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[Manga Dub] The wealthy girl that I hurt asked me to marry her, so I did, but her father found out..


Thank you very much for Gathering here today for our family's daughter for everybody who has gathered here today we have prepared some dinner so please do enjoy it and have a wonderful time sorry do you have a minute yes um is saki still not ready this party is also being hosted to find her.

Fiance so even if it's just for a few minutes I would like for her to show her face yes sir I will go get her immediately ma'am Miss saki your father has asked me to come retrieve you he would like you to show your face soon ma'am did she run away I was able to get out of there sheesh my father even though I told him.

So many times that I don't want a birthday party the reason for everybody to attend wasn't to celebrate me but they're here in order to make a connection to my father and it seems there's also an intention to find me a fiance but how can I be with someone who doesn't even see me it is a little bit cold isn't it I know this is a perfect.

Opportunity so I'll buy some hot food at the convenience store my first convenience store and my first hot food there makes me excited I wonder if I can use my card uh I'm tired again today I can't wait to get home and take a bath my name is ichot Tanaka I'm a normal 23-year-old with an average appearance average name.

And average company that I work for today was another day of working overtime until exhaustion and I am desperately pedling my bike with my tired body to get home my salary is low and the work sucks maybe I should start thinking about getting a new job I'll stop at the convenience store to get a job listing magazine while I'm there.

Power zero and oh it's so cold maybe some hot food too that should W me up a bit uh hm be careful ow are you okay I'm so sorry I was on my way home from work and I I spaced out yes I'm okay please don't mind me ow it doesn't seem like you're okay at all excuse me I'm sorry what ah what are you planning on doing to me there's an.

Overnight clinic nearby I will carry you there so please make sure you hold on tight ye yes I'm so glad that it wasn't anything serious thank you very much um you're very strong aren't you yeah well I work in the construction industry and not just in sales sometimes I actually go to help out on sight even if I don't like it I do with some.

Muscle I see um well I hope I wasn't too heavy not at all you were as light as a feather you were so light that it almost makes me worry I know that women can tend to care too much about diet and weight but I do think you should eat more I do plan on doing so from now on by the way I still hadn't ask for your name yet oh I'm sorry my name is saki.

Missaki is it my name is rro rro Tanaka nice to meet you missaki where abouts do you live I got you injured so I'll walk you back to your house no no thank you if I call somebody from the house they would come to pick me up so I'm fine here is that so oh please wait a minute right here sorry to keep you waiting here are you um and this is.

This is some hot food to apologize for injuring you if you'd like th thank you very much not at all oh let me give you my business card just in case the doctor said everything was fine but just in case anything were to happen if there's anything that is bothering you please contact me straight away I will take full responsibility for what happened.

Today well then Mr icho the next day I'm so exhausted it's crazy I seriously need to change jobs and today I'm going to drink another Power zero to fall straight asleep tomorrow's the weekend anyway I'm home but it's not like anyone's here anyway welcome home whoa what.

Missaki yes why are you at my house when I asked the company that you work for where your address is they told me it was here so I know I didn't have permission but I came in and I've been waiting here for you I borrowed the spare key from your company as well oh is that so wait no no no no no that's not what I meant I'm not asking you how.

You got into the room but I'm asking you the reason why actually I'm here about last night when you said you would take responsibility I'm going to have you take responsibility as you promised and in order to do that I've come here for you to make me your wife my name is saki kirun I look forward to being your wife from today what what what one day when I.

Came home from work as a single man I suddenly had a life at home I'm sure everyone is wondering what on Earth I'm saying but honestly I have no idea what I'm saying but honestly I have no idea what I'm saying right now either good morning Mr Ichiro oh uh yeah good morning it seems like you must have been very tired you were very deep in your.

Sleep well as it turns out what happened last night wasn't a dream missaki I heard you say yesterday but your last name yes the kirun that you were imagin right now is probably correct I thought so Chey is such an insanely rare last name so of course that would be the case I can't believe the misaki is the daughter of one of the.

Most famous major companies in Japan the king Group H wait a minute does that mean I accidentally injured the daughter of such a huge company and also that she slipped over my house isn't this actually a super extremely bad situation uh um is something wrong no um missaki do your parents know that you're here no they don't know because I.

Ran away from home oh I see wait wait run away from home yes because if I stayed at home any longer I was about to have to go through with an arranged political marriage you said that you would take responsibility for the injury and so I thought I would just take a leap and have you take me as your wife about that that is quite the large.

Leap though yes this is the first time in my life that I've ever acted so impulsively an arranged political marriage huh I was going to contact your parents immediately but now I feel bad this is a little bit scary maybe I'll let her stay here like this for a short time all I have to do is keep my hands.

Myself anyway that's right I made some breakfast so if you'd like please have some oh well that makes me very happy oh yeah Miss saki after we eat breakfast should we go out to do some grocery shopping I'll show you around yes please thank you this is breakfast I'm sorry this is the first time in my life that I tried cooking that makes sense as a.

Daughter of such a wealthy family she probably has a chef and a maid um it probably doesn't taste good at all does it I'll remake it immediately no it's fine that would be a waste and it's not like I can't eat so but miss if you're going to be my wife then I won't allow any waste please throw away the idea that you can just throw.

