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[Manga DUb] The virgin boy gets a glimpse of glory and is pressured into going out with her…!?


Wow it's so windy today I'm Masaharu Kudo I'm 17 years old I'm a student at Alice High School my life is ordinary peaceful if you describe it in positive terms but I boring to be honest nothing exciting ever happens to me but I'm not complaining about it because I don't want any drama in my life boring as my cup of tea there a girl isn't she oh my.

The wind is too strong I don't like it the girl walking in front of me is Akira kuseni she is the most famous SE my school physically attractive clever and knowledgeable she's also athletic she is kind to anybody she encounters she has a caring personality so basically she's a perfect woman I remember during my first year at school I slipped and fell while.

Running back to the classroom from the cafeteria I dropped my mega siiz yakis sober bread on the floor and if that wasn't bad enough I hit my poor nose none of my friends were around to laugh it off that's the most embarrassing moment of my life I lay on the ground Balling on the inside from the pain and humiliation are you okay I looked up to.

See a beautiful girl handing me her pretty handkerchief that was the first time I talked to KUSI Senpai it was also the moment I fell in love I forgot about my pain or humiliation in an instant I'll never forget that day I've lived her ever since KUSI Senai is pretty even while the wind is messing with her I would love to get to know her but she.

Has way out my league couldn't dare talk to her should feel lucky we breathing the same air I should take in as much as I can while I'm around her h w hey you did you see oh uh well did you no I I didn't see anything you know the truth will always come out eventually pink lace with ruffles uh so you did see you saw.

Everything I'm sorry I really am it wasn't on purpose I swear you should just blame the wind I was lucky I mean you know right did you say lucky yes I owe you one God do you realize what you're saying yeah anyways I'm so sorry uh hey wait I'm not finished talking to you I'm sorry that day after school man I bet Kusa noi s by hates me after what.

Happened today but I remember what I said I wasn't looking on purpose the wind and gly responsible for everything that happened they're naughty uh some say goodbye to my first love uh hey yes oh huh noi s by wait huh why is KUSI Senai talking to me I thought KUSI Senai hated me you're Masaharu Kudo right um yes I am I need.

To talk to you uh come with me wa what do you need to talk about not here follow me cuz I know you s by uh what would you want to talk about responsibility uh say what I said you need to take responsibility responsibility um going I ask for what hey you know what I'm talking about you.

Saw my underwear that means you have to be my boyfriend now what your boyfriend this is an unexpected turn of events seriously K noi samai wants me to be her boyfriend are you rejecting me you're going to run how can you after seeing my underwear what do you not want to be the boyfriend of someone like me that is such a cruel thing to say I'll tell.

Everyone you peaked into my skirt if you don't date me you'll be the school creep cuz I know you s by is furious please calm down let's take a breath we need to keep a cool head fine so will you be my boyfriend or not um are you sure that's okay you won't regret it I'm worried dating a guy like me might ruin your reputation G Senpai I don't want.

That oh you're trying to find a way of getting out of taking responsibility no that's not what I'm trying to do I'm worried that's all cu know you Senpai I mean if you're really okay with having me as your boyfriend I would love to it will be my dream come true I'm glad to hear that if you had continued to reject my kind offer what.

Would have happened I would have punished you in ways you wish you were already dead oh punishment that makes me wish I was dead you committed the ultimate sin young man running from that responsibility is a crime worth the most excruciating punishment oh anyway I'm looking forward to being your girlfriend and so that was the start of.

KUSI SBA and my relationship thank you mischievous wind and mighty God good morning Mahar rukun how are you at my place KUSI samai you underestimate my ability I can do anything if my heart wants it finding your address was a piece of cake for me it took a matter of seconds so that means uh anyone can hack into my private information did you not.

Want me to pick pick you up that's not what I meant it's just it's called private information for a reason don't worry I have all of your private information in my hands nobody can see it now that doesn't feel very comforting no offense come on we should head to school now we'll be late if we stay here any longer um gusi Senpai don't you.

Think we're standing a bit too close we're dating this is what we're supposed to be doing oh are you sure yes I am absolutely sure this is what people in relationships do my heart is about to pump out of my body it's going insane K noi s by must be experienced I mean she's popular with the guys she's probably used to this I'm so nervous but.

I get a pass since this is my first time what your first time doing what linking arms like this with my boyfriend this is how the girls in manga do it it's a lot harder than they make it seem but every manga I've read says this is what couples do I don't think we're doing it wrong but I can't believe people do this regularly my heart is pounding so hard I.

Think it's starting to hurt no way her first time seriously and her heart is pounding so much it hurt that is the most adorable thing I've heard um kuso noi s by have you ever dated before nope you were my first boyfriend that's why I'm relying on manga situations to be a better girlfriend I'm sorry if I'm being.

Awkward I don't think I can do much more My Heart Won't Last I want to take the lead since I'm older but I'm not used to being so close to a guy oh gosh you're so cute I know you s by must be an angel I never thought she'd be so sweet um okay let's get going I don't want my heart to shut down from beating so fast of course wow I love life thank you.

Thank you goodbye boring life hello Springtime of my wonderful life another day hey I made an obento for you today the thing is it didn't turn out as well as I hoped I apologize in advance you're always perfect I thought I'd have no trouble making an no Bento I'm not the best cook to be honest I almost cut off.

