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[Manga Dub] The whiny idol that I manage gets jealous when I take on a new girl…? [RomCom]


Katto bring me my water bottle here it is CTO I'm tired rub my shoulders for me sure I'll be happy to my name is kazuto kuramoto I'm a talent manager for a small agency in the region and the one ordering me around like I'm her personal servant is Ray Ichi anagi she's a senior in high school and also one of the idols working for the agency well as you can.

See she's the selfish type that expects me to serve her every whim but if that gets out it will cause big trouble for everyone so please keep it to yourself she used to work at a major talent agency but about a year ago she left that place and joined her agency instead I was told it was because she had constant ongoing conflicts with the.

Idols and the staff at that company because of that the agency decided to handle the problem by letting her go but I don't think they were telling me the whole truth there's no doubt that if you just look at how she normally acts she seems like nothing more than a troublemaker her but within her incessant demands I also sense her.

Pursuit of perfection as she strived towards becoming the ideal Idol one of the reasons for her horrible attitude is probably the fact that she takes everything too seriously as she tries to reach her goals and she gets misunderstood by others because of it too at least that's what I think above all I can't help but think that the.

Reason behind all of her selfish and unreasonable requests is T I feel like having raspberry ice cream right now so get it for me within the next uh 10 minutes yes ma'am this kind of interaction is practically a daily routine by now can I have a moment Kazo one afternoon one of my seniors of the agency M senry came over to talk to me m.

Used to be an idol at this agency but she's not a talent manager ma was a person that first inspired me to become an idal manager in the first place back when I was a student I just failed my University entrance exams and I was at the lowest point in my life a friend noticed that I was slipping in depression and tried to drag me out of.

It by taking me to M's concert at that time Mal was a popular Idol well known as the pride of the local area and I was a struck by her performance she was a person who started my obsession with idols and landed me where I am today what's going on I felt a little nervous seeing her so close even though it's been years since she last performed she.

Hasn't changed at all I'm reminded of the Idol who shines so brightly up on that stage every time I see her there's someone I want you to meet Shaka say hi hello I'm shizuku aamia I'm 17 years old a sophomore in high school it's nice to meet you oh it's nice to meet you I'm kazuto camoto could you be the new girl we were talking about recently that's.

Right she's one of our new Rising Stars that's not someone like me shizuku I told you this before for don't put yourself down for no reason sorry she seems really shy to be honest I don't get the feeling that this is something she wants to do but if Mao introduced her to me personally there must be some hidden potential that I'm missing I'd.

Appreciated if you can take her under your wing me yes I think you're the perfect person to take shizuku on I know that you already have a lot on your plates with your current charge but can I trouble you with shizuku as well I get it I can't say no if you're the one asking ma thanks well I knew you weren't the kind of guy to refuse I'll leave the.

Rest to you then M was gone before I could say anything hello again uh can I call you shizuku oh yes shizuku is fine you have to be so nervous okay she's quite the nervous Nelly in that case uh can you wait here for a moment shuku I got at my desk and made my way to the little room at the back of the office shizuku please come.

Over here here coming when I hear the pitter patter of her footsteps approaching right now's a perfect time heo here we go get hello to this it's my handy Loach scooper this is a diamond Loach scooper you I Diamond you ask because it's sharp enough to take all your worries and shred them to pieces of course um huh why do she got all stiff.

Don't tell me she has no sense of humor she must be my moral enemy shizuku's laughter echoed in the office I felt an overwhelming sense of relief looks like that worked at least I finally got a laugh out of you you have a nice smile of course i' laugh when I see something like that did you pull a Loach scooper out of your hat or.

Something you've got the right idea keep it up and send out that cheerful energy to all of your fans okay I'll do my best for the time being I accompanied shizuku to all of her lessons she's still more introverted and shy about most things but forcing her to change isn't really my style on the contrary her shyness is a unique selling point that could help.

To attract more fans in terms of the skills required of an idol she still has quite a lot of room for improvement but I feel like this is something that can't be solved in the short term anyway however I did notice a certain star quality in her or rather in her voice that's right she just has that special something when she sings that pulls.

People in this is probably why ma brought her to me me so I'll think of it as my duty from now on to help that Talent Blossom and achieve its full potential on that day I was walking side by side with shizuku after one of her lessons I'm sorry kazuto there's still so many things I'm not good at as to to be worried you're just starting out.

After all remember failure is the mother of success and no matter how strict your instructors were I think it's great that you took their advice for what it was instead of getting defensive thank you you're really kind kazuto I thought Idol managers were supposed to be scarier than this managers have a lot going on too you know it's good to know.