Anything away when you make a mistake yes sir I understand all right well then let's hurry and eat and we can head out well then first of all let's buy some clothes you should pick out a few casual clothes for everyday wear okay Mr employee please give me everything from here to here missaki I can't buy that many clothes you know don't worry I have.

A credit card that's not the issue here here if you have too many clothes it's only going to be bulky in the house usually you just have a few clothes and wash them and wear them again I see so that's how it works too also you should stop using your card missaki if they look at your card history they'll immediately know where you are are you.

Sure that's okay you you're right well then I'll take this one and this one misaki is there anything you want to eat for dinner no nothing in particular what do you normally eat at home h i go a lot of fish our chef at home specializes in Seafood so she did have a chef oh Mr icho look it says A5 wagu is $50 it's super cheap we should.

Get it missaki it's true that for A5 wagu to be $50 per kilogram is a huge deal but usually we don't buy this things like that are meant to be bought once a year when you're celebrating some kind of special day and it's not something you eat regularly for dinner is that so well then Mr Ichiro what kind of meat do you.

Usually get I get things like this pork belly that's about $5 for 100 gram this is the perfect size so we can get this and maybe make curry tonight Curry Mr icho you know how to cook all of these spices as if they still carry Ro for regular households here and it's really easy to make so we can do it together there's no harm in.

Learning anyway yes I'll do my best please teach me the first few days of being with my wife that was suddenly forced to me were like this she was a super Princess and so she had no idea how normal people like me lived she didn't care about quantities of price at all and she would try to buy large amounts or shop like a celebrity.

Not only that but since she was cooking and cleaning for the first time in her life she couldn't do a single chore up until now she had a chef animade do everything for her so perhaps this was a given for her for someone in the position of a present– day princess like her so to speak I didn't think that she would last long living an average.

Person and despite her misunderstanding of me saying I would take responsibility I can let her stay here until she was over it however I thought she would get tired of it eventually and go home but instead she worked really hard to get used to this environment and 3 months went by whether she was my wife or the wife of any average household.

Every time that the day for chores would come around she was desperately trying to remember them and get it right Mr Ichiro it's the morning please wake up 5 more minutes if you sleep that much then you won't have time to eat breakfast come on hurry up and get up all right let's have breakfast yeah by the way you gotten.

Really good at making breakfast misaki and even the cleaning and the laundry you can do it more perfectly than I can now as a result of her dedicated hard work she not only learned how to do the laundry clean and cook but she also mastered going shopping as well now she was better at everything than me and honestly never expected things to turn.

Out this way I did my best for you uh uh thank you I made you a lunch box as well so please take it with you well then I'm going to go now see you have a great day at work today yeah I'll do my best if I was being sent off like this every morning of course I would be able to work hard in the end I worked even.

Harder than I had ever thought possible and over the last 3 months I had gained a stronger reputation of the company and had eyes on me I'm so happy that's right I was happy in the last 3 months when she suddenly pushed herself onto me to take responsibility I was happier than I had ever been before even though I knew that this life would someday come to an.

End that I would eventually have to wake up from the stream and everything would disappear I sir we found the location of your daughter what is this true where in the city of the next prefecture that was surprisingly close that means she was right under our nose so what on Earth is she doing now no but also how did that sheltered daughter of mine make.

It this far about that actually what she did what so what would you like us to do H let's see ah another long day gone great work today how am I to drink tonight sorry I'm going to hesitate again today whoo whoo you've been a bad sport lately you know did you get a girlfriend or.

Something well something like that damn it well you better be happy with her I'm home missaki just got back hello missaki missaki isn't here where could she be I wonder if she went to the convenience store phone call it's a phone number I don't know I wonder who it is hello.

Pardon me for calling is this the phone number of Mr icho Tanaka yes it is but um and you are I am the maid working for the kirun family the maid from Miss saki's house could that mean the reason why she's not here is thank you very much for looking after Madam saki until now Mr kirun would like to thank you properly for all that you've done I'm.

Very sorry but would you have time tomorrow evening we will send a card pick you up if you would be able to join us for dinner sure yes thank you see you tomorrow the the day had finally come I had to wake up from this fun dream and the time had come for me to go back to.

Reality Miss saki I hello there thank you for coming today and thank you truly for looking after my daughter these 3 months no not at all I was meeting Miss saki's father for the very first time and he was a lot more gentle than I had imagined at the very least on the surface he was however behind that smile I could sense.

That there was something that I didn't know hiding behind it and I felt a subtle pressure is this the ore that the head of an internationally top company has I know that the reason why my shelter daughter saki was safe until now with all things to you saki you need to thank him properly for protecting yourself yes sir Mr icho thank you very.

Much Miss saki I don't know if this would be enough to return the favor but we we would like to do our best to treat you today icho is there anything you don't like to eat yes I'm fine I ate anything oh yeah anything I imagine this is not the case but even my daughter I I have not done anything of that sort even though a young man and woman were living.

