in elementary school because of my parents' jobs after that I attended middle school and 2 years of high school at our new place but this year my last year of high school due to my father's job transfer we're back where it all started I wanted to stay with everybody until the end but.

It's not like I have any choice in the matter let's just do my best to enjoy myself here too anyway I wonder how those two are doing the two girls in my dream were miziki Takahashi and yuzuki Takahashi I used to play with them all the time we were neighbors so we were together whenever we were free the three of us were practically Inseparable.

Because our families were so close our two families often went out as one big group too they probably don't remember that ridiculous promise I made on the day I left promises made in childhood are the most easily forgotten after all having two super cute girls asking me to marry them it'll never happen again for the rest of my life that was absolutely.

The peak of my popularity no no I can't give up now there's still a chance I could become popular at the new school I'm attending right even though I'm transferring in halfway let's give it my best wait oh no I'm late so he's going to be joining us from now on his name is takanori toito it's nice to meet you I'm takanori toito I'm glad to be able to.

Spend my last year of high school with all of you here I hope we get along well as I thought it's him Taka Taka we've waited to see you for so long we've been waiting for so long I'm so happy you're finally here I'm so happy right now huh what's going on who are these two beauties huh don't tell me you don't recognize us don't.

Tell me you don't realize I can't believe you don't remember now I feel lonely I'm sad the two of us never forgot you did you really forget us even though we played together so often even though we were always together could you be me and you we are do you remember now thank goodness you didn't really forget we.

Didn't know you were back back we would have gone to welcome you if you told us you know I'm so happy we'll be in your care from now on we'll be in your care taka yeah sure I'm sorry to interrupt this touching reunion but we're still in the middle of Home Room Takahashi please go back to your seats yes sir got it yes.

Sir we'll go back right away I never thought I'd end up in the same school as them I just dreamt of them last night too so it was even more of a shock is this what people call fate so in this way my transfer into my new school started with this reunion ordained by Destiny after school Taka Taka let's go home together let's go out together.

After school there's lots of things we want to do with you wait you should come over to our house there's so many things we want to tell you huh are you sure it's okay for me to suddenly come over it's okay because it's you we wouldn't invite just anyone so come over and hang out you're saying no you don't want to hang out with us of course not I would.

Love to really yay so you're coming right I'm so glad you're coming over today whoa this takes me back I used to play here all the time it's changed quite a lot but that doll over there looks exactly the same as in my memories so taka so taka oh huh what's up ow what was that for and so suddenly did I do something wrong it's not that.

But do you remember taka you didn't forget right huh forget what wow I'm shocked looks like you did forget after all that promise you know the promise you made to marry both of us when we're all grown up but that was made when we were children I never thought you still took it seriously is that so indeed what a thing to say what a man you are huh.

You me taka are you going to break your promise are you is it because you like someone else do you have a girlfriend did you really abandon us and tie yourself to someone else that's impossible we won't allow it you're ours you said you would marry us you promised we belong to you why can't we be together because you left because we.

Weren't beside you in that case we'll stick to You Like Glue from now on we'll be together forever say something taka why aren't you saying anything taka uh no no no you got it all wrong you have nothing to worry about anyway the age I met now basically means I've never even had a girlfriend before and I don't have anyone I like either I'm as.

Single as can be truly so please stop shooting those ey lasers at me I see so that's how it is I'm so relieved we're enough for you right you don't need anyone else right I'm so glad I don't even want to think about you being with somebody else right we're the only ones you want right you're not lying to us right if I say the wrong thing here.

It won't be good my life will be in danger yes you're right you two are all I need very good so be sure to receive our love with open arms from now on then you better be prepared for it yikes feeling that they were about to do something to me that there would be no coming back from I desperately made my Escape somehow I was able to arrive home.

Safely be prepared huh it's kind of scary if they say it like that but our one week vacation starts tomorrow anyway it's the perfect chance for them to cool their heads a little at least that's what I want to believe whatever I shouldn't worry too much about this my parents are on their anniversary trip which means they won't be home this.

Entire week I'm going to let loose and play all the games this week the next morning morning taka good morning taka why the hell are you two here isn't it normal to say good morning in the morning we're just doing what anyone would do you're missing the point what huh you handcuffed me Auntie and Uncle are currently on their trip aren't they.

They were worried and asked for our help to see how you were apparently our parents kept in touch after you moved they they still get along well after all these years that's why we're here for the express purpose of taking care of you aren't you happy you're happy right I'm ecstatic now we're going to love you as.

Much as we can let's have breakfast right away before that please take off these handcuffs say ah over here too is it good we made all of this ourselves we put our all into it I feel like my stomach is going to explode if it does we'll crawl inside and become one with you this way we can be together forever doesn't it sound so beautiful.