My finger a while back I've been traumatized since you did that for me despite your fear of noise well my friend told me it's a basic part of being in a relationship plus I wanted to do something nice for you cuz by um can I eat it now of course you don't have to finish it if you don't like it it's a Thea oh wait what is it here open up huh.

Oh uh Senpai I'm must say this is pretty embarrassing but this is what girlfriends do right well yes but still uh well I understand how you would feel embarrassed I feel the same way it's not something I'm used to either go she gets cter every day so um are you going to eat it or what I'd love to uh what are you doing Aira Yami.

Ohai aama Senpai he's the most handsome guy at school all the girls were in love with him however I've heard he's quite the player he's not my favorite person unbelievable Akira are you dating this loser you can still back out you deserves so much more dump him I'll be a don't you dare talk about my boyfriend like that I have no.

Interest in you Yami Kun let's get going Mahar rukun we won't get any privacy here uh sure jeez I'm sorry that couldn't have felt nice for you Senpai none of what happened is your fault there's not a thing you need to apologize for you're always so sweet thank you we haven't finished our lunches yet let's.

Go somewhere to sit down oh K AI senpai's hands they're trembling of course they would be must have been scary to talk back to Yami Senpai but she helped me anyway I should have been the one standing up for us not her she deserves better than this I'm sorry I couldn't say anything since you took me by surprise if anything happens again.

I'll make sure to protect you just I know you Senpai gosh you've always been such a nice guy always doesn't mean anything come on let's start eating days pass by we continued to deepen our relationship it took a bit to get used to being around her but I enjoy every moment I spend with her I have no reason to be.

Discontent with my life I'm with the person I've always dreamed of being with even if seeing her underwear was what caused it one day kogi s by caught a cold she got sick on the day of our date so I decided to visit her to see if she was okay I'm so sorry I ruined today's date that's okay don't worry about it you should get some rest we have plenty.

Of times going a DAT after you get better thank you Mahar rukun well then I should let you get back to bed I don't want to keep you up when you should be sleeping uh wait s can you stay here until I fall asleep I feel safer with you okay I'll stay right here thank you Mahar rukun I can never get enough of KUSI.

Senpai gosh I really like her I wanted to be happy I want to protect her from anything that could hurt her you mean so much to me senpai I visited her every day until Kus noi Senpai was fully recovered I was worried she might find me annoying but she told me she was happy she could spend time with me after a few days cus noi s was feeling better.

We finally went on the date we planned before she got sick I always wanted to come here I'm glad we're here look at that they're beautiful oh the colors of that tropical fish she's like a little child so adorable oh I think the Dolphin Show will be starting soon I heard it's spectacular I'm so excited to see it okay we should get going then yay gosh I.

Can't wait for it to start I know me neither keep your eyes open the Dolphin will jump out of the water please give her a big round of applause if she succeeds wow look I didn't know Dolphins could jump so high this is so amazing H Senai watch out huh oh masah haruun Senpai did you get wet not at all thank you Masaharu good I.

Want you to get wet oh no let's get you a new shirt of the souvenir shop you had a great time me too that was fun I would love to come here with you again of course we'll come back soon H I want to get us something to remember this day SBO hold on can you wait here for just a few minutes okay I can stay here thank you I'll be right.

Back thank God this is what I wanted to get her I should hurry back to KUSI Senpai hey I said leave me alone let's leave who cares about that loser anyway I do I only care about him what are you seeing him he's pathetic I'll be a better boyfriend th you it's obvious I have no respect for people who look down on others stay away from me you think.

You can say anything into me just because you have a pretty face hey what do you think you're doing oh Masaharu Kun get out of my face you're in my way no I won't cuz a noi Senpai is on a date with me right now a armi senpai you need to stop bothering us what the get out of here man aren't you scared of what might happen if you keep talking back to me no.

I'm not leaving you with her no matter what you do to me I'm here to protect kogi Senpai Masaharu Kun this blows whatever man I don't care about you g anyway I don't have time for this that was terrifying Masaharu Kun are you okay I wanted to be the reliable boyfriend but I must look like such a whim now no not at all you were so cool.

Back there Mahar rukun you may not know this but you've always been badass always been what does that mean you've always been the one to jump in whenever I needed to be saved you probably don't remember this but when we were in elementary school I was attacked by a vicious dog at a park it had a collar on so it must have run away from home you.

Stepped in between us and saved me from the dog you were crying because you were scared but you looked like a hero to me I haven't forgotten about you once since that day I mean sure I've had other crushes but I could never forget about that little hero who saved me wow how did you know who I was though you had the same scar on your forehead as the.

Little boy who saved me oh it's from when I tripped and fell when you saw my underwear it felt like God was giving me a chance I finally had a reason to talk to you I didn't want to graduate without getting to know you I need to tell you one more time I like you so much Mahar rukun I like you too KUSI Senpai you mean the world to me my feelings for you.

Grew through the time we spent with each other I can't think of a life without you Senpai me neither I felt like KUSI Senpai and I took another step toward our future as it turns out somebody saw Yami Senpai hitting on kusan noi Senpai that day his girlfriend and all his other sideline girls found out about it they all cut him out of their lives.

Serves him right for being such a narcissistic he is now the school owner you reap what you saw and as for us are you excited to watch the movie I'm excited to be any anywhere as long as it's with you Aira Senpai I feel the same way I hope we can make many more exciting memories together of course I love.

Youpl you too Mahar rukun thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well