You aren't afraid of me though you have your load scooper to thank for that nothing too stupid if it works more importantly you must be getting tired from taking so many classes at the same time if so don't hesitate to tell me it's only a small matter to weeker schedule after all I'm fine this much I can still handle and the more lessons I.

Have the more I get to spend with you uh for forget I said that huh uh um kazuto can I ask you a favor that's R coming from you what is it uh that is can we hold hands huh hold hands without thinking I pared her words back at her that means no right oh no I mean I was just taking it back because that wasn't at all what I was expecting if that's.

All you want here looks like I didn't hear wrongly thank you shizuku's hand encircled the tips of my fingers in a light grasp indeed a very shizuku like way of holding hands since you're already holding it you should go for a firmer grip and that case this time she grabbed the palm of my hand tightly in her own I still feel like smiling when I.

Recall the strength in that grip and never thought shizuku could be so proactive Kito thank you for including my selfish request I look forward to working with you for a long time to come yeah me too a few days later Ray came to find me while I was going through some paperwork hey you should come to observe my class today.

That's unusual you normally tell me not to come and by that I meant you should just show up occasionally but nobody said that you could ever leave me completely alone in the first place you're a manager aren't you don't you think that you've been neglecting me lately sorry about that you have more experience than shisuka so I thought.

You'd be fine on your own and I also asked Ma and some of the others to step in if anything does happen I know Ma already told me but today we're putting the finishing touches on an important routine I want you to be there so you better show up get it cap and so for the first time in a pretty long time I came in to observe what I've raised classes.

Watching your dance truly isn't amazing sight I was fully absorbed in her performance before I realized it that was how overwhelmingly ATT active her dancing was R's dancing skills have been recognized as Top Class even at the major talent agency she was previously from of course having seen her dance for myself countless times I know that she.

Lives up to all the High Praise on top of that I saw her dancing skills and has significantly improved even more in this short period of time seriously take my eyes off her for just a little while and she's grown so much it's like she's a completely different person what did you think how was my dance it was wonderful only you could pull it off.

I know right this much should have been a given at this rate I might be able to qualify for the main round of the Venus Grand Pricks the Venus Grand Prix is a tournament style competition held once every year it's a competition to determine the next top Idol of Japan and has split into three groups depending on the number of years someone has been.

Active as an idol but to get there contestants first have to pass a qualifying round I'm sorry to say that there hasn't been anyone yet from our little agency who's managed to qualify for the main round it's certainly true that Ry has a chance of passing the qualifiers at her current level at least that was a feeling I had after watching.

Your dance he'll be the first person from this agency to get the main round of the grand Pricks that should be good for your status in the company too right well me aside it would definitely be great for your future prospects so even if it's going well now don't let your guard down and continue working hard that's what I was going to do anyway why.

Don't we start thinking about heading back then I'll call a car oh wait let's take the train today where this come from you told me you hated taking trains because you don't like dealing with crowds I just feel like taking the train today so we're both going to take the train back together sure if you're okay with it I guess I don't mind under the.

Gentle glove of the Setting Sun Ray and I walk side by side along the path from the station back to the agency oh there's a stall selling roasted sweet potatoes over there you never see those anymore want to buy some since it's here how pass what's so special about sweet potatoes anyway uh right I'm going to get some I bought two roast of sweet.

Potatoes from the small food stall come on don't you want some freshly roasted and delicious sweet potatoes I guess I have no choice it's not often that you buy food for me so I suppose I can eat it just so you know I don't actually like sweet potatoes or anything okay okay I get it there's still warm and sweet but when you eat sweet potatoes.

You're more likely to you know fart idiot don't just say it out loud like that in front of the lady too I'm sorry it just came out but Idols are human too and I don't think it's something to be ashamed of I don't care at all so it's totally fine it's actually healthier to just let it go you need to hold back on my account you're just running your.

Mouth there's no way I'd do something like that don't tell me you were silently hoping all along to know what I smell like down there you pervert manager hold it right there there's no way I'll s of something like that and is that how you've been seeing me all this time it's how I'm seeing you now no hesitation at all I see three months.

After that incident I called both way shuku to the agency sorry to disturb you when you're busy I called you here today to update you on the Venus Grand Prix qualifiers the agency has decided to go ahead and put you two in as one unit you two will be working together from now on so keep that in mind going forward are you sure it's okay for me to join the.

Fenus grant Pricks too of course there's no rule that says you can't and you made some great improvements lately in both dancing and singing I don't see why you can't compete too really I'm happy to hear that from you kazuto I'll do my best to make you proud thank you shizuka I object I get past the qualifications on my own it's meaningless to group me.