Stop that's just scary I don't want to be the star of a body horror film don't worry about it in the presence of Love even the scariest situation can become romantic I'll draw you the biggest of hearts with the reddest of blood this all sounds horrifying please stop already on another day take it off come on hurry up you have nothing to be shy.

About you're gorgeous even in your birthday suit leave me alone I'm not letting you into the bath with me that won't do we have to wash your body with ours after all we'll scrub every nook and cranny of your body until you're squeaky clean all over no please forgive me Society will judge me for this it's fine forget about Society all you need.

Is the two of us the rest of the world doesn't matter all we need is you no means no both of you get out fine in exchange we'll be taking this then a shirt soaked in your sweat we'll be sniffing your scent while waiting for you let's see it smells as good as I imagined no stop give it back and another day as I.

Thought we ended up in the same bed as people who love each other isn't sleeping together the natural thing to do I don't want to spend even a single second away from you you should praise me for the few times in a day I have to hold myself back but doesn't this feel kind of wrong it's okay you can rest easy we're not going to attack you or.

Anything even we have our limits you know really sort of maybe just a little Don't Run Away We Won't Let You no please spare me be prepared cuz we're not letting you sleep tonight get ready for the burning hot night.

Ahead no my days of being smothered in their overwhelming love continued to be honest I have no idea why they feel so strongly for me we did make that promise when we were kids but surely they didn't fall in love with me just because of that even though they're mostly just teasing me right now their love still feels heavy.

Enough to crush me under it but it's also true that I've never been on the receiving end of such deep love that's why by the third day the idea of being loved that way it actually started to grow on me you've gotten completely used to our affection I see you used to blush so hard just a few days ago since he's already used to us isn't it about time.

You might be right I can't hold it in anymore anyway what are you talking about out we were thinking if you would let us touch you even more we can never fully understand one another as long as our clothes are still on right I think it's an important relationship to have let's remove all the barriers separating us and become one didn't I tell you that.

I won't do that you're not interested we're fine with it as long as it's you taka that's not the issue here I'm happy to see that you love me this much but you two should treasure yourself more you realize if anything happens the girls who has to shoulder most of the physical and mental burden right I don't want to do anything that would harm.

Either of you just because of a moment's impulse oh ah this is why we love you so much this is why you're so dear to us I love you taka I love you too taka as long as you get it what's the wait why the handcuffs again now let's go back to what we were talking about before this after all we wouldn't feel burdened if something.

Happened but we're so glad you were so considerate of us get ready we're not letting you sleep tonight let's spend another passionate night together and so a violent T of War ensued on the battlefield that was my bed however thanks to my unyielding resistance I managed to win my myself a.

Peaceful night with no further incidents the days passed in the blink of an eye soon it was the day before my parents were due to arrive home no I don't want to leave you let's all alope together our Paradise is still within our reach don't worry we'll work to support you all you have to do is live your life with us I mean even if I.

Wanted to there's no way that would work it's just impossible then we should get married now right now that would work work we can shut ourselves up in our love nest wouldn't that be the most wonderful thing hold it right there I need you two to calm down I'm telling you that none of this will work in the first place polygamy is illegal in Japan.

Even so they're both head over heels for me if they love me this much the least I can do is face their feelings properly continuing to let myself get swept along in their flow would just be cowardly and uncool the thing is there's something I want to say what is it what's wrong if I'm being honest I'm not completely sure how I feel towards the two of you my.

Heart does beat faster around both of you and I do feel kind of happy to be so loved but I've only ever been passively accepting everything you're giving me and not doing anything myself I'm Unworthy of Your Love you're wrong that's not the case at all you were the one who protected us taka huh what are you talking.

About maybe you don't remember but there was a time when we fought with our parents and ran away from home we got lost and it was dark and scary all we could do was cry until you came looking for us you were covered in mud and leaves from head to toe but you found us you saved us we were so happy and you apologized to our parents with us too.

You shielded us behind your small frame we've loved you ever since more than everyone and everything so we want you to receive our love without without fear if our feelings haven't yet reached you all we can do is pour more of our love onto you even if you don't know how you feel about us now we'll continue loving you.

Until you do we absolutely won't give up we have no intention at all of letting you go so just let yourself drown in our love I'm new to this so please go easy on me and so even after my parents got got back they continued wooing attacking me just as they said they would I eventually grew comfortable with their Antics by the time I realized it they.

Had already melted my heart into mush and my brain too I was stuck in the deep hole of their love and had lost all ability to pull myself back out our graduation felt like it came in no time at all how about it have we convinced you to marry us will you take us as your Brides I'm the worst kind of guy for not being able to choose between the two of.

You we're fine with that actually we're more than fine with that after all we don't want to leave each other either we want to love you together me you since you love me so much I'll devote the rest of my life to you so please marry me of course it's a yes we've been waiting for those words from now on we can be lydy together all three of us yeah from now.

On as long as we live yes you're right we'll be together for as long as we live until forever thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well