In the same room for a whole 3 months yes I swear to God all right let's believe you it seems that you really aren't lying to me how can you tell of course I can tell I'm not the head of a major company for nothing well then I'm sure you're starting to get hungry let's make this a great meal you please bring out all the best dishes for Mr icho here.

As soon as he said that plate after plate of food that I had never seen before was brought out they were extremely expensive ingredients that an average person like me will probably never see in front of my eyes ever again all used generously across dishes that were fit for celebrities I was encourage to eat so I put it in my mouth but I.

Couldn't taste anything looking at the girl sitting across the table for me all I could see was her suffering face and I don't think I had the capacity to taste anything to me it only looked like she was begging me with her eyes please come take me and let's run away by the way saki perhaps I shouldn't bring it up at a time like this but this is about your.

Groom father you said that we could talk about that when we got home I did say that but I had a change of mind because in that case there's a big chance that you might run away from home again before we get home with that guy right there that's not I can't imagine that you would but this is Insurance saki do you remember your birthday party a few.

Months ago yes I'm sure you figured this out already but the party was also being held in order to find your marriage partner yet you ran away and you didn't even show your face that's why I took it upon myself to find another one for you he's quite the impressive young man no way I don't want to I I but I saki this is not a time to complain you.

Need to take a good hard look at what you've done as well as the weight of who you are and where do you stand yes sir mhm and actually about this guy he's already here will be joining us today well well I was getting tired of waiting sir the door opened and from outside an incredibly handsome man walked into the room if he stood next to her they would.

Be an incredibly photogenic couple much more than myself clearly nice to meet you Miss saki I look forward to a wonderful future ahead with you he is the son of a certain very large company that I recently started business with when when I talked to him about the engagement he was quick to agree missaki just as your father kindly explained I.

Am the heir to a very large company when it comes to status of money we may not have as much as your family but we do have plenty if we were to get married I'm certain that I can promise you a life similar to how you've lived up until now with no worries whatsoever unlike that guy right there what what did you say I took the liberty of doing.

Some research on you everything about you was average where you were born and raised the company that you work for even the name is one of the most average surely you wouldn't even dream of ever getting to be with the daughter of an internationally major company like her oh well that's the world you grew up in is too different cut it out already and.

Look at reality hey bring that thing for icho yes sir straight away what what is this supposed to mean the payment for causing you trouble and a payment for you to forget about saki even though nothing may have happened you were under the same roof together for 3 months I'm sure you will have some feelings about that.

That's well as saki's father is my responsibility to ensure saki's happiness in the future so take this and forget everything in front of my eyes were Stacks and stacks of bills that I'd only ever seen in the movies I'm sure it was easy in the millions I accept this and forget everything I wake up from my dream and go back to reality that's what.

I'm being told to do by the person who was far more powerful than I can ever be but I I definitely refuse you stupid father what are you doing stupid father you do you have any idea who you're talking to right now shut up what's wrong with calling someone stupid stupid you say you have the responsibility to make your daughter.

Happy look at her Miss saki doesn't look happy at all and of course you wouldn't understand that after leaving your child with the maids and the chefs and never once lifting a hand to raise your own child well then are you telling me that you know what that is saki's happiness at the very least more than you and I know that I I can make misaki happy Mr.

Ichiro misaki I truly am average I don't have anything going for me and I don't have money either but even then I do have the confidence that I can make you happy will you please marry me let's run away together yes I'll follow you anywhere forever do you seriously think I'm going to allow this if you just accept the money here now I believe.

That's going to be much better for you I can just earn the money by working hard however if I don't choose her right here right now I'll never get to hold her ever again I see so that's your answer huh so Mr cuan please please give me your daughter and if you say know then I'm going to take her anyway of course I will please look after my daughter what.

What do you mean uh I'm not real I was just hired as an actor for this to tell you the truth I was testing the two of you so what you're saying is this means Mr Ichiro Tanaka my daughter was sheltered and couldn't do anything by herself but then I found out that she desperately worked hard for you and became stronger and that's when I knew.

That you were the only person for her however I also have a status to maintain if you're going to marry my daughter then that means I need you to take after my company eventually for that reason it was necessary for me to test you to see if you had an in you to carry the weight of a company is that so but it looks like there was no need for that either.

You truly are impressive you really understand what the most valuable things are you get angry when you need to be angry and more than anything you have courage although I never could have imagined that you would throw stacks of bills in my face uh about that I'm very sorry I got carried away don't worry about it I was.

The one that set you up I understood how deep your love for my daughter was and it was a very heartening blow saki you won't have any complaints of it's him either right yes I want to be Mr Ichiro's wife thank you Father I I should be the one thanking you not only did you grow and become stronger you found such a wonderful young man to.

Bring home wow today truly is a great day and so my relationship with missaki was officially approved by her parents in order to take after her family business I changed companies and I hate the fact that I was her fiance and I worked really hard at one of their subsidary companies and then a few years later in sickness and in health do you.

Vow to love one another for as long as you two shall live yes I do a self-proclaimed wife showed up at my doorstep suddenly one day but now as my a wife I get to walk through a dream like happiness as my reality for the rest of my life thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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