Together with this total newbie you said it yourself didn't you that I had the chance of making it through this was decided by the agency but if you ask me this is the best decision they could have made that is if we really want to make it through to the main round of the Grand Prix it's true that I told you it's.

Possible to pass the qualifiers at your current level but I've ultimately come to the conclusion that your chances aren't that good the Venus Grand Prix is a big deal and even passing the qualifiers isn't an easy feat but someone like you who's participated before you should know that better than anyone if you're telling me I really.

Have no choice but to team up with that girl I'd rather not compete at all turn your back on me Ray right now is of the agency kazuto awkwardly standing there alone shizuku looked at me uneasily sorry for making you worry shizuku everything will be fine I expected this to happen after all I'm going after Ry sorry but can you go to MA for now.

She'll tell you what to do I understand after leaving the agency I took the train to the next station and ran to the park nearby from there I made my way to a little Plaza at the corner of the park just as I expected I saw race sitting on a bench there K how did you find me because I'm your manager of course I know that this is your secret place.

Where you do your special training almost every day and also that this is where you always come when you're sad or frustrated you visited this place countless times in the beginning and you were forced to change agencies without a justifiable reason yes I did I remember you spent hours searching for me yeah you really gave me a rough time back.

Then I had no idea where you car kept running off to all the time had to ask way too many people to find out that was our beginning wasn't it when we officially started working together no matter what happened you always put me first when making decisions you stood against the people who couldn't see past the rumors from my previous agency and.

Argued my case tirelessly that's why I've always been grateful to you even now even that I'm only where I am thanks to you so I get it I get what you're trying to say isn't wrong I know that I can't win the Venus Grand Pricks with just my own abilities but I can't do it I can't bear the thought of having to team up with your favorite girl even.

Though I know that's the best decision I don't want to because I want to be your number one I want to be your special person Ray along with her tears her true feelings that she' been bottling up for such a long time came spilling out as well watching your pain I felt my heart Tien in my chest now now there come to this I'm going to be honest with you too.

Sitting down to Ray I gently pulled her into my arms I can't give you special treatment but more than just an idol to my management you're also an important person to me so if you really don't want to form a unit with shizuku I won't Force you I'll talk to M the CEO for you I really do want to see you standing up there as a winner of the Venus Grand.

Prix but the Grand Prix isn't everything we can always find another way together Kaz to fine I'll work together with shizuku are you sure you have to force yourself you know I'm sure now that I know what you think of me and I also want you to see me standing up there with the trophy in my hand if the only way to get there is a team of aisiku.

Then I'll do it thank you Ray I don't need your thanks I'm sorry too for saying all those selfish things don't worry about it this wouldn't have happened if I'd been more aware of how you were feeling this was my failure as her manager I'd have to do better in the future say Kazo if I manage to win the Venus.

Grand Pricks no it's nothing but I do have a favor to ask hug me one more time okay at the moment there are two people watching us from afar I'm glad who would have thought Ray running off would be a blessing in disguise shizuku did you want to hug from kazuto to yes that's why I feel so jealous of Ray right now you could just.

Ask kazuto for it when you're alone together I think I'm too shy for that and I have no reason to ask for something like that anyway whether as an idol or as a woman I don't want to lose to Ray well now I never thought I'd see the day when just shy and withdrawn shizuku took arriv Ral so seriously there's no doubt that this will be a.

Great transformation in her with the way it's going maybe the idea that the girls will come out on top of the entire Venus Grand prick isn't just an empty pipe dream ma could you give me some tips for my dancing and singing practices it'll be my pleasure thank you so much as a sunset slowly DED the sky in beautiful shades of orange and yellow Mount.

Shizuku left quietly the days passed quickly after that and before I knew it it was time for the qualifying round of the Venus Grand Prix I was with Ray and shizuku in their waiting room waiting for them to be called up I think they should be calling you pretty soon but just remember what you learned in your classes and everything will be okay.

Kazuto um if we passed the qualifications would you would you please go out on a date with me H my only reaction was to exclaim in shock I never expected shizuku of all people to ask such a bold question hold on you're getting ahead of yourself if we pass the qualifications you are going out with me kazuto you're my manager after all.

Kazuto is my manager too and I was the one who asked first so kazuto will be going out with me wait girls H stop pulling me excuse me your turn is coming up soon so can you start getting ready sorry am I interrupting something no no no no not at all nothing to see here come on you two we said it's your turn it can't be helped let's call it Tru for.

Now you're right we'll talk about the date after the qualifications are over Caso we're definitely going to blow this out of the water so you better keep your eyes on me when we're up there please watch over me too yeah I'll be watching I believe in you both of you break a leg out there we'll see you later the two of them left the waiting room in High.

Spirits and took the next step forward in their journey to start him thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well